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Are you ready to start speaking up for yourself during s*x?

Ask yourself these questions:

✨ What do you want?

✨ What are the fears that you have around saying it or asking for it?

✨ What would happen if that fear came true? What would you do?

Realize that your fears aren’t as scary when you acknowledge them.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and find your voice?

Join me for the Restorative Embers Women’s Retreat.

Click the link to learn more 🔗


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I want you to pause for a moment and think about this… 🤔

What if you let another year pass you by without having the intimacy you crave?

What if one year from now you were still failing to enforce your own boundaries, having trouble speaking up for yourself, and dissociating during one of the most intimate and personal experiences we have as women?

Would you be happy with that?

If the answer is no, the Restorative Embers Women’s Retreat is for you.

Say yes to yourself and the life you deserve.

Click the link to save your spot 🔥 bit.ly/igniteanew

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What does it look like to rediscover your erotic identity in a truly empowered way?

✨ It looks like finding your voice

✨ It looks like deepening your connection with yourself and women who are on the same journey

✨It looks like finally feeling in tune with your body and sensuality

How does that sound?

If you’re ready to step into a free, empowered version of yourself, click the link in my bio to save your spot 🔥

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What’s the difference between s*x therapy and the Restorative Embers Women’s Retreat? 🤔

Do you find yourself facing ongoing obstacles that prevent you from experiencing the intimacy you crave?

If so, s*x therapy is for you.

But if you want to get out of your own way, get unstuck, and fully embody and prioritize the work you need to do to heal, this retreat is perfect for you.

It’s your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the healing process while being surrounded by a community of women going through the same thing.

This is the way you heal for good so you can connect with your body, embody your needs, and fully experience the power of this work.

Plus, you’ll receive 4 private sessions with me when you attend the retreat.

If you’re ready to heal and embrace your s*xuality, save your spot today 🔥 bit.ly/igniteanew

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You’re invited…

The Restorative Embers Women’s Retreat 🔥

This is your chance to find your voice, connect to your body, and experience your s*xuality in a healed and empowered way.

There are only 10 spots, so make sure you reserve yours today!

See you this April in Austin, Texas… save your spot now 🔗


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Give yourself the gift of unleashing your epic life by signing up for my Women’s Wellness Retreat.

Let’s make 2024 the most magical year of your life ✨

Register in the link in my bio 🔗

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Rediscover the power of your own voice by attending the Women’s Wellness Retreat this April. Let’s rediscover your power, and confidence, and allow you to thrive.

Join us by registering through the link: bit.ly/igniteanew


Merry Christmas! 🎄

I hope you enjoy this day with your family and friends!

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Are you ready to claim your dreams? Join me for my Women’s Wellness Retreat where you can surround yourself with women who are ready to let go of anything that’s keeping them stuck.

Let’s grow together. Go to the link in my bio to register 🔗


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Join me at my Women’s Wellness Retreat where you’ll have the space for reflection, the community to support you as you begin to discover your dream life, and my guidance as you heal past trauma, forgive yourself and others, and release shame.

This transformative journey is happening this April. Make sure you register today so you have a spot. 🔗


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At my Women’s Wellness Retreat, my goal is to cultivate a safe space that allows you to finally give yourself permission to be vulnerable, explore your needs and desires, and learn to speak up for yourself.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered, passionate, and ready to claim your most epic life.

It’s being held this April in Austin, Texas, so don’t forget to grab your spot before it’s sold out!

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As an experienced psychologist, I have years of experience helping women release trauma and feel more empowered in their lives and relationships.

Releasing trauma and embarking on a healing journey is an essential part of my Women’s Wellness Retreat.

I’ve worked with so many women who have shown up to the retreats to be around a community of women who are ready to release their past trauma and learn to self heal.

If you’re ready to join us and heal your trauma, register for the retreat through the link 🔗 bit.ly/igniteanew

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Boundaries are important in all aspects of your life from your love life to your career.

This can look like establishing your expectations with your partner and communicating when you need time to yourself.

This can also look like committing to turning off your laptop and not answering your emails on the weekends or after 5 pm.

If you are constantly letting other people dictate your schedule and the way you live your life, you are going to feel unempowered, stuck, and frustrated.

