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The Mane Event

Natural Hair Lovers, Enthusiasts and Organisers of Harare's series of natural hair events -The Mane Event! You love your natural hair? We do too.

Here we share trends, tips, a bit of advice and recommendations for those natural enthusiasts, like ourselves. From time to time, we will host hair events where we can meet and greet, discussing all things natural over a decent barbecue and maybe a glass or two of wine. Not natural? Not to worry, we do not discrimate. Join in, share your valuable input with us. Did we mention that we operate a tr


Truth! Considering that your hair is also exposed to the same pollutants that you would never leave on your face enables one to realise the very importance of cleansing their hair as well as the scalp. However, let's not pretend that this is NOT a challenge for most naturals -not because we are reluctant to wash our hair more often but because of the time factor. This being the case, it is also important to note that hair washing does not always have to involve shampooing or cowashing. Instead, one can choose to simply wash their hair with water only. This serves well if you do not have a lot of time on your hands when you get to that midweek point where you know your hair needs a bit of cleansing and replenishing of moisture. How often are you washing your hair and making sure your scalp stays clean? 17/05/2016

Double Standard? Why is It Considered “Hood” When Black Women Experiment with Color? Justine Skye (left) Katy Perry (right) I’ve had a thing for colored hair for as long as I can remember. In middle school, all the skater chicks and alternative girls dyed their hair every co…


Waist length or TWA, 4C or 3C, with or without hair colour, loc'ed or in an Afro -that natural mane is Good Hair!


The Guardian

Growing up with afro hair can be traumatic, especially when white ideals of beauty are everywhere. Despite this black women are increasingly letting their natural hair out, and the ‘fro is becoming fashionable. But, Emma Dabiri argues, they are still too often measuring their beauty by the yardstick of whiteness.

Are you wearing your kinks with pride?

Growing up with afro hair can be traumatic, especially when white ideals of beauty are everywhere. Despite this black women are increasingly letting their natural hair out, and the ‘fro is becoming fashionable. But, Emma Dabiri argues, they are still too often measuring their beauty by the yardstick of whiteness


The world-renouned Hair Doctor's high end line is now available in Roots Hair Studio. One can never find enough words to describe the Philip Kingsley range but if one was forced to come up with a single word, it would have to be "Iconic". The Philip Kingsley line is also the only high end hair care line to produce products specific to afro-textured hair. Don't take our word for if -head to Roots Hair Studio and experience for yourself. One thing we are positive of is that you certainly will not be disappointed. **This is a prestige beauty product**

Find out more at


New to Roots Hair Studio, the Macadamia Natural Oil line. We know just how much naturalistas love to spoil their kinks, making sure they're well nourished. The Macadamia Natural Oil line is described as the oil authority for global textures. Looking to take your hair care a notch up? Then head to Roots Hair Studio and experience how well this line of products elevates your hair regimen through its moisturising and strengthening properties. **This is a prestige beauty product** 23/02/2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about hair (but were too busy plucking out grey ones to ask)

Everything you ever wanted to know about hair, well, a few things really :) (but were too busy plucking out grey ones to ask) Can stress make my hair turn white? Does unwashed hair clean itself? And what causes baldness in both men and women?


Hey subbies! I know we've been quiet but that's because we're cooking up something special for you! We hope you're having a banner new year so far and sticking to those resolutions. We just want to share the protective style one of us is rocking this month, it's easy and convenient especially if you're going to be swimming! What styles are you rocking? Send us some pics!


Happy New Year subbies! We hope you celebrated well. It's a blank slate. New beginnings, new ways, new aspirations and importantly - A New You!


Yes? No? With school soon to be out and the summer break commencing, we are sure we will bump into at least one child who is all weaved up, wigged up and of course, braided up. Braids, we have no problem with after a certain age, but weaves and wigs? That's another level. What sort of messages do such hairstyles send out to the little girls who are made to wear them from such an early age. What does it do to them mentally, and of course physically? I can not begin to think of what would be going through the mind of a person who would install a weave on an infant. Is it normal, with us here being overly dramatic? How far would you go with your infant's hair in an attempt to make them look 'pretty'?


We don't always want to let go of damaged hair because we don't want to lose our length. Where would you cut and why? 15/07/2015

24 Questions People With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Answering

Does it grow? That has to take the trophy :D We hope you've all been well. What sort of annoying or funny questions do you get about your natural hair? Share with us below. Nope, still can't touch it.


Happy Monday ladies and gents! Rise and Grind!


We hope you are keeping yourselves all warm as temperatures have certainly taken a tumble, and we can not deny that winter is here. The wardrobe has definitely changed because you do not want to freeze any bits off, and surprise, surprise, neither does your hair. Our hair needs change as the seasons change too. As temperatures take a fall, keeping your natural mane hydrated, protected, and employing moisture treatments and techniques becomes of great importance. As we brace ourselves for the colder days, consider using the following tips to protect and care for your tresses.
Do you change how you look after your hair when seasons change? If so, what do you do?


