Genesis Red Light

Genesis Red Light


Ever heard of “Red Light Therapy?” It’s an amazing therapeutic technique that treats scars, wrinkles, psoriasis, sun damage, pain management, wound healing, body contouring and so much more! Call Genesis Red Light to learn more and schedule a consultation at 512-523-6550.
Have you heard of RED light therapy? Genesis Red Light is proven to help with weight loss, pain management, skin rejuvenation, sleep problems, PTSD, anxiety, and even depression. Find out more about this local business at or call 512-523-6550. This powerful LED an infrared light penetrates fat cells and takes them from looking like grapes through raisins in 30 minutes... and so much more!

The Contour Light. LED and infrared light 100x more powerful than anything else on the market. Penetrates the fat cells and takes them from looking like grapes to raisins in 30 minutes.

LOSE 3-23 INCHES OR MORE IN 3 weeks!


ASK ME ABOUT FIT 20! Genesis is now your Kyani source!! These days the market is packed with protein shakes and blends. Everybody wants you to believe they are the best and then they taste NASTY!!! That's why you MUST try FIT 20! Tastes so good! Here's a sweet recipe: peanut butter, water, a banana, and Fit 20!


We want you to see results, and we’re so confident that we’re offering you the chance to try it out risk-free! If you aren’t in love with Kyäni HL5™ after 30 days of use, we’ll send you a refund.

Kyäni HL5™ contains 5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen, which is shown to:
..Optimize your metabolism
..Support your joints, skin, and hair health
..Promote strength and flexibility
..Boost energy
..Help build lean muscle

Made with an all-natural blend of nutrients and collagen, Kyäni HL5™ is an amazing way to get your fill of youth. This convenient pouch can be taken with you anywhere, and it’s also:
..Gluten, nut, dairy, soy, and preservative free
..Only 25 calories with NO sugar
..Available in peach and berry flavors

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Kyäni products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate any disease or condition.


NITRO NATION has come to Cedar Park!! Get healthy and lose weight in our 21-Day BODY RESET PROGRAM! JOIN US ... do it with us ... or bring along some friends!! Here's to YOUR HEALTH!!!

Start the Nitro Nutrition 21-Day Reset to experience the Nitro Effect! 07/31/2022

Start the Nitro Nutrition 21-Day Reset to experience the Nitro Effect!

NOW IN CEDAR PARK, Celebrity Nutritionist Mark Macdonald's NITRO NATION 21-Day Reset is being provided by Genesis Red Light. JOIN US for our new 21-Day reset! Call for more information. [512]523-6550

Start the Nitro Nutrition 21-Day Reset to experience the Nitro Effect! This is "Start the Nitro Nutrition 21-Day Reset to experience the Nitro Effect!" by Kyäni Eu on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…


When you're in our care for red light therapy, we want your kidney and liver to have all the support on the inside like you are getting on the outside. It just so happens that our product choice won PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!!! Be sure and grab some right away.
Restore is there to support your digestive system and get it working at peak performance. Using all-natural ingredients, Restore is designed to be used daily to balance digestion and support overall health.
When your digestion is supported, you enjoy:
🌱 Less bloating and pressure
🌱 More energy
🌱 Added confidence
Learn more about the all-natural ingredients that set Restore apart from other daily digestives at the link in our bio.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Kyäni products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.


You work out hard. Recover harder!
We believe that the Healing that your body gets, far out weighs how much weight you lose with our program! And people do lose weight when they want to so it's a double-win!


What are you waiting for?? We see these kind of results all day, every day!!! Call us now to book your first treatment! 512-523-6550.


2.41" in one treatment?? Whaaa????? Call today to schedule your first treatment and let's see how much you lose!


These are so amazing results!!! Woohoo!!!


We are ready and excited to help you with your health and wellness journey! Call us today to find out how red light therapy can benefit just about every aspect of your fitness goals!


Red Light Therapy gets so much attention from its almost unbelievable Non-Invasive Body Contouring--- but, for Genesis; We believe that the Healing that your body gets, far out weighs how much weight you lose with our program!

Genesis Red Light added a button to help you learn more about them. 04/07/2021

Genesis Red Light added a button to help you learn more about them.

Genesis Red Light added a button to help you learn more about them.


Red Light Therapy that has the power and coverage to work. Feel the difference the first session. Fit into your favorite outfit this weekend, or reshape your body for next month- even without diet or exercise! Book your first Red Light session and 3D body scan for only $55!

Genesis Red Light on Google 03/31/2021

Genesis Red Light on Google

Genesis Red Light is so much more than most people are aware of! Yes you can loose a crazy amount of fat with Genesis, and yes you can triple your results with proper diet and exercise, but look at the skin; the healing, the smoothing and rejuvenation that is happening from the inside out! Don't just loose weight, and mobilize fat from those hard to loose fat areas on your body...All while tighten the skin at the same time and look 10 years younger.

