Smokehouse Butcher Block

Smokehouse Butcher Block


Sad you're gone. We were there for the crabfest and walked around trying to figure out where you went, cause we could not accept that you were not there. Anyway, just roasted up the last of my Bouy Dunkel sausages, and some cabbage wedges on the side. Still amazing. If y'all ever come back, make sure everyone knows! Much love! Take care, and best to you in your new ventures.
Thanks a million for the amazing prime rib. Christmas dinner was epic thanks to you. We unfortunately forgot to take an after photo.
We’ve got a delicious chicken brat from Smokehouse Butcher Block with cranberry honey mustard just waiting for you! It’s delish!
Thank you for being here! I love your shop and could inhale that delicious aroma all day. PS, great buys on your freezer sale today too :)
We tasted the yummiest smoked pork tenderloin at Smokehouse Butcher Block! They're also serving from a fresh meat counter.

Collaboration Station! The Smoke House creates special spice from Pat's Pantry- Spices And More. and makes the sausages for Wet Dog Cafe & Brewery.
OMG!!!! Smoked short ribs....delicious. Thank you
Smokehouse Butcher Block "Surf & Turf".
Panko breaded Frog Legs and Smoke Sausage with farm fresh veggies and a dab of butter. Served with Sasquatch Sauce.
Stopped in yesterday. Glad I did. We live down in CB, so we don't come up to Astoria real often, but when we do, we plan on picking up items we can't get in CB or elsewhere. This shop is now on that list of places to go. Bought some delicious sea salt/pepper jerky, beer and German sausages. Great selection of smoked meats, sausages as well as fresh meat. Reminded me of old time "metzgerei" in Germany. This photo is from a shop in Miltenberg, Bavaria Germany.
Many, many years ago, a blonde sang about Diamonds are a girl's best friend. This Natural Blonde would like to politely point out that smoked bones from Smokehouse Butcher Block are truly a girl's best friend!
Stopped in today to pick up a couple of smoked meats (German sausages along with a bit of Tri-Tip,) and we're delighted that they're open on Sunday as we want to stop in tomorrow after grocery shopping for our fresh meat. Can hardly wait to try it!
absolutely phenomenal tri tip!!! it was definitely the star of our dinner!!!!!

Smoked Meats, Fresh Cut Meats and Pairing Sauces, Cheeses and Sides!

Smokehouse Butcher Block updated their business hours. 08/17/2020

Smokehouse Butcher Block updated their business hours.

Smokehouse Butcher Block updated their business hours.

You Can Buy A Harness For Your Chicken So You Can Both Safely Cross The Road 01/10/2020

You Can Buy A Harness For Your Chicken So You Can Both Safely Cross The Road

Hmmmm...... What will 2020 Bring??? Hmm...

You Can Buy A Harness For Your Chicken So You Can Both Safely Cross The Road Chicken Little is shook.


We here at the smokehouse (Nan and I) would like to highly recommend Warrenton's Main st. Market! There is NO other place like it in our region that we will shop at.

Unlike our former competitors, They take food safety and customers service very serious and are always a pleasure!

If you have not been there in a while, its time! The old crew and newer owners really do know how to do!!!


p.s. We will see you there!

Are you self motivated, hard working, reliable and love working with people? We are looking to add to our Main St Market family!

We are currently looking to hire a part time checker/courtesy clerk and a meat clean up person.

Stop by and fill out an application today! Must be 18+

Timeline photos 03/26/2019

Good to Go knows how to Party Platter it up! But don't forget about there amazing soups and sandwiches!!! Truly Astoria's finest!

tres trays 😁

Timeline photos 03/19/2019

At 6pm...

Smokehouse Butcher Block

Will be closed 😢

With Love, So much Love, We wish to sincerely say...

Thank You!

Nan and Jeremy

Timeline photos 03/15/2019

Sale Sale Sale!!!
Smoked smoked smoked!
Yummy yum yum!


Yes.... Euro Bacon is back!
First come first serve!
Thank You!


Mmmmm last run ribs!!! 4 dollars pound 5 dollars saucy!!!


Ribeyes.... 9.5 lb
TRI TIP Roast...... 5.5 lb
Whole duck.... 10 each
Cow tounge.... 5 each
Most meats ... 1 off a lb!
Sausage.... sale price on smoked and fresh is to low to advertise!

Freezer packs and loose frozen items 30% off!

Prices slashed on all dry goodies....

