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Hello there we are mahlakule holdings pty ltd a very young company with a lot of experience we done lot of work at sun city if u are looking for the experience of a 5 star hotel's in your property i mean from building plastering skimming tilling and painting just give us a call u will not believe nor regret now we are here in mosselbay looking to display what people have not yet come across with our number is 0814015665 thanks

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A $150 million beach home for sale would be the Hamptons' priciest ever — if it can find a buyer 09/10/2022

Inside a $150 million beach home that is for sale would be the Hamptons’ priciest ever

An oceanfront estate in Southampton, listed at $150 million, stands as the priciest home for sale in the Hamptons — and is struggling to move off the market.
The compound, called La Dune, draws from a tiny pool of buyers, likely billionaires, and has been on and off the market since 2016.
The estate spans more than four acres across two adjacent lots with two homes, two swimming pools and a sunken tennis court.

An oceanfront estate in Southampton, listed at $150 million, stands as the priciest home for sale in the Hamptons — and is struggling to move off the market.

The compound, called La Dune, is likely to be used as a summer home and draws from a tiny pool of buyers, probably billionaires, who could afford to foot the bill. Even in the Hamptons, $100-million-plus sales are few and far between.

La Dune, named after the sandy dune it sits behind, spans about four acres across two adjacent lots with two homes, two swimming pools and a sunken tennis court.

It hasn’t been easy to find a buyer for the sprawling compound, which includes a classic Hamptons-style shingled main residence, originally built more than 100 years ago, and a second home on the adjacent lot, built in the early 2000s.

A $150 million beach home for sale would be the Hamptons' priciest ever — if it can find a buyer The compound, called La Dune, draws from a tiny pool of buyers, likely billionaires, and has been on and off the market since 2016.

Self Employed And Battling To Buy A Home? 08/10/2022


Self-employed and battling with bond approval? Despite affordability and good credit rating? This article is for you. Listed below are ways to increase your chances of bond approval as a self-employed individual:

Consult a bond originator:

The preparation of documentation for a home loan application can be tedious. If you have a time frame in which you would like to buy, consulting earlier with a bond originator would help give you enough time to prepare and possibly get pre-approved before making your purchase. The bond originator will advise you accordingly throughout the process regarding what you should do in order to increase the chances of bond approval. This could sometimes include ensuring your accounting is in order, or even starting to explore an additional income stream for your business. The assistance of a bond originator will also make the process seem less daunting.

Documentation required:

1. Company Financial Statements

Self Employed And Battling To Buy A Home? Despite affordability and good credit rating? This article is for you. Listed below are ways to increase your chances of bond approval as a self-employed individual:

How to increase your property value 07/10/2022

How to increase your property value

When deciding to do improvements to increase the value of your home, it is important to not spend more than you can get. You can build a palace and it won't mean anything in the wrong area. Make budget-appropriate choices that are sustainable, durable, and on-demand. As mentioned above, small improvements can make a big difference. This is also true, with not only eye-catching features but going above and beyond. Keep all certificates up to date, this might include electrical, roof, and plumbing certificates. When doing an upgrade make sure you have the certificate to prove the infrastructure is still up to standard. It will also be beneficial to talk with your insurance company to make sure the installers and certifications are accepted by them. Fancy Finishing's Have you ever heard the saying, you eat with your eyes? The same goes when buying a home. Adding eye-pleasing exterior improvements will automatically make buyers look twice. Consider upgrading garage doors to modern steel or wooden option. Replace old frame windows with big aluminum frames that are not only eye-catching but also more durable. Nothing looks better than well-maintained exterior walls and roofs. Keep painted exterior maintained, and stick to neutral colors like grey, white and brown. Kicking it up a notch, you can add cladding and vinyl stone to your walls. Replace big windows with open sliding doors and let the light shine through. Although it's a jungle out there, it does not mean you should hide in the bushes. If your property has a garden keep it trimmed and open. Gardens can be a big selling point, keeping in mind who your buyer will be. Interior upgrades are just as important. Bathrooms and kitchens will most probably always be the biggest attraction. Modern twists can be made to floors, tiles, and walls while sticking to a low budget. Simply changing handles, taps, and showerheads can make a big difference to a dated home. Flooring is one of the biggest changes one can make to the style of the home. Whether you are leaning against clean and crisp tiles, or stylish vinyl flooring, make sure it is durable and installed to last for years to come. Small improvements can make a huge difference to the eye and the devil will always be in the detail.

