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Touchstone Computer Systems updated their address. 09/12/2020

Touchstone Computer Systems updated their address.

Touchstone Computer Systems updated their address.



Touchstone is recruiting!

We have 2 places in our Customer Support Team.

They would suit young people who have demonstrated that they have an aptitude for a career in Payroll, Taxation and Human Resource management. A diploma or degree in a related field will be an advantage.

They must be optimistic people with arithmetic skills and demonstrate logical thinking that delights in solving puzzles. Some programming experience would be an advantage.

Good interpersonal skills and command of a couple of our national languages will make everyone’s life easier.

Those selected will be placed in a 7-month practical and academic learning programme.

If you think you would like to join a well-established Payroll company, with a wide spectrum of clients then start by sending our MD your CV or resume.


Touchstone is very sad to announce the sudden and untimely death of our workmate and friend, Rosten Ziwome.
He passed away on Saturday night after a short stay in hospital.
As a sign of respect and to allow us to attend his funeral, Touchstone will be closed on Tuesday 15th May 2018.


In the background at No.1 Raleigh St you can see part of the crowd of thousands of Rev Makanya's followers returning to Freedom Square after spreading through the city picking up litter on Saturday morning.


Servious tending the new garden at No.1 Raleigh St.


2017 Graduating students for the IPTA Diploma run at Touchstone as part of their Payroll and Taxation courses

Members of Touchstone 100% Club 14/12/2017

Automtic membership to those who achieve 100% on the course examination on any one of the 3 levels of the PayDay Training series.

Touchstone's class of 2017 IPTA students 14/12/2017

.They were presented their Diplomas by Mr Zec Murerwa at Touchstone's Year End User Group,


It was a great day indeed


Touchstone's Mashonaland 2017 Year End User Group was held at The Bronte Hotel on Friday 8th December. Training Manager, Nicholas Charukwa welcomed Mr Zec Murerwa as the Guest of Honour. Touchstone MD, Simon Pitt began by congratulating the latest members of the 100% Club - those who achieved 100% on and of the 3 Levels of the PayDay Payroll Training courses


Simon Pitt meets with some of PayDay users at Middy's in Bulawayo last week.


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins

Timeline photos 16/03/2017

#6 Why Good Employees Leave

Similar to yesterdays "caged employee", an underdeveloped employee is not growing. In some cases the organization has developed new needs and circumstances that they are no longer qualified for. They may fee inadequate or frustrated by the lack of training or room to adapt.

Seek ways not only to provide opportunity, but also to equip your employees for these new growth paths within the company. You will be loved for it

Timeline photos 15/03/2017

#5 Why Good Employees Leave

Personal growth is a major driver when people choose where they want to work. If an employee feels stagnant or as if their potential is "caged" they may not last long at the organization.

Talk to them.

Find out what they dream of doing and how you can help. Help them spot opportunities within the company to more fully express their talents and skills - to grow. When you do this, you will often be rewarded with very loyal and committed employees, even when you cannot afford to pay them as much as you want to.

Timeline photos 14/03/2017

#4 Why Good Employees Leave

Sometimes, if you're not careful, you might fail to notice the significant contribution or value of a particular employee. Perhaps they're not as loud or visible as others, yet doing more or better work.

When you're handing out promotions or new growth opportunities within the company, be sure to look around carefully. It's possible that you maybe overlooking the one person who is most deserving.

Timeline photos 13/03/2017

#3 Why Good Employees Leave

There's probably nothing that will get a good employee packing their bags as fast as being abused. This can take on many forms, physical, emotional, verbal and more.

When employees feel safe and protected from by the organization against abuse, they are likely to stay even after a once off bad experience. Strive to create a work environment that makes the whole team feel safe from abuse.

Timeline photos 13/07/2016

In these tough times it's not always possible to give your employees as much as you'd like, but make an effort! Employees tend to be very understanding when they know that you're doing your best to reward them fairly, even if not perfectly.

