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Happy Fall to all the mama’s out there doing the best they can!
Thanks for telling us about "the honey bear" Dawn, Baby loves it and very quickly learned to drink from a straw! Bonus...they don't spill!
“Mommy can I play in your makeup?” Sure sweet heart. Just don’t make a mess..... Really? Needless to say she went to school with what looked two black eyes the next two days 🙄
Yes, those are underwear on her head.

#RealMotherhood #NoShame
Not every day is filled with 🌈 and 🦄 my friends. My days are normally centered around p**p, baths, loads of laundry and disinfecting; lots of disinfecting in this case. 🙌🏼 #joysofparenting #ididntknowwhethertolaughorcry
Sometimes you just have to let them get dirty...
OMG, they couldn’t stop messing with each other. It doesn’t matter where. The car, during a wedding service, the middle of a little league game.
Slept for an hour like this after Irish Dance class. Yes, she always dressed herself.

#RealMotherhood #NoShame
When we had to low crawl to get to our bedroom for a week.

#RealMotherhood #NoShame
My cousin shared this with me yesterday. Eating her dinner of the kids scraps they didn’t eat while they take a bath #realmotherhood
That moment when you just need to get something done around the house so you money wrap both babies to you while still wearing yesterday’s mascara and last nights clothes.
Fast foreword 6 months
That moment when your husband is walking right next to you and 100% capable of holding a baby but they both need to be touching you at all times.
Sweet Mary in the morning. Watch out!

#RealMotherhood #NoShame

Our services are available to any mother and baby, even if they are not a patient of Loudoun Pediatric Associates. Locations in Lansdowne & Purcellville

We believe it is important to encourage and support breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding provides babies with the utmost protection and health, and we know yoir success is directly associated with the amount of support you receive. We accept most forms of insurance. A referral may be required if you are not a patient of Loudoun Pediatrics. We submit all claims directly to your insurance. We now ha

Operating as usual


Please share. What a wonderful class idea. We can’t ever get too much support during postpartum time.

Happy Patents make Happy Babies!


Love blue sugar!! Captures the moment so well ❤️

Baby Nile was snug as a bug for his photo shoot!


Just a reminder that our offices close at 4pm today and will be closed all day on Monday May 31st in observance of Memorial Day. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend remembering those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We honor them and all those serving in our military. 🇺🇸

Just a reminder that our offices close at 4pm today and will be closed all day on Monday May 31st in observance of Memorial Day. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend remembering those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We honor them and all those serving in our military. 🇺🇸


Great information!!

Worried about energy drinks while breastfeeding? Check out our update:


COVID Vaccine while Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding/chestfeeding or pumping and have received the covid-19 vaccine, please consider participating in this survey for the Infant Risk Center. They are collecting data to see how this vaccine affects lactation, infants and mom.

COVID Vaccine while Breastfeeding Researchers at the InfantRisk Center want to know about your experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine while breastfeeding! Help inform other breastfeeding moms and clinicians by completing this research survey.

Timeline Photos 02/24/2021

Something for everyone if you find yourself needing a little extra support right now. Take time for yourself 💕

Our weekly support groups are here to offer comfort, guidance and support! Guided by our trained support group leaders, our online support groups are a place to find connection for any parent struggling with their mental health.

Register for a group today:

If you are looking for immediate assistance, please call/text our helpline today at 1-800-944-4773.

#supportgroups #postpartumdepression #perinatalsupport #postpartumsupport #momssupportingmoms #ittakesavillage #maternalmentalhealth #postpartumanxiety


To all those hard working pumping moms......Happy world breast pumping day !!

Breast Pumping is not easy it takes time, effort, and dedication to produce that liquid gold✨Today and every day we celebrate you and your breastfeeding journey! 👩🏽‍🍼💕👩🏻‍🍼#worldbreastpumpingday

Worries About Foremilk and Hindmilk — Nancy Mohrbacher 01/26/2021

Worries About Foremilk and Hindmilk — Nancy Mohrbacher

Too much Foremilk? Not enough Hindmilk? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t overthink it ! I love this article from Nancy Mohrbacher

Worries About Foremilk and Hindmilk — Nancy Mohrbacher A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  This has never been so true as in the ongoing debate about foremilk and hindmilk and their impact on breastfeeding.  The misunderstandings around these concepts have caused anxiety, upset, and even led to breastfeeding problems and prem

Home Page | InfantRisk Center 01/12/2021

Home Page | InfantRisk Center

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine? Please see the statement from the Infant Risk Center:
The InfantRisk Center has received numerous queries concerning the use of Covid-19 Vaccinations in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Below are recommendations from several groups.
"Plain Language Summary:
Similar to other medications, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women have not been included in studies to determine how well COVID vaccines work or how safe they are. Based on what we understand from similar vaccines, we believe the risks that come with vaccination will probably be low. Therefore, while we wait for more information, each mother and provider should discuss what choice fits their situation best. The risk and benefit of the vaccine should be compared to each mother’s individual risk for getting COVID-19 as well as how well she is expected to tolerate the disease."
For updates on this information please see and

Home Page | InfantRisk Center Home Page We are back in our offices and ready to take your calls! If you need to discuss medication use while breastfeeding or during pregnancy, please call us at 1 (806) 352-2519. We operate Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central standard time. COVID-19 Vaccinations The InfantRisk Center has re...


