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Asset & Item Chain Management Solutions across value chains for greater visibility and reduced costs

Pycube delivers technology solutions to hospitals in the areas of Asset Management and Item Management using Pycube's aktivu™ software applications and SyncSens™ IoT Hardware


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Meet our COO, Shaan Revuru, at his presentation tomorrow! He'll be speaking in St. Augustine C from 8:45 to 9:45 am.

If you've ever wondered how a passive location system can benefit hospitals, this is the presentation for you!


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Pycube’s SyncSens™ uses RFID to keep track of assets and equipment. Attach RFID tags to any assets you wouldn’t want to lose, combined with choke points at designated places throughout the facility to achieve full functionality. SyncSens™ will alert the relevant team when that asset passes through the choke point, allowing them to take action before it’s considered a loss.


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Today several cutting-edge analytics platforms are available. Good analytical platforms can process structured/unstructured data while being capable enough to integrate with third-party statistical tools. Analytic platforms that include the ability to process real-time events can assist in preventing asset failure and save the facility millions over time.


Pycube’s Asset Analytics gives you visibility to your assets across all departments. From an asset's last known location, to alerting the team to when PM (preventative maintenance) should be administered, a complete analytic system gives you the power to remain proactive and have all departments receive access to data.


A room at the wrong temperature will leave patients vulnerable to receiving ineffective or unsafe medicine. SyncSens™
sensors monitor the room's temperature, as well as humidity levels. With Pycube's temperature monitoring solution, you can receive notifications and alerts straight to your phone, allowing you to stay on top of your storage areas and ensure safe and compliant products.


Unexpected equipment failure can be costly. Providing maintenance to assets before failure strikes and managing asset risks are important goals for remaining proactive to avoid unforeseen expenses.

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Pycube believes in supporting important causes and making a difference. Recently, Pycube was honored to be invited to a Special Love annual gala, a community full of support for kids and young adults with cancer and their families. We were proud to attend to celebrate the retirement of one of their doctors and another donation milestone. Pycube looks forward to showing our continued support, and we encourage you to consider donating and learn more at


By implementing AI into the management system, internal processes can be streamlined to improve workflow. Not having to worry about things such as scheduling maintenance for equipment or trying to remember how often an asset was used gives time back to the staff.


Traditionally, healthcare efficiency came at the expense of intense quality care. With the continual disruptions faced by hospitals in the last two years due to the pandemic, a different approach to management had to be considered. Predictive analytics can help address the needs of the hospitals by tracking the position of certain assets, alerting staff to when PM is due, and more. Predictive analytics- powered by AI- will allow hospitals to develop a more efficient workflow.


Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrates, recognizes, and honors the beautiful traditions and cultures of the Indigenous People. Their way of life carries wisdom into how we can live a more sustainable life.⁠

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Hospitals need to maintain a clean environment to combat outbreaks from occurring. By utilizing an asset management system powered with RFID, you can see when your assets have been sterilized/disinfected, giving you peace of mind and stopping the spread of any diseases in their tracks.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology caters to the needs of a business while remaining cost-effective. RFID tags are placed on a variety of assets, including but not limited to equipment and employee badges. This technology can provide time-sensitive choke point functionality to accurately inform the team if a tagged item leaves a particular area.


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A complete patient tracking system facilitates an enhanced patient experience. This integrated solution allows hospitals to manage administrative tasks more efficiently to reduce patient wait times and gain visibility into the patient's status. This simplifies resource allocation and keeps patients happy!


Passive RFID utilizes high-power readers that send out a low-frequency, high-power RF signal to battery-free tags. The antenna in the tag gets triggered by the amount of energy flowing to it, which wakes up its circuit. The tag subsequently transmits a coded message back to the reader at a different frequency. Passive RFID technology is commonly used for asset tracking and deterring theft.


Capital planning can be daunting without the proper data. Detailed analytics gained from Pycube’s asset analytics gives you the necessary information needed to make the best financial decisions for your facilities in the upcoming year.


