A Special 'Thank you' to Gloria and her 2 mechanics who worked on Vehicle on Friday. You guys you exceeded my expectation and am really grateful for your diagnostics and report you gave. Definitely you are my next stop on my vehicle repairs. croco
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PitStop is the right place for all car repairs, fitment and quick service for all types of vehicles.

Visit our workshop today
59 Douglas Road, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 (0)4 665238/9/40 Cell: +263 771 366 978 / 772 678 178
I remember going there with
Kosi Marimo in its initial stages in 2016. Great job
"Badge of Honour".. Thank you guys for a splendid job. Keep it up
Where is Pitstop yako nhai Kosi Marimo
How do i get in touch all your phones arent going through

We are a fast fit fixed priced service and parts centre, specializing in quality affordable vehicle

PITSTOP is a multi-franchised workshop and our core business is Vehicle Service while you wait and we also offer vehicle repairs.


Pitstop celebrates our Heroes with you all, wishing you a wonderful holiday!


We all get excited when it comes to packing for a holiday, but let's take a moment to think - do we really need to pack everything but the kitchen sink?

Remember, overloading your vehicle can add unnecessary stress to your tyres and brakes, and even increase fuel consumption. So let's try to pack lighter and make our journey stress-free and enjoyable. Not only will it be easier for you, but your car will also thank you for it!


It's always a good idea to have a spare tire on hand in case of a flat. So why not bring it in and let us check it out? We'll make sure it's in good condition and ready to go when you need it. Visit us today and let us help you stay prepared on the road!


Let's not forget to pack that emergency kit! This comes in handy in case of emergency.


Ensure your headlights are restored to maximum visibility at night or during bad weather.


Ensure your brakes are in good condition and have enough brake pads. Have them checked regularly for signs of wear or damage.


Before embarking on your planned trip, it is advisable to replace worn-out tires to minimize the risk of skidding or hydroplaning due to reduced traction. Let us assist you in getting your tires replaced.


Schedule a maintenance check with us for your vehicle to make sure it is operating smoothly and effectively, especially for that long-awaited Heroes vacation.


It's getting warmer and it's time to hit the road with confidence!
Our expert mechanics are ready to provide you with top-notch service and help you choose the perfect tyres for your vehicle. So don't wait any longer, come to today and let us take care of your tyre needs.


Driving with your car on an empty fuel tank may seem like a harmless habit, but in reality, it can be quite risky. If you are someone who frequently does this, it's important to be aware of the following potential dangers.

đź”´Damage to the fuel system: The fuel pump relies on petrol/diesel to keep it lubricated and cool, and when there is no fuel to lubricate it, the pump can overheat and wear out faster.

đź”´Clogging of the fuel filter: When you run out of fuel, the sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank can get sucked into the fuel filter, clogging it and causing your car to stall. This can be a dangerous situation, especially if you are driving at high speed on a busy road.

đź”´Decreased engine performance: When you drive with low fuel, your car's engine has to work harder to maintain performance. This can cause damage to the engine over time, and can also decrease your car's fuel efficiency.

đź”´Expensive repairs: If you damage your car's fuel system or engine by driving on an empty tank, you may be faced with expensive repairs to get your car back on the road.

Make it a practice to fill up when the fuel level reaches a quarter or half tank.


Signs that your spark plugs need to be replaced

đź”´Engine misfires: If you notice a rough or uneven running engine, it could be a sign that one or more spark plugs are not firing properly. This can cause a misfire or hesitation during acceleration.

đź”´Decreased fuel efficiency: If you notice a sudden decrease in gas mileage, it could be due to worn-out spark plugs. When spark plugs are not working efficiently, it can cause incomplete combustion, leading to decreased fuel efficiency.

đź”´Difficulty starting the engine: If it takes longer than normal for your engine to start or the engine cranks but doesn't start, it could be a sign of faulty spark plugs.

đź”´The engine is running poorly: If your engine is running poorly, including rough idling, stalling, or surging, it could be a sign of worn-out spark plugs.

đź”´Check engine light: If your check engine light comes on, it could be due to a malfunctioning spark plug or other engine-related issues.

đź”´Visible wear and tear: If you physically inspect your spark plugs and notice signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, corrosion, or carbon buildup, it's a good indication that they need to be replaced.


Heavy Foot Driving: What It Is and How It Wastes Fuel

When you have a heavy foot, you tend to accelerate quickly and then brake harshly. This places extra strain on the engine and can result in higher fuel consumption.

This type of driving not only puts additional stress on the engine, but it can also reduce the car's stability and control, making it more difficult to drive efficiently.

