Food From The King

Food From The King


Hope your all well
Miss ya
It’s not the price of gifts it’s the thoughtfulness of others..,,
It was posted for tonight at 630 pm
Oct 3 that’s today
Where at the church parking lot at 630 today oct 03
When is the next food
was there a sign up thursday

for any thing
If August 17th is the Easter egg hunt from 8 to 12 when the food truck going to be there on the 17
Hi and good morning , I just wanted to find out when you are starting the food route again
When is the next food truck
when does the food truck come
Don't you use this page anymore , never see any posts .
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven!
My Rita,I am 61, disabled and require a king size headboard, medical 4wheel scooter,pick up chair and assistance with smaller things. My #7178441097. God Bless

Food from The King.


Come join us today for our last distribution before the First Church of God continues them. The church is looking for volunteers. If you have the desire to serve your community reach out to pastor Dave at [email protected]
We have enjoyed serving our community. Thank you


Due to a family emergency we will be closed for the next two Sundays. Please keep us in prayer.


Seeing God at work is awesome, Seeing him work through me and releasing it wow. My step son recently went to camp. Before he went I told him to remember that he is bigger and stronger than most boys his age and if he was going to rough house he needed to be careful. That not everyone would want to be his friend and to have fun. Well his first night some boys decided to instigate by knocking his shampoo out of his hands and kicked it across the room breaking the top. When he didn't get upset they called him names because he wouldn't fight. He went on to have a good time. When we picked him up he was upset because he thought he was in trouble because his shampoo was broken. We explained how proud we were that he didn't fight or let it ruin his time. As I am writing this I realized just how much God has changed me because when my son James was his age I would have been very mad at him for not pounding those boys for bullying him. Sometimes God changes us and we don't realize just how much until something like this happens.


With mixed emotions I am excited to announce the next phase of the food ministry. Food From the King will be turning over control and operations of the food pantry to the Etown First Church of God. The church is excited to be taking over, they will be continuing the food distributions and are looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you. Stay tuned to their page for pantry announcements. The food ministry would like to thank everyone who has come over the years, without you the pantry would not have been possible. I would like to thank Pastor Mel Weaver of Grace Chapel for starting me on this path. Pastor Mark Yeager for allowing us to start the pantry at the church of God. Aaron Fisher from Blessings of Hope who without his mentorship I couldn't have accomplished what I did as a Christian man and with our food ministry. Pastor David Robinson for his continued support and prayers for our ministry and myself and my family. Finally our volunteers who without you we couldn't have done what we have.

August 30th will be the final distribution before the Etown First Church of God continues them. We will still be supplying the food and guidence.

The ministry will be moving into a role of supplying food to multiple locations across a 5 state area. In addition the food ministry will be resuming our truck load distributions. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the next truckload


Just a reminder there will be no distribution tomorrow August 9th 2020. We will be back on the 16th.


We will be closed this Sunday August 9th. We are preparing a surprise for later in the month. If you need food you can always reach out via email or messenger.


For those wishing to support from the king ministries you can now do so through Amazon smile. Look for us in the list of charities and click the link. It is that easy Amazon will then donate 5% of the purchases to From the King Ministries in Lebanon. We live in Lebanon County. Thank you


We don't do this enough. We work with a lot of people who help get food to others. We hear their stories but don't share them. I am going to share this one with you because it is the essence of what we do. One of newest partners shared this, he was distributing some of our farms to family boxes and happened upon a mother and young son . They received their boxes and when the young boy opened the box of meat he was so happy he shouted mommy mommy we are going to eat like Kings tonight. When the confused mom asked what the boy was talking about he replied we are going to eat like Kings tonight because we have hotdogs. These are the times that we are humbled, excited, and saddened all at the same time. The fact that hotdogs were a feast to this child and many others is a sad commentary on us as a country. The fact that at times we take what we have for granted and think we have it rough is humbling. The opportunity to do God's work and see His hand working through us to help others exciting. We normally haven't told these kinds of stories because we believe the Bible asks us to do these things quietly and not for show. There are times like these I believe we can all use stories like this so we can pause and reflect on our lives and what we do with them and how we can help ourselves by helping others.


We will have another truck this Sunday. There will be milk, produce,eggs, cheese and more


We still have plenty met, milk, produce, laundry soap and eggs come out until 530


The food truck is coming today...fresh produce, meat, milk, eggs and much more! Etown First Church of God from 4:30-5:30. Drive thru or walk up! We look forward to seeing you then!


Reminder: We will be closed July 5th, 2020.

We will reopen on July 12, 2020 from 4:30-5:30 at the Etown First church of God. On July 12, we will resume our Food Truck. In addition to our normal items we will be having milk, produce and meat! We have been asked to keep it as a drive thru. Look forward to seeing you then.


We received word from a volunteer that one of their indirect family members tested positive for covid. No recipients were in contact with this volunteer. The doctor has said that the volunteer is able to return to work with no restrictions provided they wear a mask and social distance. We feel that we should close the pantry for two weeks to self quarantine just to be safe. We will reopen July 12th unless we are told otherwise by the doctor.


Finally got to put our tags on this baby. Thanks for the prayers and help in making this happen. God is good.


Mark your calendar we are looking at July 12th being back inside for our pantry. Stay tuned.

We will be closed the July 4th weekend.


For clarification if we do start the canning process it will be done in a clean sanitized commercial kitchen.


We are thinking about canning our own pasta sauce to hand out when we have our distribution. We want to know if there would be any interest. Also later on other products like soups,veggies other things. We hope to hear from you.


