Angelica's Child Abuse Recovery, Inc. ACAR

Angelica's Child Abuse Recovery, Inc. ACAR

Angel Dolls and Angel Lions are created to be gifted to children who have suffered from abuse. The d


Night movie 😸

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Come see me today, 10-4 at the Towns County Rec Center, and pickup an autographed copy of my book. This world is full of darkness but God's light shines in disposing the darkness. My book will make a great gift of anyone who has lived through trauma. Yes the title shows my book is about Hell but most importantly it's about coming out of that Hell to amazing powerful recovery through Jesus Christ.
There will also be many other great items for a Christmas gift.


I had the joy of learning to sew on a sewing machine by one special friend during this time in 2019.
I have created the prototype to show and attract volunteers to make them for children who are surviving and recovering from child abuse.
The Senior Center in Hiawassee has volunteered to make these dolls. They have the sewing machines and cloth material.
Could I get some volunteers to buy 4 muslin dolls, pillow filling, and flowers for the halos as well as halo materials. .
It would be a dream come true that once made we could give these dolls to local agencies in this area to give out to children for this Christmas!!!!!!!


It is amazing to experience a natural high and an most amazing natural high is what i experienced yesterday. Usually Father's Day weekend is hard on me. But not this one. After learning from Hans Melhelm, I understand in a more profound way how we choose to come into the life on this earth before we are incarnated in our mother's womb. I learned from Hans Melhelm not only do we choose to come but we know what kind of life we are choosing to come into. And Life is a school, not of lessons but learning to wake up to who we actually are and live in a way that God intended us to

Therefore, to me it is bringing a much more freedom in my life. I chose my life and with my Papa God's help thru Christ Jesus, I have overcome childhood sexual abuse. I totally forgive my father in a much deeper way and this weekend I chose to remember the good things of my father in my life. My trip to the mall, shopping for a bathing suit top was extremely fun and then my dinner at Olive Garden was amazing. I relaxed and OMG I connected with my waitress in an unusual and inspirational way. We agreed we felt like we were soul-mates. She took my picture. I can't put in words how meeting this 21 years old beautiful woman was. I AM TRULLY BLESSED THIS WEEKEND. And i have left overs to eat today lol!!!


The last 3 years have been THE BEST years of my life! I AM FINISHED with
Reappearing Before Her Eyes , the Isabella LaBlanc Story based on true events.
I will be sending my finished manuscript to my professional editor at Christian Writers Sanctuary.
It dont matter how horrible events (even COVID) are around you because thru meditation and Law of Attraction and our faith in God thru Jesus Christ we can still have an amazing life.
Remember Heaven and Hell are right her on Earth. But don't loose hope for THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US

It Works Like Magic! 5 Minutes After You Wake Up | Joe Dispenza 03/23/2023

Ahhh this is what I've been doing especially the last 7 yrs...
I AM turning into a new personality is becoming new because I've learned to live in the present. And I have learned to consciously be in the present instead of letting my subconscious guide my body and mind. I AM NOT my body, nor my mind, I AM A SPIRIT. I am looking forward to my novel ,"Reappearing Before Her Eyes" being launched this year where many will have the opportunity to read and learn. Many may not have gone through intense trauma throughout their lives like i have. But after ready my novel many will understand why I leave Connie Jones behind and change my name to Michelle Anne-Marie Santana. Because I'm such a new person.
It's what God truly meant by becoming a new creation, but sadly so many miss actually doing just that through the power of oneness with God.

It Works Like Magic! 5 Minutes After You Wake Up | Joe Dispenza Dr. Joe Dispenza scientifically breaks down the literal impact our mindset has on our biology and energetic fingerprint. Dr. Dispenza has the data, and can d...


