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We all have scars and while every scar on your body most likely tells a story (good or bad), you've undoubtedly gained strength from the experience. Lessons of what to do and not to do in this world. It's good knowledge to have, for sure.

However, that scar reaches deeper into your body and most importantly your fascial system than you may realize. While the outside dermal layer (your skin) is healed and may sport an awesome scar that is a good conversation starter at parties, that's where the coolness of a scar ends.

Scar tissue connects to the layers below it, creating long te****le like "fingers" that can wrap around organs, muscles and other tissues. It gets hidden in your fascial system and creates horrible blockages that over time will show up. And you'll have no idea why you have pain all the sudden. That scar tissue has been festering and growing (living it's best life) inside your body and creating all kinds of restrictive havoc.

If you've suffered scar creating occurrences in your life, you may have unexplained pain. It might be happening in a different place than the scar. That's how far the scar tissue has traveled in your fascial system. It's time to release it. If this sounds familiar, I can help.


Are you racing to the finish line? Do you feel like you have to be back to perfect in one session? Feel into what that pace feels like in your body. It's exhausting, right?

Deep, therapeutic healing takes time. Giving your body the time and quality treatments it needs to heal is the name of the game in this race.

I can help you understand the complexities of the healing process and be your partner in your journey to a pain free lifestyle.


We live in a society that demands instant gratification. I've encountered many clients that think one session will "fix" them. And to be honest, they get a little aggravated with me that they aren't better yet. Having those expectations will just prolong the healing for those people.

Healing takes time. Being gentle and leaning into the process is not only good but necessary to have long lasting results. Be in the mindset of enjoying the journey. Take every small step (good or bad) as a victory. You'll get to the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd love to help you in your journey to heal and live a pain free life.


How's that self care game going?

Know how you can step it up a notch?

Make an Myofascial Release appointment. Your body will love you and you can brag to all your friends and family that you finally started doing something for yourself.


This is one of my favorite quotes by John F. Barnes.

The flash word "alternative" has been labeled for anything outside of the western medicine circus. It is a word that is meant to put you off by making you feel like you need something that others don't need to feel better.

The word authentic is genuine, sincere, individualized.

It means when you walk in my door, I look at you as an individual. Your needs, your pain, your circumstance, your traumas are indeed genuine to you and only you. That's why every session you have with me is catered to just you. No one else.

Myofascial Release is individualized authentic therapy. When you're ready to step out of the circus and be in the center of authentic care, I'm here.


Hey! Looking to know:

🩺 What the heck is fascia?
😎 More about me (the therapist)?

Head on over to our website to do all of the above! You can also email or text/call with questions.

Write: [email protected]
Text/Call: 512-417-9400


Balance. Ying/Yang. We've all heard how balance in our lives is important. In our bodies, it's even more important.

Do you work out hard? Do you take time to stretch and recover from that workout?

Do you work a stressful job? Do you take time to meditate or journal to relieve that stress?

Do you receive deep tissue massage? Do you also receive gentle massage to combat the trauma on your body of that deep tissue massage?

"But Donna! I'll rest when I sleep!" 🙄

The rest you get when you sleep is different from the conscience act of being gentle to your body in therapeutic ways. The waking mind perceives rest and gentleness differently than the sleeping mind.

For example: myofascial release, yin yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, journaling, reiki or other energetic healing, coloring...or any other way to unplug and rest your body...on 👏 purpose 👏.

Give your body what it deserves after it does everything it can to support you in your daily endeavors and dreams. Take the time for yourself to be gentle and rest.

Myofascial release is a great way to give back to your body in a gentle therapeutic way. I'm here to help.


Do you miss going to the gym? Do you still go but are in pain afterwards? Are you not getting the results you'd like to see?

Myofascial Release can help. Book an appointment today and see what's possible for you.


Have you felt like you just don't know where to start in your healing journey? It can be messy, and complicated, and you can be afraid to start. I get it. I've been there.

Sooner or later though, you'll be crushed by the weight of everything you carry around.

I'm inviting you to show up for yourself. Make yourself and your journey important.

I don't care how blubbering, snotty, screaming, and/or thrashing you need to get to show up. Just show up.

I'll be waiting for you.


Do you often have to cancel time with your kids due to pain? Or you just want to be able to run, jump, and play with them?

Give yourself back the freedom to be a kid...with your kid. Book an appointment for myofascial release. You won't regret it and you'll love the time you gain with your kids in a pain free body.


"I feel like a BOSS!"

"Freedom, just freedom."

"I feel like a toddler again."

"My right side is connected again!"

"I can lift my arm again!"

"I can feel my body connected to my head."

"My chest actually fills with air when I breath."

"The pain is gone. How did you DO that?!?!"

"I feel so calm and relaxed, I think I could actually sleep so good tonight."

Yes, I write down what my clients say as they leave. These are a small sampling of what they say.

If you'd like to feel any of the above or have your own saying on my advertising, make an appointment. I'd love to add you to the list.


How many MFR sessions will it take for you to feel better?

Does one chip heal your hunger? If you said yes, we need to talk.

