The Rabbit Room

Art Studio - viewing by appointment What is The Rabbit Room? The Studio “seed” was planted, by my wonderful friends Louis and Hardy, after attending a week of “Painting with the Irises” at La Creuzette, in France earlier this year.

It then germinated and nurtured into a full grown plan of action at the instigation of my dearest friends Lynn and Andrew. Lynn is the most amazing person one could wish to meet. She herself has already defied all the odds and her spirit is so big, I think it alone is inspirational and it knows no boundaries. Her ability to see the best in everyone and focus on your inner strength is remarkable. S

Operating as usual

Photos from Rust-en-Vrede Gallery's post 08/09/2021

Such wonderful inspiring work

Photos from Rust-en-Vrede Gallery's post 06/09/2021

Would love to see this portrait in reality.

Photos from Rust-en-Vrede Gallery's post 05/09/2021

Photos from Rust-en-Vrede Gallery's post


Portrait Award 2021 - In celebration of it's fifth competition year, we have introduced a second and third monetary prize. We would like to thank The Rupert Art Foundation for backing this initiative and sponsoring these two awards, as well as the first prize.

The Rupert Art Foundation Second Prize Winner Ashley Ogilvy ( @19beta ) initially trained as a graphic designer and worked at several design studios and advertising agencies. Curiosity and a desire to paint and draw was ever present and a move to Cape Town opened the possibility of taking up a fine art education. She honed her drawing skills by making several thousand drawings of the Cape Philharmonic orchestra during weekly rehearsals over several years as well as committing a lifelong practice of figure drawing.

After gaining an art education in SA, Ogilvy later trained and studied in studios and ateliers abroad (including USA, UK, Italy and Morocco). Ashley placed in the Portrait Award Top 40 in previous years due to her technical prowess and intimate painterly style. Her 2021 entry, titled 'Lena Awaits the Day', is a uniquely atmospheric and romanticized rendering of an elderly women, oft forgotten and dismissed by a sometimes unfairly ageist society.

Congratulations Ashley!
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Mash. T Design Studio 15/05/2021

Mash. T Design Studio

Mash. T Design Studio


Collaborative Craft Projects

Ilizwe/Nyika/Nation Collaboration launches in Zimbabwe 30/04/2021

Ilizwe/Nyika/Nation Collaboration launches in Zimbabwe

How wonderful that things like this are happening in these difficult times.

Ilizwe/Nyika/Nation Collaboration launches in Zimbabwe A joint effort between the National Gallery of Bulawayo and Artcollab studio sees the multi-media show, Ilizwe/Nyika/Nation Collaboration, brought to life from 9 April to 10 July 2021 in Bulawayo.

Photos from Southern Guild's post 14/04/2021

Thes are soooo beautiful

Photos from Jono Dry Art's post 31/03/2021

Photos from Jono Dry Art's post

Photos from Paris Secret's post 28/03/2021

Oh what fun. Thank you Louis for sharing.

Photos from Gonarezhou National Park's post 10/03/2021

Photos from Gonarezhou National Park's post


The solo exhibition of Diane Johnson-Ackerman will be running from the end of March until the first week in May, this includes the busy Easter holiday period and school holidays giving many visitors to Prince Albert the opportunity to view these wonderful works.

March must-sees: Five local art exhibitions not to miss 06/03/2021

March must-sees: Five local art exhibitions not to miss

March must-sees: Five local art exhibitions not to miss Make sure you take in the new Beezy Bailey, SOUTH SOUTH, Gillian Condy, Zizipho Poswa and Brett Murray shows

Photos from Marié Vermeulen-Breedt's post 25/01/2021

Photos from Marié Vermeulen-Breedt's post


I live thus work

George Coutouvidis opened his exhibition "Stand Easy" at the Prince Albert Gallery yesterday evening.


Louise Hennigs Studio

This short video is a sequel to one I posted last week on Instagram. Sadly it didn’t transfer to this page but if you missed it, please go to my Instagram feed Louise Hennigs to see how it all started.
I’ll be posting more educational videos and tips in the future so stay tuned in, follow me in Instagram and sign up to my newsletter on my website. is where it will all be happening.


Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Thinking of entering the 2021 National Portrait Award Competition? Portrait Artist Dennis Woest will be hosting portrait workshops in the new year for those wanting to do last minute tweaks - all details on the image. Contact Lynne directly for bookings.


Art Eye Gallery

#ToniBico - SOLD
As we hang a new work by @tonibico
So they sell!
Thank you to this lovely lady who has taken time and effort to finding the perfect piece for a spectacular new home in #BantryBay #CapeTown
* for more information on availabe work email [email protected] or visit our comprehensive website under Artists - Represented - Toni Bico


How lucky my Cape Town friends are!

Are you ready for some very exciting news?

We are OPENING A SHOP IN CAPE TOWN CBD!! It will open 1 December. But what is even more exciting is that our shop will be located within the new concept shop of Liam tomlin - a world famous chef! You might know his restuarant - The chef's warehouse - he also owns many more restuarants in CT and around the globe.

The shop's name is - THE LOCAL AT HERITAGE - you have guessed it, its within the 300year old building The Heritage square. We will have our own stand alone shop within the shop. It is going to be magnificent. Everything that is beautiful and local will be present in this shop - from fresh produce to more restuarants! I cannot wait!

I have always wanted to sell our flowers directly to the public - and now we can! I will launch a bouquet service online for collection at the shop - it will be the freshest flowers directly from the farm. We are even thinking of season subscriptions where you purchase a subscription and get flowers at a good rate the whole season long! Our florists will also be able to purchase flowers at the shop at a special florist rate - so making this our wholesale shop too.


Louise Hennigs Studio

🔴SOLD Nr 15 ‘ After the fire comes the rain’, Kruger National Park. This green rock has haunted me from the first time I ever visited Kruger and I have countless pictures or it. This year a runaway fire left the landscape scorched and very dry with very little for the animals to eat. While I was there in October the heavens opened and it rained softly for a few days. Not great for game viewing but the sight of fresh green grass shoots sprouting was too good to be true. And my favorite green rock was shimmering! Size: 34 x 30cm. Acrylic on paper. Available for sale in support of the #artistsupportpledge. Price is ZAR1300 including local shipping. International shipping will be quoted extra. To purchase please comment below, DM or contact me via my website, see Bio. For more information about this initiative follow the hashtag or @artistsupportpledge.
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Karoo essence captured perfectly.

🔴 SOLD Nr 14 ‘ Eselkop Mountain in the Camdeboo Plains’ The late afternoon walks on a recent visit to the Karoo in the Eastern Cape provide an endless source of inspiration with the characteristic mountain ranges and the beautiful skies at sunset. Acrylic paint on paper. Size: 25 x 30cm. Available for sale in support of the #artistsupportpledge. Price is ZAR1000 including local shipping. International shipping will be quoted extra. To purchase please comment below, DM or contact me via my website, see Bio. For more information about this initiative follow the hashtag or @artistsupportpledge.
#artistsupportpledge #markthistime #markthistime2020 #abstractart #abstractartists #drawing #mixedmediaart #landscapeart #enpleinair #enpleinairpainting #southafricanartists #southafricanartist #contemporaryart #homedecoration #artforsaleonline #abstractlandscape #hermanusartist #acrylicpainting #outdoorsketching #sunsetsky #lateafternoonlight #landscapepainting #paletteknifepainting #dusktilldawn #pinkskyatnight #winterlandscapes #karoo #camdeboo


Jono Dry Art

My drawing is up in the Zeitz MOCAA! Im joined by thousands of South African artists in the “HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS“ exhibition. There is a mind blowing amount of insanely talented artists in Cape Town. If you get a chance to go look at the show please do. Also send me a pic if you find my drawing🥳


Adene's farm flowers

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be at the Freedom Weekend Market in Paarl, close to Val de Vie for the first time. We are really very excited! Come visit us and purchase some of our fresh flowers directly from the farm 💕

If you are closer to Cape town - we will see you at Oranjezicht market 💕

I picked these beautiful Butterfly ranunculus myself late afternoon. We are the only growers in South Africa who has ever grown these beauties! They last 10 days in the vase - on each stem there are many buds that opens up 💕


Sculpture on the cliffs

The 2020 Sculpture on the Cliffs exhibition is finally complete and we are in complete awe of what these 12 artists have achieved in a very difficult time.

