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A set of Beehive Hair Salon_ inspired nails I created Back in 2021 came to life 🐝

As we all know the name of the beehive was decided when my brother and his partner was part of the devastating night of the Ariana Grande concert on 22nd may 2017 💔

I was so overwhelmed when my client asked for them ready for her brand new craft shop opening day 🐝
Order yours by giving Beehive Hair Salon a DM
I do not own the rights to this music 🎶
Happy 5th Birthday to ussss🎉🥳
Besties and business partners still winging it 🤣How did that happen?! Our 5th year has bought us many new and exciting pathways
• .beauty_ Jenna found another string to our Glow bow doing her thanggg💅🏻
• Beehive Hair Salon became our new glam home 🥰 the lads have welcomed us with open arms from the start.
• We started our partnership with enabling us to share some amazing discounts with you all and earn whilst in lockdown
• WEDDINGS ARE BACK! We are so pleased to see our diary looking so full again 🤍
It’s so easy to focus on what we haven’t had the past year due to the dreaded C word, but looks like we’ve not done so bad at all💞
We are so lucky to have the most amazing clients, thankyou for still giving us your custom 5 years on, here’s to many more 🎉🎉
Friday & Saturday appointments available in my new stunnen beauty room * 👀
@ Beehive Hair Salon westy lane .
❤️🤞🏼 O P E N I N G D A T E 🤞🏼❤️

As most of you will have heard by now, salons across the UK have been given a date to reopen which for ourselves at Beehive Hair Salon will be Tuesday 13th April, if everything goes to plan with regards to COVID-19. 🤞🏼✨

I will be in contact with each one of my clients who has missed an appointment from this lockdown and for those who also missed appointments from the previous lockdown. 📞

Please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions, but I can reassure you all that if you have missed an appointment, you are on my list and I will definitely be in contact with you in order from my list. 😘

I will start contacting my clients in around 2 weeks time, just to make sure everything is running smoothly and we can confirm that this date won’t change. 🤞🏼

Speak to you all soon & hopefully see you all for your next appointments! ☺️ Let’s get those roots removed, fringes fixed & those balayages blonder! ❤️✂️
💥 - Healthy - Shiny - Blunt - Blonde - 💥
Full head classic highlights with root colour inbetween. ❤️ Toner applied, double conditioning treatment using INNOluxe & trialing Beehive Hair Salon’s new hair product (coming soon 😍) finished with a blunt cut & smooth styling. 👸🏼🌟
Snoozing ourselves for 2 weeks. ❤️🌙
Myself & Hair by Mike Houghton will be away from the salon and our diaries until Tuesday 22nd September. ✌🏼✨
Any messages regarding appointments will be replied to when we are back at Beehive Hair Salon. 😘
Glow Make-Up Studio will still be in salon whilst we are away but please DM the girls for any appointments. 🖤 Xx
And finally those seats wont be empty🥳🙈
We will be open from this Saturday 15th August from our new home Beehive Hair Salon🖤
Thankfully, Warrington isn’t on local lockdown. Let’s be safe and clean and make it stay that way ✌🏻🧼
Please help support your local beauty businesses at this time, 5 months out of work has pushed many to the brink of permanent closure. We would absolutely love to make you feel and look beautiful again...we can’t wait to get back to it! Your support means everything!
Book Now ❤️❤️❤️
@ Glow Make-Up Studio
🌟 C R E A M Y B L O N D E L O C K S 🌟

Full Air Touch balayage (my current favourite technique) with face framing highlights & toned to create a creamy, golden rooty blonde. 😍❤️

Beehive Hair Salon

Matrix Professional Haircare & Color
✨𝚁 𝙴 𝙰 𝙳 𝚈 𝙰 𝙽 𝙳 𝚆 𝙰 𝙸 𝚃 𝙸 𝙽 𝙶 ✨
All moved in!🐝
Loving our new setup, we know you’ll love it here too! So lucky to be going into a gorgeously decorated space & salon. Excited to be joining the Beehive Hair Salon boys and to see what our future holds✨
Fun fact: the toilet decor is the same colour scheme as our logo - it was meant to be🥰
Lovely afternoon at my favourite place
Having my hair done , always welcoming . Brilliant restyle for me love it , thanks 💕
Good luck today guys !!!

‘That home from home, no judgement, good vibes kinda salon.’