Much like everything in the world, "just one" doesn't cut it. A sampling of MFR might make you feel better but it isn't enough to heal you. A John F. Barnes trained Myofascial Release Therapist is the best person to ask how many treatments you need. They will set out a treatment plan for you and discuss changes to that plan as time goes on.

Healing isn't linear and it's not over night. It can take a long time to undo and unwind the fascial system. Through the process you'll see changes and progress. So, make the decision that you are worth more than "just one." Commit to yourself and get out of pain. You're ready and I'm here to help.


Taking care of things this Sunday? It's a busy day for most humans to get things done and ready for the upcoming week.

Include some self care with an MFR treatment. It's one of the most important things you'll do for yourself. There are still appointments open this coming week and I'd love to see you.


Your Psoas is a very important muscle in your body. If it's not happy, you can have issues with:

- Headaches
- Backaches
- Mood stability
- Breathing properly
- Walking
- Posture
- Pain down your leg
- Progressing from a sit to a stand

The psoas can be tricky to find. It's buried beneath other muscles and some organs. Lucky for you, I know exactly how to get to it.

If you suffer from any of the listed above symptoms, I urge you to make a MFR appointment. Let's get you back on the road to being pain free.

Trinity Myofascial Release 10/14/2023

Breast surgery scars. This can be a difficult topic to address. But you know me...I'm all about being uncomfortable. I'm that person that will bring up what everyone wants to know but is not asking. You're welcome.

If you've had a breast augmentation, a breast reduction, a mastectomy...this post is for you.

The scars from a breast surgery of any kind can involve your entire upper body in stages if the scar tissue is not addressed.

Reduction: Symptoms of scar tissue build up from a reduction are headaches, breathing issues, inability to torsion (twist) and flex your upper body, a feeling of being pulled forward from your pectorals or collar bone, inability to bend backwards, eventually an inability to bend forward, ribs locking down, rough and uncomfortable knot of tissue directly over your sternum. I mean, if this paragraph doesn't make you say...WTF...I'll go back to the headaches from mammoth breasts instead of ALL that 👆 I don't know what would! This is outside of the fact that your mammoth breasts come back about 20 years later. (I speak the truth, I'm a survivor of breast reduction.)

Augmentation (implants): Even the small incisions used for implants can lock down your armpit, your ribs, and decrease torsion (twist) ability. If you've had frozen shoulder, it might be your implants. The weight of larger breasts that are not intended for your body size can create a large amount of back and pelvis misalignment, too. So, you look great in a bikini but you're in pain.

Mastectomy: All of the above and more. Your breasts tried to kill you and now you get to deal with scar tissue hell among other things that just purely suck. (((hugs)))

Mastectomy with Augmentation: Now add stretched skin to the scar tissue issue.

You get the picture. If any of this hits home and you've had no idea why you're in pain or your doctors tell you there isn't anything wrong with you...come see me. It would be my honor to take this journey with you.

Trinity Myofascial Release Schedule your appointment online Trinity Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release gives you freedom from the chains of pain and restriction in your body.

If traditional modalities have not worked for you, then it's time to try Myofascial Release.


Sleeping is as important to our health and well being as eating is. Yet, tons of us don't sleep well due to pain in our bodies. We don't wake refreshed and ready for the next day.

One great way to give yourself good restful sleep is through receiving myofascial release treatments. Book an appointment now and see what's possible for you.


Trinity MFR will be closed October 11-October 24, 2023.

I will be in Sedona, AZ for the Myofascial Release III seminar. This seminar will give me the "Expert" designation...but is anyone ever really an expert?

I hope to always see every client as a new opportunity to learn and develop my skills. I consider it an honor that so many trust me to walk with them through chronic pain, trauma release, emotional release, and life in general. I love hearing about their lives, their jobs, their family, and things they are struggling with in life. It's why I do this work.

MFR has changed the lives of so many over the world. It is a gift and I cherish every moment providing MFR to a client.

So, I'm off to recharge my batteries in one of the most amazing places in the world. See some old friends and make some new ones. I will return with my cup full and ready to take my practice to the next level of awesomeness. Who wants to join me?

If you're struggling with pain (unexplained or not), trauma, a diagnosis that hasn't been helped by other modalities, or if you just wonder if MFR is for you...schedule an appointment. I'd love to see you.


See the vines in this picture? They are invading the structure of this building. They are dried up and unhappy.

(Side note about me...these things creep me out and I hate them. Ask anyone who has ever been with me in a car while driving past a home covered in these things. Eww. Just eww. I digress.)

This is much like what a fascial restriction will look like in your body as it travels through your system. You get an injury (surgery, trauma, baseball to the get the picture) and it starts to travel throughout your entire body.

This is why we say that the area of pain might not be where it originates from. You get hit with something (baseball, bat, car, a person) on your leg. The swelling goes down and you start to feel better over time. Guess what? Inside, your fascia is hardening and that restriction is traveling to other parts of your body. Months, years, decades, in the future, you start to feel pain in your shoulder.

