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AMT Systems


Do you need any of the following items🤔

Sound Attenuators
Ventilation terminals
Kitchen Extraction Hoods
Flexible Ducting

Then look no further than AMT Systems😎
📌84 Laing street, George Industria
☎044 874 1177
Meeting the Management team🤓

The lovely ladies in the back starting from the right:

Danél Swart - Project Coordinator🗓🛠
Bianca Engelbrecht - Admin📝🗃
Rochelle Coleman - Accounts💰💵

In the front is the Big Boss man: Gerrit Carstens😎🤓

📌Visit us at 84 Laing steeer, George for all HVAC related queries.👊🏻

The AMT Group was established in 2007 with the incorporation of AMT Systems, the AMT Projects and AMT Solar Systems into the AMT Systems Company.

We are situated in the beautiful Garden Route in the Southern Cape Region with George as our home base. Our core business is to serve the industry with products of Air-conditioning, Filtration, Refrigeration & Ventilation. We are also able supply "green" solutions such as heat pumps. Some of our brands include Samsung, Daikin, Midea, Platonic and Carrier.

Operating as usual

Photos from AMT Systems's post 07/07/2021

We love food, thats why Food Lovers are opening in Paarl. We are honoured to be part of this process by installing there Commercial kitchen canopies and ventilation systems. Tx Food Lovers for putting your trust in us for the 4th time.Tx to our team of dedicated people applying their different trades!!!

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When need to controll air volume, our range of manual and automated air control dampers will do the job. Do not dispair let us controll your air🆒

When need to controll air volume, our range of manual and automated air control dampers will do the job. Do not dispair let us controll your air🆒

Photos from AMT Systems's post 23/05/2021

When the rust hits the fan, AMT Systems rose to the occasion and imported fans to achieve clients request and technical specification. AMT Systems rose to clients expectation and installed fans for conditioned air to our clients site to achieve compliance to SANS standards for fresh and conditioned air. Call us for your special requirements in Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Stay fresh and cool with us🆒!


When moving air is the name, then it is AMT Systems game. Contact us for all your ventilation and air filtration enquiries. We also supply all the accessories for DIY installations. 🤒😷 Be safe.

When moving air is the name, then it is AMT Systems game. Contact us for all your ventilation and air filtration enquiries. We also supply all the accessories for DIY installations. 🤒😷 Be safe.


When the client request something cut, we bring out the Plasma, the Hypertherm 85 CNC Plasma. It is trained to shoot straight, cut tirelessly without stopping and then our magicians start working on bending it on out 90Ton bending brake. Proud of all of you


When you need some fresh air, silently supplied, we have the fans and sound attenuators to comply. Call us for all your ventilation needs. 🇿🇦🆒


Free energy from the supplier “SUN” ☀️, it not only kills the Covid virus, but also your electricity bill. Up to 3X times less electricity needed to heat up the same amount of water. Contact us for a quote.


“When the dustbusters are on site, the dust gets going”. We are not ghostbusters, but we are dustbusters. Contact us for all your sawdust and atmospheric contamination ventilation issues. We will send the dustbusters to assist. 👽🇿🇦🤧


Another fan assembly done for our client. Please contact us for all your fan and ventilation enquiries. Lets blow Covid away👍🇿🇦


Domestic pizza/bread paddle, for use in domestic ovens and on pizza/bread oven stones. Special short handle, easy to use. Stainless steel construction. Contact our offices at 044-8741177.


Hand sanitiser liquid with applicator bottle. Come and collect your 5Litre for R355.00 or we can deliver if you order 5x or more in George.


All our level 4 personnel received there cloth masks and where screened to work today. We did our part, so lets all do our part to prevent and safeguard our workplace and clients. Be safe, wash your hands and keep your distance. ⛑⛑⛑


We are ready for Level 4 together with all the necessary risk assessment and workplace OHS compliance to COVID 19 regulations. We can supply all companies offices with ventilation systems complete with full filtration to keep you safe at work. Contact us for facial recognition systems, foot operated hand sanitiser applicators walk through booths to your need. Be safe, not sorry. 🇿🇦🤧⛑


Sometimes (office) girls just want to have fun. 🤩 In celebration of Valentine's Day.


