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This is amazing work WordSpread Foundation !We are happy to walk this journey together. Praise!
Today we had the privilege of training this group of 47 pastors and church members to ignite an evangelism training course. It was an excellent time and well received. They are ready to go out into the streets and share the gospel.

Unfortunately, today due to some unrest in the streets here in Malawi due to protests, we were unable to take this group out, but please keep praying for us as tomorrow we have another group.
ShareWord Global WordSpread Foundation
We have equipped Over 450 Pastors and leaders from the rural areas of Malawi because of you. The support you gave in this project has enabled them to go out and reach more than 15,000 believers in Malawi.

This project would not have been successful without our partner, WordSpread Foundation. They came with their specialty of Growth in the body of Christ and Oasis with the tools. We could not miss the opportunity to train and equip pastors.

When opportunity meets preparedness, there is an output of success. Glory belongs to God!

We still need you for the projects that are still on. Visit this link to give👉: https://godswordforafrica.com/

Please do not tire equipping Christians in Africa.
We are so excited for our prayer time together today - come and join us!

Here is our prayer prompt for today...

- With WordSpread Foundation Christo van der Schyff

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of WordSpread Foundation

A recent message from a church leader who attended one of WordSpread Foundation Church Growth conferences in Malawi, again confirmed the impact of basic Discipleship training and resources to address Africa's thirst for God's Word.

Bishop Joel Moyo writes: "Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to give a testimony on how the discipleship training has helped me. From the day I attended the training, my life was challenged - it was as if I had never started the work of the ministry! But, by God's grace, after the training I took up the challenge to start going to the field doing evangelism and I have seen the Lord's hand! Things are going on well. I am able to win souls as well as raising desciples.

The Bible which was given to me has helped me a lot. May God bless you for coming up with that revelation of attaining, as well as the books. May God open more doors for finances so that you help many more. May God bless you and your ministry."

As a partner of Oasis International Ltd, we appreciate the impact the Africa Study Bible and the God's Word for Africa initiative makes on our ministry.

My name is Yobu Yeliko,from mchinji Malawi,my watsap number is 08884148161.please help me the bible
PRAISE GOD that over 90 pastors received Grow Your Church training in Malawi last week which included church growth kits containing Africa Study Bibles and NLT Bibles from WordSpread Foundation!
We are thankful to God with this ministry.
We recieved two representative from RSA to Malawi.
We had a conference and we were really inspired with their teachings.
They helped us how we can be good in winning souls to the body of Christ Jesus.
We will be praying for your ministry to continue with the good mission work you are doing in ths worldwide
I am happy to be amember of this group....
In less than 3 weeks, WordSpread Foundation will hold two evangelism and discipleship events in the in Mzuzu and Zomba regions of Malawi.

We urgently need $6,680 to fund the Bibles and train the 165 pastors.

Each $15 you donate will provide a pastor with an Africa Study Bible and each $25 will give them 5 copies of the NLT Text Bible: Africa Edition for their congregation.

Please give and help us equip these pastors and multiply though them to reach more than 8,000 believers! http://ow.ly/MfiB50C5PIv
Join us for the FINAL WEEK of this 3-part series TODAY, Tuesday, 18 August at:
🇿🇦 19:00pm (SA)
🇬🇧 18:00pm (UK)
🇺🇸 1:00pm (EST)

Read more here: https://womenatwork.online/how-to-share-your-testimony-join-this-amazing-3-week-series-in-2020/

Register here:

We look forward to seeing you online as we continue to learn and grow together!

-With WordSpread Foundation

New [email protected] Online Series in partnership with WordSpread Foundation!

Week 1 of this 3-part series, will begin TOMORROW Tuesday, 4 August at:
🇿🇦 19:00pm (SA)
🇬🇧 18:00pm (UK)
🇺🇸 1:00pm (EST)

Read more here: https://womenatwork.online/how-to-share-your-testimony-join-this-amazing-3-week-series-in-2020/

Register here:

We look forward to seeing you online as we continue to learn and grow together!

Tune in from 9-11 o clock on 657AM and 729AM 729 Kaapse Kansel / 729 Cape Pulpit hear about WordSpread Foundation 's work from Christo van der Schyff. Join in the conversation via WhatsApp and telegram on 082 657 2 729
Kuier 9-11 uur saammet Bertha Le Roux-Wahl op en leer saammet haar meer van Ignite en die secret box wanneer Christo deel oor sy passie vir Woord Verspreiding. Skakel in op 657AM en 729AM Dstv kanaal 882 en www.radiokansel.co.za
God bless you.

