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I would like to invite you to share your experiences, thoughts and discuss the issue and ideas related to Homoeopathy.

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The Aim is to help people achieve their optimum health through Homoeopathy. Providing treatment for

My mission is to help people achieve their optimum health and well-being using homeopathic remedies. My commitment is to do the very best work in homeopathy that I can in every instance...and along the way continue to learn from the best in our field.


Wishing you all a very happy Diwali 🪔


Celebrating Dr. Samuel Hahneman 267th birthday, for giving this system of medicine that is homeopathy that has helped millions of lives and is 2nd most practiced system of medicine.

“Aude sapere” means “Have courage to use your own reason”, "Dare to know things", or even more loosely as "Dare to be wise".

Leg us know in a comment about your experience with homeopathy.


Sharing this beautiful rubric from a dysmenorrhoea case of a 14-year-old beautiful girl.

Understanding of the rubric -delusion poor he is.
Let's break down this rubric word by word-

DELUSION- This means a false belief or opinion that is resistant to reason or confrontation with substantial fact.

POOR- This doesn't precisely mean in terms of the financial or unfortunate aspect but here it means of an inferior, inadequate, or unsatisfactory kind: poor health.OR lacking in skill, ability, or training: a poor cook.

Patient presentation during consultation-
After analysis, of the patient’s history the PQRS I.e Predominant, Q***r, Rare, and strange symptoms which is the base of homeopathic prescription. The mental prominent symptom was, I am not good enough, I think I lack something that is why I am not able to achieve what I aim to.
In every aspect of life when we dive in the was the common thread running throughout.
So this reminded me of the tune of “delusion poor he is” and considering other physical generals Belladona was prescribed. As the intensity of the complaints was intense which suggested high potency so 1M was prescribed. Having released the medicine this week will wait for the cycle to come and see the response.

If you have come here after reading the whole post, let me know if you want to learn and know about the prescription of homeopathic medicine for menstrual issues please write it down in the comment, and ill take up another post about this.

Equinox Homeopathy


To all beautiful and caring women who are in “healing” Profession.

On February 3rd, honor the path that female doctors have paved since 1849 as we recognize National Women Physicians Day.

This day marks the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1849. Dr. Blackwell initiated the movement that helped women gain entry and equality in the field of medicine.

The day celebrates the courage of Elizabeth Blackwell and the accomplishments of female physicians everywhere. At the same time, the day strives to bring improvements to the workplace for the growing number of women physicians entering the field of medicine.

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“Be more aware of “YOURSELF”

With this fast pace life we tend to get so much busy in accomplishing things, our outer world that we fail to attend our “real self” the inner world. Being a human beings we are blessed with such a wonderful creation of our system (mind-body-soul) that it keeps on maintaining the “healthy” status. We think we get only when we have some kind of symptoms that your body presents with, it’s when we the system has failed to maintain equilibrium after trying hard of maintaining it long time.

So, be a little more attentive of your self, keep your self in sync the “inner system” for better quality of life.

Equinox Homeopathy

#日本ホメオパス #ホメオパスの子育て


Case of

Had this case of an young adult troubled with allergies due to seasonal changes with occasional purpura rashes.

As a homeopath considering the person as a whole. His disposition, sensitivity and all other factors contributing to his health as well as disease was taken into consideration.
After details analysis it showed that we are not dealing with just allergies but quite deeper the pathology and it was which he was suffering from quite sometime.
After diagnosing the case we started with homeopathic treatment and within a year his allergies went down tremendously. He was feeling much better. His purpural rashes appeared but the intensity and the extent was less and with every passing episode it got better.
This is the it not merely take care of the symptoms but also helps in slowing down or reversing (depending on the pathology) the underlying process.

For Homeopaths- Don’t take cases of cold and cough lightly it could be a manifestation of . So consider every signs and symptoms that patients have and try to correlate with the knowledge of medicine for better diagnosis and prognosis of the case.


