Felicity Ford Photography

Felicity Ford Photography


I am perfect in my imperfections.
I am beautiful in my own way. I am me!

Embrace and love 💕 who you are.

📸 Felicity Ford Photography

I think it is time for a little update, and for the newbies here, this is a little about me:

Hi, I'm Suzy. I am a geologist/geophysicist, op-shop addict, pom, mum, travelaholic, soon-to-be-divorced Photographer, and I'd like to photograph you :)

So, while my self-description is little jumbled let me break it down. I love Mother Nature, the Earth, natural sciences and the such, and that lead me to study the Earth, aka Geology. I like rocks more than the average person I guess. I had a wild decade travelling the world working for various oil companies. But I didn't want to do that anymore. That wasn't aligned with my love of nature. I want to me 'in' nature. That is why when we do a photoshoot together you will see me laying in the dirt or sitting in a puddle 😆

I moved to Aus in 2012, very quickly met a lovely guy and fell madly in love, got married, had two incredible daughters, set off to travel Aus and then it all just kind of fell apart. I won't go into the specifics but I ended up here in the gorgeous Pilbara as a single mum with full custody. After doing a bit of travel photography for a few years which funded a fair few of our trips, I wanted to do something new to me; family portraits. So six months ago I dived right into family and maternity shoots here in Karratha. Now, just a short time later I am working full time and almost fully supporting myself. That could only happen with the amazing support I have had from friends up here, namely Kerry, Zoe, Tess and Fee. There are too many others to mention.

But now, just as I have built my business almost to where I want it, I am moving again. Me and the girls will leave Karratha just before Christmas. But fear not my lovelies! I will be back in the school holidays to shoot AstroPortrats and AstroMaternity!

And somewhere in the mix I am also rebranding! Watch for my new business name and logo this weekend!!

Photo by Felicity Ford Photography
So since I am no longer in a relationship with Mr Jones I have been thinking about changing my business name. I did some googling of terms that align with my love of the stars and this is what I came up with...

- Giant Gas Cloud Photography
- Cephid Variable Images
- Asteroid Belt Photography
- Starship Enterprise Photography
- E.T. Images
- gn-z11 Photography

Needless to say, I'm not good at this 😂 but luckily I have two amazing friends and brilliant Karratha photographers to brainstorm with Felicity Ford Photography and Tess Jasmine Photography. With their help I found a name I LOVE!! But I'm not going to tell you just yet.

My gal pal and fav logo designer Toni from Left Coast Australia is working on the graphical stuff right now 😆

In the mean time, I'd love to hear any suggestion you have that are better than my first few 😂

PS anyone who says Giant Gas Cloud would be good for me will be immediately blocked - from my life 😂😆
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Photo Credit: Felicity Ford Photography
M U S T A R D 💛
One of three bamboo jersey colours I have on preorder right now! Available until Oct 3!
Felicity Ford Photography
This image is such a breath of fresh air! I get so stuck in work mode of pumping out gowns on the sewing machine, then I see something like this and it makes it all worthwhile!!
The Monaco Gown, photographed with these lovers by Felicity Ford Photography 🤍
3 amazing accounts I learn from everyday!
You might know me as a photographer and I feel lucky to love what I do... but behind the scenes, I'm always learning too. Here are 3 accounts that I follow here on Instagram (and Facebook!) that teach me something new everyday:
Felicity Ford Photography ( Work with Felicity Ford )
( )
Michelle McKay Photographer
( )

I'm sharing this because a) their content is awesome and b) I believe it's important to hire someone who's always learning - not just staying static.
There was a glitch on my website yesterday- sorry for anyone who couldn't get on! I can sew but I can't computer 🤣
Brightening up your feed with this magical shot from Felicity Ford Photography featuring the Juniper skirt 🧡💙
Thank you Felicity Ford Photography.
I love my website
Farewell to the place where the sun always shines.

You will always have a place in our hearts, and the red dirt will forever run in our blood.

Thank you 🙏

You have been the classroom for our children, and the fun nature adventure playground we have all loved exploring.

Thank you 🙏

You have called people from all over, and bought them together in this perfect bubble, turning them from friends to family.

