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We hosted our first official training course last night!!! A big shout out to Rory Sevajian of Faded Inc. and Hattori Hanzo Shears for making it all possible. Also special thanks goes out to Old School NY Pizza- Norton Commons and Hillview Barber and Styling Shop. 💈🍺
Today we had Rory Sevajian of Hattori Hanzo Shears and Faded Inc. in the building sharing some of his best barbering techniques with us. Come see our students for your next fade! 💈
The crew at Current Salon are always excited about opportunities to refine their skills. We recently had Rory Sevajian of Faded Inc. in salon taking our stylists through in-depth training on the latest men's fading techniques. This is one of many classes Rory has taught at Current over the years and we are so grateful for his willingness to support our commitment to educating our team! While most of our clients are women, we love our male clients just as much and want to offer them the best of the best! Thank you, Rory, for dropping some knowledge on our team! 💇 🙌

You can see even more photos as well as the finished work from this amazing day with Rory here - https://www.currentbynese.com/galleries/another-fading-class-with-rory-sevajian-from-faded-dream-studios/
If you've never seen the magic that is Rory Sevajian at Faded Inc., this video gives you a snapshot of his talent and educational skills. Thanks for the knowledge Rory! Watch it, get inspired and call us to book your appointment so we can share some of our newly learned techniques. https://www.currentbynese.com/

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Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl Dina ❤️! Today she is 34!!! Make sure you all let her know that she is getting old!
I Love You SG!
Wishing you another Bday Full of Love 💕!!! Happy Birthday 🎉 Love Kira, Joseph , Luna, & DaddyBoy!


Sliding with My Girl “ThickY NikkY” HH1 6.0
A Fun HANZO Cutting Class with Alisha .alisha & Me! - Rory Sevajian
•Photo 📸:
•Gangsta Nickname by :

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🍻HAPPY DIRTY 30 to the Twinz


It’s Beach Season Daddy!

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12 Different Undercut Styles 🔥🔥🔥
So Much Fun to Create!!!
Hope you Enjoy!



Who else Rocked a Chin Strap 🤣 in the early 2000’s ??? circa 2005.


I wake up every morning next to the strongest human being in the world. Sweet you always inspire me to push further ahead in life. You are a Hustler, Hard Working Business Owner, A Friend to so many, A leader in our Family, A Rock for so many to lean on, especially me. You are an Amazing Mother to ALL 3 of my children. All of the things you do day by day as my wife doesn’t go unnoticed. I see things no one sees. I pay close attention to all the little things that people outside our world never see. I may be a husband with bad ears and a bad attention span, but I will always pay attention to you. I’m with you … I ❤️ You SG!

(As it just started to Sprinkle 🌧)


(Think about it!)

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Some Action Shots from our Hanzo Class at with .alisha Big Big Thank you Shout to Everyone who came out and made my trip to the Great State of Utah so much Fun!
🙌 📸:

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❤️A Family that Plays together Stays together! It’s not all about work, we also like to Party.


Johnny Depp ! The Goat 🐐


❤️ We Love Hanzo Nation and all of the Great People who Bring the Best Tools / Education to the Hair World !!! The Stylists & Barbers all across over the World 🌎. Comment below “I Love Hanzo!” If We Have Giving You Value in any way !


Stay Loyal My Friends…

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Monday’s are the Best ! It’s Daddy & Luna Day☺️🌙 🌹

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⏺🔼⏹ /// I look like a Psycho in the Last Pic 🤣


👽 We never left….



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Happy Mother’s Day to my Sweet Girl 💗
Thank you for always loving us & putting up with all our s**t ! We Love 💕 you so much !

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“Sometimes when things fall apart, they end up even better!”


What inspires you ?
I get bored from time to time. “If I hear the music, I’m going to Dance!” If the mood is right, if the vibe is there, I will let the artist within come out. Cutting Hair is a technical skill, but very much so a visual art. Elevate Hair recharges my battery and gives me the Inspiration to Dance. Taking classes or attending shows, meeting people and seeing the different styles and vibes helps us go back behind the chair and create fresh looks for our guests. Hair shows are fun and keep us from feeling bored with our routines. Tag Someone who has Inspired you recently!!! 👽🚀 .

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TODAY 5 YEARS AGO my Luna 🌙 Girl was Born ! 4/7/17 Happy Birthday Tuni Girl ❤️ DaddyBoy Loves You ! Now stop growing please, thanks!


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🍾Haircut for the Groom for his Amazing Wedding Day ! 1•28•22 Gage & Kayleigh
📸 Wedding Photos Came Back and are So So Beautiful!!! Here are a few of my favorites.


