Building Centre

Building Centre


Our partnership with The Building Centre brings you an affordable building option with the added bonus of being able to pay later. Contact us for more details.

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*window frames
*Aluminium design
*Car ports
*Shades c
*Burglar bars
*Door frames
*Curtain rods
*Sliding doors
*Sliding gates
*Garage gates
*Solar stands
*Tank stands

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How much is the ND11F?

Zimbabwe's largest stockist of building materials, we have been operating since 1948 and this is why you can bank on our bargains ! The aim of this page is to attempt to make as much information available to our customers as possible.

Frequent updates will assist in ensuring that information is kept fresh and current. It is hoped that customer swill get an overview of the rpoducts that we sell and what is available. From time to time, new products will be introduced and we would like for our customers to have access to this information as soon as its available.

Operating as usual


Hello my friends! We are rebooting our business and will be going back to our roots of how we started all those years ago. I will keep you posted with new offers and attractive prices soon. I value your friendship and support. Thankyou


Our Zimswitch swipe machine is now functioning in Chi Town!


Makoni Shopping Centre, 20453 Unit G, Seke, Chitungwiza

Phone: 0775 694 298



Makoni Shopping Centre, 20453 Unit G, Seke, Chitungwiza

Phone: 0775 694 298


Built in Chipinge..... And continued in Harare....

"My Father built this business in Chipinge, one relationship at a time, one product at a time, one solution at a time. After all these years and so many projects, we are still building on the same values. That's why you can bank on our bargains to build strong foundations for the coming generations." Aadil Sirdar


Building Centre


All window frames are now supplied with FREE GLASS!!


Building Centre is now offering Quality Alpha window frames with FREE GLASS!!!



Our GRANITESIDE branch is proud to announce that we are now stocked up with Artisan products… quality paints and accessories…

Artisan is the dynamic company that exclusively distributes Medal Paints, Cemcrete, Design Syndicate, Artisan & Hamiltons Brushware throughout Zimbabwe.


Spraymate fast drying aerosol spray paint… available at The Building Centre GRANITESIDE

SPRAYMATE Brilliant Green fast drying aerosol spray paint which is $4.70 vat inc.retail price is suitable for spray painting: wood, metal, stone and various types of plastics. It is a high covering, fast drying, durable lacquer that is resistant to most weather conditions. It can be used for household, decorative and industrial applications. Before applying SPRAYMATE fast drying spray paint, always use the correct primer and consult the primer guide for best results.

Spraymate is formulated with a rust inhibitor and can be used for both interior and exterior purposes and is durable enough to maintain the rich, deep colour of the spray paint. The range consists of 32 Standard colours.


Medal Dual Steel Primer… available at The Building Centre GRANITESIDE!

Medal Dual Steel Primer 5L is a water-based metal primer, which is specifically designed to protect all ferrous metal surfaces such as mild steel and galvanised iron. This steel primer has excellent adhesion and rust inhibiting properties. Available at Farm & City fourth street, The Building Centre in Graniteside and Artisan stockists.


Our Lafarge cement is competitively priced at $12.30 for PC15 and $10.40 for Masonry


We have all the building materails you need to build your dream home!


VYNADEEP® offers a robust, half round gutterline profile with concealed brackets featuring round downpipes and an elastomer sealing system. They are extruded in long lengths to make for easy and economical installation. All gutter fittings are injection moulded to ensure uniform shape and high quality finish.

Each fitting is supplied complete with a pre-fixed rubber sealing gasket and is of patented design to ensure simple and quick watertight joints. The patent joint also has the ability of controlling thermal movement within the system.VYNADEEP PVC-U rainwater systems are white in colour with a smooth finish.

The system offers corrosion resistance (unaffected by surface scratches) and excellent flow rates. Completed installations are neat in appearance and will offer many years of use under normal operating conditions.

