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Photos from Legal Treats's post 05/02/2024

Sixty cupcakes seem perfect for a 60th birthday, right? Moist chocolate cupcakes to celebrate a special occasion.


We're going 'bananas' over this banana loaf! Moist and rich, it's everything the banana loaf is meant to be.


It's always a good thing to express gratitude to those who would have blessed you in one way or the other, especially when those words are accompanied by cake! It makes it all the more heartfelt or maybe we are always looking for an excuse to have cake. Well, don't mind if we do!!!


Have you tried one of our lunchbox cakes yet? If not, you have certainly been missing out!!! These are available once a week. This week we had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Next week, we will have Lotus Biscoss cheesecake cups.


The character cakes keep coming!!!!


January has certainly been a month of character cakes. Here is another one-a Minnie Mouse-themed chocolate cake.


The character cakes keep coming!!!! Not that we are complaining, we totally love them!!! This Bluey cake turned out pretty well, don't you think???? 💞💞


It's always a pleasure receiving orders for character cakes, they always turn out pretty cool! 💞💞


You really don't need to be a fan of chocolate to love these cupcakes,they will win you over with the first bite!!! These were ordered to celebrate a birthday at school.


We think this is cute!!!! 💞💞


We love how this one turned out. This was a lemon and vanilla cake for a little princess. 💞💞


Red and gold have always been a grand affair and thus the combination was perfect for this Royalty Family cake. Inside was a fluffy strawberry cake. 🍓


We have said it once and we will say it before, heels on cakes will never get old! Looking forward to doing more heels cake designs this year! 👠


If you're a fan of chocolate, then you would definitely love this one!!!!


Why don't we start off the year with a promotion to bring relief to the pockets that you were 'risking' in the month of December?????? For a limited period as specified on the flyer, small cakes will be going for $25 and not the usual $35. Order a cake and add a little sweetness to your first month of the year.


Character cakes are always fun to make!


Moist and rich chocolate graduation-themed cupcakes. Don't just say 'Congratulations' and leave it at that. It's the perfect occasion to enjoy some delicacies. cupcakes


Bluey-themed cake for a little princess.


Two birthdays in one cake. It's quite convenient when you have two birthdays on the same day and it's easier on the pocket too.


The cake inside should look and taste just as good as the outside, if not better. This was a choc peppermint cake slice. Rich and moist, just like it should be.It disappeared soon after the first slice was cut. It was that much of a hit!!!!


Love how this turned out.


Graduation season is upon us!!!! Why not order a cake to make the celebrations all the more memorable!!!! 🎓


If you're a fan of Lotus biscoff biscuits, then you will definitely enjoy this Lotus biscoff cheesecake. It's a really great tasting cake.


Few people would be able to resist the Victoria sponge cake, especially with its delicious filling!!!! Its definitely a firm favourite!


Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there!!!! This was a carrot cake with minimum frosting as per preference.

Photos from Legal Treats's post 13/06/2023

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what go could go right.”-Tony Robbins

A certain lady I was meeting for the first time said to me ‘You’re passionate about baking.” I asked her how she knew that and she responded “I know because baking and law practice have nothing in common. For you to be baking, it means you really do enjoy it.”
She was right, law and baking have little, if anything, in common. This is why one of my happiest moments as a baker came when I was awarded with a prize for my work with Legal Treats. Wow, I never would have imagined being bestowed with such an honour.
It made me realise that Legal Treats is no longer me just baking as a hobby, it’s now a business that others have come to appreciate and love. My baking journey continues but I am loving it thus far!!!



In case you are wondering what inspired me to start baking commercially….
Well, yesterday I told you that I had always loved baking from a tender age. I never saw myself doing baking as anything but a hobby. I simply enjoyed trying out new recipes for family and friends. I found baking for profit to be intimidating and I always told myself that I was not good enough. To me, that was the end of the matter. I was not even going to try.
In May 2020, I found myself in a competition to win a recipe book. I had wanted to get my hands on that recipe book for such a long time but unfortunately, the flour company said the book was not for sale. It was a book that one could only win in the competitions that they were running at that time and because I wanted it so much, I participated in the competition. I had overwhelming support (with hundreds of people voting for me) and I won by a large margin. I was announced as winner on the 11th of May 2020 and in June 2020, Legal Treats was established. The voices of support and encouragement to start baking commercially were so loud, they simply could not be ignored!!!!
I love my journey for the simple reason that it is mine. I had always told myself that I could not do it, I was not good enough, I could never be good enough but then I realised that at some point, like one musician said “You need to change the voices in your head and make them like you instead”. One needs to start speaking and thinking positively and just start!! If you are passionate about something, you will always find a way. As is often said, even experts were once beginners at some point, one must trust the process and own it! Someday you will look back and stand in awe of how far you would have come!!!!


If it pleases this Honourable audience, meet the face behind Legal Treats

Tendai Mberi-Tagwirei is my name. My love for baking started from a tender age but I had never done much to pursue that love, apart from baking for a few family members and friends. Instead, I focused on my career as a lawyer whilst baking found itself in the dim background.
Life as we knew it changed in 2019 when the COVID pandemic hit and everything came to a complete standstill. We found ourselves (at that time) unable to go to work and confined within our homes. It was around this time that I decided to take a more serious look at baking and indeed, in June 2020, Legal Treats was born.
The inspiration behind the name ‘Legal Treats’ simply boils down to a lawyer who loves to bake.
For me, baking is a happy place, my place of therapy. It’s just me and my baked goodie (be it a cake, cupcake, cookies and so on), away from the pressures of court pleadings and hearings. I am passionate about baking and it gives me the ability to unwind and refresh, a place where my creative mind is allowed to roam free and bring smiles to my customer’s faces. It’s always a pleasure and an honour to have someone trust me with their order.

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