Here at Awesome Leasing it’s as easy as letting us know your preferred payment range, your top thr

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Congrats Fil on your 23’ Tiguan SE R-Line 🎉

Signed & Delivered ✅

We had the pleasure of selling Fil his 18’ Tiguan which we gave in as trade and received thousands in positive equity. With the equity from him previous lease we got him in the exact payment range he was hoping to be in with little from his own pocket‼️

Thank you for the repeat business Fil and congrats on the new purchase !

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Congrats Stephanie on your 23’ Nissan Rogue SV Nightshade 🎉

Sold & delivered ✅

Stephanie reached out looking to upgrade out of her current 2019 base rogue into something with more features. Not knowing there was equity in her car, we got her to the exact payment range she wanted to stay in all while getting every feature she requested!

Thank you Stephanie for your business and helping us Put another dream in a driveway

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Congrats Malik on your 23’ BMW x6‼️

It’s always a great feeling when you help a client check off all their wants in their new car, but an even better feeling when you help a friend put a dream in their driveway ✅

Enjoy it in good health brother 🙏🏽

•M sport package w/ 22 inch wheels
•Shadowline package
•Park assist & premium package
•Glass controls

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Congrats Nawwaf on your 23’ Palisade Caligraphy ✅

Sold & Delivered ‼️

He was referred over to us by his cousin who we sold a caligraphy palisde to about a year ago. He didn’t make it any easier for us by wanting a white on white caligraphy, we allocated him one 3 weeks ago with a mid December ETA. We delivered 3 weeks early ✅✅✅

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2023 BMW X3M Competition 🚀

Thank you and Congrats for entrusting us on your custom build & first purchase.

In 3.5 weeks we were able to deliver him his exact spec build and with no prior auto we still got him a tier 1 approval ✅

Carbon Black Metallic 🖤
Tartufo Extended Merino Leather 🏀
21” M Double Spoke Wheels 🛞
Competition Package 🏁
Executive Pack w/ Shadow Line

Sold & Delivered 📲

Any make, any model, good credit or challenged, new or pre-owned we’ll get you signed & delivered ✅

📷 .media

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Congrats Asif & Tajia on your 23’ Kia Sportage X line 🎉

Asif has been after this suv for Almost 2.5 months ago! We had him locked in on a car towards end of summer but the misses wanted a particular color for the new family. After multiple shipping delays, we finally got them signed & delivered✅

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Congrats Javier on your 23’ Cx-30‼️

With a 🇵🇷 license and on the lighter side of credit, we got him approved and delivered in a brand new Mazda Cx30 ✅

Also congrats to in putting yet another dream in a driveway ‼️

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Congrats Steven on your 22’ Qx60 Sensory Edition 🚀

Signed & Delivered ✅

Steven had a 22’ MDX on lease with 55k miles and 24 months left, we terminated his lease and helped him get purchase this Qx60 so there’s no need to ever worry about miles again .

Congrats on the purchase and .94 on helping put another dream in a driveway 🎉

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Congrats Omar on your 23’ Kona Se ✅

Signed & Delivered ‼️

Awd w/ 17 inch Alloys
3 years free Oil changes/tire rotations
Lane asst and forward collision asst
Apple CarPlay/android auto

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Congrats Paula on your 23’ Carbon CX5‼️

She reached out to use just 36 hours before delivery mentioning how someone else had dropped the ball and couldn’t get her the car she wanted, well we delivered ✅✅✅

She wanted a CX5 premium, we upgraded her to a carbon for almost the same price 📲📲📲

Thanks again for your business Paula and congrats on the new car 🎉

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Congrats on your 23’ Jeep GCL Limited ✅

Katherine contacted us about five weeks ago not too sure if she was ready to trade out of her limited X Jeep.

Not only did we get get her more than another broker at $7.5k equity, we got her a 23’ instead of a 22’ model year to her exact specifications.

Signed & Delivered ✅

leasewithease updated their address. 08/30/2022

leasewithease updated their address.

leasewithease updated their address.