Double guess what? This can happen with emotional trauma as well. 🤯 WHAT? Yup. Emotional trauma causes fascial restrictions too. We are awesome creatures, aren't we? Again, I digress.

Imagine the creeping, crawling restriction of your fascia making its way through your body. Triple guess what? I can help with that. 👏 Stop it in its tracks! 😱 Send it back from whence it came. I will slay the dragon that is your fascial restriction! (went too far with that one, didn't I? I'm not sorry.)

If you are experiencing unexplained pain or even if you remember the injury and can name it but other modalities haven't helped, I'm here (to slay) and help. Reach out or make an appointment.


YOU are the author of your story.

Yes, things happen outside our control. Accidents, injuries, trauma, autoimmune disorders, sickness, the list goes on.

Sometimes the doctors have no idea what is "wrong" with you. All you know is, you're in pain every day and nothing helps.

Don't give in and let your life's story be about living in pain. You do have the power to do something about it. Take your power back and get real authentic individualized therapy. Catered to your body, your pain, your trauma.

Let the subtitle of your story be "I did something about it" or "I took my life back."

When you're ready to tackle the monster and rewrite your story, I'm here to help.


Have you ever wondered what is traveling through your fascia? No? Just me? Well, let me help you get on my weird level.

Every nerve and artery to start with. Makes it very easy to see how you'd have a nerve pinched if you have fascial restrictions. Also, how you'd experience some blood pressure issues. These are just two examples of what could go wrong with fascial restrictions.

Your fascia plays a huge part in your overall wellness. Remember that fascial restrictions don't appear or "show up" on conventional testing like x-rays, MRI, or CT scans.

So, that unexplained pain you're in? The doctor will tell you that your test results are fine. That nerve pain you're experiencing? The doctor will give you drugs (won't work) and ultimately will suggest nerve deadening injections or worse, surgery. And guess what? None of it will work.

Wanna guess what will work? Yup! Myofascial Release from a trained John Barnes therapist.

That's me! I'm here to help when you decide to get off the crazy merry-go-round of medicine. Give yourself the freedom of MFR.


The office desk hunch. We've all seen this posture. We've all sat with this posture. For more hours of the day than we should. The rounded posture we gain from sitting at a desk can cause so many issues. We also gain this posture and it's symptoms from looking down at our phones, tablets, and even books for long periods at a time.

If doing the daily task of going to work has become painful for you, I can help. Book an appointment for myofascial release and feel the difference it can make in your daily routine.


In one small paragraph, John Barnes sums up science, the client experience, and the therapist role. His words inspire me and move me to do a better job for every client that walks through my door.

If you'd like to experience the beauty of Myofascial Release, I'm here to help.


See this big boy? He weighs about 2,000 pounds. That's the amount of pressure per square inch that your fascial system exerts when you have a blockage. That pressure gets pulled and yanked from other parts of your body. That's why even a little pain can feel a bull is sitting on you.

I can help you get out of pain. Myofascial Release is sustained pressure on a your fascial system. It provides long lasting genuine authentic results.


The Trinity of Myofascial Release Therapy (OH, now the name makes sense 😉)

Structural Work: The backbone of the modality. Your MFR journey will start with structural work. This is where the 5-10 minute "holds" are utilized. This time frame and the structural work are what gets into the collagenous barrier of your fascia to begin the release process. These 5-10 minute holds can feel life changing and it's where the corpus of your healing will begin.

Unwinding: As you continue with MFR, you might begin feeling like your body wants to move. Each and every person has their own specific way their body will unwind. The patient controls the movement as the therapist simply supports and holds space. This is the beauty in all of us and it takes the Structural Work to the next level. Extreme deep healing occurs during the Unwinding process. It's simply pure magic. When you're on the table and feel like your body wants to move, do it. Let it. Let it out. I promise your therapist will not freak out and will encourage the process. In the John F. Barnes Method of MFR, we are taught how to hold space and honor our clients in every single moment of their process. So, unwind.

Rebounding: This is a form of jostling the body. Your therapist is in control of this movement however, your body will somewhat take over. It introduces chaos into the fascial system. We all have holding or bracing patterns in our body. They are developed from trauma, our job, how we sleep, and just daily life. The act of Rebounding breaks that system up and somewhat shocks it into a release. Rebounding is a deep form of letting go and there are different levels of the "jostling." They all provide a different level of release.

This Trinity of awesomeness makes MFR what it is. A profoundly healing modality.


How big is that pain you're feeling? If you say, "not too big." How big does it need to be before you feel like it warrants help?

Question: Why don't you think you deserve to experience life with no pain?
Answer: You deserve to live a happy life filled with no pain days and nights with wonderful sleep.

You deserve all the good in life. No matter what your parents, your teachers, your partners have told you. You deserve it all. No question. Suffering gets you no gold. Taking care of yourself gets you everything.

I'm here to help with even that "not too big" pain.


Healing is not linear. Accept that there will be good days and bad days. They both have merit in the process.

You're ready to start your journey now. I'm ready to help.


Are you a runner? Have you given it up due to pain?

You don't have to give up the things you love. Book an appointment for Myofascial Release and get the freedom to run back again.

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