Erykah Badu

Ms Badu and her girls sending out a message to ALL you lovely ladies. We've always loved Erykah's realness and promotion of the natural self. Hoping this blesses your day xoxo.

Do you like you? :-)


You feel me? 25/05/2015

Ten things you need to know about Africa Day | eNCA

"We are Africa"!! Proud of our roots. Proud of all things African. HAPPY AFRICA DAY! Why do we celebrate Africa Day on May 25 every year? Let's take a brief look at the history of the day, and the recent history of the continent


Happy Monday subbies and HAPPY AFRICA DAY!!!! Wherever you may be, we hope you're having a wonderful time celebrating, not to mention, enjoying that extra day to have your feet up. So today, we have yet another alluring feature with Samantha Boka, aka Kyria Dee -another Zimbabwean songstress who happens to embrace her natural hair. Be sure to check her and her music out on the following platforms listed below, and of course -find out how she returned to natural and where she is with her natural hair journey, right here on The Mane Event

How long have you been natural?

4 years, although I did a big chop about 18 months ago and trim my split ends every so often

What inspired you to return to natural?

I kinda got tired of the breakage

How did people receive your decision to go back to natural?

Well, at first I was all rebellious, I didn,t want to brush my hair, I just let it be because i just had my baby and didn't want to be bothered, but as time went on, I started looking at how to manage my hair and then began creating my on organic natural styling range, then , people were inspired to go natural as well

What difficulties (if any) do you encounter in caring for your natural hair?

I had no knowledge about how important moisture was for my hair, once I grasped that i was flying. I also studied what oils did what, and from then I began to read my hair much better. It's not about routine for me any more, but knowing my hair and tending to it when it's required.

Do you have any favorite/go to products and hairstyles?

Mabhanzi are my favourite, its why my glam team and I decided to have that as my hair style in the Handei Kumafaro video, they help stretch out my hair without heat, I use my Mambokadzi Orange and Lemongrass Styling pudding as a leave in conditioner. I live in cold weather so moisture is everything . We have a scalp mousse that is a combination of Avocado oil, Neem oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Tea tree, peppermint and orange, I apply it once a week, and it keeps me dandruff free and stimulates my hair follicles.

Any advice for new natural or those considering going natural?

Find what works for YOU! Its really important not to have hair envy. We tend to look at what others are doing and when we try it and it doesn't go how we thought, we get so discouraged. Its important to know that its a journey, and its about having a relationship with your hair. Learn how it works, how it reacts to different things, and eventually you find your feet. My moto is love your fro and it will love you back.


Oh how true! 12/05/2015

Ivory Coast embargo skin lightening products

Recent developments in Ivory Coast has seen to the banning of skin lightening products. However, analysts say the ban may not stop people buying the products. They are still used in The Gambia despite a ban.
South Africa has the world's toughest laws against skin lighteners, having prohibited the most active ingredient - hydroquinone, but a University of Cape Town study found that more than a third of South African women still buy them.
The use of whitening creams in Africa is most widespread in Nigeria - where more than 75% of women buy them, according to a 2008 UN Environment Programme. What is your take on skin lighteners? Ivory Coast embargo skin lightening products


Happy Monday Loves!! We are absolutely delighted to feature our first natural sporting a TWA, and better yet, she is an absolutely delightful songstress. Meet Chashe Musarurwa-McTaggart -one of Zimbabwe's rising afro-pop sensations. We not only love her very distinct sound but also the fact that she is a profound inspiration when it comes to encouraging other young ladies to accept, love and embrace their natural selves. From head ties to colour, to braids,to just wearing it short. That's Chashe for you. Did you catch her at this year's HIFA? Keep up with her here on FB (she's very engaging!)

And get to know the natural Chashe here!

1. How long have you been natural? What inspired you to return to natural?

I have been natural for just over 5 years now. I was tired of chemicals and how it seems to almost always end in damage, and it is oh so expensive to keep up with!

A big part of perming, I think, is feeling beautiful, and once you have an idea in your head of what that means, it's hard to shake it off. That changed for me when the person I was dating at the time expressed that he really did find me very attractive in between relaxers. So I reexamined my reasons for perming and finally ditched the cream. I married that man.

However, it's saddens me that that's what it took. Matters of black hair, where it concerns insecurities, run deep.

How did people receive your decision to go back to natural?

Well it was a variety of comments. "You have great bone structure for that"
"How will you get a job?" "It really suits you". "It really doesn't suit you".
You have to just listen to your own voice I think, do what makes you happy and trust in that.

What difficulties (if any) do you encounter in caring for your natural hair?

It's really so much easier than before. When it rains I don't have to run for cover! I can shower without dodging the water for dear life. I can swim! And sleep without a hair net! It is tedious to comb and style though.

