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Stable no 20 Debbie requesting your milk containers please - support her recycle initiative.


Steam pod
long hair $20
Bob length $15


Ladies/teen cut and blow wave (short) $45
Ladies/teen cut and blow wave (long) $50
Ladies/teen cut and blow wave (very long) $55


Gents cut $25
Ladies cut $35


Blow wave (long) $20
Blow wave (short)$15


Girls cut (under 5 years) $20
Girls cut (junior school) $25
Girls cut long hair (junior school) $30
Boys cut $20
Junior school girls cut and blow wave (short) $35
Junior school girls cut and blow wave (long) $40




Gents cut $20
Ladies cut $30
Regular weekly blow wave $10
Blow wave $12
Ladies cut and blow wave $35
First time cut during October HALF PRICE


LIANNA our new nail lady is ready to do your nails. Phone 0242497251/0778775386


Wed 4/10/23 - 30/10/23
0712203515/0242497251 in Greendale
With Monica


by Monica

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 09/06/2023

by Monica

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Sue Hair - cut and colour by Monica

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 08/05/2023

Stunning - Sarah

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Judy - lovely to make a change.

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 26/04/2023

Fun making Maz feel less drab/more fab

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 26/04/2023
Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 25/04/2023

Vivyan O’Donovan - after. Before right hand bottom photo.

Hair loss in ladies as they age is a manifestation of poor light choices 27/02/2023

Dr Jack Kruse

TODAY'S PSA I learned long ago from an ex-lover: Hair loss & brittle hair is a signal decentralized MDs better pay better attention to when you are paying them to help you. Brittle hair or baldness is a manifestation of poor light choices. That is why T3 & T4 are always altered in these people too. Both hormones are made from aromatic amino acids in the pituitary circuit. Balding of humans was going on way before cataract surgery was a thing. Now that we are sitting in front of screens in modern times so many cataracts happen first before we get brittle or we lose hair. Light is the key to this wisdom. You don't read a screen with your scalp, but you do with your eyes. This is why the cataract and wig business is so profitable these days.

Hair loss in ladies as they age is a manifestation of poor light choices HAIR GROWTH AND LOSS IS A LIGHT EVENT: Did you know that regrowing hair is just like watering a plant? Hair needs to absorb light energy to stay...

External light activates hair follicle stem cells through eyes via an ipRGC–SCN–sympathetic neural pathway 08/02/2023

External light activates hair follicle stem cells through eyes via an ipRGC–SCN–sympathetic neural pathway Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) exhibit several important functions including the circadian photo entrainment, pupillary light reflex, alertness, and phototaxis. Whether ipRGCs regulate other physiological activities is unknown. ...


How Copper Peptides Boost Hair Growth And Stop Hair Loss | PLEIJ Salon + Spa Scientists may have found a cure to hair loss using Cu-GHK, a peptide that was discovered to regrow hair with effects comparable to that of Minoxidil in treating androgenic alopecia.

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 25/09/2022

Charmaine Mendes you have the hair to do this style. Cut and blow wave by Monica

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 20/09/2022

Blondes have more fun, Debbie Nethersole - colour, cut and blow wave by Monica

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 15/09/2022

Love cutting your hair Nats - Natalie Fisher


Pensioners $5 less


First time hair cut 💇‍♀️💇🏼
1/2 price til end Sept

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 25/08/2022

My client and friend, Sue Hair - thank you for trusting me with your colour and cut and blow wave, and even breakfast together afterwards 😃


HALF PRICE PERM until 15 Sept with Cea. Ph 0778775386/0242497251/0786735996

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 19/07/2022

Gayle Thompson Hickman love brave people like you. And beautiful


It's just hair - I got to be a part of your wedding!

It's just hair - I was there for your child's first haircut.

It's just hair - I was there for your first date.

It's just hair - I was there for your school dance .

It's just hair - I was there for their funeral.

It's just hair- I was there for your graduation.

It's just hair- I was there when you didn't like the way you looked.

It's just hair- when you are getting ready to interview for your dream job and we needed to get you a full makeover and pep talk

It's just hair- when all you wanted in the whole world is a hug from your hair stylist because you knew they'd give it to you with open arms!

It’s just hair- when you just found out your expecting and haven’t shared the news with anyone else yet

It's just hair- when you lost your job and didn't know what you were going to do

It's just hair- when you were getting a divorce and just needed to feel better about yourself.