Passive location systems are the most cost-efficient way to trace your assets. Compared to active systems, which need a battery to operate, giving them an expiry date and elevated cost to replace, passive systems don’t require batteries and are only “awakened” when receiving the correct frequency. This frequency can be triggered using the RFID handheld scanner.


A lot can get lost when transferring information between departments. Give your teams the confidence that all information they send will be delivered to the right team in a timely and complete manner.


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The opportunities for improvement within the hospital industry are endless and can be effectively streamlined with the help of RFID technology. Give your facilities the room to grow with Pycube’s passive RFID technology solution.


NESCE is proud to be partnering with for our upcoming Healthcare Technology Management Symposium.

Thanks to the generosity of this sponsorship, a complimentary Wine and Cheese Networking Event will take place the first night of our conference, after our education session. Be sure to check out our website and other social media platforms in the coming weeks as we announce program highlights and our fabulous keynote speakers!

Interested in becoming a sponsor for our event? Email us at [email protected]


Competent asset tracking helps hospitals reduce costs, improve asset utilization and allocation, make informed purchasing decisions, as well as improve patient outcomes. When hospital staff members have immediate access to equipment, it helps them ensure faster and better patient outcomes.


With RTLS technology, you can precisely see where a piece of hospital equipment is at any given moment and how long it’s been there. It also helps you to identify problem areas that can be tweaked and improved to increase your utilization rate.


Asset analytics detects anomalies in an asset’s performance and can help your team to pinpoint the problem to stop further inefficient use.


Asset utilization includes the percentage of the time a piece of equipment is in use. This information was listed as one of the top ten most important metrics in the hospital industry because of its direct link to hospital revenue. aktivu™ asset utilization gives you proper visibility into the forecasted potential earnings and actual revenue generated, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


It is crucial to prioritize service requests as they happen, but you also need to have a long-term perspective of your overall asset costs. Pycube’s aktivu™ asset management system keeps track of all your asset costs over time so you can see the complete picture and ensure timely upkeep for improved asset lifespan.


RTLS sensors are attached to people, vehicles, or assets at a hospital to facilitate prompt treatment and efficient management. It can even assist in newborn protection. Newborns can look very similar, and many people get confused while identifying them. An RTLS-enabled locating system takes the confusion out of the picture entirely, allowing staff to focus on quality patient care.


We understand that hospital visits can be stressful for you and your family. Our team here at Pycube works hard to ensure your stay is as short and pleasant as possible by providing hospital staff with the necessary asset management systems to get you back to the things that matter most while maintaining your health.


The difference between keeping an asset or doing away with it ultimately boils down to one simple question—do its benefits outweigh the total cost of ownership? A good asset analytics system would keep track of all your asset costs over time so you can see the complete picture, making it much easier to determine when it’s time to retire an aging piece of equipment.


SyncSens™ technology uses RTLS (Real-Time Location Sensors) to track the location of patients in near real-time. It becomes increasingly helpful if the patients get lost or stuck somewhere within the healthcare facility. Staff can use the mobile application to find them and help them return safely to where they're needed!


RFID technology has become integral to healthcare asset management. Over the last few years, Pycube has established its prominence as an efficient provider of asset management solutions for the healthcare industry. Pycube’s team of experienced industry leaders have expertise in tech that helps in managing assets.

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

The use of RTLS technology at a hospital helps prevent the loss of medical equipment. Setting up designated choke points connected to mobile devices improves the tracking accuracy and efficiency of the assets by automatically identifying and tracking the tags attached to the equipment. These small, inconspicuous tags deliver high value for the dollars spent.

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Sudden equipment outages at a hospital can be extremely costly, frustrating, and result in downtime. Working with a pred...
SyncSens™ RFID aids in seamlessly tracing assets and managing inventory. Ranging from passive to active RFIDs, these tag...
Pycube is proud to be recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. We will continue ...
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