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that adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the US, resulting in over 100,000 deaths annually?

If you experience similar issues, consider getting a pharmacogenomics test to help determine which medication is right for you. It can help your healthcare provider prescribe the right medication and dose for you, potentially reducing the risk of adverse reactions and improving treatment outcomes.

Don't wait until it's too late. Talk to your doctor and undergo a test today from


π”π«π’π§πšπ«π² π“π«πšπœπ­ 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐬 (π”π“πˆπ¬) are the second most common type of infection in the body? If ignored, it can spread to the kidneys or other parts of the body and can even cause a life-threatening situation.
However, there's no need to live in fear of UTIs when you have the right tools to diagnose and treat them.

At , we’re equipped with state-of-the-art testing technology to quickly and accurately detect the presence of infection in the urinary tract, allowing for early intervention and prompt treatment.

Get related to UTIs and prevent serious complications before they arise with a UTI test.

To learn more about the test for , click here:


Need a diagnostic center that's both smart and accurate?

At Devansh Lab Werks, when our lab mate was asked a question, his response showed off his quick wit.

Let us provide you with the same level of precision and brilliance when it comes to testing results.

Visit us for all your diagnostic needs!


Hearing from happy customers makes our day!

We're grateful for such a delightful review and are committed to always delivering the best possible experience to all our customers.


Think you know the top five lifestyle diseases affecting millions of lives worldwide?
Test your medical knowledge with this and see if you can identify them all.
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We're looking for a qualified and dynamic professional to join our team as - 'π‘πžπ π’π¨π§πšπ₯ π’πšπ₯𝐞𝐬 πƒπ’π«πžπœπ­π¨π«'
We expect a candidate with 2+ years of sales experience equipped with strong communication, excellent relationship-building, and presentation skills to excel in this role.

Clinical Laboratory Sales experience with current book of business would be a plus!

If our requirements suit your experience and skill set, 𝐚𝐩𝐩π₯𝐲 𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐧𝐟𝐨@𝐝𝐞𝐯π₯πšπ›π°πžπ«π€π¬.𝐜𝐨𝐦 and take your career to the next level.


Did you know that 1 in 26 people in the US will develop epilepsy at some point in their lives?
Seizures can be scary; hence, knowing how to respond in that situation is critical.
On this , let's raise awareness for this condition and about first aid for seizures to empower individuals to assist the affected ones during a seizure.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those with epilepsy.


Celebrate the day of love by giving your family the gift of good health.
This Valentine's Day, care for your loved ones by taking them for regular health checkups and ensuring they are healthy and happy!

Book your appointment today with DLW, and let us help you keep your loved ones safe and sound. Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.


Remembering a leader who paved the way for a better tomorrow.

Today, we pay homage to one of America's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. A man who believed in unity, equality, and freedom. His unwavering commitment to serving people continues to inspire us at Devansh Lab Werks. Let's take a moment to remember his legacy and work towards creating a world where everyone can thrive.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. May your spirit of freedom live on.


Honoring the pioneering women who shattered barriers and revolutionized the field of science.

On this , DLW honors the countless female scientists who have made significant contributions to our world. We are proud of women and girls in science and believe in creating an inclusive and diverse environment for them.

Let's work together to inspire the next generation of female scientists and make their dreams a reality.


1 in 6 children aged 2-8 years in the U.S. is diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder?

On this , pledge to encourage positive mental health in our kids with the right information and apt measures.

Join us in raising awareness for better mental health support to give kids a brighter future.


Cancer doesn't discriminate, it can affect us all.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2023, approximately 1,958,310 new cancer cases & 609,820 cancer deaths are projected to occur in the United States.

serves as a reminder to prioritize our health and spread awareness about this global health crisis. Early detection, timely treatment, and supporting affected people are keys to combat cancer.

We, at DLW, are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources to take control of their health. Let's join hands in the fight against cancer!


Around 1.3 million people (0.6-1% of the US population) have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

RA is a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects more than just your joints and harms organs like skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Early detection and treatment can help manage RA symptoms, improve joint function, and enhance the quality of life.

This Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day, let's stand together and spread the word for supporting the affected ones.


around 12% of urinary tract infections in adults are caused due to Citrobacter freundii.

A gram-negative bacteria that is commonly found in the human intestinal tract can lead to serious complications such as sepsis and even gets fatal if left untreated. You can identify it by some of its symptoms, like frequent urination, high fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pains.

On experiencing any such signs, consult your doctor immediately and undergo a Citrobacter freundii test to detect the bacteria, and get .

To know more, click here:


Is your baby experiencing whooping cough? It can be a sign of Pertussis, a highly contagious respiratory infection that can cause severe coughing spells and difficulty breathing.

At DLW, our Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) includes a test for Bordetella Pertussis, providing a rapid and accurate diagnosis for this infection. Don't let this illness disrupt your baby's life instead, visit your doctor, get tested and attain related to respiratory health.