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Congrats Amrina on your 22’ Hyundai Elantra Sel ✅

Sold & Delivered 📲

No more LIRR to Queens College, now she’ll be there in a 3rd of the time thanks to .sammy sending over the referral and get Amrina in her brand new car 🚀

Photos from leasewithease's post 08/12/2022

Photos from leasewithease's post

Photos from leasewithease's post 08/12/2022

Congrats Giorgi on your 19’
Mazda 3 ‼️

Girogi contacted us about getting into a sedan, he was tired of the rentals and wanted something of his own. NEW OR PREOWNED, lease finance or outright purchase contact us for 24 hour delivery upon approval ✅

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Congrats Krystle and her Fam on their new 22’ Nissan Rogue Sv Premium✅

Signed & Delivered ‼️

They needed something a lot safer being that their fam is growing, who other than helping out a long time friend to trade out of her 2010 Murano into a brand new lease 🎉

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Congrats Zanna on your Kia Sportage 🎉

Zanna was referred over to us by a good friend/client Joe who we had the pleasure to help with 4 vehicles now‼️‼️

She had gone over to a dealer try tp push her into a car barely wanted at dates that made no sense, once we jumped in, we fixed that all of that and got her into a vehicle she’d actually enjoy driving.


Congrats Leslie on your 22’ Tucson Sel ✅

Signed & Delivered ‼️

Her husband Michael purchased a 22’ Palisade with us a few months back, the service was great so he brought back the misses!

She wanted only one color and that’s what she got a few days later

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2 Cars in Less than 30 days ‼️

Congrats Christian on your 22’ Cx9 Carbon🎉

Less than a month ago he purchased a highlander for his family, last minute they decided they needed another ✅

All makes or Models 🚀
🏡 Delivery


Congrats to Alison on her 2022 Nissan Altima upgrade from her 2019 Altima

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Congrats Danielle on your 22’ Q50 Luxe 🎉

Signed & Delivered ✅

Leather w/ Heated Seats
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
Lane assist & Blind sport

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Congrats to the Lopez Family on their new Summer home toy🎉

They were on the hunt to find the perfect jeep for the sandy beaches out east and something durable enough to take on all the summer heat‼️

Doors and Roof fully removable for all the Summer fun

Photos from leasewithease's post 05/11/2022

Congrats Raymond on your 22’ Cx9 Carbon 🎉

Raymond reached out to us wanting to get out of his Mercedes Gla250 which just wasn’t comfortable for him anymore.

We helped get out of his lease penalty free and into his Brand new Carbon Cx9 with 10x the features and then some.

Photos from leasewithease's post 05/06/2022

Congrats Gary on your 22’ Palisade Calligraphy 🎉

When the Palisade first debuted in 2020, Gary was one of the first clients at our previous store to scoop up the 2020 Palisade Limited!

2.5 years later, he happened to be ready to upgrade, when I mentioned the equity option, being that fact he’s leased 12 cars in the last 25 years, that almost never existed, till now!!!

We got him back $7.5k in EQUITY To put him at a lower pmt on a higher trim truck 🚀📲


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Congrats Ahlam & Her family on their new 22’ Cx-5 Premium Preferred 🎉

Features include…
Bose Stereo
10 inch display with CarPlay
Blind spot, lane asst, and adaptive cruise
Leather wrapped seats with heat
Remote start via My Mazda app


Congrats Moises on your 16’ Mercedes E Class 🎉

He contact us a few days ago wanting to get into a new car, with his current credit we offered him the option of a pre-owned vehicle with very similar features that’ll still keep him within his budget and give him the options he was looking for!

