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Alignment-based, contemplative, and therapeutic yoga. She thoroughly enjoys bringing the rich healing methods of yoga to all challenging aspects of life.

Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher Jessica Goulding (C-IAYT, E-RYT 500) has been teaching alignment-based contemplative and therapeutic yoga since 2004. She has taught yoga and stress management in a myriad of settings, including churches, colleges, corporate events, corporate retreats, football fields, yoga studios, yoga festivals, client's homes, and most recently, online. Jess’s teaching style is

Photos from Jess G Yoga's post 02/05/2024

I ❤️ Mondays.
We stretch.
We work.
We laugh.
We chill.


“Because the Universe put all the synchronicities in place, and once I got out of the driver’s seat and into the Flow, the whole thing just happened! As if it were already happening.” 💫

🌀Check out this week’s blog for 3 questions to ask to help you get out of your own way and let Life create through you. 💗Find the link in bio!

Photos from Retreat Ranch's post 01/31/2024

This is one of the brand new accommodations at the Retreat Ranch! Join me in April for glamping at its finest!


This rainbow at the end of our last retreat was a promise to return! We’re back April 12-14 for Blossom & Bliss: Women’s yoga retreat for Springtime renewal.

Accommodations are booking now for this fancy and fun Glamping and yoga retreat. Bring a friend and save $100 each!

Link in bio and

Exciting extras in the works. Stay tuned!


"Now that we are back in action in Monday Morning Yoga, I'm again reminded of something I love to see in a group practice: the generative energy of asana!

Since asana simply means posture, you are actually in an asana right now as you sit (or stand) and read these words. And how is your seated posture? Do you succumb to gravity and slouch, or is there a lift within you that, at first, takes effort, and over time gets easier?

When we forget that we can be our own engines of energy, we tend to shrink down and collapse a bit. Our breathing gets shallower as our diaphragm has less space to move and pull oxygen into our lungs. We get tired, even sad. Then core muscles grow weaker and aches and pains ensue.

But you are generative!"

Read more about your generative power and possibility, and experience a little technique to get your energy brighter and your frequency higher on the
Weekly Blog

Link in comments 👇


Every Monday, at the end of the day, I settle into my favorite comfy chair in the front room next to Lila, our sweet Red Heeler dog, and I write my blog. Ideas of what I want to say to you are always bouncing around in my head. My phone is full of little voice memos to myself and dictated notes of things I want to share. I always want these weekly love notes to be of value to you, whether that's to make you think, help you remember, inspire you, give you a treat, or just plain inform you of what's going on.

Today the theme of adventure is on my mind as I'm warm inside while it's literally freezing outside. To have an enjoyable outdoor adventure would require getting out of town. So I'm dreaming about that. Also, snuggling up inside is a perfect time for yummy meditation, like an inner adventure. So I'm dreaming about that, too. And sometimes we like to go on adventures that take us deeper into self knowing and the journey is simply the path of life. I'm dreaming of that as well...

Read this week's full blog post at the link in comments 👇

Chakra Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan 01/14/2024

Baby it’s cold outside! This is the perfect week to do the Free trial of Chakra Savvy through January 18! Warm and cozy yoga right where you are. Get grounded with earthy chakra one!

Chakra Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan Your ultimate guide to putting the pieces of your life together the way you want them to be.


Listen to learn 3 of the ways I use the chakras as a valuable framework for deepening awareness and living with intention!

Link in comments 👇
Podcast also available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google

And check my events page for these exciting chakra study opportunities:
Get in Gear for the New Year:
FREE online chakra yoga and journaling workshop to upshift into 2024 with positive energy, clarity, and commitment.
January 11 at 9am and 6pm Central⁠

⁠CHAKRA Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan⁠
Your ultimate guide to putting the pieces of your life together the way you want them to be.
Next cohort starts January 15!

Photos from Jess G Yoga's post 01/09/2024

Chakras are part of your subtle body system; your energetic self. You can't see them, but they spin like gears and encounter the world around you and create the world within you. This can be hard to wrap the mind around. I get it. Truth be told, I don't think we have to understand or believe all that to make the chakras, and the study of them, valuable, applicable, and pragmatic.

In this week's blog post, read about

🤟 3 ways I use the chakras as a valuable framework for deepening awareness and living with intention 🌈

Check out the link in comments 👇


My theme right now is so when I heard about this delightful book I picked it up right away!