How to increase your property value Keep up with the latest trends and tricks to increase your property's value. Whether you are open to selling or already settled in your forever home, your Property should always be seen as an investment. Follow this article to learn more on how to upgrade and increase your home to the highest standa...


Close to Victoria Bay, prime land ideal for gas station or tourist attraction/ resort. Approx 4 hectares, next to N2, Close to Garden Route Mall and beach. Wilderness approx 5km away.

Endless possibilities

Municipal electricity and water installed.

Images of Victoria Bay just down the road, one of the most popular beaches and surfing destinations in the Garden Route.

Restaurants just a walk away, take away shops and Mini markets.

Contact William Deacon - 073 648 1749

The Susan Deacon Property Group

Photos from Susan Deacon Properties's post 16/11/2021

The best Neighbourhoods in Western Cape

Seller | Empower Funding | Bridging Finance | South Africa 13/11/2021


Seller | Empower Funding | Bridging Finance | South Africa If you are waiting on your money after selling your property and you need cash flow, get bridging finance (an advance on your money) at the most affordable rate in South Africa!

Can The Bank Retract A Guarantee? WARNING! 11/11/2021

Can The Bank Retract A Guarantee? WARNING!

Be careful of this happening to you if you are getting money from your bank to purchase a home!

Empower Funding specializes in property bridging finance for estate agents and property sellers at the most affordable rate in South Africa - guaranteed!

Get in touch!

[email protected]

Can The Bank Retract A Guarantee? WARNING! Be careful of this happening to you if you are getting money from your bank to purchase a home!Empower Funding specializes in property bridging finance for e...

Bond Grant vs Bank Guarantee - Property Bridging Finance 11/11/2021

Bond Grant vs Bank Guarantee - Property Bridging Finance

Bond Grant vs Bank Guarantee - Property Bridging Finance Empower Funding specializes in property bridging finance for estate agents and property sellers at the most affordable rate in South Africa - guaranteed!Get ...


5 tips before purchasing your first home

For many young South Africans, the prospect of buying a home is largely out of reach. In most cases, young people in their twenties are earning starter salaries that make it difficult to meet the criteria for a bank home loan. In addition, very few young people have hundreds of thousands of Rands available to pay the transfer fees when buying a home.

Karmen Wessels from digital life insurer Sanlam Indie says that whilst the conditions are certainly challenging for millennials looking to break in the home ownership phase of life, it's not altogether out of reach. She recommends the following tips:

Tip #1: Start keeping an eye on property websites to get an idea of the kind of place you're going for. Set your parameters on property websites and create specific alerts for properties within a certain area and price range to automate the search. If you're a first time home buyer, it's probably a good idea to start small. A smaller property in a better part of town is a great way to get your first step up on the property ladder.

Tip #2: You definitely need to start saving if you aren't already. The more you put away, the quicker you'll be able to reach your goal, but any small bit will help. Be smart about where you save your money, as certain types of savings and investment accounts will earn you higher returns and ultimately more money in the long run.

"Your two biggest upfront expenses will be the deposit, and associated fees (transfer fees, bond registration fees, lawyer fees, etc)," says Wessels. "The more you can pay into your deposit, the less your monthly bond repayments and overall long-term cost will be. A good credit score is also a key factor in not only qualifying for a bond, but one with a favourable interest rate.

