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Pan Afrodigital is an online learning platform that has received international accreditation. Our ob


Body language is one of the most important aspects of a job interview. It can tell the interviewer much about you, even if you don't say a word.

For example, if you walk into the room with your arms crossed and your head down, the interviewer may get the impression that you're nervous or unconfident. On the other hand, if you walk in with a smile and a firm handshake, the interviewer will likely see you as being friendly and competent.

In short, your body language can make or break a job interview. So it's essential to be aware of what your body is saying and ensure it's sending the right message.

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So, the Afrodigital Marketers Network (AMN) is now launched! Enjoy some pictures. Here is why we are excited.

The value that AMN members will get is unparalleled. The network is about the members, not the executive.

The disruptive nature of the AMN will become very apparent and will create an opportunity for members to not only engage with each other but advertise their services as well.

Additionally, the network will also foster the growth of an entire community of marketers, creatives, and professionals, who have typically been underrepresented in tech, digital, and business circles.

This is incredibly exciting and empowering, and with the network, we hope to generate a new wave of growth, collaboration, and advancement for those who are included in and affected by the growth and changes in digital media and marketing.

Some of our students also graduated on the same day!


Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Digital marketing presents a very opportunity for small businesses to grow with minimal budgets. In this event, you will learn a very simple framework you can use to approach digital marketing. The tips and wisdom shared in this event will take you forward in your business or career.

Please tag someone who is running a small business and help them grow.


Traffic Generation Ideas for 2023

Get more and more people to visit your digital platforms this year by implementing these ideas. These ideas are not comprehensive but will get you thinking about traffic generation.


GroundUp Digital Marketing

GroundUp Digital Marketing

Showing you how to grow your business using various digital marketing techniques

Pan Afrodigital updated their business hours. 07/09/2022

Pan Afrodigital updated their business hours.

Pan Afrodigital updated their business hours.

Pan Afrodigital updated their address. 07/09/2022

Pan Afrodigital updated their address.

Pan Afrodigital updated their address.


Have you heard? Our Pan degree in digital marketing has been discounted from $300 to $200!
See, we're a business that specializes in digital skills, and we want to help equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a 21st-century marketing professional. That's why this discount is so important.
We don't want cost to be a barrier for anyone trying to expand their skills and get ahead in their career.
We're offering this discount for a limited time—so hurry up and sign up before it's gone!
To sign up for the Pan Degree in Digital Marketing today: #1 Best Practical Digital Marketing Course - Afrodigital


Digital Marketing has quickly become one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand careers available today. With the ability to work on fun and exciting projects, work with notable companies, and live the laptop lifestyle working from anywhere in the world, it is easy to see what makes the Digital Marketing industry so appealing.

Becoming a digital marketer, and getting involved in the Digital Marketing industry can easily be one of the best decisions you can take today.


Online Digital Marketing Training School that helps amateurs, start-ups, businesses, and existing marketers acquire skills they need to thrive in the modern world of digital marketing. We offer professional training from basic to advanced concepts in digital marketing


Gaining skills in practical digital marketing will go a long way for you as a marketing professional. People have changed how they do their shopping, marketers and sales people need to catch-up


Learn how to effectively market online. Enroll today and learn all the digital channels available to you and how to make use of then effectively!!!


If you’re not sure how to best use social media to boost your business, reach more potential clients, and to find those invaluable brand ambassadors, then this workshop is for YOU!!!

To book a palce kindly call 0242754077/ 0713808777

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Congratulations to the 30 Graduates! What a proud day! We couldn’t be happier for you!

Take a moment and savour your reward after all of those late nights of studying, the fun you missed out on, and the lack of sleep.

We wish you the best as you step ahead towards new challenges in life. Congrats and may all your other dreams be fulfilled.

Blessings R. Mavugara Ernest Murewa Carl Haparimwi Christian Nyirenda Esther Eunice Chidziva Daniel E Machipisa Mirriam Gwekwerere Murenga Norris Nyambey Octavia Matanga


“This partnership agreement between our companies will transform the delivery of training courses and business services in general, by bringing together professionalism, integrity and excellence, “said Eric Lachapelle, the CEO of PECB.


Duties and responsibilities

Sales generation to meet set sales monthly targets
Brand marketing
Identify potential customers through networking and following leads
Social media prospecting
Arranging meetings with potential and existing customers to present Afrodigital products
Persuading clients to purchase our products by highlighting product benefits and key features
Building and maintaining solid working relationships with both new and existing clients
Promptly submitting purchase forms to the relevant department for processing
Preparation of daily and monthly cash controls.
Filling out the necessary paperwork and obtaining client’s signatures to complete each


At least a Diploma in marketing management or relevant sales qualifications.

At least 1-year of experience in the field

Skills and requirements

Good selling skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint
Experience with Social Media
Knowledge of CRMs.
Able to work under pressure with minimum supervision

Interested candidates must email their resumes to HR through this email [email protected], stating the position you are applying for in the email subject line.

Due 27 October 2021


What a great time that was! Now all boot camps have gone virtual.


Here is your to with us in 2021 and for the price of USD $140. In 2022, the course will be USD $300.

Do you know someone who needs this course? Tag them in this post. If it is you, comment with ME and get a 25% discount.

Register now and pay later on


Enrol in our to qualify for jobs like this one!

Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students | Afrodigital Pan University 15/07/2021

Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students | Afrodigital Pan University

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing has been running since 2019 and we have people who have gone through the program who are willing to share their experience with the program.

Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students | Afrodigital Pan University Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students Afrodigital Pan University Digital Marketing

Photos from Pan Afrodigital's post 27/05/2021

Enrol now and join the next group of . Register now and pay later. Lets do it now on


April Intake is now in progress! Our Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing program is CPD certified. Register with us to enhance your digital marketing skills and knowledge!

Pan Afrodigital updated their phone number. 15/03/2021

Pan Afrodigital updated their phone number.

Pan Afrodigital updated their phone number.


Welcome to day 9 of the where Loveness Nleya will be taking us through Implementing the DMF for the year 2021.

Implementation is a key component in the digital world. Loveness Nleya is a multi-talented Creative, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding Consultant. She helps and empowers brands, individuals and businesses to grow using holistic approaches, practical digital strategies and tech. Her goal is to help brands, individuals and businesses to build authentic memorable brands online. She uses training, coaching, mentorship, consultancy and speaking opportunities to provide customised digital solutions.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Welcome to day 8 of the where Grad H Zimunya will be taking us through Measurement for the year 2021.

Measurement is the aerial view of understanding and analysing efforts in the digital world. Grad Zimunya is a Lecturer, Business Trainer and Solutions provider in the areas of Digital Marketing, Business Data Analytics and ICT. With the experience of over ten (10) years in ICT Support and over five years in Digital Marketing Grad has been building his name in Digital Transformation area.

Currently, he is a Digital Marketing Lecturer at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) and TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL). He is also a Business Trainer with the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ). He has been operating as a freelance consultant but with some colleagues, they have launched Qura Digital Lab – A Digital Solutions company specializing in Digital Marketing, Digital Technologies and Business Data Analytics.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Welcome to day 7 of the  where Odiline Kava will be taking us through Advocacy for the year 2021.

Customer success planning and digital customer service excellence is the heart of the digital world. Odiline is a Lifestyle Coach, Personal Brand Consultant, Life Skills Trainer, Marketing & Communications Expert, Mentor & Coach. Her life purpose is to educate, empower and transform, motivate and inspire children, youth and adults to be seen and heard. She is a diverse and dynamic woman of passion who believes that personal development and life skills are transformative elements that can help everyone realise their full potential.

She is the Managing Consultant of Vakoma Business World whose goal is to empower everyone the best way to cultivate a more powerful mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs and going big in business and life even in the toughest of times. Odiline sits on Female Wave of Change, Shamwari Yemwanasikana and ZICCORA Boards.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Happy New Week!

It’s day 6 of the where Tofara Chokera will be taking us through Online Sales for the year 2021.

Online Sales is the heart of the digital world. Tofara Chokera is an Information Technology Engineer by profession , an award winning entrepreneur and a passionate Digital Marketing and Innovation Consultant. She has received an array of awards namely Women Excel as The Most Successful Woman in Zimbabwe – 2019, ICMF Award winner 2020 and Business person of the month in She Means Business in October 2018. She has founded a number of initiatives including TofaraOnline - A digital Marketing and innovation Consulting Trust which aims at empowering women and young people to embrace digital marketing and implement tech based innovative solutions to grow their businesses .

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Welcome to day 5 of the where Zivanai Mukuku will be taking us through Lead Management for the year 2021.

Lead Management is important if you are going to thrive in the digital world. Zivanai Mukuku holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management with IMM and a Master of Commerce in Marketing Strategy with MSU. He handles Business Development at Convex Cyber Security and he currently serves as a SOPHOS Platinum Partner. With this undisputed experience, he has won several accolades including “Salesperson of the Year SADC” for Cyberroam/SOPHOS revenue contribution by partner.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Welcome to day 4 of the where Shingirayi Sabeta will be taking us through Traffic Generation for the year 2021.

Generating traffic online is paramount if you're going to thrive in the digital world. Shingirayi Sabeta is a seasoned Brand Strategist who help businesses become more profitable by helping them understand and connect with their customers. He does that by helping them figure out who they are, what they stand for, who to tell and what to say to them.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Welcome to day 3 of the where Taylor Chiyangwa will be taking us through Digital Transformation for the year 2021.

Digital transformation is important if you're going to thrive in the digital world. Taylor Chiyangwa is a digital marketing & online entrepreneurship expert. His mission is to change the narrative of online entrepreneurship in Africa by helping individuals & businesses grow their businesses online. He runs a number of successful online businesses and wishes to help others do the same.

It's not too late to register, you can do it here:

Join us tonight at 7pm!


Practically learning all the areas of digital marketing not only equips business owners to manage the resource assigned the work to but it gives them the knowledge and confidence to lead better or to do it themselves.

Digital Marketing Course Online - Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing 06/01/2021

Digital Marketing Course Online - Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing

Our Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing is designed to enhance knowledge and practical skills to any business professional or entrepreneur. Enrollment is in progress for February intake, contact us for more info!

Digital Marketing Course Online - Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Digital marketing course online. Enroll in the pan degree in practical digital marketing. Accreditation, practical & highly rated course.


Career shifts into have been growing across the globe. With students in Canada, South Africa & mainly Zimbabwe, the Pan Degree has been a preferred course because of how practical it is.

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Mistakes to avoid when hiring #digital professionals
How to become a professional digital marketer
Customers and Digital Transformation
Why you need to create and share useful information as a business
Why Digital Marketing is Relevant in Zimbabwe - Today
Google for Business Two-Day Boot Camp
Google for Business Two-Day Boot Camp
Google for Business Two-Day Boot Camp



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