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Estores & Cortinados Meneses
Estores & Cortinados Meneses
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MVarchitect is a creative studio that designs custom-made residential and commercial projects

Photos from MV Architect's post 13/09/2022

We are excited to show you Golazo Photography, a project designed in 2021, and we are so happy to see it become a reality 🤓

Golazo Photography is a studio in Bukoto-Kisaasi Rd that offers professional services in Kampala.

We are so grateful to for trusting us; very soon, we will share more details about this project.



EsCuadra team wishes all Muslim families countless blessings! ♥

EsCuadra 14/08/2021

Looking something different ♦

Do you like what you see, but you are looking for something different?

We have much more to show you. You can see or contact us at [email protected]

EsCuadra EsCuadra is a creative studio that designs custom-made residential and commercial projects by applying unique design methods where clients and technicians work together to get realistic and authentic results and innovative concepts.

Timeline photos 06/02/2021

When the simplicity of tiles and wood is enough


Timeline photos 13/01/2021

A bit yellow and grey, I just wanted to share with you this lovely collection. 😊


Timeline photos 08/01/2021

The first week of 2021 is running. Here we go!


Timeline photos 25/12/2020

Getting a new look to a corner in the house, let see:

One single couch
One soft small pillow
One cozy blanket
One metal coffee table
One plant pot on it
Beauty macrame art on the wall
One Plant on a craft Basket

Result: great bohemian corner, and if you add this color palette, you will fix it in this jolly season.

Merry Christmas, Awesome people!


Photos from EsCuadra's post 19/12/2020

What about adding some fresh corner on the terrace like this? Nature and rustic architecture at the same time.

Check out Victoria House, our last remodeling project in Jinja, Uganda.

Link in Bio!


Photos from EsCuadra's post 18/12/2020

We design unique experiences starting from a clear strategy to approach and attract end-users of different markets. We love to design brands and spaces and discover new strategies to give a new fresh touch to your company’s image.

Designing a commercial space is not the same as designing a residential one. The process is different because the brand has an intention and is to be attractive to its customers. Spaces under the well-design philosophy have a different feeling because each aspect has been thought of as source materials, textures, building ways, and more aligned to the brand values and are represented in the space. Also, achieving goals such as getting sell season products the way they are located and how they access them can help decide to purchase.

In addition to selling, displaying products, or creating a nice experience inside the shop, we design workplaces, visit Berkeley Energy to get an idea of ​​this concept where the final idea is to improve or provide a well-being environment to the employees and company community, getting development interaction between people and work.


Photos from EsCuadra's post 16/12/2020

So, you have an amazing business idea. You’re ready to launch, but there’s one small problem: you need a brand.

Building brands can take a lot of time and money, two things most of us are short on. Also, it’s quite an abstract concept. If a brand is more than a logo, what is it?

Think of a brand as a promise to your customers. The promise your business makes is unique. It’s about what you do and why you do it. Every aspect of your business from the inside out should deliver on this promise.

We work from the beginning with the clients to create the identity; feel free to see Virasana's case study, get a visual approach to this kind of service, and visualize that each concept is different. All brands don't need the same process; although every client requires a solid brand identity, we can take different ways to get results.


Photos from EsCuadra's post 14/12/2020

Whether it’s your first experience with promotional items or your company has its own design department, we’re here to meet your needs. Edges, corners, innovative materials, and new printing methods may present fresh challenges to your graphic approach. Our graphic designers specialize in creating powerful visuals that work with your product specifications and align with your brand style.

To get a visual understanding, in our case study for Big Jungle Coffee, we have designed the whole graphic design to apply for brand products and packaging. The first step was to know the brand strategy; we connect their concept to the products through the brand's real values to communicate that the brand is not only a coffee company, if no a happy wild way to enjoy a coffee cup. Working on the brand's story through the graphic, we can approach the brand's target.


Photos from EsCuadra's post 12/12/2020

Depending on your project needs, we can work with you at any time in the design process, from product naming, concept strategy, and market research to color palettes, material selection, and print processes. We're here to help you develop your brand story. To understand better, you can see EspaZio, where the whole retail design was made, starting with concept strategy, market study, branding, material selection, furniture, display design, interior design according to the brand concept and customer experience in the shop.

Feel free to get a consultancy with our team; we'll be happy to help you!


Photos from EsCuadra's post 11/12/2020

We are happy to see our process, is fascinating when you did the design and drawings, and they became a real space, even for small projects, because you know how long it takes and how difficult it can be to get results; sometimes, because of the distance to the site or the budge. None know what is behind each decision, but we believe in the work, and that good things can be built.

