Winwick Farm Shop

Winwick Farm Shop


Strawberries/ raspberries at brilliant prices today... also nice green spring cabbage n savoy cabbage only £1.00 ..
Hi when are you getting Christmas Trees in ? Thanks x
Do you have any strawberries in please 😊😁
The freshest Leeks, Potatoes, Cauliflower, Carrots and Parsnips all from the shop today 😍 Will never be beaten!
Another great meal thank you... Always look forward to picking up our fish
We had some sausages from you last week and my wife, who is herself from farming stock says the sausages were the best she’s ever tasted. Oh and I bought a massive pumpkin which my daughter loves. Thanks you, will be back!
I’m only very recently back living in Culcheth.

May I say, this most incredible establishment supersedes any similar store in miles. It has such a uniqueness about it. Not only is all the produce phenomenally consistent (and utterly fab) but with it comes the most brilliant customer service. You guys really do make this place come alive.

I called in today, for soil!!! Strange choice but needs must!! The young lady who served me was nothing short of amazing in helping me take my goods to the car. I mean ‘amazing’

I adore this place and full credit to all you incredible people who are involved running this tight ship. You’re bloody fantastic!!! 🙏🏻
My husband called in yesterday and picked up some bacon. It was far superior to the supermarket prepacked. Will definitely be visiting your shop more 😘
Do you sell new Cheshire potatoes please
Not sure if we were overcharged on Saturday but we were charged almost £50 for our shop, £20 for a piece of lamb but then almost £30 for a few new potatoes, 2 heads of broccoli, a cauliflower, a watermelon, 2 punnets of strawberries, 2 cartons of cream, a dozen carrots, 3 parsnips, 1/2lb mushrooms and a bag of split peas, prices seem to have rocketed over last couple of weeks!
Fantastic fruit and veg never tasted such sweet and juicy oranges
What time are you open till today??

We sell: fruit and veg., livestock feed, coal, logs, charcoal and bedding plants. Chicken and duck eggs from our flocks of free range birds.

Honey from our 50 hives. We also stock local meats and every Thursday we sell a selection of fresh fish.

Operating as usual


Opening hours over Easter weekend
Open Good Friday 9am/6pm
Saturday open 9/6pm
Easter Sunday CLOSED
Easter Monday open 10/4pm


Restaurant charcoal 12kg best price in the town NOW £13.50p.


Supporting the local community!
Croft Primary School have asked us to sell these tomato plants which the children have grown themselves.
95p each.


Treat someone to strawberries this Mothers Day!!
£1.60- punnet


Farm fresh eggs from our own flock of hens. We usually sell out each day so you can rely that your eggs will have been laid that very day.

Winwick Farm Shop 11/03/2022

Winwick Farm Shop

A quality product, clover, multi purpose compost 60 litre £4.95 or three for £14.00p

Winwick Farm Shop Winwick Farm Shop is situated on Southworth Lane at Winwick, Warrington, and is open seven days a week 10am-6pm, and 10am-5pm on Sundays and bank holidays. Started in the eighties selling our own honey from our fifty hives of bees and fruit from the orchard. About the beginning of the millenium we s...


Pleased to tell you the card machine is now working


Presently the card machine is out of order, cash only at the moment

Photos from Winwick Farm Shop's post 07/03/2022

Monday’s display, just delivered, fresh vegetables, with much more in the shop. Local meat, brisket, silverside, rump steaks, fillet steaks, sirloin and much more all at good prices.

Photos from Winwick Farm Shop's post 01/03/2022

Shrove Tuesday. Pancake Day. We have our own free range eggs, collected daily and local Lymm eggs at £3.50p a tray of thirty, these prices have not changed for 2/3 years. And……Winwick Maris piper potatoes at £4.95p for 25kg bag is probably the cheapest in the town and when prices are on the up our potato price hasn’t changed this year, in fact we cut our price on last year’s price. With fifty hives of bees our honey is again one of the cheapest at £4.95p for 1 lb. Jar, it’s also sourced throughout the north of England, but no further. Farm shop prices don’t have to be expensive


When heating the house has become more expensive using gas and electric, our coal and kiln dry hardwood and softwood logs have remained the same price throughout the year. Hardwood £4.50p and softwood £3.50p as is kindling. Coal is supertherm 20kg at £8.00p

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Flowers for your valentine.


Local Winwick Maris piper potatoes £4.95 per sack of 25 kg. Smaller amounts sold either as you wish or 5lb. Bags or half sacks. Other varieties include red skinnned, Cyprus, washed salad and jacket potatoes. We can take orders for other varieties.