Help us reach more WordSpread Warriors!

We have a passion and a deep conviction to facilitate the equipping of the Church in the developing world to effectively spread the Word of God through personal testimony and by the printed Word of God.


Over the last few days the Lord had opened many doors in different communities in Lusaka, Zambia.

Many locals recieved the message of Hope and some had made a decision to follow Christ.

Church members are excited as they are mobilized to share their faith as the GO team serves with these members in their communities.


Four days as a GO team in Zambia, and exciting things are already happening. The team has served together with six (6) churches who are partnered with us, and as part of the Church Growth Program more than 600 people have heard the Gospel message.

The team will walk side by side church members during the next few days as we are looking forward to visit 12 additional communities to share the Love of Jesus.

Keep praying with us as we give all honour and glory to God to be used as instruments to share Hope to Africa!


The GO team arrived on Friday afternoon in Zambia and had training over the weekend in effective evangelism and on how to share their testimony.

During this coming week the team will visit 14 Churches and serve the community with these congregations to share the Good News of Jesus.


Team Africa arrived in Zambia today and yes, we are ready to serve with the local church through our church growth program partnership.

As we await on our fellow GO team members to arrive this coming Friday, we are excited to share that we’re spending the next 15 days here in Zambia to equip the local church to share their faith in Christ.

Stay connected for updates on all our platforms throughout the next two weeks and share the love of Jesus with us while we serve with the local church in Zambia.


Join Zandré van der Nest & Rodney Moses tonight on Testify, Eden FM as they discuss how we should rely on God while unpacking the topic of Fasting.

Tune in tonight at 21:00 (SAST) here: https://bit.ly/3RfMYvM

+27 64 504 5954
[email protected]


The Warm Heart of Africa 🇲🇼 is being equipped with relational evangelism through the Grid & Go model to share the love of Christ in the Lilongwe communities.

As we prepare for our Gospel Outreach trip to Malawi in April 2023, we would like to extend the invitation to YOU to join us to serve with the local Church in sharing the Gospel to the unreached!

Connect with us on WhatsApp +27 64 504 5954 or email [email protected] for more information.


The Gospel is shared across Africa in all the Nations we serve through the Church Growth Program.

The local church members are trained and equiped to share the love of Christ through identifying with others through their testimony.

Evangelism resources such as the Hope & Spark are left in the hands of those who heard the Good News, and are invited to church by the member who reached out.

The individual who chooses to attend the church after the gospel presentation, are discipled by that local church.

Connect with WordSpread on WhatsApp +27 64 504 5955 or email [email protected]


A prayer answered for a rural church on the far East side of Lusaka in Zambia as they received their Church Growth Kit with evangelism materials and other resources to equip their congregation members and community.

Through the Church Growth Program many urban and rural churches are equipped and mobilized to share the Gospel.

Connect with WordSpread through email or WhatsApp to support this initiative:

[email protected] (or) +27 65 504 6954


Yesterday we had the opportunity to Ignite 23 new Pastors with our partner in Lusaka, Zambia. Pastors signed up to the Church Growth Program and are excited to share the missions field with our GO team in October 2022.


Tune in to Eden FM tonight at 21:00 (SAST) to join in on the conversation of the recent GO trip to East Africa with Zandré van der Nest & Bradley Willey.

Photos from Oasis International Ltd's post 15/08/2022

Photos from Oasis International Ltd's post


Join WordSpread and our partner for the next Gospel Outreach Trip to Zambia from the 21st to 31st of October 2022.

Let’s GO and share the Good News of Jesus with communities that need it most! An opportunity to grow spiritually and an experience that will change you forever!

Click on the link for more information: https://bit.ly/3bRgA4e

Or connect with us on WhatsApp or email: +27 64 504 5954 or [email protected]


Join WordSpread tonight at 21:00 (SAST) on Testify - Eden FM as Zandré van der Nest speaks to Rodney Moses about Missions & Outreach.

Connect with us on WhatsApp: +27 64 504 5954 or [email protected]



How can I structure my testimony and keep the focus on Jesus?

Break up your testimony in 3 parts:

1) How was your life like before you met Jesus.

2) How did you meet Jesus and what were the circumstances that lead you to him.

3) What is Jesus currently doing in your life.

Get equiped in personal evangelism training at your church through our Church Growth Program.