If you have had your vaccine and are part of the research.

Researchers at the #InfantRisk Center want to know about your experience getting the #COVID19 vaccine while #breastfeeding! Help inform other breastfeeding moms and clinicians by completing this research survey. #CovidVaccine


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

Reminder.....We will be closing early on Thursday, December 31st at 2pm in all locations and closed all day on Friday, January 1st. Let's welcome 2021 and hope for peace and good health for all in this new year.


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our families for your trust and patience for what has been a rather unprecedented year. You all are why we get up everyday and continually strive for the best and safest practices in pediatric healthcare. We know things looks a little different this holiday season but we hope you have been able to find new ways to celebrate your faith and traditions while keeping safe. We will be closing early Thursday, December 24th at 2pm in all locations and will be closed all day Friday, December 25th. Our on call provider can be reached at (703)257-3932 for a small $15 fee. Stay safe and healthy and Have a wonderful holiday !



Our offices will be closed tomorrow due to inclement weather. Please call to reschedule if you have an appointment for tomorrow. If you have any concerns tomorrow, please contact our on call provider at (703)-257-3932. There is a small charge of $15 per call. 12/14/2020

COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding | InfantRisk Center

FYI from the Infant Risk Center regarding COVID-19 vaccine. The InfantRisk Center has received many queries concerning the use of Covid-19 Vaccinations in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Here are recommendations.


Great time of the year for snuggly outfits. ❤️

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Blue Sugar Photography

Who's pregnant and interested in booking their maternity session in the new year? We have so many new gowns in our client closet!!
Blue Sugar Photography 11/29/2020

Score this fan favorite Nursing Hoodie for FREE! 🤱 🎉

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CaraCups Wearable Milk Collection Inserts | Spectra Baby USA

Anyone tried these your spectra pump? If so, give us some feedback !! CaraCups make hands-free pumping safe, convenient, and easy! CaraCups are a true closed system and compatible with all Spectra breast pumps. Spectra’s NEW CaraCups are placed in the bra, allowing moms to express breastmilk hands free. Transferring breastmilk after pumping is easy and sanitary. Car...


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

HOLIDAY HOURS: We will be closing early today Wednesday, November 25th at 2pm and closed all day tomorrow Thursday, November 26th for our staff to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Also, we will be closing early on Friday, November 27th at 2pm. #socialdistancing #wearamask #staysafe #norona


Sure it might be scary to read but it’s even scarier to say let’s make sure no one else has to travel this road. Have you suffered with Postpartum Depression? If you have, SHARE YOUR GENES for research!!!

"I have a hard time after I have my babies."

That's the euphemism I use if anyone asks about my kids as newborns. But the reality? I had crippling Postpartum depression (PPD).

Each time it presented differently, but an unfortunate common thread all 3 times was that my PPD spiraled into suicidal thoughts that bombarded me daily. My husband was really the only one who knew the extent of it - how do you go about bringing this up in polite company? "Yeah, whatever Postpartum hormone cocktail my body produces makes me want to kill myself, anyone else?"

I hate how PPD stole the beginning of my motherhood, but there is a hopeful ending. Eventually with time, medication, and sharing, the darkness fades. And while I can't change what happened to me in the past I can influence the future. Participating in this research study felt empowering - because if I can do anything to prevent my children from going through the hell I did, I will.

Without mothers like Tabitha, we wouldn't be able to do the important work that we do. Our hope is that no future mom will have to suffer from postpartum depression. Thank you @tabithalyne for sharing your story with us. If you have a story you'd like to share, DM us, we'd love to hear from you. ♥️


Mom Genes Fight PPD

Are you 1 in 7 ? Were you 1 in 7 ? If so, girl donate those genes !! Help those wicked smart researchers find out why this happens and how to cure it !! Don’t let any more moms have to face this.

(Video TW: PMADs) 1 in 7 moms suffers from postpartum depression. But if you’re one of them, you can fight back, by donating your Mom Genes – your DNA – to a vital research study at UNC Chapel Hill. So join the fight and spread the word. By unraveling the mysteries of PPD today, we hope to prevent daughters everywhere from suffering in the future.