Thank you 🙏

Our path has lead us in a new direction for now. But we will never forget the path we walked. You have inspired us and we will take some of your magic with us.

Thank you 🙏

We heard the call to the North West and committed to a one year plan with lots of uncertainty.
Almost 4 years on we leave as different people. Awakened and more connected to ourselves, each other and life it’s self.

Thank you 🙏

I know we will hear the call back again, and when we do, we will come with no hesitation.
So this is not goodbye, just a see you later. Until then, Farewell Karratha❤️❤️

📸Felicity Ford Photography
When you come to a fork in the road and pulled in a different direction to where you thought you were going.

It is the UNKNOWN, but it comes from something bigger than a thought or dream.

Guided all the way, only to finally discover it is NOT the unknown, it’s what you have done for many lifetimes before!!!

Pick up where you left off and keep following this divine path.

Along with the healings that I already offer, The Sacral Seed is part of my own spiritual journey. I have journeyed to heal from this lifetime and past lifetimes, I now love and accept all of me, I’ve received messages, visuals and lots of goddess energy. Bringing it all together as it is meant to be.
....this is the right path, and I walk it with love. ❤️❤️

I look forward to sharing it with you.🌈

Felicity Ford Photography
You are so welcome Felicity Ford Photography it looks like they all had an amazing time well done mama 💕

Western Australian Lifestyle + Brand Photographer

Based in Waroona - travelling all over Regional WA

Western Australian Lifestyle + Brand Photographer Felicity Ford


Content Shoot magic for this earth goddess

Content shoots are really a collaborative effort. I love working with fellow creatives + business owners to create a custom library of beautiful images to truly bring their visions to life.

No matter how you dream to be photographed I’m all about helping you make it happen xx

✨ this + much more magic brought to the table by


I spent the past week back up north in the golden sun and red dirt 💕

Lon and I agreed it was perhaps the most relaxing “holidays” we’ve ever been on. Sure I worked a couple of days, but with no where to be, no new sites to see, no need to rush around from here to there trying to fit it all in, it really was just as if we were holidaying at home.. just with the fellow caravan park visitors as neighbours.

Many a catch up with beautiful friends, I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who made our week long break back up in karratha so filled with laughter and love 💕

Uploading the photos from those couple of sessions to the computer today has also opened my eyes to how much I love this job - how much I adore capturing your stories and creating magic with my cameras.

Bring on more opportunities to capture more magic moments + the beauty of life right here in the South West - I can’t wait to create magic with so many more of you xx

📷 content shoot for

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 09/07/2023

Finding new places on the farm to photograph will probably keep me occupied for many years to come I’d say. Big props again to for coming adventuring with me and helping me find a few more to add to the collection.

For those of you interested and in coo-ee distance of Waroona, I’m always keen for volunteers to get in front of the camera with me whilst I’m location scouting out here before opening it up for regular sessions in the spring - get in touch xx 💕💕

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 07/07/2023

A couple of new promo shots up on the gram for local country music legend Ray Jones - I also like to drop in that he was the winner of the 2023 WA Country Music Male Artist of the Year Award - just in case you didn’t know 😅😅

All shot here on the I’m loving the versatility we’ve got to work with out there all year ‘round!

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 20/06/2023

The last time I had “family photos” was during this shoot with my beautiful friend when she was just starting out in family photography almost 3 years ago and she took these beauties with our two youngest kiddos out amongst the wildflowers up north.

For someone who has family photos all over the walls of my house, I haven’t actually practiced what I’ve preached myself in recent years :-/

It’s been so long since we had family photos taken :-(

We used to have family photos taken way more regularly, like every 6-12 months.. but as the kids grew up that determination of mine fell by the wayside I suppose.

It has become easier to just accept that our adult children are doing their own things now and maybe family photos featuring the 6 of us would be a thing of the past. But I also feel like there’s something essential missing when I look at these ones even with just 4 of us too 🤷‍♀️

I’d really love to be able to explain how much each of these photos means to me, from this session and from each of the ones from the past.