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“Homeopathy in Japan”

It's a great initiative taken by The Indian Community Edogawa (ICE) under the guidance of Jagmohan Chandrani-San (President of The Indian Community of Edogawa)) and Mrs.Sonal San the organizer of this event.

The topic was very much relevant considering the present scenario “treating modern disease with Homeopathy”

The guest Speaker was Dr.S.C. Sharma from Delhi,India.He beautifully explained about role of homeopathy from very simple case to the complex ones. How he treated the cases of kidney stones and ovarian cyst with homeopathy where surgery was the only option in the modern medicine. The session was full of information for around 45 mins preceded by Q&A session. He addressed all the questions that were put forwarded by the participants.The awareness about homeopathy and how it can help patients to improve the quality of life was very well explained in the session.

Glad to be part of this event and looking forward for many of these kinds of events regarding Homeopathy in future.

For any queries you can message us on [email protected]


While referring Clark’s materia medica found something very important of this remedy.

There are not many drugs which have causation so strongly marked among their characteristics. Chill, fright, injury, or surgical operation-the effects of these will be met in large majority of cases by Acon., the timely administration of which will ward off serious results


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Treat food allergies with Homeopathy.

While treating a case of seafood allergies I came across some reference which might help my fellow homeopaths.

The Lyc. patient cannot eat oysters; they make him sick. Oysters seem to poison the Lyc. patient, just as onions are a poison to the Thuja patient. The Oxalic acid patient cannot eat strawberries. If you ever have a patient get sick from eating strawberries, tomatoes or oysters, and you have no homoeopathic remedies at hand, it is a good thing to remember that cheese will digest strawberries or tomatoes or oysters in a few minutes.

Chapter on lycopodium from Kent Materia Medica.

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Another batch of is ready to courier to respective people for in ̇d19 in

If you are in need of this medicine you can dm or email at [email protected]

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Homeopathy is slow- it’s a COMMON MYTH that’s prevails among people which is not true. In fact most of the patient that we come across are in or acute exacerbation of and the results we get in such cases is really satisfying.

But yes it could be challenging if we fail to perceive the case clearly and implementation of the principle. So here we have another webinar in which Dr.Kamlesh Mehta and Dr. Pankaj Lakhani will share their rich experience.

So this during to from the .

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Scope of Homeopathy in Cancer!

It’s going to be a great learning especially for young budding homeopaths to learn and understand scope and limitations of homeopathy in treating cases of cancer.

The webinar will join start soon, so request all the homeopaths to join in and take the advantage of this opportunity.

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Role of Homoeopathy in Female Disorder:

Homeopathy has always been a boon for treating cases of female disorders arising right from menarche to menopause.

Every homeopath has been successfully able to treat right from dysmenorrhea to deeper pathology like autoimmune disorders and it’s manifestations on female reproductive system.
With this system of medicine even I have been able to treat or rather cure many cases of PCOS, uterinefibroids, INFERTILITY and many more. It’s all because of this wonderful science we can give hope to the patients for better quality of life.

This Lockdown allowed all the great homeopaths from all over the world to connect and share their experiences and learning in field of female disorder and it’s homeopathic management.

Today’s session by dr.shreeram hirlekar was focused on only one condition of PCOS and presented about this condition in its entity. The psychological manifestation, preventive measures, auxiliary mode of treatment and the homeopathic approach in this condition (case of Sepia,Lachesis and calcerea carb).

The last week session by dr.kanika sabrahwal shared her experiences in treating the cases of both primary and secondary infertility and getting result=that precious child , is commendable.

How we homeopaths from every part of the world come together and built this evidence based medicine.

I really like to thank , Dr.John Rodriques and Dr. Pankaj Lakhani for taking this initiative and bringing homeopaths all over the world to learn and share their experiences so we all can be benefited and able to cure aur patients.

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AYUSH advisory issued in public interest by Directorate of AYUSH, Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of NCT of Delhi on measures to improve immunity using AYUSH systems. This includes use of homoeopathic medicine Ars alb 30C .

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Homeopathy management in cases of ADHD.