Delight is a 🌈 Chakra Two practice of releasing the “guilt” from guilty pleasures and being present to all things delightful. And as Ross Gay did for his book, it’s a daily practice. And it changes your perception (🌈 Chakra Six)

Have you read this yet? 📖

January 11th at 9am or 6pm CST, online. FREE! 💖
Where will you upshift your life in 2024? ⏫ Get In Gear for the New Year ⚙️workshop is your chance to take a look “under the hood” to see where you’re blocked, where you’re running smooth, and where you’re ready to rev up and hit the gas in personal transformation!🏎️💨

#chakrayoga #chakras #chakrasavvy 01/05/2024

As we head into 2024, remember that changing years is a great time for changing gears.
⚙️ Do you want to shift up, shift down, or hang out in neutral? ⚙️
👆An "upshift" refers to the act of changing to a higher gear, typically done to increase speed or efficiency.
👆An "upshift" in life means positive change in career, personal development, or overall well-being. It's a move towards higher levels of performance, success, or satisfaction.
👀 Let's see how an upshift in your awareness can bring about a fantastic and intentional journey in 2024!
🗓️ FREE! January 11, at 9am or 6pm Central on Zoom.
Link in comments 👇

January 11th at 9am or 6pm CST, online. FREE! 💖 Where will you upshift your life in 2024? ⏫ Get In Gear for the New Year ⚙️workshop is your chance to take a look “under the hood” to see where you’re blocked, where you’re running smooth, and where you’re ready to rev up and hit the gas in personal transformation!🏎️💨 #chakrayoga #chakras #chakrasavvy


I’m hostessing! See you there, and Happy New Year!!

Still a few spots left for Sunday night’s 5-course New Year’s Eve dinner! Check out the menu at and reserve today!


Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎁

Natalie, Jess, and Angela


May you cherish the quiet times, indulge in the darkness, and remember that the light always returns.

Much love


"I had the pleasure of watching the whirling dervishes in Istanbul. It is a truly mesmerizing experience. They have an incredible calm during the outer whirling of the world and their robes, and never seem to get dizzy or lose their balance. And now I also see it’s because of that calm, fixed center.

Yoga is all about moving towards your calm center. The place of steadiness and ease within and throughout you. The heart has this quality. It is Anahata–unstruck–and it is the place we feel and experience joy."

Read the full blog post
"Whirling with Joy" and learn a simple suggestion to keep one foot rooted in joy this holiday season.

Link in comments 👇


I’ve been following the recent press about Oprah’s new book, “Build the Life You Want: The Art and Sciences of Getting Happier.” She co-wrote it with Harvard professor Arthur C. Brooks, who teaches a class all about happiness, and has written other books on the topic as well.

Whenever I hear about a new research on happiness my ears and interest definitely perk up. After all, happiness is a basic human desire I think we all have, so the quest for it captures my attention every time. Yoga has a long history of helping people make their lives happier through the balance and awareness of mind, body, and spirit, so it's kinda my jam.

This quest for happiness has been going on for thousands of years. So much so, the Yoga Sutras comment on it and advise how to get closer to it. We may be living in a time of great loneliness and emotional challenges, but there are many ways to foster happiness.

So as we head into the season of wishing everyone “Happy Holidays,” I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve gleaned lately from this new spin on an ancient desire to be happy.

Read my latest blog post:
“How to Have Happier Holidays”

Link in comments and at



According to research in new book, happiness has a 🥣recipe with three ingredients (no, not chocolate, cheese & chips😆).

❣️Happiness involves Satisfaction + Enjoyment + Purpose.

👯‍♂️And shared experiences multiply our happiness! So come out THIS Saturday to gather in community + our yoga theme will be practicing the recipe for happiness on our mat.

And BONUS happiness 👉🏽SNACKS by . 🧀Maybe cheese actually is the fourth ingredient. 🤔

Dec. 2
12:30 - 2:30
Balance Dance Studios in South Austin


Give yourself PRESENCE this holiday!🎁 The Chakra Savvy Embodiment practices are the perfect companion for feeling present and joyful all season long.

💝And you can SAVE 50% off the regular price with code EMBODY50.💝

The job of chakra one is to keep you feeling steady 👣and out of unnecessary 🫨worry, anxiety, and scattered thoughts.🌪️

🕯️Reclaim your peace, calm and bright shine this season!