Happy Halloween from your Boo-Bee Nurse 👻 🐝 🎃😃 10/23/2020

Nursing Cowl Neck Pullover - Hidden Zipper - Colorblock- Light Gray

Saw this sweet sweatshirt today on an adorable momma. Thought you all might like it. Happy shopping. Our Nursing Queen nursing sweatshirt has a hidden zipper for easy breastfeeding access. The nursing pullover has a colorblock design with contrast thumbholes. Our nursing clothes have a relaxed fit and are made with cotton- blend fabrics.


WABA World Breastfeeding Week

Happy world breastfeeding week 2020. I may be on vacation this week but I am thinking about all of you and hoping you all spread the word to bring awareness.

Happy #WBW2020!

Let's work together to highlight the links between #breastfeeding and planetary health! In light of the #COVID19 outbreak, we need to find creative ways to increase online engagement and amplify our voices.

The WABA Social Media kit contains information on the campaign as well as creative assets you can use in your advocacy efforts:

You can also show solidarity by using our Facebook profile frames:

Together, we can support breastfeeding for a healthier planet!


Postpartum depression and anxiety doesn’t discriminate....her experience and sharing makes her a better doctor. Have you experienced PMAD’s (Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders)? If so consider sharing your genes for research.

I had my first son at the very end of medical school, right before I moved to the opposite coast. See, I’m a planner - I timed it this way so I would have exactly 6 weeks off. I started my intern year with a 6 week old, who appropriately was up every 2 hours, and I was trying to navigate breast feeding and being a new mom and new doctor, with the support of my husband, himself a new stay at home dad. Looking back, I realize I was depressed pretty early on, and it only got worse, but I wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy trying to survive. When it got bad, when I was having terrible anxiety and thinking so often about all of the terrible things that could befall my son, only then, did I tell someone. Thankfully, I was a resident at UNC, where Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody @smeltzerbrody, an expert in Women’s Mood Disorders, is a physician. Immediately, with her encouragement, I got help and started seeing a psychiatrist, receiving medications and intensive therapy. Only then did I disclose my symptoms to my partner, as I had been too afraid to do so before, fearful of being considered a bad mother. With treatment and support from so many, I got better. I went on to have a second son in residency, this time prepared for the potential of a return of my symptoms, with a game plan ready, just in case. Now, I’m a better physician and a better psychiatrist for having experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, I can relate to my patients and understand better their worries and fears. With treatment and support, it does get better. Together, we can use our #MomGenes to fight PPD.

Thank you @lklq @lisalindquistmd for sharing your story with us and joining us in the fight against Postpartum Depression. ♥️ 07/17/2020

UVA Earns High Marks in National Breastfeeding Care Review

What an honor ! University of Virginia Medical Center and UVA Children’s have earned excellent scores for their support of breastfeeding in a nationwide survey by...


Dont keep scrolling. Read. It might actually work. Take control of your postpartum stress !! This busy and challenging time can be complicated by lack of sleep, lack of family support during the quarantine, pain from delivery (you know where 😉😳🤫) Can anyone give me 🙋🏼‍♀️? Come on ....for real. Put your hand up. Throw your ice water right in your face. Nah, I’m kidding. That might be too much but i got your attention so Try some of these techniques and if anything took some time for you. The Postpartum Stress center isn’t wrong here.


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

The office will be closed today 7/3/20 and tomorrow 7/4/20 for our employees to spend the day with their families. Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th weekend. 💥 🇺🇸


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there from all of us here at Loudoun Pediatrics. What was the best part of your day?? Post a photo below and let us see how you celebrated with your kiddos.


Mom Genes Fight PPD

It’s hard and no one talks about it. Stop the silence. Help find a cure. You can donate your genes to help find a cure for Postpartum Depression. Follow this page and find out how you can take part of this research. If you suffered in the past or are currently .....they need your genes !!

Postpartum depression is hard. But silence makes it harder. So thank you to the brave moms who shared their mom genes and their PPD experiences. Stay tuned for more stories, more inspiration and more motivation to speak out. And remember: you are never to blame and you're never alone.


Online support group every Tuesday ❤️

Every Tuesday. Virtually meet other moms, share your story, build a community with us.

We have 2 sessions set up!

Register here:


Honor and Remember.....we will see you starting tomorrow.

We will be closed as we honor and remember on Monday May 25. Have a safe and great weekend. Providers are available on call if needed but otherwise We will see you next week !


Loudoun Pediatric Associates

Peek a Boo !!!! Just stopping by to remind you Mom and Dad that I am getting bigger by the minute. Don't forget to schedule my physical at LPA. The other kids said they have "well child only" physical times scheduled in the morning hours from 8-12pm and are booking through August. Please give them a call soon because I can't wait to see if I am as tall as Dad now.

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