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"To the Comic Gods...thank you for granting me with a day off due to the incoming snow...but all I ask is for one thing..please make sure this amazing shop finds a way to open tomorrow! That's all I ask." 🙌🙏 Lol
We are not available for small business Saturday! But instead we ask that you consider donating some time or dollars to some of the great local charities & check out some great local businesses..

* rescue mission
* Valeo - hope connections
* Death row dogs
* Humane society


* Topeka Vendors Market (se 5th & adams)
* Kaw River Rustics (noto)
* Linen Tree & Co (29th & oakley)
* Gamers HQ (21st & gage)
* Pinkadilly (noto)
* 4 Girls' Garage (noto)
* Eclectic designs (noto)
* WantZ (29th & oakley)
* Lunatix Comix
* Amused (noto)
* Vintage Fox (8th & kansas) next to Celtic fox (local food)

Here’s my small haul from my lunch break stop Lunatix Comix picked up som B covers for this week, some naughty variants, spider-woman variants I didn’t have and an EPIC Venomverse 1 Signed by @johntylerchristopher and I think this was an exclusive in the UK!!! #TodayWasAGoodDay
thought this might amuse.
LIVE comic book sale from Lunatix Comix here:
It's #newcomicbookday, and this one is chock full of goodies; lots of new titles to check out!
You can find our staff picks and all the other books available this week at the link ⬇️⬇️!


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A to Z Comics
B Bop Comics and Games North
B Bop South
Clints Comics
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Fenix Comix LLC
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Lunatix Comix

Tell 'em Fountain City Mini-Con sent ya!
Thought I ordered 2 copies of the variant of Planet of the Symbiotes #1. Might be wrong but if you have another could you put another in my box if possible?
All my Christmas presents are in , big thank you to lunatix comix for making most these happen for me .
Thanks to you man ,I finally own a stan lee signed book 😬
got my alex ross 1:200 star wars comic up on the wall.thanks a bunch.looks nice along with my other cool comics.

Topeka comic shop with current issues, back issues, and graded issues, some collectibles and games. At Lunatix Comics... We've got issues.

Temporarily closed


Got these in the mail the other day…


If anyone is in need of some short box housings and can get them tonight they’re free. Also have bags of bubble wrap and shipping material. Let me know and I can meet you up there.


Lunatix, we have only heard from a few peeps that have graded books out. Reach out please.


Going live in ten…..


Going live in(or livid!) ten…..


Live vid in ten minutes & counting Lunatix!!!


I will be posting a video later today so PLEASE stay posted for sales & store info. As always, we really appreciate the outpouring of support & care our fellow Lunatix have shown just how much Ryan impacted everyone.


Just to be sure all Lunatix know, our hours this weekend are

Friday 12-6
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 12-6
Discos are same as before, but just in case-

Trade Paperbacks & Hardbacks=50% off
Back Issues=50% off
Posters=50% off
Figures & Statues=25% off
Graded Slabs=20% off
Comic Supplies=%10 off (limited stock)
Dollar boxes are $20 for 25 books
All others priced as marked.


Any big Lady Death fans out there?


Sorry about the Monday. It is Friday/Saturday/Sunday.


Hey big shout to all these cats helping us process the inventory-Craig, Josh, Melvin, Lonnie, Dylon/Caleb, Steve, Lill, Claire & Andrea. We make an excellent team & even better friends! I may call upon your knowledge fellow Lunatix, so message the store or respond here if you’d like to help out.
BIG thanks to Guy for the refuel of breakfast burritos!


Open again tomorrow 12-6


WICKED good turnout thus far.

Just half of the customers we had after the 9:30 onslaught! Lunatix deals are CRAZY!{)}
Stop in & see what you see & but what you need.


I’m an idiot & SAID ten to ten but it is
Open Saturday 10-8:00
Sunday 12-6


Stay tuned


Lunatix this week is just too soon for us. Please do stay tuned as we WILL have the Shop open real soon for one last hurrah!

parker price - Google Search 02/18/2022

parker price - Google Search

If you wish to pay your respects, the service will be from 2:30-4:00 P.M.

parker price - Google Search


After speaking with Stacey, we think it only fair to open Wednesday & another day to allow our pull list/customers lower our inventory. These will be the last days to do so! Please stay tuned for hours & days we’ll be open. A Lunatix sale may also be in the mix. Lastly…..I will be calling our ten winners of posted comic pic & you will have 100% off. We thought it only fair you’ve waited this long.

