Gulley's Butcher Shop

Gulley's Butcher Shop


Tha Butcher making some tasty meaty goodness for Valentines weekend 😎🤙🔪
Congratulations to TLynn Schlitt for winning this week's photo contest for best photo of a dog downtown! You win a gift card to Good to Go and Housemade Jerky from Gulley's Butcher Shop.

We know this pretty kitty is not a dog, but they're very cute!
PHOTO CONTEST ✨ Post a photo of your pup in Downtown Astoria in the comments. Best photo wins Good to Go Dog Treats & Gulley's Butcher Shop Housemade Jerky! Winner announced March 11.
Dinner. Fresh pork chops from Gulley's Butcher Shop in Astoria.
Brined with added aromatics (peppercorns, fresh bay leaf, sage, & thyme, garlic, and orange peel) and brown sugar. Cooked to just between medium rare and medium.

These were fantastic. Thank you Gulley's!
How do I sign up for the underground paranormal tour?
During this difficult time for our communities, we would like to give a big shout out to the restaurants that have sponsored us in the past or given us donations. If you are able to, please consider supporting these businesses, which are currently open for to-go/pick-up and for some, delivery orders as well. Please check-out their FB pages for more information. Thank you and we wish you all the best!
Durante este momento difícil para nuestras comunidades, nos gustaría dar un gran agradecimiento a los restaurantes que nos han patrocinado en el pasado o nos han dado donaciones. Si puede, considere apoyar a estos negocios, que actualmente están abiertos a ordenes para llevar/recoger comida y para algunos, también pedidos de entrega. Consulte sus páginas de Facebook para obtener más información.¡Gracias y les deseamos todo lo mejor!

Fort George Brewery, Frite & Scoop, Montealban Astoria Maya, Una Ves Mas Mexican Restaurant, El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant, El Compadre Restaurant, Mo's, Plaza Jalisco Restaurant, La Cabana D. Raya, La Cabana D. Raya, Gulley's Butcher Shop, The Stand Seaside, The Rusty Cup, Street 14 Café, The Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe, Good to Go
My son is cooking breakfast with Gulley's bacon. I got to taste it. So delicious. Last night he made dinner with Gulleys Pork chops. Such a rich and tasty flavor but also perfectly prepared and served with rice pilaf and roasted broccoli. Man am I spoiled.
Hi Gulley's - what are your holiday hours for Christmas/New Year's?
New Video out !!

Don’t let the rain stop you from exploring!
Take a trip with me and see how cool astoria,or really is

Warrenton, Oregon
Astoria Brewing Company
A Gypsy's Whimsy Herbal Apothecary
Gulley's Butcher Shop
Frite & Scoop
RiverSea Gallery
This Friday 2-8pm we’ll be serving German schnitzel sandwiches for the first ever Ferry Street block party. Thanks to our friends at Gulley's Butcher Shop for the best cuts that make for the original crispy, crunchy bites. Yum!
Have you ever wondered where you can purchase our delicious farm-fresh products? Here in Wahkiakum County you can stop by the barn seven days a week and also visit River Mile 38 Brewing Co., or the Elochoman Marina Farmer's Market starting at the end of May. Our coastal customers can find us at Gulley's Butcher Shop, the North Coast Food Web, and the Astoria Co+op. We are also at the Vancouver Farmers Market every weekend. Whether it is at the barn or a market, we hope to see you soon!

Locally owned Gulley's Butcher Shop offers local pasture raised farm-fresh meat, dairy and a Thumann Locally owned and owner operated.


Just when you thought it was safe to go to The Butcher Shop
It's the return of the meatloafs, just in time for spooky season
Come get yours..........if you dare👻😱


Hello Astoria
We've got some fresh made smoked salmon dip ready for purchase


Now, through October 7th, spend $80 receive a free adult ticket to "Halloween Haunts", the Astoria Haunted underground adventure. value $23 more info and tickets at


Good beautiful morning Astoria
Hotbdogs are on n ready $4
Have a great one everybody 😎


Good morning Astoria
I've got some nice looking Ox tail in
Come n get some today or any of our other fine meats for the weekend 😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 09/10/2022

I've got some new frozen items in too!
Ground elk 1 lb package for $9.99
Ground maple sausage 1 lb pack for $5.99
Have a great day everyone ✌️😎


Good morning Astoria
I've also got some grass fed Wagyu tri tip in now for $17.49 lb 😎


Good morning Astoria
I've got some nice looking 80/20 grind for $5.99 lb 😎


Fresh batch of deli pasta is ready for consumption 😎
Feta cheese
Tri bell pepper
Kalamata olives
A spritz of pickle juice
A pound for $6.50