See you soon !
Keep posted for more

Timeline photos 03/06/2019

Hillbilly jerky bites available thursday

Astoria butcher shop on the block 03/06/2019

Astoria butcher shop on the block

Astoria butcher shop on the block Smokehouse Butcher Block, the butcher shop opened near the Astoria Transit Center nearly two years ago, will close March 23 if the owners cannot find a buyer.


It brings great sadness to announce that Nan and I are indeed not superhuman. We are indeed only two people that can only do so much. We miss being able to participate in our community that we love beacause of the hundred hour work weeks for two years now.

With that said, Nan and I (Jeremy) are very heavy hearted in the announcement that the "Smokehouse Butcher Block" will be closing as of the 23rd of March, so that we can both focus on "Port Town Property Management" to insure its continued growth and success.

We opened Port Town pm three years ago and are currently managing and maintaining (we wear many hats) about 2 dozen commercial spaces and roughly 175 residintial front doors. We do not sell homes. Thats not our passion. We manage them and maintian them all as if thier our own. Nan has been passionately in the field for 22 year's! If you want to keep your property profitable while taking great care of. Thats us, that is what we are very passionate about.

We wish to thank absolutely everyone for everything! We are so excited to be able to be out and about, to be about and say hello without a service counter in between us will be amazing.





Timeline photos 02/12/2019

We are crazy in love with all our customers this day⚘ We are having our 45 day on sale for you and yours!

Boneless is $25 a pound thats one heck of a special just fir you and yours!

Thank you for the Love Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Timeline photos 02/08/2019

Now is the time for comfort and comfort food! Warm up with a roast or a stew!

Timeline photos 02/08/2019

To some it may seem icky, but to those who know its orgazmickly b e a utiful!
Have you ordered yours?

And if your just not shure about it, its your lucky because just picked up there special order! So stop in and enjoy your special day with a special treat with or without your special someone...

Timeline photos 01/23/2019

Felling Blue? Need Some Fire?

Blue Devil is the answer!!!

You need some Blue Devil!!

Try the Blue Devil!


Timeline photos 01/17/2019

Ohh boy! Nice and Sharp! Every Third Thursday Of the Month at
Jack will be here at Twelve O' clock to sharpen your knives, shears, chainsaws, or mostly whatever needs an edge!

Thank you Coastal sharpining services!!!

Your mobile short bus of sharpening pleasure rocks!

Timeline photos 01/12/2019

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 01/10/2019

Pre order your 45 day dry aged ribeyes for Valentines day NOW! Two bone Dry aged rib roast for two, available also.
(Up to 7 bone available for more beefy love)

Dont forget to get your surf for the turf! Catty corner from us at South Bay Wild Fish House!!!

Timeline photos 12/31/2018

Until 5 ish dependent on if you come in or not?

Timeline photos 12/31/2018

Thanks for lunch on 11th! Your Spicy Garlic Udon Mmmmmmmm!!! Thanks for the full belly of goodness!

Timeline photos 12/23/2018

The Gift o Meat!!!

Timeline photos 12/23/2018

Yeppers till 5pm and open monday at 11am

Timeline photos 12/23/2018

Got your Rib-Roast?
We are the ONLY ONES in Astoria that douse! Call to ensure yours!
And yes we are open till 5pm and open at 11am on Monday.

Timeline photos 12/19/2018

Did we mention that we have the 100% Grass finished beef from Grass Run Farms available again?

Chuck, Ribsteaks, strip steak, and 92%lean ground beef!!!
100% grass raised and finished... yumm

Timeline photos 12/19/2018

Its back!!!first come first served!
European Bacon!!!

Timeline photos 12/19/2018

The Holiday open times are....

Timeline photos 12/18/2018

Call now to ensure your goodies!! 503-325-4744

It's now easier to call Smokehouse Butcher Block. 12/18/2018

It's now easier to call Smokehouse Butcher Block.

It's now easier to call Smokehouse Butcher Block.

Timeline photos 12/15/2018

Another great ingredient for appetizers or cocktails in the evening or the morning after!
Happy Happy Holidays!!!

Timeline photos 12/15/2018

Looking for that special ingredient to help with the holiday edgyness fun?

Timeline photos 12/15/2018

Deliciously delicious!!!
Produced and distributed here in Astoria by The Naked lemon!!!

Timeline photos 12/12/2018

Limited supply of 30 day dry aged prime rib roast!!!
Order yours now!!!
Fresh cut rib roast $8.00lb... order now!!!
Smoked turkey $7.50lb...
must pre order! Must!

Beef roast, pork roast, sausage, call us with your meaty needs!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

We love our peeps!

Photos from Good to Go's post 12/12/2018

If you have not tried Good To Go.... well.... just get there already!!!!

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