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This page is to promote our newly started business. We are doing a mixture of garden work, refuse removal and selling wood. Assorted forestry gardening services offered including the following:
- Alien vegetation clearing (Wattle & Bluegum clearing)
- Small and medium size tree felling
- Garden/building refuse removal
- Transportation of irregular goods
(goods weighing up to 3 tons)
- Supply off braai/fireplace wood

Operating as usual


Two Worlds

Two Worlds is a proudly owned local businesses in George. We offer a variety of garden and home maintenance services.


Two Worlds

Hello everyone🌳 We have created a new page under the name Two Worlds. Please like the new page as this page will be inactive. https://www.facebook.com/Two-Worlds-387566605048182/

Two Worlds is a proudly owned local businesses in George. We offer a variety of garden and home maintenance services.


Second room renovated. It was a very challenging project. We had to replaster the walls. We then painted the walls. We also pulled the carpet out. We sanded and varnished the floor and replaced the skirtings.


Renovating an old room back to its original charm, adding some modern touches.


A Cut Above's cover photo


A Cut Above

[08/12/17]   In life, there comes a time to accept the past for the blessing it was and to look to the future to newer and brighter horizons.

It brings our team great sadness to announce that our run as A Cut Above has come to an end. It is to become a memory to look back upon and treasure it for the wonderful experience and learning school it was. We originally started our little business as students, just to prove that we can and to show the world that with a bit of hard work, dedication and planning, you can achieve anything. We had a wonderful time of it, not going to "work" but rather having a jol every day.

Wiann and I (Etienne) have decided to part ways because of different career paths we see ahead for ourselves in the future. I will be finishing off my studies, focusing my attention there and Wiann will be expanding his scope of practice, including into his portfolio, a wider variety of products and services through his new business venture, Two Worlds.

The team would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all the continued support you have shown. It has been an amazing journey. All of the advice, words of wisdom and encouragement has gone straight to heart and will stay with us as we take on future projects and ventures.


The terrible winds of the last few days have left much destruction in their wake. This weekend, our team joined up with some local residents and spent some time cleaning up the mess left in our streets and homes as massive trees have been pulled out the ground, roots and all, falling in driveways and roads alike.

We have our team mobilised and ready to assist if there are any issues with regards to the cutting up of big branches/stems as well as the removal of any excess mess left behind. We can also assist in the planning and pruning of trees that may have been damaged and as a result have lost their shape.

Call for a free quote
Wiann: 083 241 1843
Etienne: 071 506 5907


It's been a while since we've posted but dont let that fool you, the team has been working diligently onward!
Appart from the obvious tree fellings, we have taken on the project of building an aviary at the request of one of our clients! Wiann, putting his excellent handiwork to good use, built it from metal and designed it so well that can be disassembled and moved if it ever needs to be erected elsewhere. It has dimensions of 4m x 3m x 3m, is rust proof and includes a functional door and lock. Below are a couple of pictures of the structure. (Pictures of the building process as well as the finished product).


2017 Has seen the team at A Cut Above grafting from the start. As we hit April, we are proud to announce that we have expanded from the pruning, felling and gardening services to doing alien vegetation clearing on farms in the Garden Route area.
Below are a some photos of our exploits from this year.
We have been beyond blessed and have a solid team whose skill sets compliment each other tremendously. We are looking forward to see what the next few months have in store!

Regards to all
A Cut Above Team


This week's adventure is a Black Wattle deforestation job on the farm of Lisa and Henri Christie. The photos below are of day 1. It includes before and after photos.
There have been some very exciting developments for our little family in the last few weeks. Wiann has taken up working for A Cut Above full time. We are also pleased to introduce the latest addition to our crew, JC van Reenen, who will be helping out on a part time basis. The team is growing!


One of the big trees that needed felling this week.


For the team at A Cut Above, 2017 has started with a bang, keeping us on our toes with everything from hedge trimming and tree felling to furniture transportation!
Below are a couple of photos of a tree felling job we did at the farm of Sue and Chris Charter. Have a careful look at the photos! You will see Wiann high up in the tree with his harness.
For this particular job, Ian Bredell, a professional tree feller in town lent us a valuble hand.
The support of the George Community has been an absolute blessing. Thank you to all who support us!


Timeline Photos


To prepare for the December rush and high demand for braai wood, the team at A Cut Above has brought in the help of well known forester, Kutelani Tshivhase. Below is a picture of him captured during one of the long, hard work days.


Our first video! A very big Black Wattle, soon to be December braai wood.


The latest developments in our team has seen us purchasing a block and tackle as well a couple of safety harnasses to make those big jobs so much easier. Safety is our priority and one cant take unnecessary chances!
Below are a couple of photos of the last job we took on while putting our new equipment to the test!


