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“The mission of SAFE PET PROJECT is to build a more humane community for domesticated animals by p

Our Purpose:

From dogs to donkeys, from cats to cows, the Safe Pet Project was created to promote health, safety and security for all domesticated animals by providing services and resources to animal owners in our community. Safe Pet Project is not an animal shelter or animal rescue organization. Instead, our focus is to provide education, information, resources and services to animal owners in


How Can We Reduce the Number of "Unwanted" Pets

This is the reality of unwanted pets: they are taken to an animal shelter, animal control, abandoned/dumped or if lucky, they may be re-homed by the owner who no longer wants or can care for them. Some are just neglected in their homes. I call them unwanted and it sounds harsh, some are very much wanted but their owners are unable to care for them any longer. We also should include the lost pets who weren’t able to be reunited with their owners. Now, the animal shelter, animal control or the people who find them abandoned do what they can to re-home them.

For those who are not adopted or re-homed, the life of the pet is greatly altered. When there are no fosters, the pets are put in kennels, which isn’t SO bad because they are fed and taken care of. Yes, we kennel our pets at home in crates, but is it 24/7 with a few potty and play breaks? Yes, sometimes we board them when we go out of town, but is that for months on end? I don't need to tell you what else may happen, if a home isn't found.

The solution is education, not just with our Safe Pet Project followers, but to others you may know. It will take a community to fix the stray animal problem. Some people are able to provide for their pet on a daily basis, but not when it comes to annual check ups, vaccinations and even more so, spay/neuter. They may be unable or unwilling to spend the money due to the cost. These people need to understand there are resources in our area. They may not know about vaccination and microchip clinics, spay/neuter assistance, these all are typically at a reduced price as they are sponsored by organizations such as and various others.

Do you know someone at risk for having such a situation arise? Speak with them and if you "just can’t", invite them to our page. If we can keep one unwanted pregnancy, or a pet off the street, by assisting people with the resources they need then WE won part of the battle.

For more information on the resources we have available visit our website at

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Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 01/04/2024

Our volunteers work hard to help our mountain pets. Please help us share this courtesy post.

“Meet Stryder. He’s a blue heeler mix, just over a year old. He weighs about 50 pounds, and needs a huge yard as he has boundless energy. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.
He loves kids, but he can be a little rough, so small kids are probably not a great option. He is a cat chaser, but he does well with other dogs (he just wants to play). He is very smart and will follow basic sit, stay commands when he wants to. He’s also crate trained. Contact Alexis at 706-664-4008.”
Location Blairsville GA

Please note that Safe Pet Project has not met or evaluated the dogs or cats marked as courtesy listings and makes no representations as to their health, temperament, or suitability for adoption. Please contact the person listed in the description for more information.


has helped just over 1500 pet's with our Pet ID Tag Program?

Our program offers our mountain pet families low cost ID tags. We have ID tags of various colors, shapes & sizes, for only $2.00.

If you are in need of a tag, you should come by in Blairsville. We can make them in 5 minutes and have them ready by the time you are done shopping!


Did you know? When you find a stray dog/cat -

You need to report it to the local authorities immediately. Someone may already be looking for it. Check with shelters and rescues too.

You should walk it on a leash around the area you found it, it may lead you to it's home or a neighbor in that area may know who it belongs with.

You should go back, frequently, to the area you found the dog/cat to see if any missing "pet" posters have been posted.

If you don't diligently try to find the owner and you re-home it, you could be charged with theft.


Friends and Followers - As we help our mountain community pets, we find ourselves in need of large dog crates. If anyone has any available to donate, we sure would appreciate them! And so would our community pets.

You may donate them at Safe Pet Project Thrift Store located at 307 Cleveland St, Suite O, Blairsville GA

Thank you in advance. Please share our post to spread the word!


It makes you wonder, when 97% of pet owners think of their pets as family, why many don't bother to vaccinate, spay/neuter or prevent them from roaming?

If you would like to read the article regarding who does and doesn't consider their pets as family members:


My name is Macey and I am sure you have seen me before on Facebook. They tell me all of you think I am so cute! I really am! I want to tell you a little about me and see if I could fit into your life?

