Mick Barrow Photography

Mick Barrow Photography

A range of photography to showcase the many subjects in my portfolio

Photography has been my passion for more than 20 years, never really settling on any single aspect but instead choosing a wide variety of subject matter. FYI
All Images are copyright [2000-2022] [mick barrow] and may not be copied modified or distributed in any way in part or whole without prior permission.


was woken up to the sound of thunder up at 12.30 last night so drove to the weir at waroona to get some photos
i missed the best part of it but managed to put this image together

milky way rising 25/05/2023

had a go at some milky way time laps, its the first time i tried putting a video like this together pretty happy with the result
the orange lighting on the trees is from the campfire light
thanks mick

milky way rising milky way time laps between 3 and 6 hours time laps per night over 4 nights music by Medieval Fantasy by MaxKoMusic | https://maxkomusic.com/Music promoted b...


some colourful autumn leaves in a stream


solar eclipse today only partial in my location


will be at the The Peel Produce Market on Saturday from 8am to 12

and at the All Australian Car Day in Waroona on Easter Sunday from 10am to 3pm
happy Easter everyone hope you have a great weekend


Double market weekend
i will be at The Peel Produce Market on Saturday morning and at Waroona Lions Community Market on Sunday morning from 8am
with a selection of images on canvas or as framed prints
see you there

Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 15/03/2023

Got up at 4.30am this morning to photograph the sunrise at Dawesville but it didn't happen as i intended
but managed to capture 2 beautiful shots of an osprey instead


there always one in any group that can tell a good tale


Double market weekend
i will be at the The Peel Produce Market on Saturday morning
and at the Waroona Lions Community Market on Sunday morning.
Add some colour to your walls, with a selection of framed images and canvas prints, to suit all tastes.


An image of the Drakes brook Weir at Waroona
It was taken for a friend who specifically wanted it to capture the main elements of the Weir, such as the picnic tables and BBQ areas, the floating pontoon and the hills in the background.

it’s a multi row panorama taken just before sunset and takes in a 180-degree view that captures all the above elements, and its what makes the Weir and waroona such an awesome place to visit.
Stay in the caravan for a day or 2, BBQs, swimming, fishing, kayaking, toilet facilities.

Visit Waroona Drakesbrook Weir


Going gang busters at The Peel Produce Market today beautiful day plenty of stalls to see freash produce come have a look


Captured an awesome sunrise this morning at the Drakes brook Weir, Waroona
the Drakes brook Weir at Waroona is a great place to visit, free camping, picnic areas, BBQs, and awesome sunrise and sunsets hahaha

Visit Waroona Drakesbrook Weir Drakesbrook, Western Australia


Will be at the The Peel Produce Market this Saturday with a selection of Canvas and Framed prints ready to hang on your wall


will be at the Waroona Lions Community Market tomorrow morning with a selection of canvas and framed prints

Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 02/02/2023

Red tail Black Cockatoos
i took this morning happily eating gum nuts in the tree opposite my house

Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 27/01/2023

Will be at the The Peel Produce Market this Saturday from 8am
with a great variety of canvas and framed prints.

looking for something for Valentine’s Day?
check out my Red Rose images in a solid jarrah frame and choice of messages
full range on display at my stall


Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 23/01/2023

Called in at the Thrombolites, Lake Clifton this morning

These are not rocks but living micro-organisms
These rock-like formations are found in only a few places in the world and scientists believe that Thrombolites are one of the first life forms on earth, dating back approximately 570 million years, producing oxygen that made all subsequent life possible.


Will be at The Peel Produce Market with a selection of photography images available on canvas or as framed prints
Ready to hang on your wall


Pelican in flight
so graceful gliding over the water’s surface, with almost no effort.


Whishing everyone a very merry Christmas and happy new year

Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 18/12/2022

Spent the afternoon trying to find some Red Tail Cockatoos to photograph
wasn’t having much success until I called in at Drakesbrook Fine Wines for a bottle of red.
I managed to capture some great shots of them around the winery. It’s a great place to take in the views while sampling the local wines
I took my bottle home to sample with my dinner tonight lol 😁
Visit Waroona


Double Rainbow Kookynie Western Australia
Got wet as the shower came over but was worth the soaking to get this image


Take Off
one i captured a few weeks back in Yallingup Cape Naturalist


with a lot of smoke haze from neaby fires tonight
I set up for the sunset with 35mm lens then realized there was a better shot with the big lens at 500mm to capture the setting sun with smoke. just as some rain started to drop from the clouds and bird flew past, was a lucky capture.


This one is open for captions
not sure what going on
but looks like hes getting a good tickle 😂
Waroona Photography Group Learning Photography

Photos from Mick Barrow Photography's post 21/10/2022

Called in at Waroona Dam this morning and the water was like a mirror
Made a good opportunity to capture some great reflections
such a beautiful place
Visit Waroona Lake Navarino Holiday Park


"Tch, Tch, Tch,"
"whats up skipp"
"Sonny's trapped down a well and I need you to fetch the helicopter so we can rescue him right now!'"


Star Trails
blancing rock kookynie
with the camera shutter open for an hour it records the movment of the stars as the earth rotates
the centre is the south celestial pole


Managed to capture a Dragon Fly in flight
took me near 2 hrs to get the shot lol, they are quick.


The Great Orion Nebula
Taken with my camera and lens (not a telescope)
I imaged this over 2 nights on the weekend
and spent best part of a day processing it
I now have a star tracker for my camera. This tracks the stars movement, which allows me to open the shutter for longer periods capturing more detail.

the nebula forms part of Orion’s Sword just below the belt and can be seen on a very dark night as a white fuzzy glow
it’s my best Astro image to date hope you like it

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