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BiG ChoP 🔪

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BiG ChoP 🔪

🚨Safety 1st 🎃 #nypd #newyorkundercover #krispykreme #dunkindonuts #dunkin #happyhalloween #alltechservices

The Wahl Barber Academy 🔥 #wahlpro #wahlprofessional #wahlbarberacademy #wahlambassador

It’s OFFICIAL💥 TEAM WAHL has just gotten BIGGER!!! 🚀 Today marks a moment in HISTORY for us joining The Wahl Family @wahlpro Please Congratulate & Show Love ❤️ to the following: @cocodidmyhair @brittanycalzada @cjdabarber_ @mrwrencuts @rodricksamuels Me ( @fadedinc ) 😁 @authenticladyboss This year 2023 Marks my 30th year fading up guests with my Wahl Clippers. The first clipper I ever held in my life was a Wahl clipper. I was 14 and stole them from my cousin. He wasn’t going to use it, I was the artist. 🤣 Today is the Day we were announced to the world as Wahl Educators. I look forward to learning and growing with everyone. This is a BIG deal to me as a Barber. I Love Barbering and it’s a process like any other. I Love it and Respect it. Iron Sharpens Iron. When you do the teaching you do the learning. Passing it on and sharing to the future generations of Barbers & Stylists make us all more dangerous. The next Gen of the industry is going to be INSANE! Thank you all for Welcoming the others and I to the Wahl Family. Next Stop Chicago! #wahlpro #wahlusa #wahleducator #wahleducation #fadedinc #barbereducation #barbereducator

💯Surgery Sorted £ . #fadedinc #hanzonation #transformation #barberlife

🔥Patrick Burke LIVE @patrick_loyal BARBERCON DALLAS CLASS . He absolutely killed it on stage at BARBERCON DALLAS 2023 !!! I learned a lot just being around you man! The amount of Value delivered on that Stage in the short time we had was INCREDIBLE !!! Thank you @hanzonation @hanzocody for allowing us to bring Dallas some amazing Shear Education !!! . #patrickloyal #fadedinc #hanzonation #hanzoshears #hanzoedu #barbershopconnect #barbercon

? Slide Cutting Anyone? 🔪 . HH1- 5.5 Kamikaze by Hattori Hanzo Shears @hanzonation . #hanzonation #hanzoshears #fadedinc #haireducation #haireducator #thickynicky

Cruising the Mall 🚀 $5 for 5mins Not Bad eHHH? #fadedinc #lunarose #daddysgirl #dullestowncenter

Invest in your Passion 🔑 Every Show I Go to people come to classes and take pictures etc. The Sad Reality is that Most Never use anything they learn. They go back to what they are comfortable doing. It Starts with learning, buying tools for the job and then actually using the techniques. Repetition is KEY 🔑 !!! . . #fadedinc #hanzonation #barbershopconnect #barbereducation #barbereducator #haireducation #haireducator #hanzoshears #fadeddreamstudios


💡B R O T H E R S “Hey Brother, Life is a Dangerous Game for All of Us. But particularly for a Man in the Streets. Sometimes it feels like the Entire World is Against You!” “Isn’t it?” … “Nah, Most of the Time People are doing what they Think is Best for Them.” “What do I do Now?” “Stand Still and Think about who you Really are. Maybe if you Let Go of who you Think you are, you’ll Make Room for who you were Meant to Be!” - Malcolm X My Brothers Cody Gage Ryder Ed

Alaska 🚢 3

A L A S K A 🚢 1