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First Aid is the treatment given for any injury, or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or any other qualified person.

We build tailor made first kits and supply related products that help you to achieve this. This is a virtual company. Send us an email or call us from any part of the country that has a school , we shall deliver your order.

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We build outdoor trauma kits to your specifications. Ideal for large tour opetators and base stations for game guides.

[09/26/21]   NSSA First Aid Kits
Do you know that kits come in different sizes, depending on the number of workers in your company? Also, are you aware that the law is specific about what should not be in the kit, such as medication? You are free add what makes your team safe in your specific enterprise as long it is not disallowed. Get in touch with the First Aid Shop for advice.

Heavy Duty Plastic Spine Boards | USD 240 31/05/2021

Heavy Duty Plastic Spine Boards | USD 240

Heavy Duty Plastic Spine Boards | USD 240 **Click here to Contact Advertiser**

Photos from The First Aid Shop's post 20/10/2020

These kits are designed and equipped for a general Zimbabwean farm that employs at least 50 farm workers and is far from medical facilities. The farms are also partially mechanized. The kit should therefore be able to handle all trauma situations, amputations and fractures. The kits should also carry sufficient information to assist trained first aid personnel. For detailed information on contents and pricing, email [email protected].

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Empty Trauma Bags (Equivalent to the Intermediate Life Support kit bags

Heavy duty Basket Stretcher ( Suitable for Air Rescue companies or companies that evacuate injured persons from dip gauges or excavation sites.) With complete hoisting belts.

SAM splints

Cervical collar

CPR Pocket Masks

Now available at the First Shop.

The First Aid Shop updated their information in their About section. 19/09/2020

The First Aid Shop updated their information in their About section.

The First Aid Shop updated their information in their About section.



Now in stock. Ideal for large workplaces , churches, schools.



This kit is ideal for trucks that make deliveries in the region.
Included are emergency blankets, light flairs. insect sting relief pads and blood stopping bandages.Buy your kits before stocks run out.



This is an ideal kit for Trucks that ply their trade within the Southern African region.It complies with all the first aid requirements in the region.(no more fines). Included in the kit is 1 light flare and a digital thermometer. Buy 1 kit and we refill your 100ml hand sanitizer for Free' Hurry Hurry while stocks last;


Medical Grade thermometers are back in stock.

If what you are looking for is a thermometer to use in an organization where commencement of activities is of essence,
this is your thermometer. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS SUITABLE FOR ORGANIZATIONS WHERE LARGE NUMBERS HAVE TO BE PROCESSED IN SHORT TIME. You may be a secondary or nursery school, church, an enterprise with large numbers of workers, church or large sports event and what governs the success of you event is your starting time, check this thermometer out, It has a large memory, reads temperature fast (2 sec) and can be used to read body temperature and temperature of objects including food, bath water , lab experiments and ovens; You can even use it to measure the temperature of your pets , horses and more.

Reach us on [email protected] or App 0778257000 for more information.

[06/04/20]   For sale ALCOSAN water-less HAND AND HARD SURFACE SANITIZER in 5 liter containers.


In 5 liter containers.


Initial Washroom Hygiene Ireland

SURFACE AND HAND SANITIZERS REFILLS : "The journey of the germ".

Please join us in enjoying a video that has inspired The First Aid Shop to carry 5 liter refills of hand and surface cleaner sanitizer refills from INITIAL Please make your enquirers on [email protected].

1 in 4 office workers have fallen sick due to poor office hygiene leading to an average of 3 sick days per year. How to prevent the journey of germs in the workplace. #Initial #BecauseWeCare #Workplace #HandHygiene


Better Solutions Co.

View how infrared thermomers work.

🌡With everything going on, this thermometer is a must have! Detects the slightest sign of a fever; accurate and contactless.





This is a short summary of what our digital infrared non touch thermometers do. Features include:
1. Fast reading. It just takes 1 (one) second to make a temperature reading. If you are to process many people who have to start work, classes or a religious services, time is of essence.
2. Reliability. Your readings should be reliable because time is of essence the health of people assisted also matters. The accuracy range is .03 degrees C. These thermometers are equipped with a microchip and high sensitivity sensor that makes this accuracy possible.
3. Colour alarms. The LED screen at the back of the thermometer turns green (32-37.3 C low), Orange (37.4 -38 C), mild, Red (38.1 -39.1) for high. These colour alarms should prompt managers to take action. (See the 3 colour images with the photo.)
4. Hygiene. Temperature is take without touching the skin. If the arm is stretched fully, social distance is achieved.
5. Multiple uses. Besides using it on the forehead (which applies to all ages) or on the ear for children (only for children under 3 months, it can be used for measuring objects like baby bath water, milk, food and ambient air.
6. It easy to use. JUST POINT, SHOOT AND READ.
7. Power use. The two AAA are good for more than 2000 readings.