Good morning Astoria
I'm sorry to inform but I am out of Hanger steaks till Thursday of next week, my distributor was out.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 09/08/2022

Good morning Astoria
Sun is not going away just yet🌞👍
I've got lots of great grilling options for steaks and brats
See y'all soon, have a great one 😎👍

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 09/03/2022

Got some nice meats available
Tri tip Wagyu tri tip
New York strips
Beef tenderloin
Top sirloin
Short ribs
Brats to grill
Lamb loin chops
Come n get some good meats today 😎


The Boneless ribeye steaks that I cut this morning are looking pretty darn perfect
Come on in and get some today 😎


Carnivore Cups back in stock!!!
Beef pepperoni sticks with Swiss, pepperjack and cheddar cheeses and a piece of in-house made jerky $8 50 each
Perfect snack for on the go adventures or lunch😎


Also don't forget our awesome sandwiches that we make here
All our sandwiches are under 10 bucks, we've got everyone else beat for that price!!!! 😎


I also got in some nice looking elk patties in
$12.19 lb
I'll be selling em out of my freezer


Hello fellow Astorians
We've got a full and great looking meat case, so come and get some meaty goodness today 🔪😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 08/10/2022

Freshly made pasta salad and some really fantastic looking sandwiches also here at the shop along with all of our fine meat selections 😎


Good morning Astoria
Just a reminder, I have only 8 aged T-bones left, so don't hesitate on these!!! $18 lb.
It'll be another 40 days before the next round.
I'm really excited to start a rotation of aged meats, see y'all soon😎🤙


I had a customer wanting some aged T-bones so July 1st I started the process
Pulled it today (37 days) and cut him some steaks.
They look amazing!
I have a tray left, going $18 a lb.
So if you've been curious or you know about aged meat already, I've got some!
I'm gonna start doing this more regularly with a couple different cuts so stay tuned 😎👍


Do you love steak so much, you want to sell it to the whole community? Gulley's Butcher Shop has a Sales and Deli Clerk position available. We need one lucky person to join our team.
Come work with the Butcher of Astoria!


Nice cool start to the day this morning, so come to downtown Astoria and pickup some Carnivore Cups here at Gulleys Butcher Shop and enjoy the Sunday market ✌️😎


Also serving up some delicious meatloaf sandwiches for $5 😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 07/30/2022

Introducing Carnivore Cups here at Gulleys
Choose from elk, teriyaki, or jalapeno cheddar pepperoni with some house made jerky and some Gouda, horseradish and pepperjack cheeses. Good for on the go munchies 😎


Hey everyone
Meatloafs have returned
And since we are not sweltering in the heat here on the North Coast it will be safe to fire up the oven and enjoy one of these today 😎


Initiate sales to walk-in customers, able to learn meat cuts and wrap orders. Cleaning, stocking, inventory and ability to work unsupervised.


Beautiful morning in downtown Astoria
Enjoy the Farmer's market and stop by Gulleys for house-made breakfast sausage, or Carlton Farms Bacon, we got ya covered with all the grilling meats as well😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 07/16/2022

Baked beans with hot dogs, come get some😎


Hey folks
Will be opening a half hour later today due to an employee not being able to make it in today
Thanks for understanding
So unfortunately no hot dogs or sandwiches today

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 07/15/2022

Come help us celebrate Astori-us day here at Gulleys
Hot dogs are goin and we got pickle pops and all the meats here😎


Today is Gulley's 6th anniversary celebration!
$1 beef dogs start at 11:30 and the "Richards Family Band" plays at 3 PM.
We will have a dollar raffle with proceeds going to the Warming Center of Astoria.
Door prizes and free samples. Don't miss it!

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 07/01/2022

New Astoria Ghost Tour shirts now available here at Gulleys 👻😱

Spicy Baked Beans Recipe with Bacon and Marie Sharp’s Smoked Habanero Pepper Sauce 07/01/2022

Spicy Baked Beans Recipe with Bacon and Marie Sharp’s Smoked Habanero Pepper Sauce

This is a tasty and easy side dish for the fourth. Gulley's Bacon is only 7.99 and straight from Carlton Farms. Marie Sharp sauce is on our shelves. For a low fat alternative, take out everything but the parsley and sauce! :)

Spicy Baked Beans Recipe with Bacon and Marie Sharp’s Smoked Habanero Pepper Sauce Exotic smoke of four unique fruitwoods makes the most satisfying baked beans on the planet.


