AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling Company is a leading provider of Sustainable Water Solutions and Solar Systems throughout Zimbabwe


Give them the gift of water this festive season.


🌟 Dive into December with AquaAmanzi! 🚀💦 Ensure a festive season of endless water joy. 🎁 Borehole drilling: ✔️ Reliable. ✔️ Affordable. ✔️ Sustainable. 🌍 Save on bills, splash on cheer! 🎉 Act now – call 1-800-AQUAH20. Cheers to a splash-tastic December! 💙💧 🌊✨

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💧 AquaAmanzi LayBy Borehole Drilling - Secure Your Water Future with Ease! 💦

Embarking on a journey towards water security has never been more convenient with AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling's LayBy Borehole Service! Now, you can effortlessly attain a Class 6 casing borehole by taking advantage of our flexible payment plan.

🚜 Service Highlights:

Class 6 Casing: Benefit from top-tier drilling with our Class 6 casing borehole, ensuring longevity and efficiency.
Easy Payment Plan: Start with an initial payment of US$800 to kickstart the drilling process.
Convenient LayBy Option: Complete your investment by paying the remaining US$150 within 2 weeks.
🌐 Why Choose LayBy Borehole Drilling?

Affordability: Make water accessibility affordable with a structured payment plan.
Timely Completion: Get your borehole drilling underway without waiting, ensuring quick access to water for your needs.
💰 Payment Breakdown:

Initial payment of US$800.
Complete the total investment with an additional US$150 within 2 weeks.
📞 Secure Your LayBy Borehole Today!
Call us now at +263 77 460 7351 or +263 77 466 7641 to schedule your LayBy Borehole Drilling service. Don't miss this chance to secure a reliable water source with AquaAmanzi's hassle-free layby option!

Secure Your Water, Secure Your Future with AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling! 🌊

Terms and conditions apply. Limited slots available. Take the plunge into water security today!


🌊 Aqua Unity Borehole: Uniting Communities in Pure Excellence! 🌐

Dive into the Future with AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling's Latest Innovation!

🚀 Exclusive Group Offer:
Combine forces with 3 other families and invest just US$500 each to secure a shared 80-meter deep borehole at an unbeatable total of US$2000! This promotion runs from November 22nd to December 10th, 2023.

💧 Key Features:

Dependable Depth: Enjoy a reliable water supply with our 80-meter deep borehole.
Shared Sustainability: Foster communal responsibility by investing together for a sustainable water source.
Limited Time: Act now to capitalize on this exclusive offer!
🌟 How to Join:

Form a group of 4 families.
Each family contributes US$500.
Secure your community's Aqua Unity Borehole.
📞 Call Now:
Contact us at +263 77 460 7351 or +263 77 466 7641. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unite your community with Aqua Unity Borehole!

Join Aqua Unity Borehole - Where Water Unites, Communities Thrive!

Terms and conditions apply. Limited slots available. Act fast to secure your community's Aqua Unity Borehole.

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🌊 Dive into Savings with AquaAmanzi's Black Friday Splash! 💦🎉

Catch the wave of incredible deals on our borehole services from November 24th to December 8th, 2023! AquaAmanzi is making a splash, and you won't want to miss it!

🚀 Featured Black Friday Offers:

Borehole Deepening - 180mm Casing: Only $30/m!
Borehole Deepening - 140mm Casing: Dive deep for just $40/m!
Borehole Drilling Only: Unbelievable price of $700!
Borehole + Class 6 Casing: $950 (40m, extra meters $28)
Borehole + Class 10 Casing: $1150 (40m, extra meters $35)
0.5HP Installation: Make waves for $950!
Tank and Tank Stand: $900 - A steal of a deal!
📬 Contact us:
Inbox for personalized quotes or give us a call. Secure your water future at a price that makes a splash! 🚰✨

Don't let these tide-turning deals slip away – Black Friday to December 8th, only with AquaAmanzi! 🌊🔖

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🌊🔧 Dive into Savings with AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling's September Spectacular! 🔧🌊

Are you ready to make a splash this September? AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling has an offer that's making waves! 🌊💰

Introducing our exclusive September deal on Class 6 and Class 10 casing – the heart and soul of any reliable borehole! 💧

🌟 Class 6 Casing: Dive in at just $950! 🌟
🌟 Class 10 Casing: Sink into savings at only $1150! 🌟

But wait, there's more! 📞 Call us now at +263 77 460 7351 or +263 77 466 7641 to make a splash and secure your September deal. Don't let this offer drift away – it's available for a limited time only!