It's just hair- when you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged

It’s just hair- when I came in after hours to get your hair done before a last minute early morning flight to make it home in time to see a loved one before it’s too late

It's just hair- when you are about to go on vacation and can't wait to tell me all about it on your next visit

It's just hair- when you bought your very first home

It’s just hair - when I buzzed it all off and cried with you.

It's just hair ...

It's not "just hair" Never has been and never will be!

Photos from Hair Perfect Studio's post 31/05/2022

Lauren, Gill Pechey such beautiful hair to work with. Foils, cut and blow wave by Monica


The Natural Health Library

Thinning Hair in Women: Warning Sign of Underlying Health Issues

Hair is probably a woman's most important feature. Signs of thinning hair can take the sail out of almost any woman's day. It may seem vain to pay so much attention to hair, but signs of thinning hair are really the first signals of such conditions as hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, excessive stress or poor nutrition, all symptoms of declining health status. Paying attention to hair can reveal developing conditions before they get out of control. When you have restored your hair to a full head of vibrant healthy strands, chances are the rest of your body will also exhibit vibrant health.

Nutritional deficiencies may be signaled by thinning hair

Your hair loss may be caused by vitamin D deficiency. Studies show that a large segment of the American population is deficient in this essential nutrient, with hair loss being one of the primary symptoms of this deficiency.

The vitamin D receptor (VDR) is expressed in numerous cells and tissues of the body, including the skin. Studies of mice and humans lacking these functional receptors have demonstrated that absence of the VDR leads to the development of alopecia, a fancy word for hair loss. Hair loss may be an early warning that you are at risk of other maladies linked to a deficiency of vitamin D. The list includes diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, gum disease, seasonal influenza and tuberculosis.

Lack of exposure to the sun almost guarantees vitamin D deficiency. Researchers have mapped the U.S. and found that the farther north a person lives, the more likely she is to have vitamin D deficiency. If access to the sun is not an option, supplementing vitamin D with cod liver oil, or capsules of D3 will help. It is now suggested that women receive a minimum of 2,000 units of vitamin D per day. Many cutting edge practioners advocate 10,000 units per day, the amount obtained from a day wearing a bathing suit in the summer sun.

Omega 3 fatty acids affect the biological process of vitamin D. They are responsible for producing cholesterol and at the same time for removing its excess, as well as for most other bodily functions. In order to manufacture vitamin D, the body needs cholesterol. If the diet does not contain enough essential fatty acids, the body can't produce its own vitamin D. In addition to containing usable vitamin D, cod liver oil also provides omega 3 fatty acids.

Hair loss may also be the result of deficiencies of the amino acid lysine, copper, and zinc. However, if your diet is comprised of a wide selection of whole foods including daily servings of fresh vegetables and fruits, this may not be the cause of your hair loss, especially if you are getting enough protein. Hair stands are composed of protein, but if the diet is short on it, the wisdom of the body will divert its use from making hair to sustaining more necessary bodily functions. Taking a whole food supplement such as bee pollen, spirulina or chlorella will help with getting and assimilating needed amounts of the full spectrum of nutrients.

Thinning hair may reflect hormonal imbalance

A woman's hormones can begin to decline and lose balance as early as the 30's. One of the most shocking examples of this imbalance is hair growth appearing on the upper lip or chin, or a coarsening of hair on the rest of the body while the hair on the head thins. This is most likely the result of excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. Although estrogen is the primary hormone of women, they also produce testosterone and other androgens such as DHEA. As the body ages women may begin to convert these androgens to DHT just as men do. Women with a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome tend to have higher levels of testosterone and DHT than other women, and may be more susceptible to this excessive conversion.

To find out if hormonal imbalance is causing hair loss, full range hormone testing can be done. Physicians who administer bio-identical hormones can provide this testing, as well as physicians who specialize in anti-aging medicine. If this is not an option, there are reliable laboratories available online that receive specimens of saliva by mail and provide complete hormone testing results.

Supplements of saw palmetto prevent the excessive conversion of androgens to DHT. It is an herb that comes from the flowers of a beautiful palm tree known as saw palmetto or sabal palm. A dosage of one 160 mg. capsule daily should effectively block this conversion and get the hair back on head and off the face. Saw palmetto has been demonstrated to be safe for prolonged use. If hormone testing is not an option, another way to find out if excessive DHT conversion is causing hair loss is to take a saw palmetto supplement for a period of three months. If hair loss stops where you don't want it and starts where you do want it, your question will be answered.