Connect with us on WhatsApp:27 64 504 5954 or email - [email protected]


Equipping pastors and congregation members in the Warm Heart of Africa - to share Hope to the community they serve.

Through the Grow Your Church program, many pastors and Christians were equipped with relevant training and evangelism tools which could result in many in Malawi hearing the Good News!


As our GO Trip in Uganda is coming to an end, we had the opportunity to visit a community on the shoreline of Lake Victoria throughout the weekend.

First we made a stop at the school who hosts many of the teenagers from this community, and shared the free gift of Hope through Jesus with them.

Later the afternoon our team made our way to the water, where local christians also applied what they have learned in the Church Growth Program by sharing their faith story as we shared the Hope of Jesus to fishermen and women.

This community was removed from an Island on the lake nearby and informally settled next to the shorline where they catch fish to survive. They were open and welcoming to the Good News of Jesus.

Many committed their lives to Christ!


Romans 12:12


As the WordSpread team shares Hope with communities in Uganda in partnership with ShareWord Global, many congregation members were equipped to use their testimony to connect with others to share the Good News of Jesus.

As God uses the stories of people of how they came to Christ, many others recieved Hope by recieving the free gift of Jesus!


Yesterday, 270 people recieved Hope by hearing the Good News of Jesus here in Kampala, Uganda where a GO team will be serving in the mission field.

More than 50 people committed their lives to Jesus in just over an hour of evangelism.

For the next 10 days the WordSpread team together with our partner, ShareWord Global will share the mission field to share Hope to Uganda!

Connect with us on WhatsApp or email: +27 64 504 5954 or [email protected]


Uganda 🇺🇬 East Africa

Training Pastors and Church members in Kampala on effective evangelism by using their testimony to share the Gospel with ShareWord Global.

Almost 60 believers are now able to introduce Jesus to their community which could result in many community members giving their lives to the Lord.

Want to hear more about a Gospel Outreach Trip and how you can get involved?

Connect with WordSpread via WhatsApp or email: +27 64 504 6955 or [email protected]


Tune in tonight at 21:00 (SAST) to Testify on Eden FM as special guest Bradley Willey and Zandré van der Nest share more about the partnership between and ShareWord Global.

Brad will also share a powerful testimony of how he came to faith, and an amazing way of how you can share the Good News of Jesus to anyone!

Listen here: https://bit.ly/3as2bur

Connect with us either on WhatsApp or email: +27 64 504 5954 or [email protected]


Listen to Testify on Eden FM tonight at 21:00 (SAST) as we share a message about The Heart of a disciple maker.

Listen here: https://bit.ly/3un1cSZ


Philippians 4:7


Tune in every second Monday at 21:00 (SAST) from the 6th of July, and join on ‘s program with Ingrid Kalie-Moses and Zandré van der Nest.

During the program relevant topics and teaching are shared and our listeners get the opportunity to journey with us through Africa as we implement the Church Growth Program.

Have more questions?

Connect with us on WhatsApp or email:

+27 64 504 5954 or [email protected]

Photos from WordSpread Foundation's post 28/06/2022

In May 2021, the WordSpread team arrived in Zambia for the first time to introduce the Church Growth Program to church leaders in Kitwe and Lusaka.

More that 225 Pastors were equipped to train their congregation members to witness effectively which had an impact on more than 11,250 believers and resulted in many people giving their life to Jesus Christ.

A year later, in May 2022 another 100 Pastors attended the Church Growth Conference and each Pastor recieved a Church Growth Kit filled with resources and training material to Grow the Church in Zambia - all made possible by our partners and donors.

In October 2022, WordSpread will be back in Lusaka, Zambia with our partner ShareWord Global for a Gospel Outreach Trip.

The GO Trip gives YOU the opportunity to go with us to Zambia, serve in the communities and share the Good News of Jesus!

If you want to join us for an amazing GO Trip to Zambia from the 21st of October 2022 to the 31st of October 2022, connect with us via email or WhatsApp for more information:

+27 64 504 5954
[email protected]


Romans 10:17


Join Zandré van der Nest and Ingrid Kalie-Moses tonight at 9pm on Eden FM’s Testify program as they speak about the New Covenant in Jesus!


Past Peter from Embu in Kenya recently sent a short message with a testimony on the impact of the Church Growth Programme on his congregation.

