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There is nothing wrong with being a lodger. BUT THERE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH BEING A LODGER FOR TOO LONG! How long is “too long”? Honestly, that is left for you to decide. I asked myself the same question years ago? It baffles me that ants have houses and even store food! Have you ever held a bird in your hand? It feels so fragile you may mistakenly squeeze it to death! Do you know that these birds don’t rent houses! Neither do the ants! Oh wait… did I hear you protest? Okay, the birds really don’t care if it lives in Mbare or Borrowdale!!!
Dear friend, whether you build your house in Harare or Harahwa, for a start it really does not matter, but at least build something! One of the mistakes most people make is that they wait for too long and money they should have used for more worthwhile things is used to pay Mr. Landlord.
Have you ever had an “illiterate” as a landlord? Oh, it can be sickening. But do you know that some of these illiterates have “more education” in terms of investment than some of our “big boyz” Oh sorry, I meant to say “big men”? Have you ever noticed the spending pattern of a lodger? He buys the latest cars, wears the most expensive suits, and has the largest “pot bellies” in the society….some of them have “eaten up two storey buildings in Glen Lorne all in the name of wasteful spending”! If you are in this category, I beg you to please change your ways. Are we still friends? Sure… we have no choice; at least until you build your house our friendship is mandatory!
You see friend, it is not how much money you have that determines your ability to invest in real Estate! Your focus is the singular most important factor in your attempt to own your property. You probably might want to ask how someone like you can invest in real estate or own your own home/property considering your present financial conditions and the economic situation in the country. Let me confess that I do not in any way claim to have all the knowledge, but I will share a few ideas with you which may be of great benefit if it is put into practice.
The first step is for you to have a clear idea or vision that you want to build your own home.
You see my dear prospective landlord, everything in life starts as a thought. In fact there is a saying by Napoleon Hill that “thoughts are things”. Another great man said it this way, “I do not reckon with men who dream with their eyes closed, but I fear men who dream with their eyes wide open!” If you have a burning desire to build or buy your own house, and you concentrate on this goal within a reasonable period of time, you will have it! It is not a motivational saying, it is a FACT!
This means you are going to make this your No 1 priority project, not neglecting your other daily responsibilities. Because I am writing to a wide range of audience, I will go on the lower income so that an average individual may be able to use the principles and steps set out in this article. In having a clear vision it is important that you continually place this objective or task of owning your own home/ property constantly in your mind on a daily basis. FOR HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO BE A LODGER ?

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