To know more information about our services, click here:


A simple test can hold the answers to numerous important questions.

We leave no stone unturned to help you get freedom from worries, fear and doubts about your health with an extensive range of medical tests that guide you on the path to wellness with accurate and timely results.
Watch this video to find out more about us and learn Why Us?

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A diagnostic appointment in the morning is always recommended by diagnostic experts.

But why?
Several medical tests require fasting for test accuracy, which makes many people worried due to their routines and eating habits.

Therefore, it is advised to schedule a medical examination in the morning as it automatically makes people fast overnight and keeps their bodies relaxed, leading to accurate diagnostic results.

Book a morning appointment with DLW and get related to your health.


The fast-paced and high-stress work environment often leads us to neglect our health and well-being. However, true health is not simply the absence of disease but rather a state of balance between body and mind.

As such, at , our goal is not only to provide accurate and timely diagnoses but also to empower individuals to prioritize their physical and mental well-being through practices like exercise, balanced nutrition, and the incorporation of mindfulness techniques such as yoga and meditation.

By prioritizing holistic wellness, we aim to provide our clients with related to health and attaining well-being.


It's 2nd time!
Take this simple quiz to test your information related to holistic wellness.
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Photos from Devlabwerks's post 01/19/2023

Everyone strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone knows the right path.

Several misconceptions surrounding our health hold us back from achieving holistic wellness. Hence, we're here to break some about health and wellness by countering them with facts.

Equipped with the right information, get on all facets of health and wellness.


More than 1 in 7, that is 15% of adults in the USA are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease.
A high level of creatinine in your blood can harm your kidneys. However, early detection and the right treatment of creatinine levels can prevent further damage to your kidneys.

Hence, if you experience signs like fatigue, dizziness, painful urination, swelling, and more, it's advised to consult your doctor and go for a Creatinine Test to assess your kidney function and get related to renal disease.

Know more about our renal panel tests here -


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Take this simple quiz to test your knowledge related to holistic wellness.
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Supporting Safety for the Front-line workers | Devansh Lab Werks 01/11/2023

According to a report, frontline workers are approximately 5 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than the general community.

Therefore, the health of our health workers becomes even more important with the emergence of a new Covid variant. To ensure their safety, we all must stay vigilant and find ways to safeguard our society's first responders.

Read this blog to learn how to ensure our health workers' safety:

Supporting Safety for the Front-line workers | Devansh Lab Werks The world would have been much worse off had it not been for the front line workers. They’ve helped the world keep a sense of...


Overall wellness isn't just confined to a body's fitness, it also embodies a healthy state of mind and soul.

On this International Day of Mind and Body Wellness, let's adopt a lifestyle and practice activities that give us freedom from physical illness and mental stress and bring balance into our lives with holistic wellness.


Happy birthday to a truly incredible entrepreneur and family man! You're a master at balancing personal and professional life, which shows your love for your family and passion for your work.

DLW wishes your life to be filled with all of your favourite things and the love of your family. Cheers to another year of success and happiness for you and your loved ones.


As we're heading towards the new year, a resolution can help you get freedom from health worries.

So, what's your resolution for the next year?

Let us know in the comments.


May the warm winter embrace and blessings of the holiday season bring you and your loved ones good health and happiness.

Team DLW wishes you all a Merry Christmas!


Our 3rd is here.

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about your respiratory system.
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In 1955, a 13-year-old girl named Susie Maison, a sufferer of asthma, asked her father, George L. Maison, a pharmacologist, why couldn't she find her asthma medicine in a spray as they do for perfume. Since she wasn't comfortable using an awkward squeeze-bulb nebulizer, her father, president of Riker Laboratories in Los Angeles, started investigating his daughter’s question and began to look after the possibility of a pressurized device which led to the invention of the first metered-dose inhaler (MDI).

The Asthma Inhaler, since its creation in 1956 by George L. Maison, has been credited with managing the condition and saving the lives of countless asthmatic people. However, its overuse or unnecessary usage is warned of potential side effects. However, still, it's considered a great piece of equipment that leads to a treatment which helps millions every minute.


Good sleep is the key to attaining accurate outcomes from medical tests. Getting enough sleep relaxes the body, regulates stress hormones and keeps blood pressure in control, which avoids any fluctuation during medical examinations.

Hence, DLW recommends that patients acquire proper sleep before going for a medical test to get freedom from inaccurate results and ensure the right diagnosis.

For more information related to tests, click here -

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#DidYouKnow around 12% of urinary tract infections in adults are caused due to Citrobacter freundii.A gram-negative bact...
Is your baby experiencing whooping cough? It can be a sign of Pertussis, a highly contagious respiratory infection that ...
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More than 1 in 7, that is 15% of adults in the USA are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease. A high level of creatin...
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