I wish I could explain how the photo of our now 6 foot + older two boys standing side by side with but very much shorter than Lon brings a smile of recognition and love to not just my face but to my soul each time I pass it in the hallway. 💕💕

I can only hope that there are many a fellow mumma having these similar moments of recognition looking back at their photos I’ve helped capture for them over the years too xx the power these photographs and the memories they encompass really is something I treasure # # #

I really do love my job xx

Ahhhh… anyone else have these nostalgic moments where you look back and realise time has passed by so fast already you can barely keep up… maybe it’s just me 😅😅

Either way, these are the thoughts running through my head that keep me up at night these days 😅😅

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 19/06/2023

I found it!! Waiting in line outside the post office pays off 😍🥶😍🥶

This cute lil family got in front of the camera with me back in 2016 in Narrogin - just a few years back now - but I’ve been thinking about recreating this shoot this morning - might have to wrangle my kiddos to let me take photos of them again sometime soon!!

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 19/06/2023

Had a quick scroll back through the archives over on my FB account and found these beauties from 2016 (!!!) - pretty sure that was right about the last time I shot in the cold weather 🥹

There’s a marshmallows by the fire session somewhere in there too if I remember correctly 😅

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 19/06/2023

It’s been a while since I posted some good ol loved up couple shots 😍😍

Lauren simply glowed in front of the camera and Luke you go alright too I suppose.. 😅😅

Might be time to go searching through the archives for some rugged up winter shoots as winter is certainly making itself known in our neck of the woods today 😅🥶💕

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 17/06/2023

I put it out to the universe that I wanted to meet and connect with other local creatives here in the Peel - South West area and boy has it delivered!! 😍😍

From flower farmers to glass artists, copywriters to candle makers, small scale farmers to fellow photographers (and more!) - I’m so grateful for each and every one of you that has reached out so far (thank you Instagram!!) and I’m looking forward to forming so many more connections in person as well as online in the coming months!

It’s coming up 9 months since we’ve been here on the farm and I think it’s safe to say we’re well and truly settling in to our little corner of the world down here now xx

📷: of a visit out to ‘s beautiful flower farm here in Waroona 😍😍


We trimmed back the undergrowth on the big ol’ pine tree a little while back and have kept the long straight branches to use as posts within the garden.
However I’d love to come up with a way to use these short cuts somehow, without just throwing them in the fire as kindling if we can avoid it.
Any suggestions?

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 18/05/2023


I didn’t realise how much I missed seasons until this past month as autumn really showed it’s beauty here on the farm.

Living up north for 6 years it felt like there were just two seasons, wet and dry except the wet wasn’t all that wet for us most of the time - but hot and humid it was, and the dry was like a beautiful spring/early summer day - day after day after day.

Moving to the farm at the start of spring, moving through summer and now into the end of autumn - it feels like we’ve finally started to reset and although I’m still feeling the cold and winter isn’t even here yet, I’m appreciative of this gorgeous beauty that surrounds us.

The colours of the falling leaves and the treasures that abound during this time - oh and the smell!! Oh that smell wandering around the base of the gum trees of an early evening - it might just be my favourite - it really is intoxicating 💕💕


Those damn boots.. 😅

I still find them in the most random of places. There’ll be one tossed aside at the front door, the other under the recliner in the lounge room, sometimes theres one abandoned in the laundry or tucked away at the end of the hallway, only to get tripped over every time we wander through in the dark 😅

But finding them there at all and not being worn religiously for the past few years whenever he was here on the farm, with the accompanying clink of the spurs as he walks by, is the constant reminder to me that master 13 isn’t home.

He’s been learning to ride since before he could walk and competing alongside his Aunty and Pa since they’d let him join in was one of his proudest accomplishments.

He has just a couple 😅 of ribbons hanging in his bedroom both here at home and at boarding to show for their dedicated efforts teaching him the magic that is ranch sorting and team penning.

It was our biggest argument when he was in year 6 when I said no more travelling to Perth every other month for competitions.

It’s one of those big stances we take with good intentions as parents that I look back on now and certainly regret.

I wish I hadn’t been so focused on getting him through that final year of primary school without so much time off. Each weekend of competing meant flying down on a wed/thurs and returning the following mon/tues depending on the flights we could arrange.

But I wish I hadn’t been so focused on what the “right” thing to do was - I wish he’d kept competing, kept growing and learning within his own self as well as with the confidence in his own ability to do hard things.

