Well, would you look at this!! Thanks, Beautymarkz for allowing us to share space on an amazing platform. MyLevel, LLC looks forward to mixing and mingling with y'all! Come on out and have some fun, we'd love to see y'all!
Catch us tonight Facebook Live on The Jae Way podcast for episode 2 of Beauties in Business featuring female entrepreneurs about their businesses and the secrets to their success.

Featured guest will be:

Joi Antoinette, Medical Esthetician and Owner of Beautymarkz

Jax Coleman, Author, Event Planner, and Owner of Chic Stash Inc, Luxe Event Planning, and Jax Dispatch

Keisha Gillis, Project Based Consultant , Owner of Bespoke Naturals

Today’s spotlight is Beautymarkz. Just look at those lashes 😍😍😍
I wanted to Thank Joi, for fixing my eyebrows! You did an amazing job, and trying to make me feel at ease! Thank you again!🙏😊🥰☺️
this is really look like a promising eyebrow, looking for affordable to fix my eyebrow done on me.......
Do you have reps in the Orlando area ? I would love to try your Beauty services or products.
I went to get my eyebrows waxed yesterday. Several ladies in the shop complimented me on how good and natural my eyebrows look.

Thank you for doing an awesome job. Loving my eyebrows.
Stefany Grider Baldwin
Still have brow troubles? Check out Beautymarkz and their $200 microblading special or enroll for their classes.
Brittany Butler... Please forward to your mom!!
Joi is great at what she does 💜
I loved new my brows!!!! Thanks Joi!!!!!!

Custom Lashes - Microblading Training & Certification Center Specializing in: 3D Brows - MicroBlad Microblading Training & Certification with Specialized Services in 3d Microblading Brows - Ombre Brow - Powder Brow - Balayage Brow


Beauty is subjective, but your skin, lashes, and brows don’t have to be.

Get custom looks each visit, individualized attention to your needs always.

No brow stencils or pre set shapes. I am perfect for the professional woman, the aunts, mothers, or grandmothers who want THEIR BROWS BACK not what’s trending.

Lashes for the professional who want glam yet class in each blink.

Functional Glam 🥂


I feel good about what I wake up to and my lifestyle, and the company I keep is why I have the opportunities and what makes me ready for l coincidences that I attract. Each day and many times you have to choose someone else or yourself always defined by your reactions….


Photos from Beautymarkz's post 07/29/2022

There are so many golden ratios that can elevate your daily experience, you get to choose each day which to pass on and which to use.

We use this radio for brows to make your life easier and if you’re still fighting each day for symmetrical brows or completely over dealing with this each day….

It’s time to free yourself and release your time - Beyoncé


Summer plans are in full swing ☀️
Don’t get caught in this heat and humidity with lashes and brows that slide off and rub off 🤭

Book the look 🙌


A Great Face is calling ☎️
All you have to do is answer🙌


Even In black and white great are a must🖤🤍🖤


It’s always lashes and clear skin for me 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Confused about how to get your skin going the right direction? Something just isn’t right?


You just need some extra pep to start your summer skin regimen from your spring regimen?

…. And of course there is always the massage 🙌

All perfect reasons to book ❤️


As a recession approaches, multiple streams of income is mandatory. Whether you’re established and want to help family and friends only, or you need income based on your schedule and time alone the options are endless in esthetics that was proven recession proof even during Covid!


No need to “Man Up”

Woman Up is perfect 💃🏽


Natural Volume sounds like an oxymoron but it’s a real thing and the most popular style of volume I offer. The best of both worlds and not really a hybrid either, more like a fun dance between different weights, lengths, and dimensions of volume. Ask for it during your next appt 😍


Spikes were made for the summer☀️

Perfect way to try out a little volume too if it’s your first time 🙌


No one should actually workout with lipstick and makeup 😂 Terrible for your skin!!

But yes to absolutely having Emergen C on deck after a workout or before. Can’t stress enough the importance of sweating and oxygenating those pores full of tiny vellus hair!

Beauty on the outside requires beauty on the inside past positive thoughts.

Eat it, drink it, live it 💎


Time to jump back in the lake ☀️ pool 🏄🏼‍♀️ ocean 🌊 with our temporary tattoos and off course they’re perfect for any rooftop party’s ✨


Join us today live as we talk skin, lashes, and brows and what that means for ladies in the service, single moms, working moms, and ladies who lift 🙌

Can’t make it? No problem, dm questions and catch the answers later when you’re free 💕

11am cst


Temporary Beautymarkz are so fun!!

