Training for HGV drivers in advanced and defensive driving techniques Our main focus is the training of heavy goods vehicle drivers in advanced and defensive driving techniques.

We are also able to provide assistance and information to companies that wish to start or upgrade SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) in their distribution or transport areas. We also have a workshop available, where servicing and repairs as well as resprays and restorations take place.

Operating as usual 27/11/2014

Drowsy Driving and the Risk of Microsleep

How many of us think it will never happen to us? Drowsy driving is the second leading cause of fatal crashes. Still, many drivers get behind the wheel when they're feeling fatigued. Here is a report on the dangers of drowsy driving from ABC News' Nightline. For tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene, click here. 21/11/2014

The Cost of Not Training The true cost of not training your staff 21/11/2014

Getting the Most Out of Your Tire Program - Articles - Maintenance - Articles - What to track in a tire program to make sure you’re getting the most out of every day they spend on the road. 16/11/2014

How to Replace Wiper Blades Vehicle wiper blades can take a beating, dealing with rain, snow, dust, mud, leaves, disgusting bug guts, etc. To ensure they stay effective in keeping the windshield clean, you should replace wiper blades two or three times a year -- at least that's what most automakers recommend. Here's a step-by-… 06/11/2014

QuickSpin: LED Headlights vs. Halogen - Articles - Safety & Compliance - Articles - A comparison between a set of standard halogen headlamps and LED headlamps reveals, well, there is no comparison. 06/11/2014

AAA Study Finds 21% of Fatal Crashes Linked to Drowsy Driving The new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety updates previous research, applying data from 2009-2013. 06/11/2014

How to Prevent 'UFOs' Inside Fleet Vehicles Anything that is not properly stored in a vehicle has the danger of becoming a flying projectile during a harsh or sudden stop. Stay safe and know what dangers to watch for.


Photos from GT3's post 12/08/2014

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Truck Drivers - Articles - Drivers - Articles - We don’t have to tell you how important driver recruiting is to the success of your company — hiring truck drivers is priority No. 1 for nearly every transportation company. HNI shares some "don’ts" to keep in mind when recruiting drivers. 12/06/2014

How to Drive Defensively Here are 12 defensive driving tips from Allstate Insurance. You might want to pass along this advice to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder. 12/06/2014

What to Do if Your Brakes Go Out In this video, produced by, AAA's Bill Van Tassel offers valuable advice on what steps a driver should take in the unlikely event of sudden brake failure. It's a scary scenario requiring calm, deliberate and quick action. 12/06/2014

Three Simple Ways to Prevent Forklift Accidents - Articles - Safety & Compliance - Articles -... In regard to forklift operation, safety standards not only keep employees healthy, but they also prevent damage to equipment and inventory. 12/06/2014

How to Respond to a Stuck Accelerator

Who knows what to do if you have a vehicle with a manual gearbox? In this video, John Nielsen of AAA explains what steps a driver should take in the event of a stuck accelerator or sticking throttle. The more familiar fleet drivers become with these steps, the less likely they are to panic if they ever encounter this problem. For more tips, click here. 11/06/2014

Skilled Driver Saves Semi from Being Blown Over - TopNews - Drivers - TopNews -

Give that man a Bells! May 15, 2014 A driver was caught on video recently in a hair-raising battle with a prairie wind. 11/06/2014

Driver Ergonomics: Round Pegs and Oval Holes - Articles - Drivers - Articles - As well as being in short supply, trucking’s new recruits are also, shorter generally, and thinner, as well as less likely to want a truck to look and feel like a truck. The challenge for truck makers comes in designing truck cabs to fit an expanding body-size profile, while making the driving envir… 11/06/2014

Here's Why We Have Restrictive Hazmat Rules - Videos - Safety & Compliance -

It's easy to forget why dangerous goods are called dangerous goods when you work with it every day! Watch what happens when a truck carrying a load of apparently unsecured propane cylinders runs into the back of a bus. Remember, propane in cylinders is stored at fairly high pressure. In the first few seconds of the video, you see the truck passing the car filming the event. There’s a bus in the ce… 10/06/2014

NHTSA's New TV Ad Highlights Dangers of Distracted Driving Here's a TV commercial that's part of NHTSA's new ad campaign warning drivers -- in graphic fashion here -- about the dangers of distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. For more information about the campaign, click her… 10/06/2014

Top 3 Ways to Preserve Tire Life (And Value) - Articles - Maintenance - Articles - Still waiting for the million-mile tire? Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll probably see such a tire in our lifetime. For now, you’ll have to settle for half a million miles. 10/06/2014

How to Drive Safely in Fog offers some valuable tips on how to drive safely in fog -- one of the most challenging conditions a driver can face. For more tips, click here. 04/06/2014

Sharing the Road With Truck Drivers

The Americans might use the wrong side of the road, but the tips are still valuable for everybody not familiar with large vehicles. Here are six tips to help your fleet drivers share the road safely with drivers of big commercial trucks. Driver Solutions produced the video. For additional tips from American Trucking Associations, click here.