Excessive levels of hormonal conversion to DHT are highly associated with prostate abnormalities in men and may be a cause of prostate cancer. Saw palmetto has been documented to increase prostate health. The health effects of this conversion in women are not yet fully documented, yet common sense suggests that reducing excessive levels of DHT in women may be helpful in assuring breast and ovarian health.

Declining levels of thyroid hormone can also spark hair loss. It's estimated that forty percent of American women are suffering from significant hair loss related to low thyroid hormones, with redheads particularly at risk. The hormones produced by the thyroid are responsible for metabolism, the sum of all the physical and chemical processes. The thyroid hormones control the efficiency and speed at which cells work. Every cell in the body including the hair depends on proper thyroid function for development. If thyroid production is insufficient, hair growth will slow and hair will eventually thin.

Other symptoms of declining thyroid function are dry skin, sensitivity to hot and cold, unexplained weight gain, missing outer third of eyebrows, constipation, brittle nails, high or low blood pressure, susceptibility to infections, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, joint or muscle pain, cystic breasts or ovaries, chronic sinusitis, slow heart rate, TMJ syndrome, dental problems, headache, and increased cholesterol levels. This list reveals how critical proper thyroid function is to well being.

The good new is that low thyroid can easily be corrected by supplementing the body with bio-identical thyroid hormones. Armour thyroid is the natural form of thyroid hormone.

Too much stress can cause hair to thin

Hair loss may be the first indication that your stress level is taking a toll on your body. Stress is nothing less than epidemic today, and this high level can actually cause hair loss along with many more serious health problems. Excessive physical or emotional stress associated with illness, injury, and trauma may cause the hair to stop growing and enter a period of dormancy which is followed two or three months later by the hair falling out. When physical or emotional equilibrium is regained, hair will again begin to grow, usually about 6 to 9 months later.

A more serious situation develops when stress is constant and almost unrelenting as it is for many people in this society. Hair thinning will continue unless effective means of dealing with the stress are put in place and calmness can be restored. Prolonged hair loss caused by chronic stress is a warning that other bodily systems are in jeopardy.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that gives the body its fight or flight response to stressful situations. It is an important hormone secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in maintaining proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, insulin release for blood sugar maintenance, immune function, and inflammatory response. When stress is constant and prolonged, cortisol levels stay elevated and the body enters a state of chronic stress.

Higher and prolonged levels of corisol in the bloodstream have been shown to have negative effects, such as impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, decreased bone density, decreased muscle tissue, higher blood pressure, lowered immunity, heightened inflammatory response, and increased abdominal fat. If no steps are taken to reduce the stress level, heart attack or stroke may follow.

To keep corisol levels healthy, the body's relaxation response should be activated. Learn to relax the body with various stress management techniques and make changes in your lifestyle to minimize the stress. Eat a diet of whole food that emphasizes vegetables and fruits. Take supplements like bee pollen, spirulina and chlorella to make sure nutrition is complete. Add alfalfa to keep your body fully mineralized, as stress raises the need for minerals. The B complex vitamins as well as vitamin C are needed to support the adrenal gland while dealing with chronic stress.

Hair products containing toxic chemicals promote hair loss

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the dominant ingredient in almost all shampoos sold in traditional outlets such as supermarkets, drugstores and discount centers. In addition to having toxic effects on your immune system, SLS has been shown to corrode hair follicles and impede hair growth. It has been blamed for many cases of hair loss. The Material Safety Data Sheet provided by the U.S. government says exposure to SLS can lead to burning, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting. The American College of Toxicology says SLS stays in the body for up to five days and maintains residual levels in the heart, liver, brain, and lungs.

Over-treated hair is another cause of hair loss in women. Hair dyes, permanents, and relaxers do serious damage to the hair and scalp whether they contain lye or not. They are made with toxic chemicals that must be detoxified by the liver, and are identified by the immune system as foreign invaders. Thus health of the liver and the immune system are compromised by use of these products. When the liver is busy trying to detoxify an onslaught of foreign chemicals, estrogen metabolism may not be properly completed and breast cancer may be promoted. An immune system busy fighting off an invasion of foreign chemicals may not be able to prevent infection or identify and destroy abberant cells. Damage from dyes and relaxers can only heal when those potions are no longer used on the hair.

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