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Why Diabetes Awareness, Care and Treatment is so important.


गोवरची लक्षणे आढळल्यास आरोग्य केंद्राशी संपर्क साधा; सार्वजनिक आरोग्य विभागाचे आवाहन.


COPD is the 3rd leading cause of deaths WorldwidE.
"Your Lungs For Life"


Evening exercises can help one control their blood sugar: Study.


How smoking harms the heart, clots blood and causes brain strokes.


दिन ढलने से पहले डिनर किया कंट्रोल हो गई डायबीटीज.


Many Dengue patients reporting gastro symptoms.

रामदेव और आई एम ए में सही कौन और गलत कौन 06/09/2022

रामदेव और आई एम ए में सही कौन और गलत कौन

Who is right and who is wrong? Baba Ramdev or IMA

रामदेव और आई एम ए में सही कौन और गलत कौन रामदेव और आई एम ए में सही कौन और गलत कौन

Almost half of cancer deaths are preventable 03/09/2022

Almost half of cancer deaths are preventable

Almost half of cancer deaths are preventable Data show that smoking, drinking alcohol and obesity are the biggest contributors to cancer worldwide.


ALWAYS seek the advice of a qualified health care professional before taking antibiotics.

Antibiotics can be used as part of treatment for many infections, including:
- Pneumonia
- Urinary Tract Infections
- Gonorrhoea
- Syphilis
- Trachoma
- Tuberculosis

Remember: Antibiotics do not treat viral infections, like colds and flu.

Photos from Ministry of Ayush, Government of India's post 30/08/2022

Photos from Ministry of Ayush, Government of India's post


Happy Birthday,
Mother Teresa! Mother Teresa (1910–1997) studied homeopathic medicine with Dr. Diwan Jai Chand (1887–1961), a highly respected Indian homeopath whose two sons and grandson are also leaders of Indian homeopathy. Mother Theresa went on to use homeopathy for first aid treatment in her care for the poor.

According to a report from a conventional physician who worked closely with her from 1945 through 1988, Mother Teresa believed that homeopathic treatment was indispensable for the poor and distressed people of India and all other countries of the world for its easy approach, effectiveness, and low cost. Mother Teresa’s mission opened a charitable homeopathic dispensary in Calcutta in 1950 and it is reported that she prescribed homeopathic medicines herself and also assisted homeopathic physicians.

To celebrate Mother Teresa and all who serve the underserved, NCH has a birthday gift for new members. Through August 31st, new members save $10 on a digital membership. Use code awareness-10 at checkout.


Photos from Sarbananda Sonowal's post 26/08/2022

Photos from Sarbananda Sonowal's post

Five diseases best treated in homoeopathy - Times of India 07/08/2022

Five diseases best treated in homoeopathy - Times of India

Five diseases best treated in homoeopathy - Times of India Homeopathy is a medical system developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. It’s based on the belief that minimal doses of natural substances can hel


It's World Breastfeeding Week! DYK: Many women do not 🤱🏻 for as long as they would like. Here’s how we can ALL step up for breastfeeding mothers anytime, anywhere ⬇️


From our friends at the National Center for Homeopathy...



Hon'ble Union Minister of Ayush, Sh. Sarbananda Sonowal will be the Chief Guest and will inaugurate the new combined building complex of RRIH and RRIUM at Navi Mumbai on Saturday, 30th July 2022. Sh. Prashant Thakur, Hon'ble MLA, Panvel will be the Guest of Honour. The other dignitaries Dr. Sangeeta A. Duggal, Advisor Homoeopathy, Ministry of Ayush, Dr. Subhash Kaushik, Director General, CCRH, Prof. Asim Ali Khan, Director General, CCRUM and Dr. Praveen Oberai, Deputy Director General I/C, CCRH will also grace the occasion.


Hon'ble Minister of Ayush, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal ji along with Hon'ble Minister of State, Ayush, Dr Mahendra Munjpara ji will be attending the inauguration program for combined building complex of Regional Research Institute for Homoeopathy (RRIH) and Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine (RRIUM) on 30th July 2022.

Stay tuned for more information!


Apparently deeply threatened by its existence, the medical establishment has spent over two hundred years and countless resources trying to keep homeopathy – and its practitioners – quiet.

In the same way as What The Health examined the overwhelming prevalence of foodborne illnesses, whose causes were hidden in plain sight by industries hellbent on self-preservation, INTRODUCING HOMEOPATHY will use the latest science to verify and prove every aspect of the homeopathic system.

A team of Emmy-winning producers and accredited journalists will tell the story, through interviews with some of the leading minds in the homeopathic and scientific fields, together with case studies of homeopathic success stories backed-up by scientific method, and explorations of the latest research, technology and state-of-the-art production of homeopathic medicines.

See here for more information on the film being produced and how you can get involved 👇


Canadian model, actress, and animal-rights activist, Pamela Anderson, born July 1, 1967, has been a vocal proponent for homeopathy, crediting it for treating her hepatitis C twenty years ago and for keeping her in good health ever since.



DYK: Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

Depression can happen to anyone.