Tip #3: Don't disregard �free' money. Wessels classifies �free money' as money that comes to you via tax returns, inheritance, a gift or other out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. "It's easy to think of this money as separate from your main income, and therefore use it to splash out on something you don't need. Now is the time to let this windfall serve you better - in a savings account!" She says that the same should apply to any increases in your income. "Instead of using a salary raise to upgrade your lifestyle, think about saving or investing the difference instead."

Tip #4: Double the income means double the chance of qualifying for a bond, and double the income for home loan repayments. This is a very personal decision, and one that is based on your individual situation, but doubling the money that you're able to put into a deposit means relieving the pressure ever so slightly. If you do choose to purchase a property with a partner or friend, be sure to set up a contract to protect both of you in the event of an argument, sale or death.

Tip #5: When considering a massive investment like home ownership, it's time to take a far more holistic view of your monthly budget and financial situation. Consider savings in other areas, like downgrading your car or cutting a few luxuries out of the budget that you can do without for a year or two. It's time to take a harder line on your monthly budget to enable more savings or even consider an additional income stream where possible. Keep in mind that while interest rates are lowered in South Africa, it's a buyer's market and now might be the perfect time to find your dream property.

Along with all the intricacies of home ownership, Wessels reminds consumers to remember that life insurance is a necessity for a home loan - a monthly cost that should be taken into account in your monthly budget. "Insurance is there to protect your dependents and yourself if anything should ever happen to you and you can't pay your bond," says Wessels.

Every Sanlam Indie policy comes with a built-in Wealth Bonus. That means they match up to 100% of your monthly premium into a growing benefit on your behalf, at no extra cost to you. What that means is that any policy you buy, even before you've bought a home, lets you start saving with no effort from your side.

For more information visit

Don't Be Intimidated By The Bridging Finance Process 05/11/2021

Don't Be Intimidated By The Bridging Finance Process - Via Empower Funding -

Don't Be Intimidated By The Bridging Finance Process Empower Funding specializes in property bridging finance for estate agents and property sellers at the most affordable rate in South Africa - guaranteed!Get ...

Bridging Finance for the Seller 05/11/2021

Bridging Finance for the Seller - Via
Empower Funding -

Bridging Finance for the Seller Managing Director, Gal Ezra, explains Bridging Finance for the Seller Contact us021 300 [email protected]________________...


Our new reality – Looks like working from home is here to stay

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the corporate world has seen a huge move towards remote working or, at the very least, more people working from home more often.

And considering this trend has been in place across the world for almost two years, there is strong belief that it is here to stay, forever altering the office property market as we know it.

Read the latest Property360 digital magazine below

Some professionals are even refusing to return to the office or to accept new positions at companies that insist they work on site. This presents corporates across the globe with a dilemma, and it is playing out differently from company to company. Some are luring top talent simply by allowing them to work remotely. The compromise appears to be a hybrid approach that allows employees to work from home a stipulated number of days a week.

International trends

PwC’s US Remote Work Survey, released in January, found that remote work had been an overwhelming success for both employees and employers, with 83% of employers saying the shift had been successful for their company, compared to 73% in its June 2020 survey.

Fewer than one in five executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic “The rest are grappling with how widely to extend remote work options, with just 13% of executives prepared to let go of the office for good.”

The survey also found that real estate portfolios are in transition, with 87% of executives expecting to make changes to their real estate strategy over the next 12 months. These plans include consolidating office space in premier locations and/or opening more satellite locations.

“Over the next three years, while some executives expect to reduce office space, 56% expect to need more. These mixed findings show that some companies are planning to reinvest the remote work dividend in new ways in order to create a special experience in the office.”

In the UK, recent research released by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, similarly reveals that employers are now more likely to say that the shift to home working has boosted productivity than they were in June 2020.

