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Renault through Merca Limited offers a transport solution that addresses the specific needs of the customer. Merca Limited is a company incorporated in Uganda in 1990, affiliated to Victoria Motors Limited and a member of the General Machinery (Gmach) Group of companies.

We are the authorized Distributor for Renault passenger vehicles in Uganda. We are driven by the experience and a good knowledge of the motor vehicle industry based on the long history of General machinery in Uganda, since 1965

General Machinery was incorporated in Uganda in March 1965 with the main purpose of developing agricultural mechanization through provision of Agricultural tractors, imp

Operating as usual


The powerful Duster is known to be both unforgettable and unstoppable 👉 the Hill Descent Control allows you to adapt to every road easily.


As a key element when it comes to yours and your vehicle's safety on the road, your car lights system maintenance should be done regularly.

Caetano tips: check your light system before long trips and make sure all of the lights are properly clean after trips through mud, sand or dirt covered areas. This will allow you to protect you and the ones around you.✅


Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. But do you know which steps to take in order to to preserve them? 🚗

Check our tips below. 👇


is old!

12 iconic models and Renault 5 Prototype will meet at our booth at @retromobile_paris (16-20 march). and we'll meet you on Facebook* to share all the action with you.

dive into of stories:


Most drivers know how important is the clutch on a vehicle, but how many will know the signs to beware so that it doesn't break?

1 - Burning smell: this is rarely a god sign, but if you notice it when changing gears, this might mean that your clutch has a malfunction;

2 - When you find it way too hard to put on the first or the reverse gear;

3 - When your vehicle's speed doesn't alter, even if you're stepping on the accelerator pedal or the vehicle's rotations tell otherwise;

4 - When you step on the clutch and hear an uncommon noise;

All these signs mean that it might be time to see specialized technicians that can help you to maximize your car's performance and make their parts more lasting.


Hazard lights, or blinkers, are a fundamental element when it comes to a vehicle's safety. But when should they be used?

- If a vehicle represents any sort of danger to another driver;
- In case of being towed;
- If a vehicle needs to slow down abruptly, whether if it is because of obstacles or crash, or to fully stop;


There are 4 types of filters, which are extremely important to your vehicle. 🙌
We can divide them as:

- Air filter: has the main function of stopping any solid particulates of entering and damaging the engine;

- Fuel filter: it stops any air impurity from entering the engine, through fuel;

- Cabin filter: It helps protect the passengers from contaminants in the air they breathe;

- Oil filter: it has the function to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil

Make sure you keep your check ups updated so that your vehicle remains functional and safe. ⚙️


A vehicle's battery is a power accumulator that allows the engine to function properly and, in its turn, all the electric components in it.

Therefore, it is a crutial element to your car that deserves special attention and regular maintenance, since it can be necessary to switch it once in a while. ⚡

You can count on us to provide the best solution to your vehicle's problem. Contact us and let our technical specialists do the rest! ⚙️


To celebrate love, we must do it safely. 🚗

Happy Valentine's Day. 💘

Photos from Renault Uganda's post 10/02/2022

Its attention to detail is unmatched.

Go and grab your Renault Kwid and conquer the road, in the coolest city car of the market.

Know more about the model in the link below and lose yourself in the typical Renault DNA! 👇


The bumper of a vehicle helps to prevent and reduce the risk of damage in a collision situation.

The bumper also contributes to reduce the vehicle's consumption, having a key role when it comes to protecting the parts in the motor area.

Don't undervalue your car's maintenance. Keep your trips safe. ⚙️


Our incredible Renault range, from Renault Duster to Renault Kwid and Renault Koleos.

Suited for every taste and every need, comfort and performance combined with sophisticated designs, these models represent the typical Renault DNA. ⚡


A car's lighting system main function is to allow you to see and to be seen, during the day or night time, showing your vehicle's dimenson, position and direction.

The lighting components can be divided in three:

1. Front lights (Headlights);
2. Rear lights;
3. Side lights (indicate when a driver want to change directions)

These three form the lighting system and directly contribute to your personal safety, and everyone around you on the road.


Weekends with loved ones and Renault are always special.
Who's also eager to escape into the weekend? 👀


Caetano Tips! ⚙️

In order to drive in the safest way possible, you need a braking system that instantly responds so that your vehicle stays completely still.