Pictured below is the last two sculptures by artists Jean Theron Louw and Kevin Brand respectively.

Join us tomorrow at 11:00 at Gearings Point for a walkabout with curator Gavin Younge.

Art Times Hermanus Fynarts PPC Imaginarium Village Explorer Hermanus Times Hermanus Times Group


Wild is Life Trust and ZEN

There is nothing more poignant than witnessing an elephant calf standing by his dead mother, in total despair. To this end, Wild is Life and ZEN and ifaw will go to extraordinary lengths to rescue such a calf and give it a second chance at life.

Meet SAMSON, the newest member of the rescue herd in Panda Masuie. Samson is approx 18/22 months old. His mother had a suspected bullet wound in her leg, which clearly shattered the bone and left her with a major sepsis, unable to walk any distance. She died, leaving little Samson as an orphan.

ZimParks contacted Wild is Life & ZEN, on Saturday afternoon, requesting assistance to rescue and rehabilitate this calf. Jos Danckwerts drove with his team to Hwange National Park and worked with Zimparks well into the night, to sedate and load the calf. It was a dangerous operation, using cell phone torches and a vehicle headlight to dart the calf. Wild elephants and lion could be heard nearby, in the darkness, close to Deteema Dam.

After loading and securing the calf, it was a long stressful journey back to the Panda Masuie boma. ZimParks kindly sent a vehicle to accompany the rescue vehicle all the way back to Panda Masuie. The team arrived home at 1.00am, bone-tired and drained from the emotional and physical stress.

Samson was unloaded and put into a boma, separate from the resident herd. The reason for this was that his introduction to the herd needed to take place in a controlled environment, during daylight.

Two keepers remained with Samson, encouraging him to eat and drink. However, he was extremely stressed and agitated, eventually breaking out of the boma. It was then decided to release the resident herd out of their sleeping quarters to go and help the handlers. They immediately raced down the hill, trumpeting and rumbling, calling for him to come back.

To boot, an enormous herd of buffalo were drinking at the pan, close by. They stampeded and Jos’ team were very worried that Samson would get caught up in the melee. Not least, the keepers’ safety was of paramount concern.

True to form, our elephants did their job! They located Samson within minutes and coaxed him back inside the fence, where they spent the night getting to know each other! It was now 3.00am! They were all left outside of their sleeping quarters to roam freely within the quarantine fence.

At first light, Jos and the keepers found young Samson in thick of the herd, surrounded by all the elephants, still touching and reassuring him. He was not in the least bit agitated and had settled down considerably.

Annabelle, appears to have taken charge of this little calf. Nkanyezi and Nora are also vying for the privilege of his care, but Madam Annabelle, our warrior female, is having none of it!

Samson is now swimming and mud bathing, eating browse, walking easily into the sleeping quarters and fully engaged with the other elephants. He now has a second chance at a wild life, within a family who will nurture and care for him, for as long as he needs.

Thanks to Jos Danckwerts, Conservation Director Wild is Life & ZEN, for his tremendous courage and resilience in getting this rescue done, under extremely difficult conditions. His Team are to be highly commended for their commitment to ensuring the best care for this calf.

Thanks to ZimParks for caring about the welfare of this calf and for instituting the rescue procedures, as well as providing their veterinarian, Dr Kudzai Mupondi, to dart and accompany the calf to safety. They did a stirling job! @Sam Chibaya

Thanks to IFAW for their support of this project and for believing in the rescue of these orphans.🐘🥰🙏 #WildisLife_ZEN #rescue #rehabilitation #rewilding


Sculpture on the cliffs

The theme for the 2020 Sculpture on the Cliffs is Vertical Animal.
In this year long exhibition curated by Gavin Younge, the theme explores defending the rights of all life forms human and not human

We are grateful to the twelve artist who are taking part in this years exhibition for these stunning installations that inspire us to think visually and to reconsider our relationship with our environment.