A heavy foot causes the engine to run at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute), which uses more fuel. This can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, as the engine has to work harder to maintain the same speed as it would at a lower RPM.

Additionally, a heavy foot can result in higher emissions, including carbon dioxide and other pollutants. This not only affects fuel efficiency, but it also contributes to environmental degradation and air pollution.

To improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions, you should aim to drive smoothly and efficiently by accelerating gradually and braking smoothly. This type of driving not only saves fuel, but it also improves the overall driving experience and reduces the risk of accidents.


Regardless of regular servicing, there are some signs that indicate your car needs immediate attention. These include unusual noises, vibrations, or smells, warning lights on the dashboard, difficulty starting the car, decreased fuel efficiency, and changes in how the car handles or brakes.
Contact us for professional assistance whenever you feel unsure.


When it comes to nighttime driving, every second counts. That's why it's so important to have bright, clear headlights. If your plastic headlamps are looking cloudy or faded, don't wait - bring your vehicle to us for a professional restoration.


At , we believe that taking care of your car is the key to a smooth and safe journey on the road. That's why we offer genuine car engine parts and expert repair services to keep your vehicle running at its best.


Purpose is the ultimate fuel for our journey through life. When we drive with purpose we don't get tired or bored and our engines don't burn out. But when they do, we repair them at PitStop.


Celebrating Father's Day with the amazing dads. A special shoutout to the dads who take pride in keeping their families safe. Dads who go above and beyond to keep their family cars road worthy.
Contact us to learn more about Vehicle Service Solutions.


Engine Check light
The Engine check light indicates that something is amiss with the car's engine computer. DON'T IGNORE IT.

Visit us at 59 Douglas Road, Workington, Harare for a Vehicle Inspection and Service.


You deserve some fresh air this week.

Come through to Pitstop, replace your air filter, and ensure optimum airflow into your engine.


We take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road. Check-in at for genuine car engine parts and repairs.


Good car servicing is vital for safe, economical driving. Regular servicing avoids unwelcome surprises. A service covers all areas of your car as per the manufacturer’s service requirements, so you have no worries about your car breaking down whilst you are on the road!


You aren't the only one who deserves some fresh air this weekend.
Come through to Pitstop, replace your air filter, and ensure optimum airflow into your engine.
You can boost your fuel efficiency, decrease your emissions, and help ensure the life of your engine.


Winter is here! Come through and get your car’s air conditioning system back to 100% performance.


Is your Car Loosing Power While Driving?
If yes, these could be the reasons:
1.Dilapidated Spark Plugs.
2. Defective fuel pump.
3. Damaged ignition coil.
4.Damaged air filter.
5. Crank shaft sensor.
6.Clogged exhaust pipe.

Contact us today for professional assistance.


Is your engine constantly stalling or are you having acceleration problems? You might have a clogged fuel filter. Come to for a checkup.


Wheel bearings are what your tires spin on, and when they fail, they can restrict your acceleration. Wheel bearings can begin to work poorly due to poor lubrication or rust, and they will not allow your car to accelerate freely. Contact us today for Professional Vehicle Service.


Check-in at Pitstop for car care convenience and avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected break down.


A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. You can't go anywhere until you change it.


Happy Easter!


Is your vehicle equipped for the road?
Visit us at for a Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection and Service.


The Easter Holiday is here. Ensure your car is in good working condition and that all the parts of the vehicle are functioning as they should.

Visit us at 59 Douglas Road, Workington, Harare for a Vehicle Inspection and Service.


Plan ahead for the Easter Holidays! Schedule a professional service for your vehicle at Pitstop.


Hop in for a quick tyre inspection at . To ensure your safety, tyres that are older than 10 years should be swapped out even if they still have treads.


Blowing black smoke indicates that the intake valves aren't allowing enough air into the engine or that the fuel injectors are supplying too much fuel. Visit us to have your vehicle repaired professionally.


It’s not about the car you drive, It’s about where you get it serviced and whether or not they have durable genuine parts. Check-in at Pitstop to experience effective car care.


Driving an overheated car puts additional strain on the engine, leading to further damage and costly repairs down the road. Contact us today for assistance and auto repair.


'The path to big systematic change is collective action. That takes Sister Courage.' — Gloria Feldt
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New tires provide better handling and decrease the chances of hydroplaning and losing control of your car. Get your tyres replaced with us for a better driving experience.
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A dirty air filter decreases the amount of air supplied to the engine. This can lead to an increase in unburned fuel that turns into soot residue ending up with a more complicated engine problem. Visit for air filter replacements.
# #

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