Make a smart investment in your future, your property, and your water supply. Choose AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling – where quality meets affordability! 🌊🔧

Don't be left high and dry – act now, and let us bring the water to you! 💦

AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling
📞 For more info, call +263 77 460 7351 or +263 77 466 7641

Dive in today and turn your water dreams into reality! 💧🌊


AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling: Trust in Divine Timing

🌊 Looking for a reliable water source? 🌊

"When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen."

At AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling, we understand the importance of trust and timing. We specialize in providing you with clean, abundant water when you need it most.

💧 Have faith in God's plan.
💧 Be patient and persistent.
💧 Let us help you dig deep for your blessings.

Contact us today for borehole drilling that aligns with divine timing and trust in a brighter, water-rich future. 💦🙏


It's decision time:

👍 Give a thumbs-up emoji if you're on the landlord's side!
😔 Send a sad emoji if you empathize with the headmaster's situation!

Let the emoji voting begin! 😄


🎉🏆 Exciting News for Football Fans! 🏆🎉

Hey there, AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling fans! We know you're not just passionate about water solutions; you're also die-hard football enthusiasts. We've got something special brewing for you! 🌊⚽

On the 31st of August 2023, FIFA conducted the Champions League draw, and the anticipation is at its peak! But here's the twist: we're turning this into a thrilling interactive experience!

👍 If your team is in the safe zone and primed to qualify for the Champions League Group stage, hit that "LIKE" button! Let's celebrate together! 🥳

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Let's unite and create a whirlwind of reactions on this post! Show your support for your favorite team and bond with fellow football fans in the AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling community.

Stay tuned for updates and let's cheer our teams on to Champions League glory! 💪⚽🌟


Happy September to all our valued clients! 🌻

Did you know that September gets its name from the Latin word "septem," which means "seven"? Ironically, it's the ninth month in our modern calendar! Why the name confusion, you ask? Well, back in the day, the Roman calendar only had ten months, starting with March. September was originally the seventh month, and the calendar was eventually adjusted to accommodate January and February, making September the ninth month. So, while it may be number nine now, it still carries the spirit of its septem roots.

September is also known as the "harvest month" in many parts of the world. It's a time when farmers and gardeners reap the rewards of their hard work, filling our tables with a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables. The air begins to cool, and the leaves start to change, painting the world with hues of red, orange, and gold. It's a time of transition and renewal, making it a perfect month to embark on new adventures and set fresh goals.

As we step into this vibrant and transitional month, let's embrace the changing seasons and the opportunities they bring. AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling wishes you a September filled with growth, abundance, and exciting new beginnings! 🍂💧


📚🚌 Splash into Term 3 with AquAmanzi's Back to School Bash! 🚰💦

🎒 School's almost in session, and we've got a whale of a deal for you! 🐋 Say goodbye to water worries and hello to hassle-free mornings. 🌞✨

🏫 Back to School Promotion:
💦 Pump it Up!
💦 Tank Up!
💦 Borehole Bliss!

💰 All for Just US$1950! 💰

📞 Ring the Bell! Don't be tardy for this offer. Call on +263 77 460 7351 and get ready for a term of smooth sailing!

🎉 No More Water Woes, Just Happy Flows! 🎉


🇿🇼🗳 Calling all Zimbabweans, near and far! 🌍

🕊 Your vote, your voice – let's unite for peaceful elections. No matter where you are, let's stand together for a Zimbabwe that chooses peace.

🤝 AquaAmanzi Borehole Drilling urges you: Cast your vote in tranquility. Let harmony prevail as we shape our nation's path.

🙏🗳 Today, we pledge to vote in peace, for a united Zimbabwe today and always.