"My Church is now full because of the number of people flocking in after personal Evangelism in the community. I have shifted baptisms from Sundays to Saturday to avoid interruptions on other Sunday activities. There is also a great increase in giving, unlike ever before. The church building is now neat, because members are volunteering to make it tidy willingly."

He continues to say "We had a youth seminar last Saturday on 16th April 2022, and 30 youths attended. Those who received Jesus Christ have joined Bible Study classes which happen every Sunday from 9am-10am. We have over 40 people attending the Bible Study."

We praise God for many more testimonies we continue to receive on a regular basis from Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa.

To share in this excitement, get involved as a volunteer or donor of WordSpread Foundation by contacting us on WhatsApp at +27 64 504 5954.


"As African church leaders we are looking forward to the day when the Church in Africa will be able to play a major role in world Evangelism - not just in Africa, but around the world!" This is the visionary comments of Apostle Abram from Kitwe in Zambia, during the launch of the partnership between WordSpread Foundation and ShareWord Global in Lusaka today.

Please pray for this first group of 30 pastors who partnered with us, as they will help pioneer the ministry in Zambia.

Challenged to get involved? Contact us on WhatsApp at +27 64 504 5954


We've reached 500!!

In fact, when WordSpread Foundation present our 9th Church Growth Conference just in Malawi today, we will have equipped 565 pastors since November 2020!! This has had astounding results in the growth of churches - both in number of members, as well as spiritual depth.

Attendees received a Grow Your Church Kit, which include resources such as the Ignite! personal Evangelism training kit, Evangelism tools from ShareWord Global, Scriptures from both Oasis International Ltd and Bible Trust. The Kit also includes basic Discipleship resources.

Training presented equips pastors to implement the Church Growth Programme. This has resulted in many churches growing by as much as 100%, for which we glorify God!


Collaboration is a key word in the ministries of both WordSpread Foundation and ShareWord Global - you just get more done than trying to do things alone.

During the past 18 months God provided wonderful church partners all across Malawi, many of them involved in the discipling of school students. Working with another partner, Scripture Union, schools served by these churches were visited today. Scriptures supplied by donors of Oasis International Ltd were made available to thousands of children.

Get involved now! Pray for the opening of more doors, join as a WordSpread Warrior volunteer or get involved as a donor.



What a way to start the week!
Representatives of WordSpread Foundation and ShareWord Global today met with the religious advisor to the president of Malawi.

Rev. Brian Kamwendo committed to a broad partnership between the government and the two ministries, which should result in the countrywide launch of the Church Growth Programme.

With this support from government, the partnership should see ShareWord Global reach all 28 districts of Malawi during the next 5 years, and the equipping of many thousands of Christians in personal Evangelism and basic Discipleship.

Photos from WordSpread Foundation's post 05/04/2022

During the course of the past weekend, more than one hundred Church leaders attended the Church Growth Program in the Western-Cape.

As Pastors came together in the towns of Khayelitsha, Khayamandi and Nyanga to attend the conferences, they were equipped with personal evangelism and basic discipleship training and tools.

Thank you to the WordSpread team Christo van der Schyff, Zandré van der Nest, Bongani Makofane and Clarens du Preez who facilitated the training in each town.

Connect with WordSpread to arrange a training session with Church leaders in your network: [email protected] (or) +27 64 504 5954


More than 500 Church Leaders has been trained in Malawi since we initially visited the .

With local Pastors requesting WordSpread to host another Church Growth Conference and by the support through our partner ShareWord Global, we have added a date to the calendar for Lilongwe.

Pastors in Lilongwe can attend the program on the 27th of April 2022. Book your seat with Past Anthony Banda. Limited space available. +265 99 580 4508


Photos from WordSpread Foundation's post 25/03/2022

Are all believers commanded to share the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Yes! Matthew 28:18-20 refers to that ALL believers are commissioned to share the Gospel.

As Church leaders are trained and equiped across Kenya with evangelism resources and tools made available by our partner ShareWord Global, many community members in the Homa Bay county gave their life to Jesus today!

Connect with us to get involved to share the Gospel: +27 504 5955 or [email protected]

Who is WordSpread?

Founded in 2016, this proactive organisation was born from both the passion and a deep conviction to facilitate the equipping of the Church in the developing world to effectively spread the Word of God though personal testimony and by the printed Word of God.

Purpose and Mission of WordSpread

The core purpose of WordSpread is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Our Mission is to equip and mobilize Christian believers to win people over to Jesus Christ.

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Courses in personal evangelism, discipleship and how to grow your church.



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