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Nobytechy Systems updated their address. 30/11/2021

Nobytechy Systems updated their address.

Nobytechy Systems updated their address.


SharkBot — A New Android Trojan Stealing Banking and Cryptocurrency Accounts

Cybersecurity researchers on Monday took the wraps off a new Android trojan that takes advantage of accessibility features on mobile devices to siphon credentials from banking and cryptocurrency services around the world.

The main goal of SharkBot is to initiate money transfers from the compromised devices via Automatic Transfer Systems (ATS) technique bypassing multi-factor authentication mechanisms (e.g., SCA)," the researchers said in a report.

"Once SharkBot is successfully installed in the victim's device, attackers can obtain sensitive banking information through the abuse of Accessibility Services, such as credentials, personal information, current balance, etc., but also to perform gestures on the infected device."

Masquerading as media player, live TV, or data recovery apps, SharkBot, like its other malware counterparts TeaBot and UBEL, repeatedly prompts users with rogue pop-ups to grant it wide permissions only to steal sensitive information. Where it stands apart is the exploitation of accessibility settings to carry out ATS attacks, which allow the operators to "auto-fill fields in legitimate mobile banking apps and initiate money transfers from the compromised devices to a money mule network controlled by the [threat actor]."

Nobytechy Systems updated their business hours. 14/10/2021

Nobytechy Systems updated their business hours.

Nobytechy Systems updated their business hours.


Hello World

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp. 14/10/2021

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp.

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp.

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp. 14/10/2021

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp.

Nobytechy Systems is now on WhatsApp.


BEATEN WITH BAMBOO STICKS – HOW INDIA DOES LOCKDOWN: Police officers whack members of public who aren’t self-isolating.

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The usual file recovery and repair software aren’t much useful if you’ve got some corrupt MS Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint files. In such situations, specialized repair software are needed that don’t damage the formatting and elements of the MS Office document......for your Pro recovery,Get in touch with us today

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iPad 3 .....$170

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“We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”

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What are the F1 through F12 keys?

Commonly known as function keys on a computer keyboard, F1 through F12 may have a variety of different uses or no use at all. The operating system installed on the computer and the software program currently open can change how each of these keys operate. A program is capable of not only using each of the function keys, but also combining the function keys with the ALT or CTRL key. For example, Microsoft Windows users can press ALT + F4 to close the program currently active.


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