Now that football and boarding / social activities take up most of his weekends, and visits home to the farm are few and far between, let alone his opportunities to ride all that much anymore - I wish I’d thrown caution to the wind, and instead encouraged him to continue doing what he loved so dearly.

Here’s hoping he gets back into it one of these days and he finds that passion and drive to improve his ability with riding and competing again xx

Ahh another thing to rack up to the mother guilt I suppose 🤦‍♀️😅

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 17/05/2023

Here I was thinking I was making friends..

Not today 😆


Farm fresh..

I’d love to say this wasn’t my personal daily supply right about now but I’m pretty sure miss 11 and I have a new addiction to freshly picked mandarins.

I’m about to start work for the night now she’s gone to bed, so here’s hoping she’s left me some 😆😅

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 16/05/2023

I spy..

the Ol’ Dodge

This isn’t the first truck I learnt how to drive, but it is one..

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 16/05/2023

Magic 💫😍


Are you one of my past Karratha families?

I’m moving your online galleries to archive this week.

Get in touch if you’d like to choose additional images and/or to order any prints before the gallery access closes.


Morning walk after an early morning airport run - got to say hi to some fresh baby cows and watch the sun rise over the paddocks - admittedly I’m trying to keep my move app happy by getting in my daily steps before sitting at the computer for the rest of the day but I’m not complaining 😌😌😍😍


Always the one taking the photos rather than the one in them?

Mother's Day is coming up and this is the perfect excuse to exist in photos with your babies 😍

Check out the details of these all inclusive shoots in the comfort of your home + Book Online using the link below.



Preston Beach is a small retirement / holiday hamlet a short drive from our home here on the farm, and it’s natural beauty has certainly captured my heart.

When Ellen answered the call to come out to Preston Beach for some family photos with me last month I was super excited to get the opportunity to photograph out there “for real” 😍

These guys were absolute champs, braving the windy conditions and being the best models I could have ever hoped for, for my first shoot out there 💕

I’ve managed a couple since then and each time the beach puts on a different show, with stunning vistas and gorgeous skies, it’s quick becoming a favourite spot to shoot 😍

As the weather starts to cool off over the coming months, I’m looking forward to seeing what rugged up beach sessions look like and how the gorgeous sunsets will transform into moody skies over the immaculate sand dunes and ocean waves as far as you can see.

I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to take a dip as often as we do now come winter, but never say never right!?!? 😅

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 21/03/2023

Home is where you make it, even if it’s just for the summer.

Emma reached out to me when I posted that I was looking for families to photograph in the Mandurah / South West area down here as and her little family found themselves enjoying an extended summer break from the north west in their beach shack just up the road a little bit from us here on the farm.

When I heard about this special place of theirs, and that the newest addition to the family was the reason why they were there, I knew photographing them at “the shack” was going to be the perfect place to capture their families story right now xx

This moment in life will be one that you’ll share in stories for many years to come - embrace the chaos, create the memories you’ll hang on your walls, and exist in the damn picture! 😍🙌


Have I mentioned how much I love getting photos of just the parents during a family shoot? It’s not always easy to wrangle kiddos for just enough time to get you two some “alone time” but if we can make it happen it’s a must in my books! These two had approx 2.3 minutes down at the beach with me at the end of their family shoot last night and they pulled it off with a couple of beautiful shots of just the two of them Thank you for trusting me and for sitting in the sand for me too 😅😍😅😍


Check out this sneak peak from this beautiful family’s photos out on the salt lake on Saturday night.

Maddie + Ryan excitedly welcomed their little man Finn to the family just a few weeks ago and they’re all doing great adjusting to parenthood of two little people instead of just one - and doting big sister Millie tells me she has her new role totally under control!💕

Thank you for trusting me to capture a these beautiful photos for you all to look back at from this time - looking forward to sharing the rest of this session with you xx 💕💕

Photos from TELLING DESIGNS's post 10/03/2023

💕💕 thank you for the kind words Natasha TELLING DESIGNS - it was my absolute pleasure xx


Tenielle used to work in the daycare room where my now 13 year old son would go as a lil one - and every single morning he would cry his lil heart out for all of those drop offs without fail.