Genesis Red Light on Google $55 for First Red Light Treatment & 3D Scan

Genesis Red Light updated their phone number. 03/26/2021

Genesis Red Light updated their phone number.

Genesis Red Light updated their phone number.


Save yourself the frustration and disappointment from low powered, overpriced home units and dishonest clinics giving misinformation and requiring multiple sessions to address your entire body. Genesis Red Light is not only affordable, but each session is for the maximum time needed, most power needed and most body coverage needed.... IN ONE SESSION!


Most powerful Red/Near InfraRed light on the market! 360 degree body coverage. Skin contact diodes for highest percent of light usage with the industries only patented reflective layer to push more directional rays to your skin.


Red/NIR light supports collagen and elastin production by improving capillary circulation, density and health.
Red/NIR also assists in fat loss.
All the above leads to enhanced skin smoothness and decreased cellulite.


Finding successful treatments for rosacea symptoms isn’t easy. Good news. Since red light heals at the cellular level, there is some promise using red light to help alleviate rosacea symptoms.



A recent review of all existing studies with red/near-infrared light therapy (RLT) on anxiety and depression disorders demonstrates that RLT offers a "promising treatment" for major depressive disorder, anxiety, suicidal ideation, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some of the proposed mechanisms by which RLT can help are by boosting mitochondrial health, improving blood flow to the brain, reducing inflammation and reactive oxygen species, enhancing levels of serotonin and decreasing levels of nitric oxide.

"NIR t-PBM reversed the anxiety and depression status caused by chronic stress that was probably linked to increased 5-HT (serotonin) and decreased NO (nitric oxide) levels in the both prefrontal cortex and hippocampal areas."

"Using transcranial LED therapy, a significant decrease in PTSD scores and depression levels have been reported after 1 week of treatment, while result of 2 months post-treatment did not show an overall linear trend response."

The first study in MDD (major depressive disorder) patients showed that a single session of LED therapy alleviated depression and anxiety symptoms (Hamilton scales) at 2 weeks post-irradiation. At the end of four weeks, 6 out of 10 patients experienced a remission in their depression and 7 out of 10 patients experienced remission of their anxiety.

"The proposed illumination strategies inform the design of t-PBM systems likely to improve brain emotion regulation, both in clinical research and practice.”


Studies found increased melatonin in blood circulation following red/NIR light exposure.
Also, studies have found dramatic benefit to sleep in people with insomnia.
Not only is melatonin a sleep-inducing hormone, it is also imperative for mitochondrial function, protecting mitochondria from damage and is vital for mitochondrial regeneration while we sleep!


Red light therapy can be used to treat muscle pulls, but why not prevent them in the first place? Prior to your workout mix in red light therapy to help prevent injuries.



The research continues to churn out on the positive benefits of red/NIR light therapy on sports medicine and athletic performance.

Red/NIR light therapy prevents muscle fatigue, enhances muscle strength and endurance, increases fat loss responses from exercise, increases muscle growth responses from exercise and promotes faster recovery.

Red/NIR light accomplishes this by promoting the production of internal antioxidants in your cells (decreasing oxidative stress), reducing inflammation in muscle tissue (less cell damage = less fatigue), decreasing lactic acid production in muscles, improving mitochondrial function during exercise, increasing production of heat shock proteins, promoting development of stem cells amongst many other positive physiological adaptations.

Photos from Genesis Red Light's post 02/24/2021

Red light therapy is amazing for improving skin health — the benefits are essentially limitless:
Reverse skin aging
Eliminate skin lines and wrinkles
Reduce damage from UV rays
Accelerate wound healing
Reduce appearance of scars, surface varicose vein‘s, acne, and cellulite
Reduce color patches, hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration
Combat skin conditions like keloids, vitiligo, burns, herpes virus sores and psoriasis



Through their positive effects on mitochondrial health and ATP production, red/NIR light help individuals recover more efficiently from strenuous and high-intensity exercise and even helps to prevent muscle fatigue DURING exercise (ie, improved muscular endurance.

Research demonstrates that red/NIR light therapy helps prevent muscle fatigue, enhance muscle strength and endurance, increase fat loss responses from exercise, increase muscle growth responses from exercise and promote accelerated recovery!


Red Light Therapy & BRAIN HEALTH

The neuroprotective effects of laser and light-emitting diodes (LED) in diverse neurological conditions, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, as well as age-related cognitive decline.

Besides these therapeutic effects at the molecular level, there is also considerable evidence of changes occurring at the behavioral level such as cognitive enhancement, antidepressant effects, and improved sleep.

The brain, along with the heart and muscle, are the tissues with the greatest mitochondrial density. Mitochondria, which are extremely important for our health, longevity and energy production, respond exceptionally well to red/NIR light. Thus, the brain and overall cognitive function (ie. Alzheimer's disease) has a great capacity to heal with RLT.

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