The figures are, however, lower than their US counterparts, at 33% and 28% respectively. The findings are part of a new CIPD report exploring how organisations can learn from ways of working during the pandemic to make hybrid working – a mixture of working at home and on site – a success.

The CIPD stresses the need for employers to look at flexible options beyond home working, recognising that not all roles can be performed from home. “The pandemic has shown that ways of working that previously seemed impossible are actually possible.

“Organisations should take stock and carefully consider how to make hybrid working a success, rather than rushing people back to the office when there are clearly productivity benefits to home working,” says Claire McCartney, senior policy adviser for resourcing and inclusion at the CIPD.

Employee demands

Another survey, in the US by insurance company Breeze, found that the work-from-home trend as a response to the pandemic has turned into a revolution in how people want to work.

Results showed that: • 65% would take a 5% pay cut. • 38% would take a 10% pay cut. • 24% would take a 15% pay cut. • 15% would take a 25% pay cut. • 39% would give up health insurance benefits. • 23% would give up 50% of their paid time off. • 36% would give up their retirement plan. • 47% would give up mental health benefits. • 34% would give up “their right to vote in all future local and national elections for life”.

Weighing in on the remote working debate, FNB commercial property economist John Loos says remote working has been shown over many years to work well, and is getting better as technology improves. What is surprising is that some work-from-home opponents do not see the opportunity for cost reductions.

On his LinkedIn page, Loos writes: “Employees reduce costs through less commuting, time and transport. Companies reduce costs through less office space and related infrastructure. “On top of this, surveys… suggest that the labour market may adjust in such a way that market-related salaries of remote workers may in future be lower than office-bound employees.” The potential savings opportunities seem “huge”.

“Many employees want better quality of life, and they are prepared to take a pay cut for it. The progressive companies will see opportunity and drive greater work from home. The denialists and resisters will pay higher salary bills and battle more to retain and attract top skills until the market has punished them enough.

This will be the continuation of a multi-decade trend and the office property market is likely to battle and ultimately to shrink in relative size as a result.”

Corporate response

Recently, the BBC reported that, in June, Apple chief executive Tim Cook sent out a company-wide memo telling staff they would be required back in the office by early September, and workers would be expected to be present for three days a week, ............


Prepare for new trends: Experts say travel will be focused on local is lekker, inclusivity and sustainability

As travel and tourism prepare for a fresh start following lifting of the hard lockdown, it is time to prepare for new trends and embrace changes that will boost the sector in South Africa.

To do this we need to focus on local flavour, inclusivity and sustainability. Short-term let property owners have had a tough run over the past 18 months but with revival hopefully around the corner, the relaunch of travel could also transform the country’s tourism offerings.


Will the world ever go back to an office environment?

It was March last year when my boss walked into my beautiful office overlooking Greenmarket Square and said that with hard lockdown coming into effect, we needed to pack up for three weeks.

My office was in a prime spot in the city of Cape Town and I could hear the bells ring out from St George’s Cathedral. It was full of plants that colleagues had given to me after both my parents’ deaths. On the wall were our ideas and brainstorming notes.


Experts give advice on how to spend a tax refund on home improvements

Q: We have decided to spend our tax refunds on our home, both for our benefit while living in it and also to add value when we sell one day. What are wise areas to spend on?

A: The first thing homeowners should consider doing with a tax refund is to use it lower the capital portion of their home loan, because this could help them save thousands of rands in interest charges over the life of the loan – especially if they make a habit of doing it every year.


South Africa's property market is recovering (Via Property 360)

The property market continued to recover in the third quarter of 2020, as indicated by a further increase in listed property prices, boosted by higher global economic growth and better-than-expected company results, according to the latest Rode Report. But it has a long way to reach pre-pandemic levels.