This is one of the many houses in a camp for workers in Uganda. We have been following each step of this project because now we will place the whole interior design, so we will not be happy until seeing this project finish as the design was made.

We will be posting the progress and the final look. Feel free to see more in our portfolio; this is part of ''Berkeley Energy'' project.



Take a look and get inspired. Here some bits and bobs for a coffee company. The pattern is so much fun and the color palette adopted makes it a sofisticate brand. We really enjoy the creative process.

Big Jungle Coffee is Awesome 😊


Yes Big Brands worry about everything and one of them is how to make to their customers and employees feel good being in theirs shops or workplaces. A wellbeing space can improve the development of work, and the interaction between people; also the decision to make a purchase or not ✅

Thinking to be more consistent and improve your workplace, kindly ask for a free consultation.



Working on it. More projects more happiness!
Very soon we'll share all details 😌

Timeline photos 14/11/2020

The promise your business makes is unique. It’s about what you do and why you do it. Every aspect of your business from the inside out should deliver on this promise.

Get the next level through space and let it communicate your brand value.

We will give you the best and well-being design for Shops, Offices, Workshops, Lodges, Hotel and Windows displays.

Obtain the guarantee of the design that you need. We are not happy until you say: "That's it"!

Get a proposal, and let's see what we can do for your business.


Timeline photos 13/11/2020

The brand identity should instantly communicate brand personality, core business, values, and how you solve customer problems. Regardless of how your brand connects with your customers, your ability to solve problems should be at the core of your brand identity.

We translate the brand's data in design to get a solid strategy able to apply just for your brand.

Get a proposal, and let's see what we can do for your business.


Timeline photos 09/11/2020

The brand identity should instantly communicate brand personality, core business, values, and how you solve customer problems.


Timeline photos 06/11/2020

The connection between your brand and your customers can build a future for the company; your brand identity should communicate how you make relationships with the brand community.

Build and grow!


Timeline photos 04/11/2020

If a brand is more than a logo, what is it?

Think of a brand as a promise to your customers. The promise your business makes is unique. It’s about what you do and why you do it. Every aspect of your business from the inside out should deliver on this promise.

We are happy to show you some bits and bobs of one favorite client on this board because they really build an awesome brand every day. Berkeley, thanks for the trust.


Timeline photos 02/11/2020

Never underestimate the power of bedding.

You might host a perfect room, but all people will talk about if you don't care about the detail.

Pair your branding with our array of products in Home Decor, Pillows, and Bedding.

PS: You're Awesome!


Timeline photos 23/10/2020

Attract the most valuable customers and improve interaction with them is not the only way to grow your business, also your suppliers, employees, and community is part of you audience. Care each touchpoint with them through your brand values to build the chain of trust.

Get the next level!


Timeline photos 21/10/2020

Placing some elements for our work with Virasana Yoga Studio

Virasana is Awesome!


Timeline photos 19/10/2020

Yes, you may have needed coffee, but did you need that specific brand? The one with the sleek, expensive-looking pack? No, but you bought it because you thought it would make you feel awesome, even if it’s the same product as what’s in the discount bin.

Please take a look at some of our favorite projects, and get some inspiration along the way. In this case study, we had the challenge of designing branding for a coffee company. The brand wants to be wild and mysterious. If we place a colorful background and funny patter simultaneously, it could say too much and be saturated. We overcome the challenge by blending the brightness of yellow and the wild pattern. The new packaging is efficient and cost-effective, using crafted paper and getting harmonious with the chosen font.

This is the purpose of packaging. Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It's more than just putting your logo on a package. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a particular way.


Timeline photos 17/10/2020

Featured Collection

Designed by professionals, made by us, just for you.
Pair your branding with our array of products.
Products categories:
✔Wall Art
✔Office items
✔Home Decor
✔Pillows and Bedding
✔Stickers & Stationery

✔And more…


Timeline photos 16/10/2020

Our commitment is to meet the needs of customers and overcome expectations through professional brand analysis to obtain relationships at each touchpoint with your audience and employees.

Get the next level!

Photos from EsCuadra's post 14/10/2020

Branding for our work with Big Jungle Coffee

Big Jungle Coffee is Awesome!


Briefing for Branding 13/10/2020

Free Consultation here!

Feel free to share with us your brief.
Our team will contact you soon.
Happy to see you here!

Briefing for Branding

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Happy Independence Day, Uganda 💚🇺🇬.🦍.🦁.🦓.🦌.🐃.#uganda #independenceday #afro
Office design 🎨 We are sharing the process of our new project for an architecture office and showroom. More details soon...





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