Nordmann Christmas Fir trees 6’ tall £29, 8’ tall £35 and 4/5’ tall with blocks £17.50p

Photos from Winwick Farm Shop's post 14/05/2021

New Cheshire Potatoes from Nothwich. Dug this morning. Assortment of bedding plants and vegetable plants available. Large hanging baskets £15 and £25.

Photos from Winwick Farm Shop's post 01/04/2021

Cheap strawberries 70p punnet and £3.30p kg punnets. Also fresh fruit and veg., just delivered. Most of it local from Southport area. Lots of fresh fish into day, cod, sea bass, hake, oysters, plaice, large prawns, fresh tuna and smoked haddock. Much more.


All 50 punnets of strawberries at 50p have been sold within the hour. We have others but more expensive. Sorry.


Fresh tasty large strawberries at incredible low price 50p punnet. Should be £4 per punnet.


Fresh fruit and veg. Large amount in the open for those who prefer not to be in enclosed areas with other people. Smokeless supertherm fuel 20kg £7.50, house coal, 20kg £6.00p. Hardwood and softwood logs £3.50 and £4 per net. Honey local and north of England sourced honey £4.95 lb jar also sold in tubs weighing about 28 lbs at £3.95 per lb.


We are presently closed until Tuesday, 29th December (inclusive) and reopen Wednesday 30th December and 31st December. Closed New Years Day. Thereafter open as usual.


Local potatatoes being picked in Winwick, some destined for Winwick Farm Shop. From the ground and in the shop same day.


Damsons and the potatoes picked today, nice and fresh also very, very local. Ours damsons are large and juicy and we must be the cheapest in town at 7o per lb. The Maris piper local potatoes are good quality and again must be the cheapest in the area, at ONLY £4 per sack of 25kg!!!
Thanks to all who enquired about the Saturday job, which has now been filled. All those who inquired or called personally will remain on record in the event we may need further staff in the near future.
In the recent weeks we have extended our sales to local beef from the nearby abattoir. Steers from as local as Risley, Warrington have been sourced. We sell, sirloin, fillet and rump steaks, roast joints, beef ribs and ribeye plus many other cuts like brisket. The lambs are again mainly from Lancashire and we sell shoulder, legs, cutlets, chops, spare ribs, neck of lamb and other cuts.
We are now supplied daily by a local baker, Yates and Greer with fresh pies. These delicious pies are £1.40p each.
For those thinking of what to do for breakfast we sell English best back dry cured sliced bacon together with our own fresh free range eggs. We even have black puddings. Sorry no baked beans!


The orchard at Winwickfarmshop is crammed with excellent fruit. Although all the plums have gone we still have damson, pears, bramley apples to crab apples. We are open this Bank holiday Monday 10am to 5pm.
Any school leaver who wants a Saturday job at the farm shop is invited to call in. The job entails shop work on the till and helping customer to their car with coal and 25 kg bag potatoes; so the applicant should be physically able to carrying their duties. Wages for school leaver is £5 per hour. This job may have extended hours and is of a permanent nature. Someone of a pleasant disposition and who resides locally would help.


Just harvested from the bees this summer’s cut comb honey. Also Victoria plums and damsons.


Pumpkins are delighted with the sunshine and rain fall we are having. Hopefully they will be the right size come autumn . Baby pea fowl joining the menagerie at the farm two of eight babies this year.


Mixed houseplants cheese plants, eucalyptus and large yuccas all at low prices. Orange plants, something a bit different. New Cheshire’s at 30p per pound or full bag for £7


Beautiful tasting strawberries £2.95p


Lots flowers and at cheap prices senetti £2.50p and much much more


Lots of fresh strawberries and vegetable plants, tomato plants 95p each and assortments of veg trays at £1.25p. Lots of compost 50 litre 3 for a tenner. Much more...plenty of fresh produce.


We have a selection of veg plants, courgettes, cabbage, six type of tomato plants and many more. The tomato plants are 95p and the veg trays with six plants are £1.25p. Locally grown and good healthy specimens. By the way open tomorrow, Saturday, BUT CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY. We are reopening on Monday. Sorry to all our regulars for what’s happened recently, with long queues. Hope this situation nationally ends soon. I thank our staff for their hard work, without them we would be closed. Thank you everyone for your custom.


Opening hours are 10/6pm Monday to Saturday and 10/5pm on Sunday
We accept all card and cash payments
Thank you


Strawberries £1.20p punnet and two for £2.00p. Lots of fruit and veg outside so you are not in a confined space, but plenty in the shop with a guidance of no more than two or three in the shop.


Strawberries £1.25 or two for £2.00p. Fresh cod boned and skinless.


Just to let you know we are open this weekend with a lot of produce. Sorry we can’t take orders either for delivery or for collection. This suspension will last for a period. We will announce the date of reinstatement of deliveries as soon as possible.

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47 Southworth Lane, Winwick

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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