I was taken out of my home because the other dog abused me. So I can be a little reactive when it comes to sharing my food bowls or toys. I do love to play and go on walks with the other dogs where I live now, but if there are toys involved it is probably not the best idea. If you have a lot of experience with dogs who can be resource aggressive, I sure would be willing to give it a try with your other dogs. You know who you are. If you are looking to be a one dog home, then I am your girl. I am really sweet and would like to be a lap dog, although I do like to play fetch too! They take me for walks at the dog park and there is no problem passing by the other dogs there. I will walk with you anywhere and behave. I have been at the foster kennel for quite sometime and I'm hoping someone has the time and patience to help me feel safe again!

My adoption fees have been sponsored to help me get a home soon! Could it be you? If you are interested in meeting me, please fill out an adoption agreement, which helps you to get an appointment to meet me. Also you can learn more about me here

I understand if you are not able to adopt me, so please like and share my post to help me find my furever home!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 01/02/2024

Our volunteers work hard to help our mountain pets. This is a courtesy post.

Don't they look so sweet? Bella, Lil Girl, Jazz, Oreo and Sadie are 10 month old Lab mixes looking for furever homes! For more information, please contact 706-400-8326.

Please help to find these puppies loving homes by sharing our post!


Pros for spaying/neutering your pets...

Prevents the families from coping with unwanted pregnancy and the re-homing process. This is one of the most important reasons for spaying or neutering your pets. Preventing unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and litters. This in turn helps to reduce the pet overpopulation that is exploding in our area and others.

Health Benefits-Studies have proven that spaying females can prevent UTI’s and reduce the risk of breast cancer, while neutering can reduce the risk of testicular cancer and enlarged prostate glands.

Behavioral Benefits due to spaying or neutering lead to decreases in certain s*x hormones. This typically reduces mating related behaviors. Heat cycles are gone, less roaming and fewer urine marking behaviors. Alleviates other pets entering your property brought on by heat cycles. Less age related aggression toward other male pets.

Of course, there are always cons, some of these include complications due to surgical procedures and anesthesia. However, spay and neuter procedures are the most common surgeries performed by veterinarians today. While the risk is low for most pets, some pets may have conditions that could complicate matters. You should always consult with your vet for the best advice regarding the risks to your pet.

To learn about Safe Pet Project’s spay and neuter program, please visit our website

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Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 01/02/2024

Our volunteers work hard to help our mountain pets. This is a courtesy post.

John is looking to re-home these two kittens together. Lily is the brown kitten (pic in comments) and Bruno is the orange kitten. They are outdoors now, but will need to be indoors only. They are a bonded pair. You will need to contact John at 386-871-5505 for more information, he will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s see if we can help John out! Please share the post to find them a new home!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 01/01/2024

On Thursday, I got to go for a walk at Meeks Dog Park with two of my favorite volunteers. We had to make a stop at Safe Pet Thrift Store to donate some items and to buy some books first. While the young one was in the store, I stole her seat! I love car rides! And walks.

Oh No! Here she comes! Won't she be surprised to find me in her seat?

If you are looking for me to come home with you, you can fill out an adoption agreement here and if you want to learn more about me, (I'm a little older and bigger now)

Good news is that my adoption fees have been sponsored to help me find a new home quick!

Please like and share my post to help me find my furever home!


Safe Pet Project and our adoptable pets wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


Hi, it's Xena again. On Thursday, my 2nd favorite volunteer came to take Bonnie for a walk. They got to go to Safe Pet Project Thrift Store without me :(. After walking Bonnie they came to play with me. Well, SOMEONE was more interested in the book she bought at the thrift store, so I just stared into her face while she pet me. Its ok that she wasn't into ball today. I really just wanted the pets and belly rubs, and I got plenty of those!

I am a really mellow dog, I am happy to roll over for the belly rub or just gaze into your eyes while you love on me. I love to carry the ball around or my "baby", they call it a stuffed animal, but it's my baby.