FOR SALE HOSPITAL GRADE INFRARED THERMOMETERS. Reliable with a memory. Hurry .hurry while stocks last.:


Hurry, hurry while stocks last.
Hospital Grade
Suitable for school,workplace or church.


HURRY While stocks last.



In these days of the COVID19 pandemic, the really scarring thing is meeting someone on the street who sneezes directly into your face. I am afraid observing strict hygiene will not protect us from the virus. The face shield pictured below can be useful for guards at our gates and reception staff. In some countries, health personnel also use these . The full description is presented below. If your interested in these please send us a message.


2.clear, optically-correct face shield
3.anti-fog over glasses and face masks
2.clear, optically-correct face shield
3.anti-fog over glasses and face masks
1. This face shield is made to fit over glasses and face masks.
2. The adjustable velcro headband allows for a comfortable fit.
3. The shield protects against splashing.
4. It is anti-fog treated and latex and fiberglass free.
5. Available in full and 1/2 shield sizes.
6. package:10pcs/box,20box/cs,200pcs/cs

1. Excellent visibility
2. Double-sided anti-fog and
3. Complete splash face guarding
4. Comfortable and light weight



Arriving this week at the First Aid Shop:

250ml Hand Sanitizer pump spray
Infrared thermometers ideal for clinics or company settings.
Digital Thermometers ideal for family settings.

Buy a digital thermometer and get 5 alcohol prep pads for free.

Hurry, hurry while stocks last.

Contact [email protected], , for details



There is a difference between common flue, allergy and Corona virus. 06/03/2020

Busting coronavirus myths: Medical professionals separate fact from fiction

There is a lot of misinformation about the virus. Let us get the facts. There are myths surrounding the deadly coronavirus circulating around the internet. 04/01/2020

School First Aid Supplies |

If it is first supplies you are looking for , we can meet your needs promptly and for less . The First Aid Shop carries all your school first aid equipment supplies. We have all the pictured items as well as many refills for your first aid bags. When constructing first aid kits, we focus on bleeding control, shock, burns, infection control and basic first aid skills.

[12/27/19]   FIRST AID MYTHS Please get this book on the net . It is rather longish, but worth reading. My suggestion to families is that just assign your young ones to read it.Unlike other first aid manuals,it is written for ordinary folks who care about their safety.

First-Aid Myths
(An Extract from “Everything First Aid Book, written by “Nadine Saubers, R.N”)

“This book’s intention is to give you solid first-aid principles and an introduction to emergency response. The most important first step in first aid is to do no further harm. The correct principles for action are covered in detail in the book, but the following list briefly outlines some of the more common first-aid myths.

• Never slap a choking person on the back—let the per-son cough and the object may dislodge itself.
• If the person stops coughing or breathing, then perform the Heimlich maneuver.
• Never cut and suck the skin of or apply a tourniquet to a person with a snakebite. Sucking may introduce more bacteria and spread the venom, and a tourni-quet will cut off blood supply to the area.
• Peeing on a jellyfish sting won’t help the pain.
• Don’t breathe into a paper bag for hyperventilation.
• Don’t drink alcohol to warm up when cold, it will only lead to hypothermia in cold weather.
• Don’t drink alcohol for a toothache or any other pain.
• Don’t put butter, Crisco, or any other type of grease on a burn; grease can trap heat and lead to infection and scarring.
• Don’t put a raw steak on a black eye or any other injury; the bacteria on the meat may contaminate the wound or the eye.
• Don’t use hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds, it may kill the body’s defensive cells that are rushing to the wound to take care of invading bacteria.
• People don’t swallow their tongues during seizures, so don’t try to hold the tongue or put anything in the mouth.
• Don’t restrain the person either.
• Don’t squeeze the stinger on a bee sting or try to pull it out with tweezers—this will squeeze venom into the wound; use a credit card to scrape it away.
• Don’t throw your head back during a nosebleed—it will cause blood to run down your throat and you may vomit. Instead, lean forward slightly and pinch your nose for ten full minutes.
• If you have something embedded in your skin, you should not pull it out if there is a chance the object is sealing a wound and preventing bleeding. Get medi-cal help if you are not sure.
• Don’t continue to run with shin splints; running while injured will increase your injury.
• Don’t put vinegar on a sunburn; instead, apply cool compresses.
• You can’t stop motion sickness by staring at a point on the horizon.
• Poison ivy is not contagious, but the oil is. If the oil is on you, it can be spread to others.
• Don’t use rubbing alcohol to cool down a fever—it will absorb into the skin and may cause further illness.”