Timeline photos 12/07/2016

It's tempting to try to get as much out of an employee as possible, but remember, they're only human. An often over-looked part of being productive is having time to relax and recover too!

Timeline photos 07/07/2016

#15 Do you take the time to acknowledge and reward top performers in your company?

Everyone could use recognition for the hard work and commitment they put in, it keeps us motivated and doing our best. Don't neglect this simple truth.

Timeline photos 01/07/2016

#14 It's tempting to try to hire cheap talent, but there are often consequences. When hiring always look for the best possible candidate as a first priority - let affordability be a secondary consideration. It sounds so simple, and yet its one of the top 3 most common hiring mistakes HR managers make!

Tips For HR Professionals

Timeline photos 30/06/2016

#13 It happens to the best of us, and it will happen to you. A bad hire or just someone who seem unmotivated. Learn to quickly diagnose the reasons for poor performance and act fast. Do they need training, encouragement or perhaps they are just a terrible fit for the company...
This is one of the skills that is going to completely set you apart as an HR professional so take the time to develop a solid plan for poor performers.

Tips for HR Professionals

Timeline photos 29/06/2016

#12 How clued up are you on the latest and greatest idea in the HR world? Learn to borrow and steal ideas to improve your skills! Don't waste time trying to re-invent the wheel, Google is your friend!

Tips for HR Managers

Timeline photos 28/06/2016

#11 Leave the words “human capital” in the textbooks conference rooms and with the HR consultants.

In real life, you can’t treat people like they’re numbers in a powerpoint presentation or as “human capital” that can be sold off like a stock. That’s in free fall. They’re people, like you and me, with families and fears and aspirations for the future. And for most of their day, they choose to invest their time and energy in our organizations.

Tips for HR Managers, Inspired by Paul Sohn.

Timeline photos 24/06/2016

#10 Maybe this isn't said often enough to HR Managers but WATCH THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD! Humility makes it so much easier for those around you to support your goals and celebrate your success with you.

Tips For HR Managers inspired by PAUL SOHN

Timeline photos 23/06/2016

Don't miss out!

Timeline photos 20/06/2016

#9 Every week, take at least one hour to focus on your HR career. Sometimes we get so busy with work we forget the big picture and what we want to achieve long term.

*Fix your linkedIn profile or request a few more recommendations to support your profile.
*Network with other professionals who could be handy at a future time
*Look through your it as sharp as it could be?
*Give a free HR related presentation to whoever will listen!

Don't let being busy get in the way of being successful!

Timeline photos 16/06/2016

#8 You've heard it a thousand times already right? And yet effective time management continues to separate the successful from the merely talented or even hard-working. Do you have a clear daily, weekly, monthly plan? Do you know how to prioritize the things that have the greatest impact on your HR career? A time management plan is nothing to take for granted.

Timeline photos 15/06/2016

#7 Some research indicates that in many job markets, even here in Zimbabwe, lack of experience is not as big a hindrance as it once was. If you lack experience though, you will have to make up for it somehow. Determination to learn fast, solid work ethic and a genuine concern for the people and the company you work for. Whatever you do, don't let lack of experience stop you from pursuing your goals making progress.

Timeline photos 14/06/2016

#6 Feedback...take it and give it as often as possible as you develop your HR career. Be strategic, not emotional about it. In this way, even negative feedback can become a really powerful tool for you. Feedback It provides you with new insight, ideas and info you may not have other-wise have come upon, but it also enables others to feel that you've listened and heard their concerns.

Use the F-word much more!

Oh and when giving it to others, do it with heart, make it constructive.

Timeline photos 13/06/2016

#5 Can gossip help you succeed? It can when it's positive, businesses call it word of mouth! And whats the number one secret to getting people to talk positively about you? Do outstanding...OUTSTANDING work.

Find opportunities to take on challenging tasks, even the stuff no one else wants to touch, then commit yourself to absolutely delivering on the result. The compliments you get "behind your back" are a major factor in a successful career.

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