🍃 A u t u m n a l V i b e s I n c o m i n g . . . . 🔥

The nights are drawing in, the weather has gone cooler, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air and that only means one thing …. Autumnal hair is on the way! 🧡

It’s our favourite hair season! 😍 We can’t wait for all the root shadows, golden brondes, copper melts, chocolate brunettes and all the other autumnal colours we get to create over the next few weeks! 🤤

Who’s ready for for a tone down!? 😬🍁

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 24/09/2023

Rebekah, Rebekah, Rebekah…We have written this post a hundred times over and we just can’t seem to find the right words 🥺

You’ve been such an amazing part of the Beehive team and our journey. You have brought so us so much joy, laughter and fond memories. Ones that we will treasure forever ❤️

We know that leaving us for warmer climates and starting your new adventure down under in Australia is a once in a lifetime thing but please don’t forget that our door is always open if you ever wanted to come back* 😂🦘

We cannot wait to see how your magical journey unfolds. You really do deserve every single blessing that comes your way 💫

Thankyou for everything, now reach for the stars hunny, we love you longtime 😘❤️

(*All makeup appointments will now be with the fabulous Jenna who isn’t going anywhere we’ve told her she’s not allowed 😂😘)


W E ‘ R E O U T O F O F F I C E ✈️☀️

Hey hunnies, just a quick update to let all of our wonderful clients know that we are now off on our holidays 😎

This is our first beach holiday abroad in over 6 years so there’s definately going to be plenty of cold beers, sunshine and gorgeous Greek food.🍺☀️🇬🇷

Us Beehive Boys cannot wait to enjoy some much needed downtime, rest and recuperation 😴🍺

All messages will be replied to once we are back in salon (Tuesday 26th September )😘

Love Always ❤️


I don’t know about you but long layers with a smooth flicky blowdry are my fave 🥰🥰🥰

Hair by Mike Houghton

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 01/09/2023

✨ T h e C r e a m i e s t O f B l o n d e s ✨

Full works for Sophie, another client recently diagnosed with ‘blonderexia’ 😂 a life changing condition where you are addicted to having bleach highlights and just NEED to be blonder! 😂💛

Full head highlights, Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care toner, INNOluxe in salon treatment 💪🏼 finished with a cut & bouncy blowdry. 🤤✨

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair


Hey Hunnies 👋🏼😘

We’re just about fully rested and recovered after our weekend shenanigans at Creamfields, we had an absolute ball 🎪🕺🏼

We are back in the salon from tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing all of our gorge clients 🥰

Loadsa love, The Beehive Boys ❤️

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 24/08/2023

*Instantly saves pics to camera roll for inspo at next appointment* 💇🏽‍♀️

Tonal refresh for the lovely Amy 😍

Amy is well known in the salon for being the queen of coppers. She’s been every shade going 🙈😂

We’re currently on her copper to blonde journey and this is where we’re at. A soft blended brunette bronde with soft caramel tones ✨

Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care
Root 6M & 5N, gloss 9GV & 10G 2.7% 💦


✨ P o l i t e N o t i c e ✨

Just a quick message from the Beehive Boys …. We have a busy few weeks coming up, socially and work wise - festivals, weddings & holidays, therefore we are super busy in the salon around this time. 💥

Please be patient with us, we are trying our best to get you all booked in, working longer days, Sundays & Mondays to work around our upcoming time off - messages may also be slower at being replied to but we will get back to you as soon as we can. ☺️

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment for any reason, please drop us a message with as much notice as possible (we understand things crop up) as we may be able to fill a space with someone who’s waiting for an appointment. ☎️

With that being said, our next available appointments are now after our holiday in September/October. ✈️

Thank you for reading and continuing to keep us busy little bees. 😂💛

Love, The Beehive Boys. 🧔🏻‍♂️🧔🏼‍♂️ xoxo


B R O N Z E Y B A L A Y A G E ✨

Full multitonal refresh and restyle appointment for the lovely Jenny 🥰

How good does the finished result look? 🤤😍

Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care


Beehive Hair Salon prides itself on being a Safe Space 💖🌸✨

We want all of our clients to know that once they are sat in our seat and the door is shut that they can talk to us about anything. We’ve always got an open ear, a shoulder to cry on and a nice warm cuppa with 2 shugs 😘

We have always been a no judgement salon to ensure that people from all walks of life can feel safe and comfortable 💖

If you want to open up and talk at your appointment then please feel free xx


✨🪩 Restock Of The Beehive Haircare Range 🪩✨

Our best selling haircare range is back baby ✌🏻

- Oh Honey Argan Oil £12
- The Beekeepers Mask Hair Therapy £20
- Nourishing Nectar Leave In £15
- Drone Definer Matte Clay £10
- Beesting Blow Out Spray £13
- Beehive Blue Shampoo £12

(Our Pollinate & Protect Thermal protection spray will be replenished shortly 😘)

If you are wanting to place an order please don’t hesitate to drop us a message ❤️

The best self care starts with good hair care 😉✨

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 06/08/2023

Hair Up or Hair Down???