It was heartbreaking, but I was always reassured that within a minute or two of me heading off to work he was absolutely fine.

On those days where it was especially hard Tenielle used to show up out of nowhere and my lil man would go straight to her without any fuss and she was honestly my saving grace the majority of those early days!!

Braydon doesn't remember those days of course, but he does know mums good friend Tenielle, and has heard those stories many a time I'm sure!

Tenielle has been in front of the camera with me a couple of times now over the years, and I'm ever so grateful she trusts in me to capture her and her own lil miss as she grows. It's been an absolute honour.

Tenielle Burger thank you for trusting me to create magic with you two again xx


This time next week I'm excited to be hosting our very first Women in Business Brunch in our farmhouse garden here at the farm - in celebration of International Women's Day 2023.

I've always had a vision to provide a place to connect and grow a supportive community of like-minded + growth focused regional women in business - and what better place to host a yummy grazing brunch and creative workshop than right here on the farm!


My new Pop-Up Studio will be setup to capture a beautiful portrait photo for all attendees - to use as an updated headshot for your business if you'd like AND a professional print to take home with you on the day 😍😍

To find out more and to reserve your spot follow the event brite link below:



One fierce mumma to be!! 🙌🙌

Currently on the lookout for more fierce mummas + mummas to be to get out from behind the camera and exist in the damn photo with their babies or just by their own damn self! Because why the f* #% not!!??!!

Reach out if you’re keen on giving it a go. I’ll take care of all your posing and direction so you feel like the queen you are. C’mon you know you’ve got this!!

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 09/02/2023

I always say I see so much of my younger self in her..

But these photos remind me more of the memories and nuances of one of my younger sisters Holly.. to be honest I’d never seen it before now. Holly was super blonde as a kid and had different mannerisms and even a completely different personality - so if you’d said it to me I would have dismissed the suggestion pretty quickly - but as my children grow I see glimpses of all of my family members shining through at different times - in my older boys especially it’s sometimes like using new eyes to see them as they grow out of that image I have of them as my children, and into adults individual unto themselves.

I heard someone explain recently that our children aren’t just mini versions of ourselves, (ie: half mum half dad), but that they hold the genetic chromosome mix of both sides of their extended families and those family’s families and can therefore have features and personality traits similar to those of distant relatives from either side too. 💕💕

This pensive wonder and yet that underlying knowing she holds within those eyes.. I hope it never fades xx

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 08/02/2023

This evening Miss H and I went for a wander around the farm and took a couple of photos to check the light in a couple of spots I’d been hoping to shoot in this coming week. If you saw my story tonight for the behind the scenes of our adventures, you’ll have seen that we had more laughs, singing and dancing and that these “serious” moments were 100% manufactured 😂😂😂

Ps: I love both of these shots, but the second photo is my favourite I think - how bout yours??

My miss xx



I'm looking for two families to photograph at Preston Beach - must be available for a short sunset session on either Thursday 23rd or Sunday 26th February and be prepared to sign a model release - DM me with your details if you're interested.


I delivered this couples wedding gallery a week or so ago - however, I’ve been working on retouching some of the post ceremony photos to give them a little extra “magic” especially those ones that might just end up on the wall one day xx

has been a fabulous client who trusted in me to create something super special for her and not once, but twice now - and I’m so blessed to be able to call her my friend (Soz Karla + Nic if you didn’t want a crazy photographer friend to add to the collection 😂)

I can’t wait for you to see all of these beauties when they’re ready - not long now!! ✨✨💕💕


My husband casually told me last night that we didn’t need any updated family photos for a while.. I’m pretty sure as soon as the words left his mouth he regretted that lil throw away statement!! 😂😂

I get it though, the investment, the logistics, the getting everyone together at one time especially when there’s a mix of adults and children in the one family, the choosing complimentary but still “us” outfits when we quite literally have 6 very different personalities all rolled into one family, the pre-shoot planning (and grooming 😅😅), the traipsing around to multiple locations for the photo shoot itself cause mumma (that’s me) likes variation 😂😂, and I could go on and on I’m sure!!