𝘋𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘣𝘦 𝘢𝘧𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘬 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘱.

With the right support, you can get better. ❤️


Safe abortion care is essential to protect the health of women & girls everywhere.
Removing access to abortion care will put more women & girls at risk of illegal abortions and the consequent safety issues that would bring.

Every year over 25 million unsafe abortions take place and up to 37,000 women die.

Evidence shows that restricting access to abortion does not reduce the number of abortions that occur.
Restrictions are, however, more likely to drive women and girls towards unsafe procedures.


Exciting Report on New Research Study on Homeopathy in the Journal "Pulmonary Advisor"

Homeopathic Treatment Speeds Recovery in Patients With COVID-19...
In patients with COVID-19, an earlier recovery has been reported among those treated with an adjunctive individualized homeopathic regimen together with integrated standard of care, compared with standard of care alone, according to the results of a randomized, placebo-controlled, single-blind study published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

Source: Nayak D, Gupta J, Chaudhary A, et al. Efficacy of individualized homeopathy as an adjunct to standard of care of COVID-19: a randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled study. Complement Ther Clin Pract. Published online May 8, 2022.

Timeline photos 22/06/2022

Timeline photos

HIV and mental ill-health are syndemic conditions.

A new, unique Series of papers spanning 3 Lancet journals outlines opportunities for integrated care for 3 key populations: adolescents, substance users, and men who have s*x with men.

Explore the Series here 👉 https://hubs.li/Q01fdpSC0


The UV index tells you when the ☀️ is most dangerous. When it indicates 3⃣ & above, you need sun protection:

✅ Wear sun-protective clothing
✅ Seek shade
✅ Put on a broad-brimmed hat
✅ Slide on sunglasses
✅ Apply sunscreen


An exercise that nourishes the SOUL and stands as a symbol for PEACE.
"Harmony Closer to Humanity"

Timeline photos 19/06/2022

Timeline photos

Last but not least in our Cell Salts for Mental Wellness series: Nat Mur #9. Consider this cell salt for support after grief or loss. It is also indicated when feeling melancholy or hopeless. Learn more about homeopathy for mental health with this month's Limited Edition resource guides. Members can find them in the Member Resources section of the website. Not a member yet? Join today to get instant access: https://www.homeopathycenter.org/become-a-member/

1 in 8 people globally live with mental disorder: WHO 17/06/2022

1 in 8 people globally live with mental disorder: WHO

1 in 8 people globally live with mental disorder: WHO About one in eight people in the world live with a mental disorder, said WHO in a landmark report released on Friday calling for urgent action on transforming mental healthcare

Timeline photos 17/06/2022

Timeline photos

On the cover this week, a Comment on opioid-free analgesia after surgery.

Read this and more in our latest issue: https://hubs.li/Q01dTgd20


One of America's great homeopathic physicians... E.B. Nash MD

E. B. Nash was born in Hillsdale, Columbia County, N. Y., on March 8th, 1838. At the age of seven, he moved to Binghamton, NY, and graduated from the local Academy. He began his study of medicine with Dr. T.L. Brown of Binghamton and graduated from Cleveland Homoeopathic Medical College in 1874.

Dr. Nash began homeopathic practice (he was an excellent prescriber) in Triangle, NY, and also practiced a short time in Harpersville, NY He later moved to Cortland, NY, where he practiced until his death.

Dr. Nash was considered one of the great teachers of medicine. His book, "Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics," (an excellent book on homeopathy that no homeopath should be without) was thought to have been the means of converting many allopathic doctors to homeopathy. Many homeopathic physicians in different parts of the world attributed their success in healing the sick to his writings.

Know what causes hair thinning among women in mid-30s and above; ways to treat it 17/06/2022

Know what causes hair thinning among women in mid-30s and above; ways to treat it

Know what causes hair thinning among women in mid-30s and above; ways to treat it "It’s important to identify the cause and treat it"


For decades mental health has been one of the most overlooked areas of public health, receiving a tiny part of the attention and resources it needs and deserves.
In 2019, nearly 1 billion people – including 14% of the world’s adolescents - were living with a mental disorder.

WHO calls on all stakeholders to work together to deepen the value and commitment given to mental health, reshape the environments that influence mental health and strengthen the systems that care for people’s mental health.


'Playing chess against Covid'.
New wave is likely coming,driven by mass behaviour & immunity levels. But don't Panic.


Distribution of Arsenic album 30 as prophylactic against COVID 19 to the students of Mega Manipur School,Yairelpat under the Campaign of Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav initiated by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India.


Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we stay at home.

Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves! 💃 🕺 👯

More parenting tips 👉https://bit.ly/3jtgf63


This month, Dr. Lisa Samet shares her insights on healthy lifestyle choices that can complement your homeopathic care. Click the link below to read more!


Timeline photos 15/06/2022

Timeline photos

Thalassaemia is a diverse group of genetic disorders with a worldwide distribution affecting globin chain synthesis.

This Seminar provides new information on the pathogenesis and treatment options of thalassaemia: https://hubs.li/Q01dG2f_0






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