Growing up with poetry

Lay down and read


Smile is the best thing you can ever get from a person
Smile is like a light during arrival
At night
Tlabona hole lefifi
Uthula litafole ka mangole
But once light ere on
Tlaukwa una relieved
When some one is angry at you
The moment at which you realise there is peace is the moment ao shapang ka smile

It takes only a smile to make dark days be brighter
Mama antsao omanya
Yull realise shes fyn once a smile

Smile is the best thing ever
Smile and dont let enemies see a drop of your tears

Smile creates peace


Even when life did me bad you was there for me to was all that I have
So it make me wish I could take it all back
I never meant to put you through all this

But time is moving qiuck
All I know is crazy how
I live when love is all
I got give still I want you to have it all
You should I will never
Give you the world
But you'll always be my girl

And I'll be coming home you won't be alone

Now baby let me make this right
Cos you know that I care
I always be there bcz I need in my life


Welcome back growing up with poetry

In the evening on your bed lying comfortably

Read silently the poem made right for you pleasure

Just open your mind imagine while reading through

Feel the joy

have something to say


3rd world son
I'm from where gold and diamonds are reaped from the earth

Right next to the slaves 🏰 castles where the water is cursed

Where the police brutality is not half as nice and they make the hooden America look like paradise

I'm from where they mascred people and keep it quiet
And spend the next 25 yrs trying to deny it

I'm from where they cut your hands off if yew make a fist
Cz the coca job market doesn't exist

I'm from the place where democracy is acceptable
As if America's candidate is electable

And they may even have a black president but he is useless
Because he cannot control the economy stupid


Death is another part of life
I was chosen to speak
Every words or African slaves

Doped in the ocean
Stolen by America

Totured burried in frozen

There's no life in 😫😓their eyes
It's like they are hooked up to a respirator 😫😫


It takes only a good
Smile to make dark days be brighter😄


Skin teeth
Not every skin teeth
is a smile (lebonyo)

If you see me smiling
when you pass

If you seem me bending
when you ask

Know that I smile
Know that I bend

Only the better
to rise and strike




LIFE IS Tremulous

It is tremulous like drop of water on a morphane leaf
Everything happens to be posetive and have its own negativity, the tall and the short
some will be going forward some are turning back.
A child is being well taken care of until he's mature enough
to hussle for himself.
And is able to shout back at them parents that "I'm now old to be treated like a kid "
Years gone by he's in his 90s
Now wrinkles all over the face
Not even able to walk on ur own
Voice shaking as if begging for your own life
Death is now near the corner
And your beggining to cry
"Life is tremulous like drop of water on a morphane leaf"🍁🍁


Tosca ,to passing Benz man

You ,lifted gently
Out of poverty and suffering
We so recently shares;I say
Why splash the muddy puddle on to my bare legs
As if ,still unsatisfied with your seated opulence
You must sully the unwashed ,with your diesel -smoke and mud water,and force
him buy ,beyond his means a bar of soap from your shop?
A few years back we shared a master
Today you have none ,while I exchanged
a parasite for something worse.
But maybe a few years is too long a time

Tosca Alexis (ha Seleso)


Not every skin teeth
Is a massa (smile).
If u see me smiling when you pass
If u seem me bending ,when you ask

Know that I smile
Know that I bend
Only the better to
Rise&strike again


I saw her from a distance
Looking like an Angel
I proposed for love ,but
It was complicated
Everyday when I look
Into your eye BABE
My tears fall because
You are now not my cherry lady

We first met ,u told mi u love mi
I gave u love afterwards ,u turning ur
back on ,u never knew wat u had was a
STAR🍃from above ,u messed up everything but what I gave u was LOVE

I was ill but u came and u gave some hope , I had a feeling in my heart that ur
Presence was hope
Loosing you was not easy
But babe it was load
I thought harder everyday when I saw u alone

Dedicated to Tikki By Tosca



I remember ,countrymen
The days of"Dawn over the land"
Of hopes and expectations
When I truly understood
Slavery was a thing a the past-
We,the people of the land
Had been freed .
I was there when slowly
Darkness set in .
The gradual destruction
Was there in front of me.
But I did not see it
I continued, country men,to live in the past
And when I finally looked..
It was too late ,and even I
Had become a scavenger


Once upon a time
They used to laugh with their hearts,and laugh with their eyes.
But now they only they only laugh with their teeth,while their ice-block-cold eyes search behind my shadow.

"Feel at home", Come again"
they say ,and when I come again and feel at home ,once, twice ,there will be
No thrice ,for then I find doors shut on me

So I've learned many things son
I have learned to wear many faces like trousers
I have also learned to say
"Goodbye" when I mean "
"Good riddance"
But son , I want to learn how to laugh ,for my smile
In the mirror shows only
My teeth ,like snakes bare Fang's!
So show me ,son
How I used to laugh
And smile
Once upon a time when I was like you


What is death like ?

Is it like a flash of lightning
Or a clap of thunder
In a night of storm
The eternal stillness
And dark?

Is it like a sudden opening
Of a secret door
Like the vaginal opening
To a newly born,
Then colour,variety and-life?

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