Photos from Lunatix Comix's post 02/17/2022

Alright Lunatix. I thought I’d end where we started with ‘Caps & Comix’. This is the first cap I wore a classic The Punisher. The Comix half is this wicked badass “Carnage/Mind Bomb” #1 foil cover. Ryan saw me eyeing it before a sale one day, then handed to me that night saying it was my employee of the quarter award! He always cracked up @ my “gimmicks” like this, but he let me do my thing. This caps for you man. $Priceless


As I write this I’ve visions flashing through my head of Ryan & I cracking jokes about how much “I like those pants!” & laughing way too hard. Of course there were serious times as well, but Ryan & I had an agreement that friends were friends & business was business. He was kind to everyone. He looked out for those of us hurting or in need. He was one of the first to offer help when Beaker had her fight with cancer. He created a safe Shop were all of us could talk, share thoughts on the latest Book of Boba Fett(I still haven’t watched the last three episodes Ryan!), & just be our geeky selves. He changed my life with not only his companionship but with allowing me in, sharing his life, giving me somewhere to go & giving me something to look forward to. We’ve been friends so long…I hate seeing the world without you. I wish I could have been of more help. I will try to honor you & all your hard work with the Comix Shop, & get our friends all taken care @ Stacy’s side. I love you brother, & we’ll discuss my thoughts on the last three episodes when we meet once more. May you rest in peace & may eternal light shine upon you.
Patrick M.F. Doty


Thank you all for your patience. This is Stacy Rinehart, Ryan’s wife. I am sorry to have to share (or confirm) some things. Ryan did unexpectedly pass away over the weekend. I can’t even put into words how much he appreciated all of his customers, customers/turned friends and the Topeka and Comic community. This was his dream job. He went from a Microsoft Sql Server Master who wanted to work for himself and do something he’d enjoy, to taking that leap, with full support of his family. Unfortunately too many things just put wrenches in in it, especially over the last year. He really loved the dream of doing this and having all of you amazing friends forever.

Going forward, obviously there can’t be a real Lunatix without Ryan. (Luna was the dogs name and we said ryan was crazy, hence the name.) I want to thank Pat, Bill, Lilian who all helped up from when needed. You are godsends. Hope I didn’t forget someone. And the numerous people who helped Tuesday night bag and boarding and counting books. He couldn’t have gotten anywhere without any of you.

Sorry for being long-winded. I am not sure yet what the future holds for the merchandise, there are a couple options. But for anyone with a pull, or special order, or folks with slabs that have been in grading forever, Pat and I will be around for awhile to still get those to you. Ryan would not want to leave you hanging. Obviously we will be closed this week. Look for a follow up next week on what and when we will available, and come by then and pay your respects to Master Ryan.


Stacy Rinehart


Folks, I have heard the rumor mill is running. Lunatix please do not share these online. Thanking you.


Lunatix, we regret to inform you the Shop will not be open due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for supporting us.


Lunatix…we will be closing @ five today as Ryan hurt his heel & I’m not doing well today. Our apologies & stay tuned Saturday after five for our ten winners! Thanking you.

Photos from Lunatix Comix's post 02/11/2022

Lunatix, I’m tired. Getting right into the Friday edition of ‘Caps & Comix’. Okay. This cap COMPLETELY doesn’t fit anymore. Another Coke cap I wore the heck out of! Comix pick today is this sick “The Joker” #11 cover. Plot line seems cool & the art…’s kinda chunky-ish & I dig it!$5.99
Be good to each other.


Get after it.

Photos from Lunatix Comix's post 02/10/2022

Hello Lunatix & good day! Todays edition of ‘Caps & Comix’ is especially special today with my big sister Julie D'Floater visiting. She the Queen hoodie & mine is one of twelve each with the different NASCAR drivers number & signature. Getting on to the Comix part is this Transformer/Back to the Future collision of two worlds into one. Marty has made a better present day life, but it garners the attention of the Decepticons! $15.99


We will be closing at 730 tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience


Obi-Wan Kenobi, a limited Original series, starts streaming May 25 on Disney+.

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A walkabout…
Half off all front of shop slabs fire sale!!!
Second Year Anniversary!{)}


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