It’s time to decide what you are going to allow in your life and establish clear boundaries.

This starts with using your voice and releasing the fear of rejection.

Are you ready to set better boundaries with the people in your life?

Once you do you can rediscover your voice, empower yourself, and feel more confident and in control of your life.

We’ll explore how you can do this at my Women’s Wellness Retreat this April.

Join us by registering today 🔥


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Join me for an incredible Women’s Retreat in 2024 where I will help you learn to forgive yourself so you can truly move forward and live life on your own terms.

Click here to learn more 🔗

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All of the answers you need are already inside of you, you just have to trust yourself 🤍

Learn how to find and trust the answers within you at my Women’s Retreat in April 2024.

Click the link to learn more: https://bit.ly/igniteanew

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If you’re ready to shed past trauma and embody the woman you want to be, you should register for my Women’s Wellness Retreat this April.

Click the link to learn more 🔗 https://bit.ly/igniteanew

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Are you ready to dive deeper into self-healing?

With years of experience as a trained psychologist, I’d love to help you embark on a journey to learning how to embody your most empowered and passionate self.

That’s why I created a Women’s Retreat to bring a community of women who are ready to unleash their epic life.

Click here to learn about my upcoming women’s retreat: https://bit.ly/igniteanew

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Are you ready to find a community of women who are ready to embody “hell yes” and embrace every “no” in their lives to rediscover themselves and shed their old wounds?

DM me to learn more about this transformational experience 🔗

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If you need help unleashing your most epic life and self, join me in April at my Women’s Wellness Retreat. Alongside a community of women, you will ignite your passions and become more empowered so you can create the life you want 🔥

DM to learn more about joining us in April of 2024!

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As a psychologist, I often observe individuals turning to self-care practices as a temporary solution for their underlying traumas.

However, true healing goes beyond the surface. It involves diving into the root causes and understanding the layers of experiences that have shaped your journey.

While self-care can be a valuable tool, it's essential to recognize its limitations.

If you're ready to go on a deeper journey of self-discovery and genuine healing, let's have a conversation!

Reach out through DM or click the link — I'm here to offer guidance and support on your path to lasting well-being.


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What "ideal" are you having to let go?

This is your permission to finally free yourself of the built-up resentment.

Here's how to get started:

🔥 Which “ideal” is it time to stop chasing?
🔥 What do you need to grieve?
🔥 How else can you get what you need?

Looking for more support and resources? Send me a DM or click here: https://igniteanew.com/

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Not sure where to begin? DM me and let’s talk. 🔗


Let's face it – a day of self-care is like a Band-Aid on a much deeper wound. 🥴

What TRULY transforms our well-being is a dedicated commitment to unraveling and addressing the underlying causes of our stress, exhaustion, and burnout – that's the *essence* of self-healing.

It serves as a pivotal game-changer on our journey towards authentic well-being.

Instead of just navigating the daily grind, let's aim to thrive. ✨

Stop reacting to life's demands and START actively investing in ourselves.

Tag a friend who needs to hear this below!

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Each scar is a badge of strength, not a mark of weakness. They tell stories of resilience, not defeat.

Instead of hiding them, let's celebrate the courage it took to heal.

Scars are proof that we faced challenges and came out stronger. They're not imperfections but reminders of our ability to overcome.

By embracing our scars, we connect to a shared human experience and redefine beauty as the authentic strength within us.

So, let's wear our scars proudly — they're symbols of healing and triumph.


I'm so fired up and excited that I got my ticket for the Cocktails & Connections event and I'll be in the room!

It will be the beginning of a Major Shift for Austin and I'm excited that I get to play a huge part in this shift!

Be sure to grab your tickets to get in the room.... it will be Memorable, Magical and Life Shifting...

Head over to and see the link in their bio for more info!

I can't wait to connect and be in that room!

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Save this post if this resonates 🔖

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You’re strong *AND* you’re hurting.

Give yourself permission to feel these feelings.

Photos from Ignite Anew's post 11/13/2023

Want to explore more of your authentic self and own your story?

DM me or click the link in bio to learn how 🔗

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🔥Healing Trauma is not something you can afford to skip🔥

Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Austin?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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