Perfect for vacations, the pool, weekend with the ladies, and we have kid friendly designs as well for sleepovers ☺️

Having a ladies night or hosting a birthday party? You can book a setup at your next event or birthday party for adults or children 🌺

LINK IN BIO or DM for details 🙌

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 03/23/2022

I often hear a lot of questions around shapes and “What Shape Fits My Face” and why do most women have similar or the same shapes from Microblading and brow tattooing.

There isn’t a one answer fits all as every artist is different and may use stencils or a general rule for arch location and length etc.

My approach with clients and students is always custom to fit natural hair growth direction and location for minimal maintenance and to ensure natural aging of the face or procedures such as Botox will not negatively affect the appearance of the brows.

Yessssss Microblading is perfect for men too and small filler Appts are available if you don’t need an entire new set of brows 🙌

Check out her before and after brows 💕


If you’re headed to this year check out our for all your temporary 🙌


It’s super tough trying to get skincare right for yourself with this crazy weather and even tougher for kids 🙈

Join us THIS SUNDAY March 13th as we brunch & discuss skin WITH OUR TEENS to get them on track over the school break 🙌

RSVP link in bio!!


Who’s ready for 🙌

We will be managing in historic and ready for all your relaxation needs.



Lashes are a luxury and we’ve added many various options that benefit your health and skincare immediately. If you haven’t been in for a while OR you had no idea we offered these add-ons try them out next visit during ANY SERVICE 1/2 off!!!

☀️ Heated Hand Mask Massage Treatment

☀️Heated Foot and leg circulation Massage Treatment

☀️Heated Weighted Blanket

☀️Scalp Massaged (treatment oils & serums available)


Say what you will about but their caught the vibe and added to my 🙌🔥

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 02/17/2022

Cold front came in quick⛄️💨

Even my “not beanie” ladies can appreciated a fitted Chanel To match their blazers and heels ☺️

Lots of new jewelry and scarves in, and as always if you need a specific gift for someone or have been looking send us a dm and we can check around for you 🦋


Just in case you missed the first day for early voting (Valentines Day 🤣💕) the polls are open and local elections matter greatly👏




Photos from Beautymarkz's post 02/15/2022

Sneaky Cupid 💘


🦋💕Happy Valentines Day 💕🦋

Self Love is the Best Love ✨


🦋💕Happy Valentines Day 💕🦋

Self Love is the Best Love ✨


It’s almost time where the refunds start rolling in, and if you haven’t invested in yourself or found a way to flip the income the skills I teach one on one are perfect to do just that 🙌

It’s true it takes money to make money, but it also takes discernment so you don’t buy into something that has small profit margins or long ROIs.

Beauty & Business have ALWAYS been my thing, no fads, trends, just the same business with the same focus for over 8 years strong and self sustaining.

We all start somewhere ✨ You just have to decide 🙌 Book a business consult or dm is for details on getting started ☀️





Since we’re all cozy at home 🙏🏼, don’t forget will be cool and you don’t have to sacrifice being cute in the cold with our winter accessories 💕

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 02/01/2022

Cooler weather with lower UVA & UVB are perfect weather conditions for beautiful brows.

Book this week and next just in time for Valentines day!!

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 01/25/2022

Think it’s time for a giveaway!


Comment below which we should giveaway…

⭐️Classic Lashes
⭐️Brow Shape & Tint

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 01/24/2022

Science 🧬 + Technology 👩‍💻

Is our focus in all services & the foundation where our passion is usually frolicking around to provide the best options from lash material choices to custom brow shapes and skincare solutions that last past the picture posted on social media.

Forever students and seekers of quality to bring to you we have some exciting new technology we’re adding to our treatment tool box ☺️

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 01/21/2022

What an incredible journey has traveled that took her from to and so much more 🔥🔥🔥

If you’re on the market for a riveting read grab a copy of Lost Girl 🙌


Classic Lashes can be as natural or as full as your lashes can withstand.

With our unique setup our new sets and fills take half the time and we can have you ready in an hour 🙌

Busy is our middle name and precious time doesn’t have to be seen as a loss when it comes to our lashing services.

Need a quick fill? Book our mini even if you’ve been seen elsewhere. We can get you ready in 30mins👏


Lash appointments don’t have to be anything less than other spa appointments.