Anoher happy client with its new 14 head cyclone ventilation system.55kW System with tandem cyclone and hopper with balancing dampers. Nothing is better than sucking all your dust and particles to one common point. Please contact us for a free consultation and audit to determine a viable option for your needs. Lets suck some life into your business🥴🏭🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦Proudly South African product


When your sawdust installation brings smiles to your client, you can only give thanks to all the different people involved in a project like this. To my team, we salute you guys and we thank you as proud tradesman in your field. We conquer with pride what is requested from us, no matter what. 🎆🎆🎆🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦SA


Sawdust control with cyclone separation system being installed at a corporate sawmill on a 9x head moulder. Let us help you control dust, odor and sawdust with our purpose built an designed systems. Be safe and assist in keeping our atmosphere and environment clean. Contact us for a free consultation.🇿🇦☘️🏭


A successful woodchip cyclone separation system installed. No more waste on the floors, all managed by the cyclone system. Contact us for a free consultation if you have dust or sawdust you need taken care of. 🧹🧹🧹.


Lets go Solar. Be a participant in the Global war against a carbon footprint. Nature supplies more than enough for us to use. Become independent and install a PV Solar system and have care free loadshedding days🥴.Another happy client with three phase solar system. Contact us for a consultation. Be FREE, install PVeeeee😎☘️


Ingegrated heatpump installed in garage of client with excellent results. Client saves more than 40% of cost of electricity compared to a normal geyser. Become independent and use nature to heat your water. Contact us for a free quote and consultation. 🌞🌞🌞


Our companies fire training done today for OHS compliance. Well done to all participants who delt speedily with the flames. AMT Systems again showed their intent to train and comply. Well done🚒🚒🚒


If your kitchen canopy extractor hood in your restaurant isn’t cleaned properly and more than once a year, your sound attenuator will look like the photo. This is not only a huge fire risk, but also a health risk. Imagine all the 🤮bugs that grows and lives here. Have your system cleaned regularly and replace the sound attenuators if it looks like this. Contact us for an assessment and quotation.


We will go the high route to achieve our goal. Another KEH kitchen Canopy extraction hood ventilation system in progress. Contact us to keep your kitchen ventilated💨💨💨


When you’re Kitchen extraction hood fan needs some TLC, please contact our offices to arrange a timely service, it just might save you from an inferno🔥🔥🔥.Let us help keep your systems cool and safe❄️❄️❄️See the before and after fotos attached.


If you are in need of a industrial Kitchen Extraction and filter hood, we are the one stop shop for your turnkey project. Lets get your kitchen cooking🍔🌮🍳!!


👪Happy Fathers Day👪

he can play like a kid,
give advice like a friend,
and protect like a bodyguard.


Stainless Steel chemical filtration unit built for the chemical room at our clients' Ostrich Tannery in Mossel Bay


❄️☃️ With winter in full swing, it might be time to invest in an air conditioner❄️☃️

Contact us to help you choose the best air conditioner for your specific needs on 044 874 1177 and we will make sure that you stay nice and toasty this winter


Let's make a difference today by voting in the 2019 Elections!!!
Voting Stations are open from 7am - 9pm


This is all of the Second Hand Items we currently have available at AMT Systems! Contact us on 044 874 1177 for more information, or view at 84 Laing Street, George Industria


🧐 How does a Heat Pump work?

The modern domestic heat pump is a very efficient water heating device which uses a small amount of electricity to drive a compressor which forms the heart of the heat pump. The heat energy produced is as much as four times the electrical energy used to drive the compressor. This means that your electricity consumption for water heating can be divided by up to four.

Contact us if you need a domestic, industrial or swimming pool heat pump on 044 874 1177 or email [email protected]


👷‍♂️If you want it done right the first time...👷‍♂️

Contact us for all you ducting needs on 044 874 1177 or email [email protected]


🐰 Happy Easter to you and your family 🐰

May this Easter Sunday fill you with Hope, Happiness, Prosperity and Abundance, all received through God's divine grace.


Checkers Oudtshoorn - 1370mm x 1250mm x 3000mm Ventilation Duct for generator area

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We can build any Fresh Air / Extraction line to suit your needs. Contact us for a quotation today on 044 874 1177 or ema...
🍺 Hops Filtration / Ventilation System made from 710mm ducting 🍺 Visit our website to see our Latest Projects on www.amt...
🛠️ From Start to Finish - This is how things get done at AMT Systems! 🛠️


Heat Pumps



84 Laing St Unit 1

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