In unity,
AquaAmanzi Borehole AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling


A standing ovation to Saint Floew for his incredible journey towards positive change! Your courage in taking steps towards drug rehab is a beacon of hope, inspiring youths across Zimbabwe. Your path is a testament to the strength within, and we're cheering you on every step of the way.

To the incredible youth of Zimbabwe: Saint Floew's journey is a shining example of resilience and determination. By acknowledging his struggles and seeking help, he's set a powerful precedent for all of you. You have the strength to overcome obstacles and rewrite your story, one step at a time.

Let this movement of empowerment resonate through our nation. Let's rally together, supporting our young talents, and fostering an environment of understanding and encouragement.

Zimbabwe, let's celebrate Saint Floew's triumph and the positive change he embodies. Together, let's stand by our young artists, offering our prayers and unwavering support.

May this journey of courage inspire others to follow suit, proving that with determination, anything is possible. Let's join hands in creating a brighter future for our talented youth and our beloved Zimbabwe.


🚀 Calling all football fanatics! Get ready for a thrilling ride in the AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League! 🏆 It's more than just a game; it's a chance to claim victory, bragging rights, and amazing prizes that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. ⚽🎁

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Picture it: assembling your dream team, making strategic substitutions, and experiencing the euphoria of a perfectly executed captain's choice. The cheers, the jeers, the camaraderie – it's a virtual stadium of excitement that transcends the boundaries of the real world. ⚡📊

But wait, there's more! 🌟 The AquAmanzi Fantasy Premier League isn't just about the game; it's about the community. It's about the friendly rivalries, the banter, and the shared passion for the beautiful game. With each matchweek, you'll be part of a saga that unfolds with cheers, groans, and the promise of victory in the air. 🤝🥅

So don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Click that link, assemble your squad, and prepare for a season that promises unforgettable moments, heart-pounding action, and the chance to etch your name into the annals of fantasy football history. 🎉🏆⚽

Join us in the AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League – where victories are celebrated, dreams are realized, and friendships are forged through the love of the game. See you on the virtual pitch! 🎮👋


"Like Peter walking on the water, facing life's storms can make us fearful and uncertain. But just as he cried out for help and was saved by the Lord, remember that challenges are opportunities to strengthen your faith. Have faith, for AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling clients, as you navigate difficulties, believe that just as the Lord saved Peter, He will guide and uplift you. Trust in the process, keep your eyes on the goal, and have faith that even in the midst of adversity, you will rise above with His help." Happy Sunday to you all stay blessed


🌞 Unleash the Power of the Sun with AquAmanzi Solar Boreholes! 🌞

Tired of relying on unreliable water sources? Say goodbye to water scarcity and skyrocketing bills with our unbeatable August Promotion! 🚰💧

🔆 Introducing AquAmanzi Solar Powered Boreholes for only US$2,200.00! 🔆

🌊 What's Included in the Promo? 🌊
🔹 Solar pump - Harness the energy of the sun to pump water efficiently and sustainably.
🔹 Solar Panels Connections - Seamless integration for continuous power supply.
🔹 Garden Tape Fittings - Keep your garden lush and green effortlessly.
🔹 5000 Litres Tank - Store ample water for all your needs.
🔹 3m Tank Stand - Elevate your water storage for maximum convenience.

💡 Why Choose AquAmanzi Solar Boreholes? 💡
✅ Endless, Eco-friendly Power - Say hello to reliable water access without the high bills.
✅ Drought-Proof Your Home - Ensure your water supply even in the driest seasons.
✅ Hassle-Free Installation - Our experts handle everything from start to finish.
✅ Boost Property Value - A solar-powered borehole is an attractive feature for any property.
✅ Support and Service - We're here for you every step of the way.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to secure your water future! Limited slots available for this amazing deal. Act fast and transform your water supply with AquAmanzi Solar Boreholes.

📞 Contact us now at +263 77 460 7351 or +263 77 466 7641 to book your slot and learn more about this game-changing promotion. Your water security is our priority! 💦🌟


🌟 Happy Heroes' Day, AquAmanzi Champions! 🦸‍♂

On this special day, as Zimbabwe celebrates its heroes, we're tipping our hats to each of you – our everyday heroes who inspire us with your resilience and determination. 💪✨

To add to the festivities, we're hosting the AquAmanzi Heroes' Challenge! 🎉 Here's how to dive in:

📣 Challenge Time: Tell us about your favorite hero and why they light up your world. Is it a historical icon, a family member, or even a fictional character? Share your story in the comments below! 👇

🗓 Deadline: Make a splash by sharing your hero tale by August 14th, Heroes' Day itself.