Do click on the link below for more information on the artists and the inspiration behind their work.

Paarl Post The Village NEWS - All Over Overberg Hermanus Times Die Burger Art Times

Pictures: Martin Etsebeth


Sculpture on the cliffs

Gavin Younge is synonymous with Hermanus Fynarts. Gavin was one of the first artists to to take part in the #SculptureoftheCliffs exhibition as well as exhibited in the first FynArts Gallery exhibition. Gavin is the curator of the 2020 Sculpture on the Cliffs.

You can also join Gavin Younge for a walk-about of his 'Daimyo Procession' and 'Men of the Number' collections on Friday 14th August between 12.00 - 14.00 at Everard Read Cape Town

"This series of scarab beetles is inspired by 'a fantasy scene of insects, lizards, and frogs in the guise of a daimyo procession' on one of [Japanese artist] Yabu Meizan’s earthenware vases.

The tradition of caricaturing human activities by substituting insects has a very long history in Japan, the most famous example being the Choju giga (humorous pictures of birds and beasts), a set of 13th-century picture scrolls.

A ‘daimyo procession’ is thus a set of ancient warriors serving an absent royalty."

Wesgro Art Times The Village NEWS - All Over Overberg Creative Feel Art-at Hermanus Times


More from Sarah Pratt at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in Durbanville


I love Sarah Pratt’s work

Reminder: The next two exhibition catalogues - "In that Place Over There, a solo by Sarah Pratt and 'My Cape Town' , a group exhibition showcasing work by the students of Piet-My-Vrou Mosaic Studio, will be made available on the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery website on 14 July at 11 am.


Really nice work and beautiful interiors

Welcome to Justin's online exhibition. Grab yourself a cuppa and scroll through what he's been up to over the last several months. Lockdown has afforded Justin a lot more time at his easel - where else would you get to paint solidly for three months? Inspiration came from many places, walks in the greenbelt, driving along the R62, Eastern Cape holidays and more. I’ve amended the post to include prices as quite a few of you have asked.Please note that not all of these paintings are framed. 09/07/2020

Making it: These six local creatives have got the goods we want Sarah Buitendach chatted to six South African entrepreneurs who are dishing out fine goods that we want to get our hands on


I love this Lisl

I thought I would share some of my pieces currently on the KKNK visual arts virtual exhibition over the next couple of days.

Do go and have a look at the festival exhibition. 2020's theme is 'Down to Earth' and touches on Man's relationship with the environment/nature. Some absolutely amazing and thought provoking work to be seen and experience.

This piece from my exhibition 'Birds of a Feather', is called 'More or Less'.

The title followed my trippy thought process on the name of these vibrant water birds: lesser flamingos.

More plastic waste = more feeding and breeding habitat degraded = less (fewer) birds.

More mindful human action = less (no) plastic waste = more birds = more lesser flamingos.

More or less.

To view the exhibition click on -




76A Langenhoven Road, Heatherlands
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We at Crouse Art deal exclusively in original South African Art, specifically in investment art. We offer works by variety of renowned artists.

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79 Market Street, Marklaan Centre
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Established in 1968, Strydom Gallery is an art business internationally recognised for its high standard and tasteful display of selected artworks by a cross-section of South African painters, sculptors, printmakers, potters and photographers.

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Shop 16, Precap Centre, Courtenay Str
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The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) represents 800 mouth and foot painting artists in 74 countries around the world.

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Fine art, landscape, portrait and wild life painter.

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Home to an eclectic and exclusive mix of décor items and artworks, Twenty-One on Montagu is renowned for its quality and originality of items on display.

Johan Neethling Art Johan Neethling Art
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Hello, welcome to my art page. Here I will be posting my art and creative thoughts. I am from George South Africa. I work mostly from all categories.