Listed property prices at the end of September were 20 percent higher than at the end of 2020,...... Read more

Five common mistakes when signing property sale agreement : Property News from Property360 18/10/2021

Five common mistakes when signing property sale agreement

STBB's conveyancing team advises as follows:

1.In sales of sectional title properties, there often is confusion as to whether or not the exclusive use areas which the seller enjoys beneficial use of, form part of the sale. This depends on whether or not it is a formal exclusive use area registered in the deeds office or whether the rights are "informal" in the sense that the seller enjoys the use thereof assigned in terms of the rules of the relevant scheme. In the latter instance, the exclusive use area cannot be included in the sale agreement as part of the property sold.

2.Sellers often downplay the importance...... Read more

Five common mistakes when signing property sale agreement : Property News from Property360 Property360 is South Africa's biggest property site.


Dining Room Drama: 5 Trending Looks for Small Rooms and Tight Budgets

Here’s a thought: Your dining room should be a space you actually use to eat—not just a surface to park a laptop and use as an impromptu office, or cover with the random detritus of your life. Think about all the cozy fall feels in your future if you clear your tabletop. Whether it’s for hosting a small dinner party or enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner, your dining room can be the place to be.

But we get it, a big design upgrade can be costly and disruptive. Luckily, all of the dining room improvements we found this week on Instagram can be done on the cheap.

Ready to cozy up your space? Here are five designs that will bring drama to your dining room.


‘Nate and Jeremiah Home Project’ Reveals One Thing We All Need in the Kitchen

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, hosts of “The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project,” are experts at modernizing old family homes. But when two clients ask them to bring out more of their home’s midcentury style, they prove they can rock a retro design.

In the episode “The Feels Like Home Project,” Berkus and Brent meet Alex and Teddy, a couple who just moved from Brooklyn to Bayshore, NY, a more suburban area where they can give their young daughter room to roam.


1km Ocean front land - 100 Hectares

The farm is secluded and has the most Stunning Sea And Mountain Views. 100Hectares of land with 1 km sea front coastline on the outskirts of George. Consisting of 2 title deeds - 60 and 40 hectares each, but in total 100 hectares is for sale

Prime property and area.Deep natural ravines and cliffs overlooking the ocean. 30Ha of the property is pastures; 70 hectares of the farm is all indigenous vegetation including fynbos and30Ha of the property is pastures The property is ideal for development as a small game farm.The house has a huge open plan kitchen, dining room, lounge with a central fireplace and beautiful ocean views. 4 Bedrooms and 2 bathroomsThe farm is close to all amenities, but still very secluded and private.Approx 15km from George and 15km from the George airport


Development land George for sale for 84 apartments

Development land of 5 000 sqm, zoned for 84 apartments situated centrally George and in walking distance to all shops and amenities.

Prime investment and development potential with a huge demand in rental and buying of apartments in the George city area.

We also have other development potential properties and zoned land for development on offer. Contact the specialists in developments and development land in the George area.

Price - R8 400 000

NOTE - The Image an example of what can be built, but at the end it will depend on what the developer has in mind

Photos from Susan Deacon Properties's post 17/09/2021

Home As Oasis | 6 Nature-Inspired Trends to Incorporate Into Your Design

A home is much more than a place to rest your head at night—it’s a personal sanctuary and the starting point for everyday living. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s no wonder nature-inspired décor is appearing in luxury homes across the country. This approach to interiors mimics the hues, textures, and materials of the outdoors, and helps to recreate the feeling of peace often inspired by a walk in the woods or an afternoon by the sea. To add serenity to your home, incorporate the following six trends that make the most of bringing the outdoors indoors.

1. Wood Everything

Beautiful wood finishes and furnishings add richness and warmth to a home. From hardwood flooring to exposed ceiling beams to handcrafted tables and chairs, wood provides an immediate grounding when incorporated thoughtfully indoors. Live-edge and raw pieces are right on trend, showcasing and celebrating the knots, grains, and subtle imperfections found in nature.