Happy New Years! Oh that reminds me, I forget to mention, a super sponsor paid my adoption fees so hopefully someone will adopt me soon.

If you are thinking you want me for yours, all yours, please fill out an adoption agreement which will help you get an appoinment to meet me

And if you want to read a little bit more about me

Please like and share my post to help me find a home!


Our No Paws Left Behind is another important program we have for pets in need. When we are able to take on the task of foster to rehome a pet, we have a page on petfinder where you can learn more about them. Yes, we are hoping you are interested in adopting. As we are not a foster based program, these pets (in most cases) are housed in kennels, so it is really important to find them new homes as quickly as possible.

Please visit our website to learn more about the programs we have available for the pets in need at ~ Like here, and share our page!


Great News to Spread! Sammy has been adopted! Doesn’t he look happy in his new home?

Thankful to the adopters and all of our followers who helps make these adoptions possible!


Trap Neuter Release (TNR) is one of our very important programs at Safe Pet Project. It is one solution to controlling the overwhelming feral cat communities in our area. These TNR's include spay/neuter and ear clip indicator, parasite check and medication if needed, general health check and rabies vaccines before they are released.

Please visit our website to learn more about the programs we have available for the pets in need at ~ Like here, and share our page!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/30/2023

Homes for the New Year 2024! Please help us find homes for these three girls, all pitty mixes! Their kennel will be closing mid-January and they are ready for just ONE move to new families, instead of a new facility! UTD Vaccines & Spayed, and potty trained. All three have sponsored adoption fees.

Please like and share our post!


Do You Know Why It is a Good Idea to Leash Your Pet?

Besides the fact that it is most likely a law, leashes can keep other dogs and people safe. They keep pets from entering traffic and other potential accidents, and keep them from lunging at people, other pets or things. They also keep dogs from wandering into placees they shouldn't be, places that might be harmful to them. It's also reassuring to others who see that you have control of your pet, especially those fearful of animals.
Leashes help you to maintain control of your pet.

Runners are similar to leashes. If your pet likes to hang outdoors at your home, but you don't have a fence, you may want to consider a runner, they are inexpensive compared to a fence. Runner's also allow your pet more movement and allow you to do other things while your pet chills outside. Runners are not intended for your pet to be outside 24/7.

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Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/29/2023

Calling all Friends and Fellow Supporters of Safe Pet Project!

Darwin is urgent need! He came to Murphy Animal Clinic on Tuesday very sick. During a physical exam by Dr. D it was discovered that Darwin has a urinary blockage. They have kept Darwin overnight ever since. The urinary catheter is now even blocked, requiring surgery ASAP. His family has now exhausted all their funds and Darwin desperately needs this surgery to ensure and happy and healthy life.

WE can help this kitty and his parents get the care Dawin needs. Please use the donate button and show your support for Darwin and his family. Safe Pet Project, along with Darwin and his family THANK YOU in advance!

Also please share our post to get even more assistance for Darwin's wellbeing!


The importance of ID tags on your pet!

Please like and share our page for more important tips!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/27/2023

We have some very supportive anonymous adoption sponsors who want to ensure these girls all get new homes for the New Year. They have sponsored adoption on these four girls who are desperate to find homes now!

Not only has their adoption fees been sponsored, but they each are up-to-date on vaccinations, potty trained and have been spayed. Well socialized girls ready for your home!

Please share our post to find them a home!


Another misconception about microchipping, is that the chip itself moves around. However, when inserted it usually bonds with the animals subcutaneous tissue within 24 hours. When it moves away from where it was implanted, this is called microchip migration. This is a very rare occurence although they can move no more than a centimeter after being inserted between the shoulder. Microchip migration that moves more than a centimeter can happen with really over-active pets (dogs mostly) or aging pets with loose skin. But don't fret, if a microchip isn't picked up in the scan between the shoulders, they will scan all over to make double sure there is no chip. Remember the biggest reason a microchipped pet isn't reunited with it's owner is because the pet was never registered to the chip by the owner. So remember to register your pet to the chip, even if you got a new furfamily member who was microchipped by someone else. Keep your microchip/pet registration up to date!