As most of the country now knows, students from many institutions nation-wide have been participating in illegal strikes over the last few weeks. This has disrupted the classes of non-striking students and has lead to the temporary suspension of classes until further notice with a chance that the academic year might need to be repeated next year.

This being said, there is opportunity amidst the chaos and on the positive side, we at A Cut Above have taken this 'break' in our studies and have used it to graft on! Our wood stockpile has increased and looks good for the December months to come!

On another positive note, we have come into contact with Bulperd Trailers who have made us a wonderful garden refuse removal trailer which will be making our work a lot more efficient.

The George Community has been extremely supporting to us young entrepreneurs and we continue to value the positivity of the wonderful people of our Town.

A Cut Above Team


The boys after a long day's work!


During the cold winter months, it has been brought to our attention that dry wood is in short supply in George. We have made some plans to expand our wood production line and now have a steady flow of wood coming in. Our pricing is as follows:

Bag of Black Wattle / Bluegum: R40
10 bags, get one free
15 Bags, get two free
5 or more bags = free delivery in the George area.

Our bags are 50kg streep sakke that hold about 40kg's of wood.

To keep up with the large demand, we have brought in the help of young, energetic and hard working Dundre Maritz. His keen mind and drive for life has proved invaluble and has already helped our team expand. Welcome on board Dundre!


Below are a few photos of the last couple of weeks. We have been very busy! Amidst the chaos every now and then, one must stop to have a look at the beauty of the nature around us and appreciate the beautiful paradise we live in here in George. From Chameleons to uniquely shaped trees to our lovely mountains. Thank you George for your continued support!


Wow, what a day it's been. Today's challenge was to prune large, overgrown trees blocking our clients' the view of our beautiful Outeniqua Mountains.

Part of what we do, requires us to take the garden refuse to the usually gloomy George Dumping Site. Today, however it was a little less gloomy thanks to the friendly face of Jono Smit!

The highlight of the day howerer was meeting our number 1 fan, Mishka (the grandson of our client, Amanda). I had the pleasure of entertaining Mishka's love for machinery that makes a noise.

What a pleasure it was to complete this job and see what a difference we have made in improving our clients' view.


Here are some pictures of an old fig tree after we removed an old rotten branch that had fallen off.
As a precautionary measure, we have gone the extra mile to put up supporting beams to prevent the remaining branches from suffering the same fate.
We value you as a client and therefore, we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


A Cut Above


Just a couple pictures of Crazy Monkey Wiann in action.


This week we've taken on our first tree clearing contract of the year. See the pictures below.
Looking back on 2015, we are grateful for the challenges and learning experiences that have come our way.
To start off 2016, we have brought in the jovial Pumelelo Masango: a young, friendly and able-bodied addition to our crew.


A Cut Above's cover photo


My oh my, what a busy festive season!! Our latest job was the removal of two conifer's that took us nearly 15 meters above the ground!
Looking forward to the new year and the challenges that will arise. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of our journey in 2015.
Happy New Year!!


Holidays? Whats that!? The Cut Above Team never rests!
Below are a few moments captured while felling a tree in Loerie Park for Brent Maritz. Thank you for the advice and wisdom shared.


Holidays are so to say upon us!! Stock up on our quality Doringhout, dried for 2 months and ready for the braai! Per bag or per bakkie load. Logs or split, we have what you need!
Call for a quote:
Etienne - 071 506 5907


In preparation for the holiday season ahead, we have started cleaning out fields of doring-houd already to provide you with quality, dry wood.

As per your request, we have decided to stock both small, split pieces (ideal for the braaiplace) as well as bigger logs (ideal for the fireplace).

Selling per bag or bakkie load, we strive to cater to your needs. Call for a quote. Etienne - 071 506 5907


My, how the time has passed! It has been a while since we've posted but we have been ever on the job. Here are a couple of photos that have been taken in the last few weeks (y)


Stock up on wood and keep this winter's chill at bay.

Wood available: (DRY!!)

- Long burning Leopard tree wood
- R45 for 25Kg bag
- Trusty Black Wattle wood
- R25 for 14Kg bag
- Fire place Jacaranda wood
- R20 for 13Kg bag

Free delivery for any orders over R150 (George area only!)

Free delivery AND 10% discount for orders over R300! (George area only!)

Call to order: 071 506 5907 - Etienne


Another long day as we completed a tree felling / pruning job for the Browns where the chainsaw was put to the test. Below are a couple of photos of the day including a before and after of the tree felling. Thank you Mr and Mrs Brown for your support.

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One of the big trees that needed felling this week.
Our first video! A very big Black Wattle, soon to be December braai wood.




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