2. Organic Materials

Textiles and accessories made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, jute, rattan, and linen bring calm to a space while emphasizing sustainability. Whether integrated in furniture upholstery or used sparingly as throw pillows, blankets, curtains, occasional tables, or rugs, organic materials are a welcome addition to the nature-inspired home.

3. Turn Over a New Leaf

There’s something simultaneously soothing and invigorating about being surrounded by plants, flowers, and trees when outdoors—and that same feeling can be achieved at home thanks to strategically placed greenery. Eye-catching cacti, succulents, ferns, and leafy plants like Monstera, pothos, and fiddle-leaf figs, make for gorgeous natural accents. Looking for a low-maintenance option? While fresh flowers always bring a room to life, dried flower and grass bouquets are a modern and stylish choice for adding elegance to a space.

4. The Simplicity of Stone

Think of stone, and the image of a serene riverbed with trickling water may spring to mind. Reliable and multifaceted, stone is the perfect interior design element to evoke enduring tranquility. A stone accent wall, backsplash, or flooring selection can anchor a space; for less of a commitment, vases, sculptures, and lamps made of stone are sophisticated accessories.

5. A Landscape Palette

Channeling nature’s soft hues at home helps turn a house into a peaceful haven, especially in rooms meant for relaxation. There are many color palettes inspired by nature to pull from, including rich earth tones and soft watery blues. The color of the moment for 2021? Organic shades of green that echo the outdoors, from subtle sage to forest green.

6. Natural Light

Mood is a key element to consider when designing the home as an oasis. Light, especially natural light, brings an infusion of energy to our days. To emulate this effect at home, opt for structural details like glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and solariums to ensure your home spaces reflect the restorative power of the outdoors. Sheer curtains, frosted glass, and reflective surfaces also help to spread light and increase brightness.

Nature has the ability to soothe our spirits, and it’s no surprise that today’s interiors are working to mirror these healing properties. By bringing the best elements of nature indoors—color, light, flora, and texture among them—you can set the mood for a true retreat at home.

Inspired to spend more time in nature? View five stellar luxury homes primed for outdoor movie nights.

Video: These Are the Home Features Buyers Want in the COVID-19 Era 05/06/2021

These Are the Home Features Buyers Want in the COVID-19 Era

There are still plenty of buyers eager to find a new home, but certain features have become more important than ever amid the pandemic. Find out what you need to play up—or upgrade.

Video: These Are the Home Features Buyers Want in the COVID-19 Era There are still plenty of buyers eager to find a new home, but certain features have become more important than ever amid the pandemic. Find out what you need to play up—or upgrade.


5 Bathroom Decor Ideas From Instagram To Instantly Make You Feel Like Royalty

Beyond its basic functions, a bathroom has a lot of potential uses: as a place to catch up on reading, to relax in the tub, to hide from your kids, or even all three. But for many of us, the bathroom rarely feels as luxurious as we’d like.

So isn’t it time you pampered yourself?

If the tastemakers on Instagram have anything to say about it, a royal makeover is in your future. We uncovered the hottest decor trends on the ‘Gram (as we always do), this time with an eye on the loo again. And what we found are looks that are so luxe, we want to lock ourselves in these bathrooms and never come out.


Zoned Development land - George
Approval to build 60 x 2 bedroom apartments
Situated in the CBD of George
Letter of approval available on request.
Land size Approx. 4276m²

Contact William Deacon at - 0736481749

Photos from Susan Deacon Properties's post 04/06/2021

Mossel Bay Golf Estate house for sale with board room

Luxury villa

Beautiful spacious modern home situated on Mossel Bay Golf Estate.

Erf size - 918 sqm

House - 643 sqm

The luxury up market quality villa you have been looking for you - you always wanted on a prestige Golf Estate over looking the Indian Ocean.

3 Spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms


Guest suite for your guests. 3 Garages, 3 stunning spacious living areas, board room and quality kitchen.

Contact William Deacon - 073 648 1749

The Susan Deacon Property Group

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