At AquAmanzi, we're in the business of creating heroes too – turning water challenges into victories! 💧 So, let's celebrate the heroes who quench our thirst for inspiration and those who make water flow effortlessly.

Happy Heroes' Day, dear AquAmanzi community! Let's share, celebrate, and keep our spirits as high as the water in our expertly drilled boreholes.

Dive into the challenge, and keep those hero stories coming!


Happy Sunday


Celebrating Water Warriors & Borehole Champions in Zimbabwe


🎉 Hey there, AquAmanzi family! 🌊

It's Fri-YAY, and we're diving into the weekend with a splash of blessings! 🙏✨ But hold up – before you hit the road for that epic long weekend, let's talk safety.

Just like we drill for the best boreholes, let's drive with care, flair, and a whole lot of "get-there-safely" vibes! 🚗💨 Seatbelts on, tunes up, and let's cruise into the weekend like the responsible legends we are.

We're curious: what's on your long weekend agenda? Party vibes? Backyard BBQs? Or maybe an impromptu road trip? 🏖🍔🚙 Let us know in the comments below – we'd love to hear your awesome plans!

Blessed Friday vibes and safe travels! Keep it smooth on the roads, and remember, AquAmanzi's got your back both underground and on the highways.

Stay hydrated, stay pumped, stay safe! Have a splashing long weekend!


Proverbs 3:5-6 teaches us to trust God and seek His guidance. In decisions like water management, AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling can help. Just as we trust God's wisdom, we can trust their expertise. Don't rely solely on your understanding; involve skilled professionals. Acknowledge God's provision by making informed choices. Following this path leads to clear outcomes, just as promised. Trust God, work with AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling, and practice responsible stewardship.

Happy Sunday to You all


Celebrating Water Warriors & Borehole Champions in Zimbabwe


🕷💧 Discover AquaAmanzi's Spider Tow Rig! 💧🕷

🚀 Portable & Versatile
🚀 Shallow to Medium-Depth Drilling (Up to 40m)
🚀 Precision & Efficiency
🚀 Experienced Team

🌊💧 Unlock Your Water Potential Today!

📞 Call or whatsapp Now: +263 77 460 7351
+263 77 466 7641

Experience the Efficiency of AquaAmanzi's Spider Tow Rig! 💦🕷

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🔧💧 AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling - Professional Borehole Services for Class 6 & Class 10 Drilling! 💧🔧

Are you looking for reliable and expert borehole drilling services for Class 6 and Class 10 drilling projects? Look no further than AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling! With our extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee top-notch services to meet all your water sourcing needs.

✅ Why Choose AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling?

🌟 Expertise and Experience: AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling boasts a team of seasoned professionals with vast expertise in the drilling industry. Rest assured, your project will be handled with precision and care.

🌟 State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our drilling operations utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure efficiency and accuracy. With AquAmanzi, you can trust that your borehole will be drilled with precision.

🌟 Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. That's why we have discounted our Class 6 borehole drilling to just US$950 and Class 10 casing to a reduced price of US$1150. Enjoy exceptional services without breaking the bank.

🌟 Reliability & Timeliness: At AquAmanzi, we value your time and business. Our team is committed to delivering timely solutions, adhering to project schedules and deadlines.

✅ Our Services:

🚀 Class 6 Borehole Drilling (Discounted to US$950):
Class 6 boreholes are essential for various applications, from domestic water supply to irrigation. AquAmanzi ensures the drilling process is efficient and accurate, giving you access to a reliable water source.

🚀 Class 10 Casing (Reduced Price of US$1150):
When it comes to protecting your borehole from potential collapse and ensuring long-term functionality, Class 10 casing is the answer. With our reduced pricing, securing your investment has never been more affordable.

Want your business to be the top-listed Contractor in Harare?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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