Defensive Drivers Group

Defensive Drivers Group

We are a traffic school that offers an easy to understand course. We have no hidden fees and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.


Safety Tip: It's important to stay focused on the road. Most accidents could be avoided so long as a driver keeps attention on the road. Animals, road hazards and other drivers can appear in a couple of seconds. It's these seconds that can make the difference! For more safety tips or to sign up for our traffic school please visit our site at: or give us a call at: (877)-883-7290. Be sure to stay alert and drive safe!


Our online course is entirely geared for your convenience! You are able to take your lessons on your own schedule starting and stopping as needed. The easy to understand readings are designed to maximize your time and knowledge!


Spring showers make roads more dangerous as the rain brings the oil and dirt to the surface of the road. This makes them slick and unpredictable. They are most slick when it first begins to rain, but can remain this way until they dry. Be sure to drive safe and enjoy warmer weather!


Many courts have a timeframe that you have to complete your course in. To help our students we timestamp all of our certificates in order to prove that you completed your course on time!


Safety Tip: Ice causes more accidents then most weather hazards combined, this is because it often goes unnoticed. Black ice can be nearly invisible on the roads, causing your vehicle to lose traction and control. When you hit black ice it's best to remain calm. Do not hit your breaks, instead allow your car to cruise across while keeping your steering wheel steady and strait. Be sure to drive safe and have a happy holidays!


When taking our course you are able to start and stop whenever you want. Don't feel that you have to finish it all in one sitting. You can start, stop and start again whenever you want!


Cars are not the only potential hazards on the road. Animals can cause sever damage to both a car and its driver. Be sure to keep your eyes focused on both the road and the sides of the road. Animals can appear quickly and without warning to be wary. Drive safe and have a happy holidays!


We offer several courses to cover various state needs. Be sure when you register for our classes that you sign up for the correct course. One state's rules may not be accepted in another!


Safety Tip: Around this time of year roads can start to become pretty slick. Be sure to take your time when making sharp turns or changing lanes. Icey roads often look safe, but can quickly cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Be sure to drive safe!


You do not have to finish our course in one sitting. You are free to stop and start on your schedule! Taking the course all at once can leave you fatigued, so we recommend taking breaks in-between lessons!


Safety Tip: Hazards can appear quickly. Quick turns may revel a sudden animal or obstacle. Being focused on the road may give you those extra seconds you need to adapt and avoid the threat. Be sure to keep both eyes on the road and drive safe!


Be sure to read carefully. Our quizzes include security questions based off the material given. These are implemented to prevent users from skipping the readings. Be sure to read carefully before taking the quiz!


Safety Tip: The sun can make safe driving difficult. Glares through your windshield and mirrors may cause you to miss something critical! Be sure to have a pair of sunglasses in your car for those sunny days and be ready to put your sun visor down when needed!


Each state has different requirements for traffic school and as such they have different courses. The different courses can be accessed by clicking on the state seal of the corresponding state! You can reach our site and all of the courses at:


Safety Tip: It's important to stay focused on the road. Most accidents could be avoided so long as a driver keeps attention on the road. Animals, road hazards and other drivers can appear in a couple of seconds. It's these seconds that can make the difference!


Driving Tip: Don't use high-beam headlights. They won't shine through the fog but just reflect the light back in your eyes, making it worse for you and other drivers. In really dense fog, use front fog lights in addition to your low-beams if you have them. NEVER drive using only your parking or fog lights.


Driving Tip: Turn signals prevent countless accidents every day. Using a turn signal helps other drivers react to you changing lanes or making turns. Changing lanes and making turns without the use of a turn signal can lead to disaster!


Safety Tip: When it first rains the oil and junk that is normally embedded in the roads is brought to the surface. This will create a film on the road making it easy to hydroplane and lose control of your vehicle! Be careful when it first starts to rain as this can often be the most dangerous time!


Our course is designed to be easy to understand and take. This allows you to learn without fear of failing! We find that this makes it easier for students to learn and take the course quickly! To find out more about our course or to get started today please visit:
or give us a call at: 887-883-7290


Drinking and driving is the cause behind most car crashes. Driving while under the influence is not only a threat to you, but to everyone on the road! If you see a driver that may be driving drunk it's best to remain as far away from them as possible!


Safety Tip: Roads will often curve and bend suddenly. These bends can often hide potential hazards giving drivers less time to react to them! Be sure to take curves slowly in order to give yourself time to proceed safely!


Driving Tip: Even a clear road can be dangerous. Animals can often appear without warning and lead to hazardous situations. Often times a split second can be the difference between safety and disaster. Be sure to always keep your eyes on the road and drive safe!


Each state has its own proper way for completing their courses. For most we submit a copy of your completion certificate for you, but be sure to know what type of submission you require when you finish!


Dangerous obstructions can sometimes appear without warning, Trash or other obstacles can cause severe damage if hit. Be sure to keep an eye on the road at all times to avoid potentially damaging your vehicle.


Driving Tip: Rain does more than just make roads slippery. It also limits your field of vison. Having a limited field of vison makes you far more likely to cause an accident. Adjust your speed accordingly so that you are able to react to possible threats faster and safer!


Driving Tip: Even if you drive perfectly you must still be alert! Other drivers may not be as careful and can still cause accidents. Be sure to stay aware of other cars on the road with you. If you see another driver that is not driving safely try to pull over to avoid them!


Course Tip: Each of our courses is specially designed for a specific state. They vary in content and design to fit the appropriate state, but this also means that taking a course for one state does not count for another state. Be sure to sign up for the correct course when signing up! See all of our course options at:


Driving tip: Drivers are normally barraged by a constant stream of distractions. Phones, radio and even passengers can cause you to lose focus on the road! Keeping your eyes and mind on the road is important because even the smallest lapse in concentration can be life threatening!


Driving Tip: Sign laws are constantly being changed and updated by the state. Be sure to stay up to date to ensure you are driving safely!

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