It gives immense satisfaction to see if you could bring about change in someone’s life. This is a case of 12 year old body diagnosed with ADHD. Having severely speech delayed, no communication with the family members, some kind of strange behavior of smiling, giggling all the time and having issue of bed wetting and there were many other symptoms.
This case was taken 2 months ago and prescribed the remedy on the basis of the understanding the entire case from all the aspect of the child’s development, his physical and mental presentation. After releasing the remedy, which I was a bit skeptical and not having much hope as the kind of pathology and age he was in the responses and the result I was not very sure of.
But the effect of Homeopathy and the response that I got from these small pills was surprising. The mother who is already under treatment and has been benefited with homeopathy have this wonderful follow up which really made my day.
This child bed wetting is completely gone.
He is having eye contact when they are having conversation.
His giggling and smiling has reduced a lot is all in response to the circumstances not like earlier which was without any reason.
Speech is still that we need to work on....

How the homeopathic medicines have helped this child at the disposition level and I am expecting the improvement to be more deeper. Feels so satisfying that how homeopathy can change this child’s life positively which he and the whole family deserves!


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Topic: Homeopathy-super fast results in Acutes.

Speaker: Dr. Pankaj Lakhani

Contributing a lot in development of Homeopathy by empowering Homeopaths by practical applications of be improve their prescription to be a better Prescriber.

Moderator: Dr.John Rodrique & Dr.Kamlesh Mehta

Thanking him for providing this platform and bringing all the eminent homeopaths and the new learner together and building fellowship and helping the community to grow which is ultimately going to help the humanity.

The whole session was rich with acutes cases. He presented 10 cases ranging from varied pathology. As Dr.Mehta rightly mentioned it was the most humble presentation we witnessed, Dr.Lakhani was really very humble with such rich experience and many cases treated successfully. The whole journey with the cases was very crisp and clear in term of the case presentation and the remedy selection.


This individualizing examination of a case of disease, for which I shall only give in this place general directions, of which the practitioner will bear in mind only what is applicable for each individual case, demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease.

As mentioned above that how our sound senses is most important to receive a case and prescribing the remedy the whole presentation was well grounded with the proper application of Organon.

Thanks again for providing this opportunity and it was great learning.

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Lockdown learning!

“ARSENIC ALBUM” is the remedy very much talked at this time so was the session by Dr.Rajan Shankaran an eminent homeopath from Mumbai India.

The session covered various aspect of arsenic right from Physical generals, Mentals, Sensations, Miasms, Pathology, Remedies followed by through few cases.
The remedies were differentiated very well which came close in term of state and pathology.

Thanks to Dr.Sankaran and the whole team of “The Other Song” and “Homeopathic Online Portal for Education” for sharing the experience with the homeopathic community.

@ 川崎区

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Homeopathic webinar-1

Present Situation demands upgrading your skills and getting the guidance from experienced homeopaths is priceless.


Speaker: Dr. Kamlesh P. Mehta

Had a wonderful session by Dr.KPM who took his time and shared the wisdom with more than 100 homeopaths in India and all over the world.

Moderator: Dr.John Rodrique.
Thanking him for providing this platform and bringing all the eminent homeopaths and the new learner together and building fellowship and helping the community to grow which is ultimately going to help the humanity.

* Dr.Kamlesh Mehta addressed all the queries put forwarded by the group related to repertory its types and uses through a very good short cases and discussed about the Case taking(what is to be treated in every individual cases,the core of every case) organon talking about all the relevant aphorisms related to the cases.
* Had a good insight on remedies like Arsenic and Cassia Sapora and also talked about the related remedies which came close in the case like Nux Vomica, Hepar Sulph, Nux Vomica,Ratania, Nitric Acid, Muriatic Acid and many more.

It was great to hear Dr.Mehta who will always takes you to the ground and talk about only facts and Fundamentals and it’s application in the simplest form.

Thanks for providing this opportunity and it was great learning.

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World Homeopathic Day!

Thankful to for giving this wonderful science to humanity which helps in the mankind.

I congratulate all the homeopaths all over the world for helping patients with .


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