Most accidents in our country occur this time of the year. This includes road accidents, accidents around the home and in recreation areas like holiday resorts. Accidents will occur whether we are the most careful people or not. Our best advice is that these accidents should not lead to the loss of life or permanent harm;

Our advice is that you should carry a first aid kit or devices that prevent you or loved ones being harmed . These include the following :

1 Bleeding excessively. This may cause shock or even death.
2. Shock. Know how to treat shock.
3. Sudden cardiac arrest leading to the heart stopping to pump blood. If this continues for 3 to 5 minutes , this may lead to death.bites

You should also know how to handle other accidents like choking, burns, fainting and insect bites.The First Aid Shop carries may refills to use when accidents occur. If you driving please carry gloves,people will not feel safe to help if you bleeding. Please put a sign showing where you keep your first aid items. The First Shop will email you an excellent first aid manual , written by a community nurse. Please contact us on [email protected]. I have also listed some of the basic items to carry both at home and away in our picture gallery, below.

[10/15/19]   Nursing a family member recovering from a stroke, a major operation or a major accident , is very difficult task.because such persons would have often lost their ability to turn themselves. This results in pressure building on one side of the body and bedsores ":erupting". Bedsores are very painful.What now the sick person experiences is pain from bedsores and pain from what they would originally suffered from.What is compounding the problem is that neither the hospitals nor the families can afford to hire persons to care for such sick people. The invention of the Anti-bedsore mattress has come as a relief to many families because it cuts the burden of hiring 3 people a day. Labour is only required at feeding time or when changing the patient. As a retailer of these gadgets, today I can share with anyone my first hand experience in the past 4 months.


Pool Safety Equipment

Every new school term our media carries some story of pupils drowning in the school pool. There have also been stories of gardeners/maids drowning while trying to save a drowning infant. Even if you cannot swim , you can save a drowning person . The First Aid Shop carries tools pictured below, that can help prevent such accidents and save lives.


Trauma, Emergency, Ambulance Bag
In our country, traveling more than an hour from urban areas ,without a first aid kit, is risky because there are no medical emergency facilities in these areas. This risk is amplified many times when this involves a large group, such tourists, sports teams,church groups, cross border groups and the like.Many fatalities involving such groups could be reduced if simple but important items like CPR masks, blood stoppers, burn sprays and pads, gloves were readily available. The First Aid Shop carries a good quantity of the items displayed below. Send your inquiries to [email protected] The Trauma bag can virtually most of items emergency teams would require in such occasions. Remember, in an emergency every minute counts. Many lives can be saved if the right procedures are applied on time. 01/05/2019

R.I.C.E. Treatment Is Recommended for Acute Musculoskeletal Injury

These tips can save you a lot of money at the clinic. The First Aid Shop recommends that each home keeps one these items in their first aid box : Instant cold packs, re-usable hot and cold jells and instant cold wrap. The First Aid Shop recommends the instant cold wrap because it combines coldness and pressure and is re-usable. The coldness lasts up to 2 hours. All these items are available at the shop. R.I.C.E. is the treatment recommended for acute injury to joint, soft tissue, bone, or muscle. Se how to use rest, ice, compression, and elevation. 30/04/2019

The 9 Most Common Types of Neck Injuries

In this school rugby and soccer term, schools and parents should be aware of the types of injury that could end their child's sports career. The First Aid Shop in Harare carries scoop stretchers, spine boards, head blocks and modern splints for use when such injuries occur. Neck injuries, aka cervical spine injuries, vary in severity and type. Get informed about the most common types including symptoms and treatment. 15/04/2019

Africa Health 2019

This is a great event to attend, I have just registered for this. Are you coming too?


The School Rugby season roars into life soon. The First Aid Shop is offering a 10% discount on all products listed below, to schools participating in this season's rugby tournaments. 06/04/2019

A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

Scary The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs.



Our Story

The First Aid Shop is both a real store based in Harare ( walk in) and a virtual store that supplies first aid kits and products throughout the country where there is a post office or school.We just do not sell a pack of bandages but will tailor-make a kit to suit the industry or social sector you are in.Just give us call or send us an email and all follows. If it First Aid or first aid related , we shall supply it ,for less! We can supply AEDs to crepe bandages.


First Aid Kits and anything that is first aid related. Mine First Aid, Sports,Auto, Household, Wilderness, Marine, . We supply refills for all the kits we carry. Our speciality is building tailor-made kits. In these Covid prone days, we strive to limit physical contact as possible. possible.We conduct our business business online and deliver to all parts of the country.



The Gatehouse, Eastview Gardens, Eastview Rd , Eastlea

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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