Pic is for attention, not intended to be used as an endorsement of any brand microchip or scanner.


Pet of the Week -

I started my life out living under a shed alone, hungry and scared. Now I live in a boarding facility that will be closing in about two weeks, so I really need a home. The staff at NOAH and the volunteers, who come to play with me, say I am the sweetest doggie! When I bring the ball back, I love to rub against you for pets before you throw it again, which I happily retrieve. I love the ball!

I had two puppies, who now have homes, but I don't. Since I have been here, they have spayed me and made sure I am up to date on my vaccinations. I am potty trained too! I am less than 2 years old and weigh around 55 pounds. While I sit really pretty, there are several other commands I know, I want to learn more. You wouldn't believe how eager I am to please you. You can learn more about me at

If you want to take me home with you, you will need to fill out our online adoption application or give Safe Pet Project a call 706-400-7076 ext 2 to come meet me. In just one meet & greet and you will fall in love me!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/25/2023

Mother always said Santa symbolizes the Gift of Giving.

Our Community Pet Food Drive is working miracles for our mountain families and pets in need. We are proud to say WE (as a community) were able to provide 21 families with the ability to feed their pets during their time of need.

Our volunteers, again, will be handing out cat & dog food for those in need, beginning Tuesday, December 26 and continue through the end of the week. If you are in need, you may pick up pet food between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM at Safe Pet Project Thrift Store, located at 307 Cleveland St, Suite O, Blairsville GA.


Cat & Dog Food for those in need - Starting Tuesday at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, available until the end of the week!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/25/2023

We have great news! Zane has been adopted and went to his new home yesterday! Thank you all for sharing his posts and helping him getting a new start to life with a family! We always appreciate you sharing our posts of animals looking for their furever homes.

We still have several pets that are looking for their new families, Macey, Bonnie, Xena, Sadie, Sassy and Dallas (all dogs) and Sammy, the cat! They are all good pets who would fill your lives with love!

Won't you take a peak at each of them on our website and make an appointment to meet one or all of them? If you are interested in any of them, our online adoption application can be filled out and we will get in touch with you! The online adoption application can be found here


Please help find these girls a home! Share if you can't adopt!

Photos from Safe Pet Project's post 12/25/2023

Hi! I am Dallas and I'm pleased to meet you! I am a foster care pet who lives with my temporary mom and I am up to date on my vacinations and have been neutered. While I am just under a year old, I know several commands and I am crate trained. I like to sleep in my crate and because I am potty trained, I don't have to stay in it. My temporary mom takes me to doggy day care where I get a long with everyone and my best friend is a German Shepherd. You could call me a Hound/Labrador Retriever mix and weigh around 40 lbs. I love kids and hope I get adopted into a home with children.

I was really hoping to wake up Christmas morning in my new home, but tomorrow is Christmas and you didn't come to meet me. I love my temporary mom, but I really wanted to help you and the kids open presents, maybe there would have been a big bone for me? Maybe you will fill out an adoption application online and come to meet me this week! I promise we can celebrate New Year's together and start the New Year together!

The online adoption application can be found at and if you want to read more about me, click here

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to meeting you in person this week!

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Hey!  It's #Xena again!  I didn't want you to forget about me!  I'm still here, waiting for you!  Do you like to play fe...
Sweet #Bonnie might should have been called Nutcracker! She loves to carry and chomp on walnuts that she finds along our...
Bonnie is looking for her forever home!  She is a young pitty-mix and fully vetted!  She is such a playful girl who aims...
Bonnie the dog who loves sticks
Macey is looking for her forever home. She is in the #nopawsleftbehind program. UTD vaccaines, spayed and her adoption f...
The great event at Bailey’s Barkery Pet Boutique in support of the animals of Safe Pet Project. Don’t miss it.
The great event at Bailey’s Barkery Pet Boutique in support of the animals of Safe Pet Project. Don’t miss it.
Sienna and Raven at Safe Pet Project Thrift Store today.
Happening now at Safe Pet Project Thrift Store



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