🛍️Save on the EMBODIMENT practices now!


What’s better than a yoga retreat? 👉🏽A yoga retreat with your BFF! 🫶🏽

👯‍♀️Bring a friend to our April retreat at and you each save $100!

🌷🌷When you and a friend pay your deposits within 24 hours of one another, you will each receive $100 off the remaining balance of your retreat registration!

Here's the scoop:

👭 Offer applies for you and one friend.

🛖 Both guests do not have to choose the same accommodation type for offer to apply.

⏰ A deposit for both guests must be paid within 24 hours of one another. Designate your FriendBliss at checkout.

☎️Call your bestie/sister/auntie/mother/coworker today and save while you both bliss out!

💚Details here


is one of my favorite teachers on Love. This quote reminds me that a grateful heart is the key to abundance. 💚 What blessings are you counting this week?


I cannot believe this Chakra Yoga Training with Anodea Judith was 10 years ago! It definitely left an impression and inspired the rest of my work.

AND I still get to work with two of these badass women! I lead retreats with Laura’s amazing international retreat company , and is my business strategy maven. I am one lucky, chakra loving yogini for sure 🌈

And how about that 7th chakra light over Natalie? 🤩


I know we’re all cozying up to 🧣sweater weather, ☕️warm beverages and holiday music 🍁, but ALSO — the wildflower seeds that are 🌱planted now will be blooming in just five months!🌸 And so will our Spring retreat at in Marble Falls! 💖

Everyone loved the October weekend there so much, we’re doing it again!

🌿Join me April 12-14 for this blissful weekend in nature as the earth comes alive after her long nap.

💚Save your space now with a deposit! Find the registration link in my bio.

Jess on the Mountain Season Finale: Rob Bell and "Where'd You Park Your Spaceship?" 11/16/2023

This interview with Rob Bell covers so many things that are dear to my heart and meaningful in the work of living a life of self study. We may be talking about his new book, but we’re really talking about much more.

👂Listen now on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and at
👀 Watch on my YouTube channel, Jess G Yoga at

Rob Bell is someone I have deeply admired for many years now. A friend clued me into his podcast, the Rob Cast, in circa 2015, and I’ve listened ever since. I’ve seen him live here in Austin twice, and I always appreciate his candid style, self reflections, teachings, and genuine laugh at all things “life.”

He has evolved from a megachurch pastor to a world renowned heretic (which I believe is a good thing), questioning some of the ways today’s Christian religion has been teaching things that actually go against Spirit and Scripture, and proposing that the world, that God, is much more about love than damnation, and heaven and hell can be found right here on earth. His book, Love Wins, catapulted him into the greater public eye in 2011 when he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. He has been interviewed by Oprah, quoted by Brene Brown, and he’s on my podcast to talk about his new book, “Where’d You Park Your Spaceship?”

So yeah, I'm excited!

Rob Bell

Jess on the Mountain Season Finale: Rob Bell and "Where'd You Park Your Spaceship?" This weekly podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, and at has evolved from a megachurch pastor to a world r...


Weekend haircuts include champagne 🥂


〰️Sound bath 〰️ it’s a vibe 〰️catch the waves on December 2nd at the Yoga Community Gathering 〰️

Photos from Jess G Yoga's post 11/09/2023

This book is so inspiring, and I’m only on chapter one. 🤩
Have you read it?


Take a break from the holiday rush to stretch and chill on your mat with yoga and sound. It's the perfect time to reconnect with friends from yoga classes past and present!

🧘‍♀️ Inspiring yoga practice in community with Jess.

👂Relaxing sound bath to combat the holiday hustle.

😋 Delicious snacks from

Practice is 12:30-2:00 pm with refreshments directly afterwards.
Balance Dance Studios: 4544 S Lamar, Austin, TX 78745

Register at

Balance Dance Studios


Join me as I share how I embodied Chakra One this past week when I didn't release an episode because I chose to listen to my own body. We will talk about the different organ systems that are affiliated with this chakra, how imbalances show up in your body, and I will offer up some great tips, yoga poses, and the perfect self-paced course designed to get you fully embodied so you can bring your root chakra back into balance.

You won't want to miss it. See you there!

🎧 Listen wherever you get your podcasts or on the podcast page of my website!

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