Which one do you prefer?? 🤔😍✨

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 30/07/2023

🔥 L i v ‘ s L i v e d I n B r o n d e J o u r n e y 🔥

Would you believe that our client Liv had black box dyed hair this time last year!? 👏🏼🖤

Patience & preservation was the key to this hair journey! 🔑 Blonde appointments, with toner & treatment appointments booked in inbetween, a good cut each time, at home hair care including ‘zero heat’ styling and we’re almost at where we want to be. 😍

Full head ‘Air Touch’ highlights - toned using Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care to achieve a cooler, creamier bronde, using INNOluxe for that added strength. 💪🏼 Finished with a good cut & brushed out curls. 💁🏼‍♀️✨

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair


When Barbie is a basic b*tch and you want to live your best Bratz Doll fantasy instead? 👱🏼‍♀️🌸✨

Full head teased highlights, faceframe, creamy toner, cut and styled with those signature waves 🤤😍



Daily reminder that you’re a motherf*cking superstar!! 💫🌸✨

Learn to love the skin you’re in, embrace your quirks and stick that middle finger up to anyone that tries to disturb your peace ✌🏻💖


❤️‍🔥 V e r m i l l i o n R e d ❤️‍🔥

Colour refresh for Chloe Whit ; full colour using ‘Vermillion Red’ by Crazy Color PRO. 😍🩸

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 15/07/2023

Thanks for another gorgeously busy week ladies and gents. We hope you have a fabulous weekend 😘🥂✨

Love always, the Beehive Team ❤️


Those face framing highlights be poppin💥

Adding a soft ash root smudge for depth and a cool creamy toner for that classy blonde 🤤

Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care :
Root 8AV, Gloss toner 10V & 10A 💦


✨ T h a t F l i c k y B l o w d r y V i b e ✨

Full works appointment for Sophie ; Full head highlights, Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care toner, INNOluxe treatment, cut & flicky, bouncy blow. 👌🏼♥️

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 07/07/2023

O H S O G L O S S Y G U R L 💇🏻‍♀️✨

Living for this super rich glossy brunette. Layers upon layers styled with a bouncy flicky blowdry 🤤🖤

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 02/07/2023

Hey hunnies, how are you all? 🥰

Just a quick reminder that we’re back in salon from Tuesday 4th 😘

We can’t wait to get back to it see all of our lovely clients after our much needed break away☀️❤️

Love always, The Beehive Boys 💙


Hey hunnies, just a polite reminder…

If you are unable to make your appointment, we ask kindly to please let us know in advance 👍🏻

We understand that life happens and that things can crop up.

If you cancel or do not turn up for an appointment more than twice then we will ask for a deposit to be paid to secure any future appointments.

This week alone we have had several no shows amounting to over £150 in lost profit because people have ‘forgot’ 🙈

We hope that everyone can understand that we are a small business and that we can be affected by last minute cancellations/no shows.

Thanks to everyone for continued support and loyalty 😘

Love the Beehive Boys 💙

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 15/06/2023

Category is…Goldilocks vs Rapunzel 👸🏼✨

We’re living for these bright summery blonde locks. Oh gurrrrrl 🤤😎✨

Toned with Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care new total control gel colours 💦

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 13/06/2023

🖤 She's Blaaaaackkk (and Blonde) 🤍

Our client Jenna is back to refresh her half black, half blonde hair colour and we could have spent all day taking photos from different angles!✌🏼🌓

L O V E ! 🫶🏻

Are you brave enough to embrace this colour!? 😍

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair

Matrix Professional Hair Color & Care

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 08/06/2023

Nothing Beats A Rich Glossy Brunette🤎🤎🤎

Hair by Mike Houghton

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 07/06/2023

Happy 5th Birthday to our baby, Beehive Hair Salon. Here's to the next 5 years and many more to come! 🥳❤️

The Beehive Boys wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the copious amount of love & continued support from our amazing clients, friends & families…and for that we would just like to say THANK YOU, WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ❤️❤️❤️

As a small family run business we really do count our blessings every single day…GRATITUDE IS THE BEST ATTITUDE 🙏🏻🐝✨

The constant hard work and super long days can be at times overwhelming but today we celebrate. We celebrate our growth, our journey, our acheivements/losses and most importantly our amazing clients and team.

