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Event concept, design and structure management. Competencies : exhibitions, weddings, launches, con


A rule of thumb is to keep text at seven words or less. If you can’t get your company’s message across with a short phrase, billboard ads may not be right for you.


When things go well, let the people you are working with know. Remember, agencies work day and night to make their clients happy.



Click the link below and watch the classic Ad, This is how advertising should be done!


They include goals such as increasing awareness, acquiring or retaining customers, generating demand, or increasing loyalty and advocacy.


Can you remember the dialogue in early Charlie Chaplain or Tom and Jerry shows? Minimal at most!


You’re ecstatic and worried about how things will work out, but what if we tell you that a handy day-of-event planner can save you from a lot of hassle?


The more we know, the more likely it is that we can be true business partners and operate in a strategic and business-minded way.


Click the link below and watch the classic Ad, This is how advertising should be done!


The objectives need to be SMART.


Keeping it simple always produces a significant amount of comprehension and also creates the ability to understand the idea of the ad.



Go through your contact lists, email, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts and ask yourself: Does each person on this list know what my business offers?


I can’t tell you how many times we have worked with clients who say they want our expertise in PR, but then end up pushing their own “creative ideas.” Part of hiring an outside agency is recognizing this is not your core expertise.



Click the link below and watch the classic Ad, This is how advertising should be done!



Remember these objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).


Comedians use punch-lines, why not ads? Punch-lines will boost the humor in ads.



Even the most qualified planner will struggle to land new clients without live exposure. This includes public participation at industry events and media appearances.


The best clients articulate their objectives and explain why they’re entering into a business relationship with an agency to begin with (opposed to offloading the task onto a junior associate who is then responsible for figuring it out as they go).


Click the link below and watch the classic Ad, This is how advertising should be done!


Are you launching a new product? Do you see an opportunity for a new audience? This helps the agency understand the reason for the campaign.


A hook is something that attracts your audience right from the start and lures the audience into your content, which also helps your ad relate with them.


What’s your leisure language?

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You deserve nice things like spoiling yourself with a trip this Heroes and Defence Forces holiday.

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Dear valued customers, we advise that ZIPIT limits have increased to ZWL 100,000 per transaction and up to ZWL400,000 per month effective 1 August 2022.


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Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians glance at billboards quickly and don’t have the time to read a long, drawn-out message about your business. A rule of thumb is to keep text at seven words or less. If you can’t get your company’s message across with a short phrase, billboard ads may not be right for you.


Many clients think they hire an agency and then their work is done. It’s actually just beginning. Clients need to invest time in the partnership from day one, and that means having a say in shaping strategy, planning, ex*****on and measurement. This should be made clear verbally and in writing early on in the engagement,


“Yet another advert from Apple that has great timing, great editing, and leaves you a little breathless. Apple is the master of minimalism which they extend to all their campaigns with simple messaging. Trading on the phone’s selling feature of the ceramic shield, the ad puts the durability of the phone at the center of the message in a clear and memorable way. The music by Nitin Sawhney contributes to the panic and urgency of trying not to drop a phone.


Often, clients sign the contract and sit back, expecting something to happen. Only it doesn’t. That’s because with any agency you choose, you’re going to have to put in a little work up front, as well as a little to maintain the relationship throughout its course. You will need to have a true, unclouded view of your company, and you’ll need to share some of that with your agency. They need to not only get a sense of your goals, but of your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities you may not see, and who you are at your core. If you put in a little time to share these things—or designate a strong employee to manage the relationship—your agency can better serve you. And it doesn’t stop there. You, or that designated point of contact, will need to stay engaged to get the most from your agency, providing things like direction on how to respond to customer concerns, the latest product artwork or event posters, and important news updates. Generally, you’ll get out more than you put in.


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Television ads originated in the 1940s with the promotion of practical items and political campaigns. Advertisers can now use television to promote food, toys, stores, business services, and more — both to local TV channels and to national broadcast networks. In this ad method, the advertiser pays the regional or national TV network to show their ad during designated break.


Sometimes the most challenging facet of creating a billboard ad is thinking about the scale of the images and text. You have to keep in mind that views of the billboard will often be at a distance of 500 feet or more. The words will have to be at least a foot tall, and the spacing between words and lines increased.


The more engaged a client is in the process and the more they take responsibility for getting back to the agency in a timely manner, the better the outcome. Clients need to make themselves available for meetings and reply to emails with well-thought-out responses to questions. Inevitably, if a client is disengaged, the relationship will go sour.


“Who is the target audience for Cadillac? The grown-up Gen Xs who fondly remember the surreal beauty of 1991 “Edward Scissorhands.” In advertising, the nostalgia for things from your teens and early years is always a hook for connection, especially for the middle-aged and older. In “ScissorHandsFree, ” the main character can enjoy the thrill of driving on the open road, even though he has scissors for hands. What a way to sell the benefits of hands-free driving!


This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your goals for an agency relationship, as well as knowing what you need in an agreement. What, to you and your agency, is a win? When do you both call it a success? If all you have is a nebulous idea of “more sales,” you might find yourself disappointed, wondering what, exactly, this agency is doing for you. Having concrete benchmarks (a national PR hit) that feed into and support your overall goals (more sales) will make both sides of the client-agency relationship feel fulfilled.


Radio advertising dates back to 1920, when the first commercial radio stations were launched in the United States. Today, radio is still a relevant marketing and advertising platform for expanding the reach of a sponsored event or new product. In this ad method, the advertiser pays the radio station to play their ad during designated breaks between music or a radio show.


Entertain your audience. Let your message spark imagination and encourage customers to seek out more information about your business. Creative billboards win.


If you are a model you can call us now!


The need for trust goes both ways. Agencies need to earn the trust of clients with careful explanations of the process. Clients need to trust that the agency is on their team. Remote work makes this harder, so put some extra time into icebreakers and take advantage of in-person meetings if you can. and failures. Just because you find something that works doesn't mean you should keep doing it over and over to the point it's played out. Allow your company to change and grow, and you may find that you can have even greater success in the future by trying something new.


“It’s not easy being green,” famously said Kermit the Frog, who narrates the voiceover to this Adidas commercial. As climate change and a theme of sustainability are now essential brand values for fashion brands that want to reach the younger demographics, Adidas has responded with an update on their iconic Stan Smith trainers. The advert featuring Kermit and Stan Smith taps into the current focus on environmental issues combined with the history of the brand. Combining the nostalgic with the modern is always a strong hook for advertising.


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Agencies are structured differently. At a large agency, for instance, you might never speak to upper-level management, while at a smaller firm, he or she might be your main point of contact. Agencies also provide a different level of service based on the contract you draw up. If you choose a lower level of service, for instance, you might not be able to achieve all you want when you hit a certain number of hours. Alternatively, if you just need one service, you don’t want to overpay for things you already have handled. Be sure you and your potential agency partner are on the same page as to who’s doing what and what the level of service looks like.



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