It is amazing to see God at work. In these troubled times when w are supposed to fear or hate each other because of the color of your skin. I see an amazing God working in the communities I visit. I go anywhere from the D.C area to NY and NJ and eastern PA. I have interacted with the most amazing people doing God's work of feed those in need. We are from different cultures, speaking sometimes different languages. I am in some very rough areas and very nice ones. Never have I felt unwelcome or tolerated because of what I am bringing. God has shown us that when we do his work honestly and with love of Him barriers break down we talk about life we laugh and most importantly we love like family not like the strangers we are. The more I go back the closer we become. We of different worlds have a common belief in God and his work that breaks down the media hype and turmoil and I am always blown away by the reception we receive from not just the people who I am working with but the whole neighborhood. Those who know me know that I am a big man with a long ponytail and usually a doorag I kinda look like a biker. I do stand out even with a nine-year old at my side we have never felt fear or hate we just feel the love. God can do this for everyone if we just let him.


It will be a week since I wrote about the protest in etown. I have been thinking about my conversations and prayers with some of the organizers of the protest. In this time I have been able to look at my life and the era I was raised in. So much has changed in this country yet some things still remain the same. As a child I watched the riots of the 60s . Equal rights marches leaving my grandparents house we were caught up in the middle of a protest that scared my parents which scared us. I have seen how over the years people of all color worked, played, and even married with the stigma lessening over the years. My conversations the day of the protest and the next reminded me that all we really need to do is to talk to each other but more importantly we need to listen. If we can learn how to shut out the voices of those who profit from this division and actually just listen to each other we won't have a need for violence. Our communities would prosper and be safer, stronger, and more like family.

Just a rambling from an old man who loves God and his creation


Is anyone still making masks to donate to senior centers or nursing homes? We have a donor who will supply the cloth for free we need to know how much.


Yesterday was an amazing day. Myself and Howard Robinson set up in front of the First church of God with cold drinks, snacks ,pocket bibles, and prayer. We were there to support the right to peaceful protest and offer prayer in asked for. This was the calmest most quiet protest I have been around. Near the end we had an opportunity to meet and talk with the organizers of this event. I must say I was amazed by their honesty and conviction about the need for protest to change the way brutally is addressed. We agreed that it affects everyone, that if we can find common dialog and meet and talk with each other as equal we can do amazing things. I learned a lot from these young people. We prayed with each other and we be working together in the future to effect change. More to come after I process more of the day.


We are aware of the protest planned for Etown on Saturday. After speaking with town officials we plan to continue with the food pantry as scheduled on Sunday. Should plans change, it will be posted on Facebook by Saturday evening.

We have also been given a limited quantity of laundry soap. If you would like some...private message us letting us know if you want scented or unscented. It will be handed out on Sunday. You must be there in person to receive it.


We have a very limited supply for cats. We have some guinea pig food. We have some wet food . You must instant message us and be here to pick up next Sunday


Reminder that we will be closed this Sunday May 24 reopening May 31. We will have some pet food. And Baby food. Please IM us if you need anything


We will not be open on Sunday May 24th. We will reopen May 31st. Have a safe Memorial day weekend.

Photos from Food From The King's post 05/15/2020

Blessed to be a part of this huge food distribution. The line was around the block and then some. Social distancing was practiced


We have received some requests for baby and children's clothing the sizes are boys 6-12 months and girls the same size. Also boys size 5/6 and boys 7/8 if you can help these families out please contact us to make arrangements to get the clothes.


It is amazing what God will do if you get out of the way. April 1st we entered a lease purchase for a 20' straight truck. It's now May 4th and we are very excited to announce that this week after only one month we will own this truck. 11 months early. Special thanks to the Eastern Conference of the Church of God for a matching grant. Also to Pastor David Robinson of the etown First Church of God and our community for the donations that made this possible.


there is still some baby food left IM if you need any


From the King Ministries would like to thank Greiner Industries of Mt Joy and Brandon Fisher for donating their time and materials to weld our liftgate to make sure it was safe to use. Now we can keep rolling and unloading. Thank you guys


It may be raining but we will still have the drive thru open at 4:30.

Photos from Food From The King's post 04/24/2020

We have received a small donation of baby food if you have a need please IM us with your name and email we will contact you so that you can pick it up Sunday.


Our organization encourages comments both positive and negative. Comments on our most recent post have been followed closely. The feedback is needed to make us better. These are unique times where the government has banned gatherings of over 10. Instead of closing, the decision was made to make one size fits all bags. This is not our preferred method nor how things were done in the past. Not everyone will be satisfied. We pray that things open up soon. Attacking each other because they don't agree is disrespectful. This is not who we are as an organization and will not be tolerated. State your opinion and move on. Honest feedback, good or bad, is encouraged. Attacking comments won't be tolerated, please respect each other or don't post.

Joe Bellino
From the King Ministries

Food Product Dating 04/21/2020

What everyone needs to know about food safety and best by and sell by dates.

Food Product Dating Are dates required on food products? Does it mean the product will be unsafe to use after that date? Here is some background information which answers these and other questions about product dating.


We have received a nice food donation and we be open Saturday April 11th from 4:30 to 5:30 for our food distribution in time for Easter meals. We will go back to our regular time next week.


This Sunday April 12th Easter Sunday we will be closed in observance of the resurrection of Christ. There will be no distribution, we will reopen Sunday April 19th


If you or someone you know might need food please reach out. We never charge. Facebook/foodfromtheking.

Photos from Food From The King's post 03/29/2020

we are open until 5:30 pm. need food? cone on down


our food distribution for March 15th and the next 2 weeks will continue in a modified way. we will have prepackaged bags that you can drive up and receive while they last. This is to limit the contact and help prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you for your understanding in this confused time.

Joe Bellino
From the King Ministries

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