Basic Fire Fighting Course 04/06/2014

Basic Fire Fighting Course

Cisko Swartz, Chris Koch, Basil Scheepers, Randall Smit, Jim Bulawa, Raydon Trantraal, Freddie Jan, James Muubu, Barand le Grange, Jan Viljoen & Adrian Treurnicht 04/05/2014

Switching to Wide-Base Singles: Keys to Success - Articles - Equipment - Articles - Everything you need to know about switching from dual wheels to wide-base singles you can learn at a playground. What you need to know about wide-base tires, axles and offsets. 04/05/2014

Survey: Drivers Getting Older, Less Experienced - TopNews - Drivers - TopNews - TCA, GRAPEVINE, TX -- Data collected by transportation software management company Sylectus shows some interesting driver trends, the company announced during the Truckload Carriers Association Annual Convention Monday. 04/05/2014

Top 3 Ways to Preserve Tire Life (And Value) - Articles - Maintenance - Articles - Still waiting for the million-mile tire? Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll probably see such a tire in our lifetime. For now, you’ll have to settle for half a million miles. 24/03/2014

Global Sales Group Introduces EZ Oil Drain Valve - Products - Aftermarket - March 16, 2014 - Products Global Sales Group introduces the new EZ Oil Drain Valve for trucks, buses, and industrial equipment. 19/03/2014

Ryder Partners with Women in Trucking to Develop Female-Friendly Vehicles - TopNews - Drivers -... To respond to the increasing number of women choosing careers as professional truck drivers and to inspire more women to consider the transportation industry as a career, Ryder System, announced a partnership with Women In Trucking, a non-profit organization established to encourage the employment o... 19/03/2014

Avoiding Common Maintenance Mistakes - Articles - Aftermarket - Articles - Fleets try to do a good job of keeping their trucks in top operating condition, and most recognize that maintenance plays an important role in achieving that goal. Still there are some things that get overlooked by even the most seasoned fleet manager. 13/03/2014

Ultimate Test Drive Video: Find Out What's Revolutionary About the Mack Twin Y Suspension -... Posted on February 26, 2014 ��|�� 1813 views Get a close-up look at how Mack's "revolutionary new tandem drive axle suspension," the Twin Y, as Equipment Editor Jim Park takes a Twin Y-equipped Mack Pinnacle through its paces at the now-retired Mack Allentown Proving Grounds in this Ultimate test Dr... 13/03/2014

Pneumatic Landing Gear Operates Quickly, Easily - Products - Products -

Who wants this? TMC, NASHVILLE -- Just in from the United Kingdom is a pneumatic landing gear product that replaces hand-cranked gear and promises to eliminate injuries and save time and money. 13/03/2014

Philips Releases Windshield Treatment Kit - Products - Aftermarket - Philips Automotive North America, a division of Royal Philips, has released its new Philips Windshield Treatment Kit, which is designed to improve driver visibility in hazardous conditions. 13/03/2014

David Flaherty Named a TCA Highway Angel - TopNews - Drivers - TopNews - David Flaherty, who lives in Walkertown, N.C., and drives for ABF Freight System Inc., of Fort Smith, Ark., has just been named TCA’s latest Highway Angel. 13/03/2014

Tire Safety Myths and Tips Whether it's the middle of a historic winter blizzard or a scorching, sticky summer day, properly maintained tires keep vehicles on the road and running safely. In addition to the high number of tips out there to help keep the rubber on the road, there are also some myths that can get drivers in a h... 13/03/2014

Professional Truck Driver Earns Highway Angel Wings for Helping Injured Motorist - TopNews -...

Way to go...

Where are our SA stories? Despite almost being hit by a motorist who lost control of his vehicle, Thomas L. Colston was willing to stop and help as an accident unfolded into a fiery situation. For his selfless actions, the Truckload Carriers Association has named him a Highway Angel. 13/03/2014

Strategies to Increase Driver Productivity Fleet managers are tasked with constantly watching their fleet's bottom line, while also ensuring vehicles are operating efficiently and available to accomplish the mission of any particular fleet.



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