Happy People Ain’t Hating.
Hating People Ain’t Happy.
Spread Love ❤️ Not Hate.
Tag Someone you LOVE


Takes time to develop, it is Not about speed. It is not about volume. It is about craftsmanship, *Grateful for these hands that yield so much, so often. They get tired, soar, tense, & worn. I have made them bleed 🩸 to learn and master working with shears & razors. Grateful that I have a gift and purpose. Those of you who get it! Get it! ❤️💯


Special Happy Birthday to the 1 and Only Jersey Rose 🌹 Love you so much! You always have went to Bat for each of us. You always had our backs. You raised 4 boys to be strong and caring. You have put everyone in your life ahead of yourself. You have the biggest heart and for that we are forever grateful! Happy Birthday Mama! Have a Corona or two for me! Thanks for raising us right! Love ❤️ you !!!




Cutting up the Infamous Cam Bam 💥
• Only Fam gets House Calls! 💯


Morning 🔪 LASER for Mike D. Styled w the Holy Black Super Maxx Sauce! 🏁


Smile 😊 It is the Month of Love ❤️



not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality:
"you can play this game in different ways"
dissimilar, unalike, unlike, nonidentical, contrasting,

• Different from most if not everyone I have met in my life. So basically I’m insane. Lol 😂
Being weird or attracted to things that were different has always been my way. I think about things most don’t.
I find myself constantly asking myself what if?
I analyze everything around me constantly.
I find people fascinating and scary at the same time.
Anyways I am Different 👽
Gotta go Luna 👽 is asking me to play a match game with her right now !
She is definitely different too! 🚀

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ShoRT⚡️LoNG …Whatever 🔱


BARBER KUNG-FU • during our cutting class on my guy Ben .benjamin all thanks to my brother Ryan Best People in the World 🌎 !!!


Lots of eyes from the outside look at you a certain way, but the truth is no one knows what goes on the inside of your mind and what makes you truly move the way you do. Most people move different and thats okay, but some like yourself move your on way regardless of the outsiders opinions and views. Be Real! Stay True! & NOTHING IN THIS WORLD CAN STOP YOU WHEN YOU DO YOU! Antonio Brown

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Big Thanks to both these fellas for inspiring me many ways this morning! Urijah , your story about your journey and dedication to succeed was powerful and hilarious! Much success to you and your team !!! Nick Thank you so much for challenging me to focus on the things in the portal you opened for me to face !!! I will watch the videos i took today and dive deeper into NLP , Love your story and love how you flipped your what people saw as a negative into a positive! Thank you both for sharing so much in such a short amount of time ! Thanks for an already amazing Hanzo 2022 Revival!! 🤟 LEGENDARY


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 When people casually ask me How are you doing? , my standard answer is Best Ever! Most reply , Im good , or Can’t Complain… I say Best Ever because Life only gets better with each year. My family is growing and there are so many things in life that we are so lucky to have. This wasn’t always the case, One thing I am super Grateful for is my beautiful wife Dina. With you all things are possible. I love you sweet! ❤️ 2022 LETS GO!!! 🚀


⁉️What ever it is make it a HAPPY one! 2022 ! HNY


Peace Out ✌️ 2021…

Photos from Faded Inc.'s post 12/28/2021

Happy Birthday to my 1st Born ! Kira Michelle Sevajian 14 years ago today you arrived! Daddy Loves you So Much & Can’t Believe how much you have grown! So Smart & So Beautiful!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Love you Baby ! Happy Birthday 🎉!!


Merry Xmas from the Sevajians…


💈Work Flo…


It’s a father son thing… 💈


🚀Get to Work! 🧱 • Build up yourself up High Brick by Brick …


RICH vs. POOR • 🤦
Since the very beginning the divide that blinds and separates always goes back to R vs P ! There will always be disarray when the lack of balance is too great… Show Love to those in need. Don’t be a dick!


They Grow up way too Fast.. 🥺


🏴Classic Taper styled for my man Kyle with the Original GPS POMADE



Clips from Short Hair Design Class 🎵 🎥


Tis the SEASON! 🎄 Merry Xmas to all my CUTTERS out there ! •Nothing better than taking care of your guests with PRO SHEARS like my sweet TALON HH-8 by Hattori Hanzo Shears!!!
• Talk to you area Representative to Host a a Cutting Class at your Shop/Salon/School !!


TODAYS DATE 🗓 … Don’t Trip! It is Real 12 02 2021 😉 #12022021


The Man Behind Paul Mitchell When I was just starting my journey in the hair industry, there was no one more influential than John Paul Dejoria ! He taught me a few things:
1. Unshared Success is Failure.
2. When we put People First Success will follow.
3. Leave the World Better than you Found it.

His journey from the US NAVY to door to door encyclopedia sales, to selling shampoo out of the trunk of his car, has inspired me to chase my dreams and help others along the way. He has built an amazing brand with Paul Mitchell & Patron, and many more. His work ethic and passion has helped change so many lives over the last 40+ years. I am forever grateful for him and the culture he has given to so many behind the chair. His work has created so much for so many beyond the hair industry and has made me do the same. Peace Love & Happiness!!! ☮️ ❤️ 😃

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