We’ve made some upgrades just for you! ALL APPOINTMENTS can be upgraded with a:

🧖‍♀️ Pressure Point Neck Treatment

🧖🏼‍♀️ Heated Hand Mask

🧖🏽‍♀️ Foot & Leg Massage

🧖🏿‍♀️ Scalp Massage



In Cream⚪️ & Grey 🔘

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 01/15/2022

When you start seeing your worth it’s hard to be around others who don’t.



With this crazy weather our fresh facials restore the glow and balance of the skin. Only performed with clean skincare lines and ingredients are fresh farm to table style with lots of amazing technology to help get maximum benefits😍 if you’ve never tried a cleansing powder or fresh ingredients directly to the skin with steam this is the facial for you!

Photos from Beautymarkz's post 01/07/2022

It’s true. Hot Water + Winter = Dry and compromised skin 😭

Some easy tips to keep skin more hydrated from not using things:

💧As much as it feels great to let hot water run down, switch it to warm and if you can a little more toward cool.

❄️ don’t crank up the heaters past 65 and in the car keep it cool

💧 use less steam and hot water on skin


Know someone who does fabulous hair or nails? This is your turn to give back to them♥️ tag your fave stylists for hair and nails or if you’re your fave nail artist our hair stylist DM us for an exclusive partnership opportunity ♥️


We use the best lashes for our clients and ensure all volume has movement and healthy weights per lash.

Looking for mega Volume done safely? Lash Integrity & health is top priority ♥️

Every set is custom to your needs, with hundreds of lashes and various glues to choose from we ensure your lash experience will be great 😊

If you look closely you can catch our glitter lashes peeking through for a pop of sparkle that’s not too much for daily wear ✨


Officially back to the work week after a nice break to enjoy more life than we normally have time for ♥️ But if you’re up and wishing you had a little more time to get ready or a little more sleep, I would highly suggest considering
✨Brow Tinting (temporary brow dye)

✨Brow Microblading (Semi-Permanent brow tattooing)

✨Lash Extensions

All of the above services can be as natural or as glam as you’d like ♥️


Merry Christmas from my family to yours🎁🎄 Sending lots of love and good spirits ♥️


3 days left until Christmas and 10 until the new year, the perfect gift for both🌸 Our gift cards can be purchased for ANY service below 👇

🎁 Microblading
🎁 Lashes
🎁 Facials
🎁 Brow Tinting/Shaping
🎁 Training Classes
🎁 Merchandise from the boutique:
➖➖➖➖➖Temporary Tattoos
➖➖➖➖➖ Inspired Pieces
➖➖➖➖➖ Spa Products

🎁Happy Holidays 🎁


Being my own Boss has allowed so many doors to open and be possible for continued growth but it’s a tricky course to navigate especially when considering the exit plans.

If you’re ready to learn new skills for your beauty business, OR if you’re ready be your own boss in the beauty business but not sure where to start or stop I offer one on one coaching thru it all.

My trainings don’t end with a piece of paper, if you’ve ever been a student and need a refresher or ready to take your skills on your own I’m only a dm away. Book your time to learn and grow.

This journey is tricky and without support you can make many mistakes unnecessarily.

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Summer plans are in full swing ☀️                   BUTDon’t get caught in this heat and humidity with lashes and brows ...
Natural Volume sounds like an oxymoron but it’s a real thing and the most popular style of volume I offer. The best of b...
Classic Lashes can be as natural or as full as your lashes can withstand.  With our unique setup our new sets and fills ...
We use the best lashes for our clients and ensure all volume has movement and healthy weights per lash. Looking for mega...
I finally found who’s been sneaking biscuits🤦🏼‍♀️ I swore I was going crazy but after a 2nd day of disappearing biscuits...
Congested pores aka blackheads are only keeping those pores stretched for more oil, dirt, and other factors to continue ...
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With #Halloween around the corner and the festivities are underway, now is the best time to stay ready for parties, gath...
Our PoP-Up Shop next Sunday just got a little steamy 😍🔥💄We now have @prbydalila as an official vendor 🙌❣️If you had ques...
𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐲 & 𝐁𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝗼𝐏-𝐔𝐩 𝐒𝐡𝗼𝐩𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐑 𝐀𝐍𝐍𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓@myleveldating - owned and operated by an Austin local. Whether you’re on...
Absolutely loving our #sparklelashes that add the perfect accent and splash of fun to any set. Whether it’s one lash or ...
It never gets old seeing the transformation from nothing to something on ladies whether it’s lashes, brows, or better sk...



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