See in store for prices


Standard Window Frames
NE1 @ $20,50
NE2 @ $25,00
NE4 @ $51,00
NC2F @ $43,00
NC4F @ $61,00
ND2F @ $56,00
C1H @ $27,80
C2H @ $36,00
C4H @ $56,00
E1H @ $22,00
E2H @ $27,50
E4H @ $56,00
ND4F @ $67,00
ND11F @ $77,50
D2H @ $44,50
D4H @ $70,50


Introducing awesome French door designs made from high quality steel at unbelievable prices!
NDAS @ $187
NADA @ $269
NDA @ $277
2NDAS @ $322
DAS @ $237
ADA @ $330
DA @ $345


Light Duty concrete wheelbarrows @ $40,00 each.


Copper pipes are highly durable, easy to work with and to install. They are corrosion and ultraviolet resistant, have excellent thermal conductivity, and are biostatic, making it impossible for bacteria to grow. The rigidity of copper piping allows long runs with fewer fasteners and can be easily bent around obstructions, minimising the need for joints and reducing installation time.

15mm Copper Pipes @ $15,00 per Length


RHINO COVEBOND Adhesive Plaster is a bonding coat for fastening cove cornice to ceiling boards or walls and paper scrim to ceiling board joints.Before applying RHINO COVEBOND, the surfaces must be damp and free from dust or extraneous matter. If mixed and applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications, RHINO COVEBOND will cover 25 meters of Rhino Cove Cornice or 120metres of paper scrim per 25kg bag.

RHINO COVEBOND @ $20,00 per bag


Rhinobond is a bonding coat for Rhino Plaster Ceilings, partition walls and cement surfaces.
For best results on concrete surfaces, ensure your surfaces are not too smooth or greasy.
Use the manufacturer’s specifications on Rhinobond to cover approximately 5 to 6 m2 per 25kg bag.

Rhinobond @ $10 per bag


Rhinoset is a finishing plaster for all kinds of surfaces.Rhinoset gives a smooth wall texture and your paint looks finer. For a beautiful, lasting, quality finish and easy application, use Rhinoset. Use the manufacturer’s specifications to cover approximately 15m2 per 25kg bag.
Gypsum Rhinoset @ $10,00 per bag


SUREBUILD is a premium quality cement that is ideal for general building operations, structural concrete and the manufacture of cement-based products.
PPC SUREBUILD @ $14,00 per bag


PPC UNICEM is a general purpose cement. Typical applications are concrete, mortar, plaster, masonry products, paving, precast products, shotcrete and soil stabilisation. UNICEM is a tried and tested product that has been engineered to achieve a consistent and appropriate performance.
PPC UNICEM @ $12,70 per bag


PPC Porthold Masonry Cement @ $11,20


Our reputation has earned us the distinction that the quality of our products are a given. You’ll find no other supplier with a more reliable design at the most competitive prices.
Introducing 115mm Standard Door Frames @ $20,40


We have all the materials you need to build your dream home!


"My Father built this business in Chipinge, one relationship at a time, one product at a time, one solution at a time. After all these years and so many projects, we are still building on the same values. That's why you can bank on our bargains to build strong foundations for the coming generations." Aadil Sirdar


This is our new ad for Thursday! what do you think?!


We are about to launch our new logo with an improved price on our PPC range of cements on 25 September 2014!
It will be in the national press and soon after on radio. Your support would be appreciated!


Building Centre


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We are in the process of increasing our range of doors. Soon we shall have a catalogue available.Do come in store to see our range of doors.


Suburb Sign in Southerton


Cement,Timber,Doors, Wall and Floor Tiles,Paint,Asbestos,Wall Finishing products,Geysers,Plumbing,PVC Pipes and Fittings, Stainless Steel Sinks,Door Frames, Window Frames,Locksets,Rhinoboard, Toilet Pans and Cisterns,Ladders, Nails,Tarpaulins and Rope.




43 Birmingham Rd

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 12:00

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