We are blessed beyond measure, we really are 💗

Love always, Mike & Chris 👱🏻‍♂️💙🧔🏻‍♂️

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 05/06/2023

🌻 M u l t i t o n a l B l o n d e 🌻

Full head highlights & lowlights using Matrix Professional Haircare & Color in tones Golden & Mocha to create a multi tonal, more dimensional blonde. 😍

(PS - my client Rebecca was wearing a dress handmade by herself 🤩👏🏼)

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair


Hey hunnies, a gentle reminder for you to try and count your blessings and not your failures 🌸💜✨

It’s our big 5th birthday next week so we’ll definately be counting ours 🥰💋


Who else wants to be blonder for summer? 💁🏼‍♀️✨

Katie’s main aim was to be blonder, creamy with a chunkier money piece around the front…this was the final result 🤤😍

Soft layered cut blow dried and pinned for that bouncy voluminous shape 👌🏼

Matrix Professional Haircare & Color gel toners 11PV 9V 10PR 9NGA with lashings of INNOluxe 💦

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 29/05/2023

🔥 S h o r t A n d S a s s y 🔥

Gals (& guys) with short hair can have fun with their locks too! 😍

Rooty blonde effect on shorter hair, using a foilyage technique, keeping the ends nice & bright and creating a shadow effect on the root. 👌🏼

Toned using Matrix Professional Haircare & Color 🩶 a mixture of clippers & scissors used to create a textured style with a longer fringe & Beehive HairCare for styling. 🐝

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair


Just taking a moment to admire this gorgeous head of hair 🤤🥰

The lovely Maisey wanted to feel lighter, brighter and whiter with her blonde balayage. Teased babylights, faceframe and tip outs and this was our final result 😍✨

For that crisp fresh blonde we toned with the new gel toners from 11PV & 9V 2.7% 💦


We're back home from seeing our Queen of the Beehive - Beyoncé. 🤤🔥

We've had a few days away in the North East but are back to it tomorrow - any messages will be replied to then. ☎️

Hope you all had fun following our B E Y O N C E themed pub crawl. 🤪🍺

Love, The Beehive Boys. 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼✨


Remembering that day 6 years on, it will always be bittersweet 💔🐝

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 20/05/2023

C h o c o l a t e & V a n i l l a🍦🍫✨

Obsessed with this colour transformation on my gal Cheshire Beauty 🤤

Jade was tired of her long grown out balayage and fancied a much bolder contrast.

Heavy face framing moneypiece, chocolate brunette base and creamy cool toner and this was the final result.

How stunning? 😍😍😍

Base colour 6N, 7NA, 6WN 2.7%
Faceframe toner 9GV, 10V & Clear 2.7%

Matrix Professional Haircare & Color


I always get asked the question…’What do you enjoy doing most?’

Well I Love Love Love Doing Long Luscious Locks 🤩✨

Hair by Mike Houghton


✨💡 C o p p e r y G l o w 💡✨

These lighter nights are soooo much better for us hairdressers trying to capture those after photos! 📷💙

Chunky highlights with face framing foils, root smudge toner with golden coppery ends. 🧡🌟

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair

Matrix Professional Haircare & Color


Our Girl Got Her Glow Up ✨

Yummy Mummy makeover for our girl PolishedBeautyByChloeJane 💇🏼‍♀️

Our aim was ‘As blonde as possible’ so back to back scalp foils, creamy toner, cut and signature waves 🤤

INNOluxe used every step of the way 💦


May 8th 2018 - we signed on the dotted line and picked up the keys to our little salon ❤️

5 years in and we’re thriving. The best team ever and the most amazing clients too 🥰

A huge Thankyou to everyone for the continued support, we really appreciate it.

Here’s to our official 5th birthday next month 🥂✨

Follow your dreams, you never know where you’ll end up 🥰

Photos from Beehive Hair Salon's post 03/05/2023

✨ That Lived In, Summer Blonde 👌🏼☀️

No bleach was used in the making of this gorge head of hair. 🤤

Reverse balayage, adding super natural lowlights to blend my clients natural base colour into her previous highlights, and also creating a face framing effect. 😍

Toned using Matrix Professional Haircare & Color in Gold, Pearl & Violet making this the creamiest of creamy blondes. 🍦

Hair by Chris Whitfield Hair


Oh Hey The Month Of May 🌼🌸🌼

Wishing you all nothing but good vibes for the new month ahead ❤️

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Let your nails do all the talking 💅🏻✨PolishedBeautyByChloeJane with that perfect BIAB application 💕
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