No matter the “stresses”, they’re all forgotten when I walk around our home and see the beautiful memories we have adorning our walls and think back to those days when each of our babies were at those varying stages of life.

From the lil ones being small bubbas, the older boys being shorter than Lon 😂😂 (which didn’t last for long!), the Beach, the Forrest, the Pilbara landscape, and even here on the Farm a few years back - they’re all really special reminders of that time in our lives and the adventures we’ve had together. I wouldn’t give any of those up for the world 💕💕

Ahhh I think if my kiddos know what is good for them (hint hint!!), Dad might just be outvoted on the family photo front this year 🙌🙌

How long since you had photos taken with your loved ones?

PS: haven’t had actually family photos with all 6 of us since 2019.. after at least every year or every other year for the years leading up to it - so WAY too long ago in my books - and my selfie skills just aren’t cutting it anymore - just saying.. 🫣😅🤣

📷: - 📍: Exmouth


When contacted me to see if we could squeeze in a family photo shoot when I was up visiting in Karratha last week, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it happen. But Kirsty, Chris and the kids were absolute champs and worked around my schedule without any issue - and we managed to catch that gorgeous golden light just as it dropped behind the hills 😍😍

One thing I’m pretty passionate about when it comes to capturing families is capturing the adults together by themselves too - you are generally the reason the family came to be, you are the glue that holds it all together - let’s never forget to celebrate that!!

Nor the fact that it was also Kirsty and Chris’ 10th wedding anniversary that week too 🙌🙌

First Comes Love!! 💕 💜 💗 ❤️


Kiddos in front of my lens always brings a smile or two, especially with these two last week up in karratha 😍😍 you guys make cute kids!!

PS: in case you hadn’t seen my story this morning, I’ll be taking the next couple of days off as I tested positive this morning, and am already dozing off after just an hour in front of the computer. Rest is very much in order xx


I spent the majority of the past week back up north in Karratha, catching up with friends and photographing back here in one of my favourite places..

I’ve got loads of great shots to go through and share, but this one is one of my favourites already 😍😍

As the sun went down over the hills behind Hearson’s Cove on Wednesday just gone, I had the absolute honour of being there to witness and help celebrate the love story of these two legends - 💕💕

It was a gorgeous day overall and I’m super grateful to have had the honour of both being there AND working alongside talented videographers Tarryn + Matt from in capturing Karla + Nic’s big day xx

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 14/12/2022

I have been lucky enough to photograph this lil beauty twice now, and the second time contacted me to book in photos of her with her babies, I was over the moon xx

Miss K may not have used words to express to me how much she enjoyed having photos with me again, but the couple of times we briefly locked eyes during this shoot, I could see that same special sparkle of joy shining through.

Miss K has come so far since we first met, with the guiding hand, love and support of her mumma who is the powerhouse behind and her whole family I’m sure! 💕💕

Photos from Felicity Ford Photography's post 07/12/2022

Scrolling through the archives as I do this most recent backup of old sessions and I’m still drawn to the images from this session from 2 years ago, and I still can’t decide which I love more - colour or black + white 😍😍 I know I’ve said it before but I still remember almost every single session I’ve ever done, the people and their stories, the hopes and dreams they shared with me, and the feelings I got just being in their space whilst creating beautiful photographs together with them - it still blows me away how much each and every person who has been in front of my camera stays on with me for so many years to come - for this honour I am grateful 💕💕💕


Heading back here next week for a couple of days and I’m just a bit excited.

Not so much for the 45 degree days and the copious amounts of flies.. but it’s the essence of this place that calls me back - every time I pull an image up on screen and think back to every other night I used to spend down there - ahh Hearson’s is certainly something special 💕💕

Plus it reminds me it’s about time I print some of these landscapes of mine for my own house here on the farm too 😍😍


Throwback this morning to this business content shoot down south with the inspiring Rachael Te Wano - I Am That I Am 💕 - I’m heading out to this location again this coming week to go exploring and see if it’s just as perfect for these sort of moody vibe photos as it was back then when Rach first took me to visit this special place. Ahhh I really can’t wait to get out on location scouting again xx

Do you know of any must see locations in the Mandurah to Augusta regions? I’m keen to trek as far as it takes 😅

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