Established Security

Established Security


We are part of the Dahua supply chain. Not only do we extend the warranty to you but we also provide our own guarantee on the installation.

Here we were working with the team on the latest artificial intelligence equipment. Let's talk security. .Always #0719130540
It's bound to be a great year, make sure you're "safe and secure. Always". We are here to give you customised advice and services.

Established Security has over 60 years combined experience within the industry in Zimbabwe. Our reputation is for straight talking and "smart" solutions.

“We provide the right solutions”

We provide lasting solutions to physical risk questions and advise businesses and individuals on all aspects of security. Our teams rely on technology and maintain a keen eye on the aesthetics of resultant installations and services. With each custom engagement we therefore provide working solutions that are efficient and are minimally obtrusive.


Some people go for years with a broken gate motor when the solution to repairing it might be simple and cheap. Why not get a free assessment done. Get in touch today.


Solar Mobile Fencing Unit

A demonstration of our solar mobile fencing unit.


Be prepared as we approach the rainy season. Contact Established Security for the best security service in the land.


The prices will shock you, get in touch with us and find out. Keep your home safe and secure.


Creating an illusion is essential as it confuses the burglar by making them believe that someone might actually be home.
Secure your home with us @


Remembering the good old days when this homemade alarm was good enough.
Check out the latest in home security @


Are you having issues with your gate remote? Whether sticky or completely worn out
You don’t have to dispose of the remote, we have a solution for you!
Secure your home with us @


Motion sensors can detect movement anywhere from 15 to 80 feet away, depending on the type and model of detector you choose. Catch intruders before they break into your home.
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Today we honour our prime source of protection and security.
Happy Father's Day!


A gang of 4 robbers can easily overpower you therefore should your home be intruded, where possible, do not resist demands by robbers in case they pounce on you.
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Let us work together to safeguard your valuables.
We have all you need to alleviate your plight.
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Making sure your yard is clean and well maintained is of paramount importance when it comes to home security.
Secure your home with us. Lets talk on 0719130541.


The fear of the Lord is the first step to security!!


Making sure all your doors and windows are well closed is essential for securing your property. We can help you do more.
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Are all your home access points well secured?
If you are not so sure just check out and see what we can do for you today.


Stay ahead of the game!!

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Crime rates in Zimbabwe could significantly drop if we all play our part.
Get your CCTV installed and make a difference.
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We don’t look down upon humble beginnings , we honor them!!
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Happy Mother's Day!!!


Our primary goal is to provide security, however we are cognisant of the fact that we need help from above to succeed at all our endeavors!

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Enhance your Home Alarm Security System today.
Get your 30w siren from our store.
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Advance your home and business security by getting an Alarm Kit at a SPECIAL price.
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Be proactive! Allow us to help you protect your assets. We have all you need in store.
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Our business is protecting yours and our commitment is keeping you safe!!
Big Black Box Gate Cage now in stock
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Security guards offered help to us back in the day. Over time, research showed that
security guard protection is inherently passive leading to guards sleeping on duty.
You clearly need more!
Advance your home and business security by getting an Alarm Kit at a SPECIAL price of
$235 (fit and supply)
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Many homeowners and small business owners opt for silent alarms, but those aren’t always a deterrent. Often, what you want is to scare the would-be burglar so that they leave the area immediately. Strobes and sirens can be an excellent option for your home or business.
Good news is we have them in stock, get yours today!


Back in the day it was enough to just lock your front door with an ordinary key . Unfortunately, we need a lot more now; Fortunately, we have everything you need.
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When you think security, think of established Security!
We can meet your security needs.
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Some of those WhatsApp messages being plans on how to rob you.
What’s your security plan?
Check out and see what we can do for you.


Talk to us on any of our social media platforms and see how you can secure what’s important to you.
All of our products are available to purchase directly from our website - Get Secure @


Remember the days when we would place a coffee mug on the door handle as an alarm? It worked then but unfortunately the thieves nowadays are much more daring, hence the need for more than just the sound of a breaking coffee mug to scare them away!!
Let’s move with the times, get your starter alarm kit!
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Did you know that infrared sensors respond to sources of heat, rather that light? Once your infrared sensors detect a presence on your property, they use that to trigger your wider security system.
Be two steps ahead, don’t let your guard down!


There was always that one yard that nobody dared to enter! Shout out to the original first line of defence. We’ve come a long way since then. Have a look at our website for the latest electronic systems that will keep you and your family safe.

All of our products are available to purchase directly from our website - Get Secure @


Statistics show that cases of vandalism and theft are on the rise in Harare.
What are you doing to protect and secure your assets? No clue? No worries!! We have you covered and can help you with that.
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Did you know that all of our products are available to purchase directly from our website? Find out how you can protect your home and family @

Our story

We provide lasting solutions to physical risk questions and advise businesses and individuals on all aspects of security. After we are done we continue to support our clients. Our work carries up to 12 months manufacturers warantee on equipment and a 6 month labour guarantee.

We offer installations of :

  • Alarms, CCTV, Access control, Gate Automation, Fencing, 24 hour locksmith services

  • FAAC Bollards
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    Solar Mobile Fencing Unit
    Smash and Grabbers Caught on Established Security CCTV


    Gate Automation, CCTV, Alarms, Barriers, Electric Fencing, Fencing, Locksmith Service, Access Control, Security Consultancy



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