Do you have any favourite/go to products and hairstyles?

Not really, I believe in Shea Butter and that's about it. There are so many products on the shelves making crazy promises to people with "natural hair" these days and I simply don't trust it. I feel the beauty industry is just capitalizing on the current popularity of the natural hair "movement", as it always does with whatever's popular.
My favourite 'do' right now is shaven sides with a sort of mohawk in the middle. Both short and with volume from braids!

Any advice for new natural or those considering going natural?

There is life after relaxer, and it's amazing! You will no longer live around your hair, you hair will live around you! like it's supposed to!
Ofcourse to each is their own and the most important thing is that you do what is true to you.
Also- it is harder in the beginning, so don't give up on it right away, try be a little patient. It takes a while for our perceptions of ourselves to change. It takes a while to look in the mirror and love your new self.


Ha! Story of the Fro. Hope everyone's having a blessed week :) 30/04/2015

Masekela says no to photos with girls donning weaves

Masekela refuses photos with girls donning weaves.

So this story pushed a few buttons when it was published online a few days ago. If you know anything about African music, you will love this here legend. On a recent trip to a South African university, he expressed his dislike for the fake hair which a lot of sisters wear, after one student who had extensions, 'luckily' managed to snap a photograph of herself with him. Is it fundamentaly wrong to wear human hair extensions? Does doing so say anything about our perceptions of self? What are your thoughts? Hugh Masekela left tongues wagging at Rhodes University when he said no to taking pictures with girls donning artificial extension and weaves.


We often get emails requesting ideas on how to style TWAs. Many feel there is not much that they can do with their short tresses but that couldn't be further from the truth. From tapered cuts, to coil outs, Bantu knots to rod sets, chunky twists and even adding hair for additional length. The options are too numerous as you can see from the images below. How do you wear your TWA?


'A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.' -Coco Chanel

If you're not following @ash_faraii on Instagram, then you wouldn't know how this lady we featured on our page has seriously switched up her style. How you ask? We that 9 years of serious hair growth has been chopped into the most (and we do not exaggerate here) mesmerising taper cut. When we saw this we were ready to head to the barber to follow suit. The shape and the change gave us life! Have you recently switched up your hair style? Would you cut your hair short after years of growing it long? We'd love to hear your thoughts and in the mean time, do take time to go and follow @ash_faraii on Instagram. We can not wait to see and share how she will be rocking that fro!


Happy Monday loves! We hope you had a great weekend. We have a special feature today. Yes, another Kiddie feature on the page. Meet 12 year old Miss Ruva. Now we love kiddie features, and that's because we know some parents out there appreciate them. We also love doing these because we feel our young ones need to get the right message from an early age and we give two thumbs up to the parents making an effort.

How long has your daughter/son been natural?

She has been natural all her life. However, properly looking after her hair has been a more recent endeavour. Had I known what I know now since she was a child, I'm sure her hair would be longer and healthier.

What inspired you to keep his/her hair natural?

I have always thought it a good idea to allow her to make her personal choices regarding her appearance. I have a younger daughter and her hair is also natural. I'm glad that Ruva actually appreciates her natural hair and always claims that she would never have wanted to wear it any other way.

Do you adhere to a hair care routine for him/her? If yes what sort of a regimen do you have in place?

We have recently put a regimen in place for her. Because of poor care practice her hairline has suffered a lot so at the moment her regimen incorporates measures to enable her edges to grow back. She gets her hair shampooed and deep conditioned after every fortnight at Roots Hair Studio in Eastlea. After the shampoo and deep conditioning, we use a leave in conditioner (Cantu Shea). Her hair is then moisturised using a hair moisturiser by Cantu Shea and sealed with an oil. It's then put into two strand twists or flat twists as these are far easier on the hairline compared to braids and such. The styles keep for the following two weeks, after which we repeat the process again. Her edges are growing back at a very good rate and she is loving it.

What sort of challenges do you face in caring for your child's hair and how do you overcome them?

Initially it was a lack of knowledge but pages like The Mane Event and having services as those offered at Roots Hair studio have greatly helped. A big issue with us though is being lazy and the disillusion that we do not have time because we have always seen our hair as being difficult to manage. Having a simplified routine as the one we have makes it possible to create the time to attend to her hair. Still working on the laziness though, but I'm glad that she also uses her own initiative as she's learning how to look after her hair herself.

Any tips or advice for other mums and dads as far as their child(ren)'s hair care is concerned?

For starters, it is not as difficult as it looks or as we have been led to believe, but then again, it also helps to have the right information at hand. Be patient and gentle when handling their hair. The results will show. Learn their hair. If you're not too sure, then by all means consult others. I'm really appreciative of Roots Hair Studio and the information we have received from the ladies at The Mane Event, not forgetting the features they bring out on the page.


7 Wheeler Road, Eastlea
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