It was my deepest pleasure to present 2 of my angel dolls (that I created and made) to Kristen Parker (Community Coordinator) for S.A.F.E. (Support in Abusive Family Emergencies) this past summer.
There is a poem inside the heart that the angel doll is holding that helps a child recover from abuse.
If you find yourself with or without children in a abusive relationship you can call S.A.F.E. here in Blairsville, Ga. @ their office 706-379-1901
or call their 24/7 Hotline 706-379-300They could also benefit greatly with any donations you might have.
If you would like to donate money or your time and talents to help us make the angel dolls and lions, you can make a check out to Angelica's Child Abuse Recovery Inc, and mail to 281D Young Harris Str. PMB 263 Blairsville, Ga 30512 or call me, Michelle, @ 706-994-8676.

S1E3 - Michelle Santana - Childhood Sexual Abuse & Mental Health Writer by EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman 11/15/2021

My interview with my local radio "Extreme Carolina" who broadcasts for the Carolina and Ga mountains.
I have over half of you in LAW ENFORCEMENT as my connections here on LinkedIn.
My purpose in my mission is to get parents to REPORT their child who is SEXUALLY ABUSED! I would like your feedback after you listen!! If you suspect your husband is molesting your child, know it has NOTHING to do with you. It has everything to do with being married to a very demented and sick, evil man and the abuse must/should be reported to law-enforcement.

Michelle Santana - Childhood Sexual Abuse & Mental Health Writer by EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman

S1E3 - Michelle Santana - Childhood Sexual Abuse & Mental Health Writer by EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman This week we are joined by Michelle Santana, author of Tell it All My Son and To Hell and Back: AND THE HEALING POWER OF FORGIVENESS. Michael talks with Michelle about her story of surviving childhood sexual abuse, family mental health, as well as her advocacy for everyone to speak out on these trag...


APRIL CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH what is really going on behind the smile of a child
Published on April 12, 2016
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As a child, I had the ability to smile big and pretend I was every bit of happy as my smile displayed. Actually however I was anything but happy! I was scared and had the feeling there was no one to turn to to tell that my Father was molesting me. I did tell my grandfather when I was eight and that led to another hell of terror! My mother knew what was going on and did nothing and my dad said I was lying. My sister and I were made out to be the problem. I was taken away from my grandfather, he dies of a heart attack, my mother, who had mental illness, became suicidal and my father blamed me for all of this! The only way for me to survive this trauma was to block it out with my god given ability, which enabled me to cope the best I could by not ever realizing that I had been sexually abused in my conscience. However my sub-conscience led me to behave in an unhealthy way for decades until the memories came back and I DID BY THE GRACE OF GOD RECOVER!

1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are a victim of sexual abuse, so I ask YOU, of every child we see smiling are they 1 in that 5 as girls or 1 in that 20 of boys that are being sexually abused. Until we all can talk about our children who are being sexually abused right now without embarrassment or shame, then how can they tell us what is really going on behind that smile. In order to prevent child sexual abuse, a child needs someone they can trust to tell, then the person who is sexually abusing them needs to be reported, prosecuted, locked up and never let out to sexually abuse again, THUS STOPPING THE CHAIN OF VICTIMS.

Putting a sexual offender behind bars and then letting them out and given rehabilitation to not sexually abuse again IS NOT THE ANSWER TO PREVENTING SEXUAL ABUSE!

I wrote TELL IT ALL MY SON and have now completed the sequel TO HELL AND BACK and I have received memories that have been blocked for decades and I always wondered was I remembering right. I was and I wasn't! I did remember right witnessing my sister being sexually abused. However I was wrong when I thought that I pitched so big of a fit, that this prevented my dad from actually abusing me. My dad just admitted that he committed in**st on both myself and my sister. THANK GOD I RECEIVED MEMORIES IN A KNOWLEDGE OF THE ABUSE WITHOUT ACTUALLY RECOVERING THE PICTURE OF IT ALL! It takes decades for a person to recover from being sexually abused as a child and most never recover at all. So I ask this month of YOU, can we please start to take this seriously and do something about it to help a child recover while they are still a child and not grow up into adulthood without ever recovering from the abuse?

Photos from Angelica's Child Abuse Recovery, Inc. ACAR's post 11/15/2021

My creation of the first angel dolls and angel lions and the actual making of these dolls.
I am looking for volunteers to make these dolls by following my design.
And you can give out the dolls you have made to agencies in your community who would give them to any child who has been abused.

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