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Being a father is one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges of my life.

It is scary because you realise that you have a massive responsibility and role in helping to find and form the identity of your kids. Your identity is core to your worldview and your worldview is the lens through which you observe the world, interact with others around you, and make decisions. It can literally make or break you.

One of the best experiences in the world is to see your kids succeed in life, watching them smile and be happy. Likewise, one of the most agonising experiences is seeing them getting hurt. It is one of the highest callings in life and I will always count myself blessed beyond comprehension that I have been entrusted with the souls of three beautiful kids.

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I teach EMS to Grade 7s and Grade 8s once a week.

It is a great privilege to be allowed to do so because young people aged 12/13 are at a crucial stage of their life where the search for identity is a big deal.

It is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. It keeps me honest and reminds me that I’ve been there too. It helps me to maintain a strong sense of empathy and respect for young people.


πŸ’»Here are three benefits of making :

1️⃣ Save time and money: With cloud tools, you can automate many time-consuming tasks which frees up time for growing your business and serving your clients.

2️⃣ Improve accuracy and efficiency: Manual data entry is prone to errors and can be a major headache. With cloud tools, you can reduce errors and improve the accuracy of your records.

3️⃣ Stay compliant and secure: With increasing regulations and security threats, it's more important than ever to keep your financial records secure and compliant. Digital tools offer advanced security features and automatic backups, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and compliant.


Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork and hello to !☁️

βœ… Accessibility: Access your financial data from anywhere, on any device.

βœ… Cost savings: Reduce your IT costs and pay only for the features you need.

βœ… Efficiency: Automate manual processes to save time and focus on growth.


Your clients want to know that you care about their businesses and understand their unique challenges. They want an accountant who is a partner and advocate, not just a numbers-cruncher.🀝

So don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and build meaningful relationships with your clients.

When you prioritize understanding and empathy, you'll not only differentiate yourself from the competition but also build lasting connections that will drive your business forward.πŸš€


Super stoked to bump into an old friend and colleague of mine at London yesterday. The last time we saw each was in 2005 in Lagos, Nigeria. πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Meet Folake Olatunji from MPowder . Ba wo ni! How now, oga mi?


Final prep for our speaking gig later this afternoon with and Ben Marcilhacy.

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Always time for a quick trot when you travel for business


The Force may be strong, but so is the power of a well-balanced budget.

Just like a Jedi needs to maintain balance in the Force, a successful business needs to maintain balance in their accounting records. 😁


How can you create a people-centric culture in your team remotely?

πŸ‘‰ prioritize weekly team meetings
πŸ‘‰ leverage technology
πŸ‘‰ de-emphasize titles
πŸ‘‰ focus on relationships

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Benefits of 🌍

1️⃣ No more driving to work = Reduced carbon footprint

2️⃣ Energy savings: An office building uses a lot of electricity

3️⃣ Reduced waste: Less likely to use disposable products such as coffee cups and plastic utensils

Happy ! 🌎

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Are you new to remote work and struggling to stay focused and productive? Don't worry, you're not alone! πŸ’»πŸ 

To help you conquer the challenges of working from home, here are three essential tips:

1️⃣ Create a dedicated workspace
2️⃣ Stick to a routine
3️⃣ Stay connected with your team

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote work by following these tips πŸš€


Creating a people-centric culture is all about building strong relationships and fostering a sense of belonging, no matter where your team is located. πŸ“


I can never get tired of this place. Chicks dig it! Time to think about the next big plan!

WATCH: Small Business @Work - Working Remotely | Willem Haarhoff 10/04/2023

Exciting news! I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Business Day TV with Michael Avery to discuss the future of business and how technology is transforming the way we work. Sponsored by Xero, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting software for small businesses, this interview explored the challenges and opportunities facing modern businesses.

We discussed the latest trends in technology and business, and how Xero is helping to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive in today's digital economy. If you missed the live broadcast, you can still catch the replay online and learn more about the future of work and business.

I'm grateful to Michael Avery, Xero, and the Business Day TV team for making this interview possible. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook for more insights and updates on the latest trends in business and technology.

WATCH: Small Business @Work - Working Remotely | Willem Haarhoff Small Business looks into the innovative ways small and medium enterprises are navigating the fast-changing demands of managing a business in the digit...


It's never too late to take the leap to the

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Struggling with how to stay ahead in the ?

Don't be a - make the transition to the 🀩

Work on being:
πŸ‘‰ adaptable
πŸ‘‰ forward-thinking
πŸ‘‰ willing to embrace new technology
πŸ‘‰ invest time and resources in staying up-to-date

You will see your business processes improve and your grow! 🀩

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πŸ¦– Dinosaur practices in business are:

πŸ‘‰ resistant to change
πŸ‘‰ outdated
πŸ‘‰ refusing to embrace new technology
πŸ‘‰ unwilling to adapt to new business models

Are you stuck in the of business?

Do you want to step ahead of the game and embrace the ?


allows me to

πŸ‘‰ reach more people
πŸ‘‰ be more cost-effective
πŸ‘‰ align with the

As an ex-corporate, I wanted to focus on small businesses and help them thrive πŸ™Œ

How many of you want to embrace but you're not sure where to start? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


My jokes would suggest that I’m 12, in my mind I am 17, but my body would suggest that I’m much older than that. Anyway, never take yourself too serious.


πŸ‘‰Embracing back in 2017 wasn't just a choice, it was a way of breaking the mould of what it means to be an accountant.

What do you think are the biggest benefits and challenges of remote working?

Drop your answer in the comments πŸ™Œ


Only God can paint a picture like that


Batman wish he could fly


Our spot to close out the week


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