2 Days later with a better approval than we thought he’d qualify for, we got him signed & delivered 🚀

All makes & models 📲

Call, Text, or Dm for all your auto needs.
Sales, Finance, Insurance, & Auto Body repair

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Congrats Andrea on your 22’ Toyota Highlander XLE ✅

Wireless charging pad
Leather w/ heated seats
Awd w/ 17 Inch wheels
Navigation w/ CarPlay
Lane asst, blind spot, & forward collision asst

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Congrats Hamza on your 22’ Mazda CX-5 Preferred 🎉

Hamza had some doubts thinking the process and home delivery couldn’t be this easy to the point he thought we just a scam! Was he surprised when we delivered in his driveway and without a step into the dealership ‼️



Congrats Santiago on your 17’ VW PASSAT‼️

New or Pre-Owned, Good Credit or Challenged, our new or Preowned superstore is on standby for all your auto needs✅

DM Us on how to save 10% per 6 month period on your auto insurnace 🚀

Si Hablamos Espanol 🗣

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Congrats Connie on your 22’ VW Jetta S ‼️

We sold Connie her 19’ VW Jetta 3.5 years ago while working at Vw and the relationship has lasted since. We passed by her home randomly the other day and noticed the 19 still in the driveway, one phone call lead to another and we came to find out she’s got $6k in equity in her previous car. With that being said she got a better deal than her last car ✅

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Congrats Carlos & Luisianny on your 22’ CX-9 Touring Pref ✅

•Bose stereo
•Leather seats w/ heat/ventilated
•10.25 inch display with Navi & CarPlay
•20 inch gloss black wheels

Call, Text, DM for quotes on ANY MAKE OR MODEL ‼️

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Congrats Lisa on your 22’ Mazda CX-5 Premium ‼️

Signed & Delivered ✅

•Bose Stereo
•Blind spot, lane asst, & adaptive cruise
•10.25 Inch screen w/ Carplay

Photos from leasewithease's post 03/28/2022

Congrats Stephanie on your 22’ Hyundai Tucson Limited ‼️

•Remote Smart Park Asst
•Bluelink App Remote Start
•10.25 Inch Digital Dispaluly w/ Nav
•Adaptive Cruise
•Digital Key
•Wireless Charging Pad
•Ventilated/Heated Seats
•Bose Stereo

Photos from leasewithease's post 03/21/2022

Congrats A on your 22’ Bentley Bentayga V8 🚀

1 of 1 Custom Build 6 months in the making.

Alpine Green w/ Two Tone Newmarket Tan & Cricket Ball

Muliner Driving Specification w/ Black Specification

22” Five Spoke Wheels

Naim Surround Stereo


Photos from leasewithease's post 03/15/2022

Congrats Justin On your 22’ Carbon Edition Cx5 ‼️

Signed & Delivered ✅

Justin traded in his 2017 Volkswagen Passat wiping out the loan and using the equity to put towards the Mazda with no money out of his pocket. We helped him add additional paid off auto on his credit bureau which only helps his credit history with future purchases.

Photos from leasewithease's post 03/12/2022

Congrats Daniel on your 22’ Elantra Sel ‼️

•Heated Seats
•Remote Start
•Wireless CarPlay
•Blind spot, lane asst, adaptive cruise
•3 years FREE maintenance

Photos from leasewithease's post 03/10/2022

Congrats Elizabeth on her 22’ CX5 Carbon Edition‼️

As the demand for Preowned inventory rises, she was able to trade in her 18’ Civc Type R for $3k in equity which meant nothing out of her pocket towards her New Car!

All we need are Pics, Vin, & Current miles. Paid on pick up‼️

Photos from leasewithease's post 02/16/2022

Congrats Ruben on your 22’ Se V6 Cross Sport 🎉

Signed & Delivered ✅

Leather w/ Heated Seats
Pano Roof
8.5 inch display w/ CarPlay
Digital Cluster
Remote start

Photos from leasewithease's post 02/11/2022

Congrats Kevin on Your 22’ Mazda CX-9 Touring Premium ✅

Signed & Delivered 🖋

Bose Stereo
Leather Seats
Remote start on fob and Mazda App
Blind spot, lane asst and Adaptive Cruise
Captain Chairs

Photos from leasewithease's post 02/04/2022

Congrats Michael on your 22’ Palisade Limited🎉

Michael traded in his 2020 Honda Pilot EX-L with 12 months left and a $6000 CHECK BACK IN EQUITY 🚀

Be like Michael and send us PICS, VIN, MILES For an instant appraisal on your current Vehicle and find out how much equity you’re really sitting on ✅




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