We've got fresh made ground Chuck burger patties 1/3 lb.
$8.99 lb 😎


We have just sold out of Hanger steaks
Don't hesitate to get your meats today here at Gulleys Butcher Shop, they are selling fast🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 06/25/2022

My meat cases are full of goodness
List of meats on hand
Wagyu tri tip
Wagyu culotte
NY steak
Bone in ribeye
Boneless ribeye
Tri tip
Ground Chuck
Bacon burger
Prime bavette
Beef ribs
Hanger steak


Baby back ribs
St Louis Spareribs
In house made brats
Pork belly
Hot dogs
Pork chops
Pork butt roasts
Carlton bacon
In house made breakfast sausage

Lamb loin chops


House made pickle juice pops 😎


Mozzarella and pesto stuffed chicken breasts $8.99 lb 😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 06/17/2022

We've got what all the Dads want or Father's Day, from beef to pork and house made bfast sausage and Carlton Farms bacon
So c'mon in to Gulleys Butcher Shop 1255 Commercial St. and get some meaty goodness ✌️😎


Go to the website and get Dad a gift card, it's really easy!

Timeline photos 06/13/2022

We have gift cards and t-shirts, mugs and steaks! Buy Dad something he really wants this year!

Show Dad you love him by buying him Gulley's New York steaks for dinner.

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 06/10/2022

Alright folks, Tha Butcher of Astoria has gotten Wagyu style beef back in!!!
Wagyu culotte and wagyu tri-tip
Marbling looks amazing 😎
C'mon in and get some today✌️

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 06/03/2022

Hi everyone
So since the weather will be wet this weekend, I've got a couple dinner style brats instead of the "grilling" style flavors
Andouille and sweet Italian 😎


Hey folks✌️
I had a request for Italian sausages, so here they are, sweet Italian, have a great day everyone 😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 05/25/2022

Freshly made sandwiches this morning along with fresh house made red potato salad and simply pesto pasta


Alright my people, suns out🌞, so Tha Butcher has his steaks and other meaty goodness ready for y'all for some good grilling, see everyone soon✌️😎

Photos from Gulley's Butcher Shop's post 05/18/2022

We've got our new swag shipment in!!!
Large, xlarge, xxlarge
Green, red, blue, gray, black
$18.50 for the eat organic shirt and $20 for The Gulleys Butcher Shop shirt😎


Tha Butcher wishes everyone a happy Friday the 13th 😎


Meatloafs have returned 😎🤙


Hey everyone
So we'll be open Sundays now that the Farmer's Market will be here! 10:30-3:00
We'll be doing a couple different hot dogs $3-$4 to buy n enjoy along with Kielbasa on a stick $5

The Story of Gulley’s

Our story began when we decided to open a butcher shop in Astoria. We love our little town with the smell of salmon in the air and the river traffic floating by. The only thing missing was a really good butcher shop. We remodeled a shop space downtown and Gulley's Butcher Shop has been open almost four years! Gulley's is a European style butcher shop with a deli. We make sausages, jerky, sandwiches and sell local farm fresh foods from farms and vendors in the area. We even make dog treats.

Come in for our friendly customer service and come back for more after you try our premium Carlton Farms beef and pork. Another Oregon favorite is the Anderson Ranches lamb and Mary’s chicken. Our house made fresh nitrate-free sausages and house-made jerky are the local favorite. We also have amazing Elk and Beef Pepperoni’s and delicious, Bennett Farms milk. Are dog bones are dehydrated naturally and our dog cookies have no additives. Willapa Fresh and smoked oysters and smoked salmon.

We are more than happy to help you select a truly fine cut of meat for dinner and chat about preparation and cooking techniques.
This is what we are striving for, the sense of community, only found with truly wonderful foods.

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Hello fellow AstoriansWe've got a full and great looking meat case, so come and get some meaty goodness today 🔪😎
Hey everyone Meatloafs have returned And since we are not sweltering in the heat here on the North Coast it will be safe...
Meatloafs have returned 😎🤙
The meatloafs have made a comeback 😎
Tha Butcher says come buy some meat goodness for Superbowl or Valentines 😎🤙
Happy Mother's Day
Can you guess what I'm making?  If you haven't tried our amazing old fashioned jerky, you are missing out!
Beef Meat pies anyoneGulley’s has got them handmade 8.99 ea
Forgot mention all organic dog treats for your holiday needs,, get that old boy bone for holiday
Forage sausage anyone Local to the gillsAstoria fresh picked chanterellesWestport fresh herbs and onions  Come on down t...
Just in time for the 4th of July: a fresh, colorful Caprese Salad! Just 4.99/LB. Find it in our deli! #4thofjuly



1255 Commercial Street
Astoria, OR

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11am - 5:30pm
Thursday 11am - 5:30pm
Friday 11am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10:30am - 3pm

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