That's why it's important to try and do a regular maintenance regarding your brakes and check if you need to switch the pad wear or your disk brakes, in order to stay safe and look after your well-being, as well as your vehicle's.


⚙️Caetano tips ⚙️

When on planning long-distance travels, try to ensure these safety measures so that your vehicle and your adventures on the road could carry on in the safest way possible.


There's nothing you can't achieve with the one and only Duster.
An SUV designed to elevate your expectations and experience on the road, equipped with comfort, looks and the typical Renault quality.

Find more about the model in the link below! 👇


⚙️ Caetano Tips ⚙️

In order to prevent any long-term damages in your vehicle and engine, make sure to regularly check the warnings in your car dashboard and see what it needs to keep your road trips safe. ⚡


Drive into 2022 with the right ride! 😎 Choose the coolest city car in the market and conquor the city with Renault Kwid!

Find more about the model through the link below. 👇


In 1977, the company entered the Formula One as a constructor, introducing the turbo engine to F1 and, since then, was constantly involved in F1 as both constructor and engine supplier.


A single vehicle has an average of 30.000 parts in order to work correctly.


Tonight, a new adventure on the road begins. Happy new year, from your Caetano family!


Protect your loved ones, both indoors and outdoors. This holiday season, choose safety first. Let's keep on driving together!

Photos from Renault Uganda's post 27/12/2021

The best of all worlds: Renault Duster. Combine an attractive design with a practical and comfortable interior, while also having the usual Renault performance and quality. 😎

Catch now the SUV that's been missing from your life in the link below and let the adventure begin! 🔛


The Caetano family wishes you all happy holidays! 🎄


The first seat belts in history appeared around 1885, in New York?

They represent, up to this day, one of the most important elements regarding active safety on the road! ⚙️


This year, Santa's got a new ride... Are we ready to start this trip? 😎


One of the main elements connected to your safety on the road are your vehicle's airbags. Make sure they're in their best shape possible, so that your trips remain safe. ⚠️


Renault's logo was originally circular but later, around 1925, changed to more angular lines to resemble a diamond and represent the brand quality.


To different purposes, to different people. And yet, still the best.
Know more about Renault Kwid and Renault Duster in our website below and let Renault drive you through life. 😎


Since it is a crucial part of your vehicle, making sure your car clutch is in perfect state is a great practice that will save you both time and extra unnecessary costs.

Our Caetano Tip:
Being completely intertwined with your safety, try to avoid changing gears when pressing the accelerator for a better clutch life cycle. ⚙️


With Renault's DNA all over the model, Koleos represents the best of its range, with the 4x4 traction and an urban style.

It will be hard to go unnoticed. Find more about Renault Koleos in the link below. 👇


The classic Renault city car has a new look: bolder and made to stand out. Explore the city, with its SUV style headlamps and silver streak LED DRLs, that will turn heads wherever you go.

Find more about Renault Kwid Climber in the link below. 👇


Given its importance when it comes to every drivers' safety, an original rearview mirror has to overcome a series of functional, environmental and duration tests?

Avoid counter parts, buy original ones!

Photos from Renault Uganda's post 01/12/2021

With Renault Duster, both the driver and the passengers have unlimited room and comfort, with optimized seats assuring, therefore, a more pleasant trip, wherever you go.

This SUV is unstoppable, but you can be too. Ask now your quote through the link below. 👇

Our Story

Merca Limited is the authorized Distributor of Renault in Uganda. We are driven by the experience and a good knowledge of the automotive industry based on the long history of General machinery in Uganda, since 1965.

Other than a long and solid history, Merca Limited has put together an experienced team that is dedicated to offering transport solutions that address the specific needs of the customer.

Renault develops a variety of models, and these are recognized worldwide for its innovative and attractive design. Safety is also one of our top priorities.

We are the car manufacturer with the best results in crash tests conducted by EuroNCAP in Europe.

To prove the reliability of our products we offer a 3-year warranty to all customers. Worldwide, we are the car brand that stands out for excelent customer care in sales and after-sales services.

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Renault Duster, Koleos and Fluence



Plot 2D, Old Port Bell Road
P.O. BOX 620

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00

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