Our proteas are looking proud at the opening of the stylish new Jaguar Showroom at Design+

Residential, Commercial & Corporate Interior Design & Manufacturing At Design+, we design creative built-in furniture that fits the available space.

We are flexible in design, whether it is a kitchen or bathroom at home, reception furniture with decor at your company or even your new shop. Our 23 years experience will benefit your new project, overcoming those nasty surprises one could easily end up with. We love to create things that are timeless, are functional and are pleasing to the eye. What often seems a daunting task, becomes fun as our


π–₯π—Žπ—‡π–Όπ—π—‚π—ˆπ—‡π–Ίπ—… 𝖠𝗋𝗍
Design, Manufacture, Install

Appliances: Siemens Home

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π–―π—‹π–Ύπ–Όπ—‚π—Œπ—‚π—ˆπ—‡, 𝖣𝖾𝗍𝖺𝗂𝗅, π–’π—ˆπ—‡π—π–Ύπ—‡π—‚π–Ύπ—‡π–Όπ–Ύ & 𝖀𝗅𝖾𝗀𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾

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From Concept to Reality and everything in between

Photos from Design+'s post 09/10/2022

𝖠𝗉𝗉𝗅𝗂𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾 π–₯π–Ύπ–Ίπ—π—Žπ—‹π–Ύ::
π–¨π–°πŸ©πŸ’πŸ’ π–₯𝖴𝖫𝖫 𝖲𝖳𝖀𝖠𝖬

Cooking with steam is not only a healthier alternative as no oil or fat is needed, it also ensures that potatoes, meat, bread and more gets crispy on the outside while staying juicy on the inside. πŸ‘Œ

Need some recipe inspiration to get you started with your steam function? Swipe right for our flatbread recipe. πŸ‘‰

If you want to include the IQ700 oven with full steam to your new kitchen, contact us or…

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Stay on trend with π–£π–Ύπ—Œπ—‚π—€π—‡+
In-house Design, Manufacturing & Installation + all the extras.

πŸ‘Œ Agent
Complete Bathroom Solutions
- Approved Jaquar Plumbing Service
- After sales and spares
- Retail showroom open to the public

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Photos from Design+'s post 02/10/2022

Let your extractor take the centre stage: The new Siemens iQ700 glassDraft Air extractor combines seamless design with an impressive performance and innovative connectivity features.

If you want this in your home,

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Photos from Design+'s post 29/08/2022

Not sure what's in your fridge at home for dinner? Use your Home Connect app and the camera in your fridge to check on the go. πŸ“±β 


Streamline your laundry. Streamline your flow.

For those striving for the best performance in life – like yourself – a decent appearance always makes a good impression. Experience the smart way of treating your clothes, with Wi-Fi enabled Siemens washing machines and dryers.

Photos from Design+'s post 16/07/2022

Let your hob take the center stage: The new Siemens iQ700 glassdraftAir extractor is only visible when in use and combines seamless design with an impressive performance thanks to the new Guided Air technology.

Photos from Design+'s post 05/07/2022

A quick and delicious mid-week winter warmer dinner: Roasted Pumpkin Soup. πŸ˜‹ Swipe right for the recipe!

Photos from Design+'s post 05/07/2022

Long-lasting quality guaranteed: Siemens stands for outstanding engineering achievements, characterized by creativity, perfection and precision. For more than 170 years, these values have shaped the Siemens brand and provided the basis for a continuous flow of innovations.

Testament to our confidence we have in the quality, reliability and performance of our products, all Siemens built-in kitchen appliances come with a 5 year warranty.


With a Siemens oven-microwave combination you get flexibility and outstanding cooking results: If your dish needs to be ready sooner than usual you can shorten the cooking time by up to 50% with varioSpeed. ⏲️


Bedroom cupboards are all about beauty meeting practicality.
At Design Plus we customise the inside of your cupboard to suit your needs best.


Happy Father’s day.


The essence of a Design Plus kitchen is found in the deep passion we have for touch materials and design that awakens the senses.
Visit our showroom in George


Siemens integrated dishwashers are the discrete star performer in your kitchen: Choose a front that matches cupboards and your Siemens dishwasher will seamlessly match your kitchen design. ⭐

Photos from Design+'s post 30/05/2022

Home B02 recently completed in Kingswood Golf Estate. The kitchen is finished with high gloss spray finish to fit a high-end design.


Siemens home appliances with home connect keep you in the loop: Control and monitor your home appliances anytime from anywhere even via your Apple smartwatch.

Visit our showroom to find out more on how to build your smart home with our Home Connect range.


Introducing the new Siemens iQ500 side-by-side freestanding fridge freezer: Enjoy energy efficient extra large capacity with tap connected ice and water dispenser, noFrost freezer system, safteyGlass shelves and more. ❄️ Now available!

Photos from Design+'s post 13/05/2022

For faster, cleaner and more flexible cooking: With flexInduction by Siemens, you are able to place your cookware wherever you like.

Next to two traditionally arranged cooking zones, your induction hob with flexInduction has induction cooking zones that can be combined to form one large zone for your bigger pots and pans.


Happy Mothersday to all Mothers & Grandmothers, we thank you for all that you do, your strength, your wise and caring words and all the sleepless nights, we celebrate you!


As a sign of the confidence we have in the quality, reliability and performance of our products, all Siemens kitchen appliances come with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

Visit our showroom to explore our range of built in appliances

Photos from Design+'s post 28/04/2022

"I enjoy scratching around in my kitchen drawers," said nobody, ever.

Organise drawer interiors with 's AMBIA-LINE & ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems. Made for those who love having a place for everything.

Ideal for sorting cutlery sets & utensils, these flexible dividers are an .

Find out more by visiting our showroom.


Load shedding starting again? Don't miss out on your cooking plans during power cuts with our range of Siemens gas cooking solutions.⁠
Thanks to the very latest features, Siemens gas hobs, domino hobs, and freestanding cookers allow you to cook like a pro.⁠

Photos from Design+'s post 16/04/2022

Siemens built-in dishwashers are star performers in your kitchen. Choose a front that matches your kitchen design and your Siemens dishwasher will integrate smoothly in your kitchen.

Your built-in dishwasher will work quietly and efficiently behind the scenes. ⁠⭐



The perfect match for cold winter days: With the Siemens built-in coffee machine and matching warmer drawer you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee conveniently at the touch of a button. Now available with Home Connect!


Yes, that is correct. It is a plane that you see there. A real one that actually flew at one stage. It has a special place in the owners heart.

Next to the custom designed wine cellar by Design+.


Imagine walking into this statement island as you enter your home.
Project DT completed in Pinnacle Point.


Sleek floating vanity with stained oak veneer finishing and quarts worktops.

Functionality meets beauty.

Visit our showroom.


The Siemens iQ700 TFT touchdisplay Plus sets a new standard in modern oven usability. Thanks to the clear menu structure, larger touch control panel, brighter colours, and a navigation system that anticipates your needs at the precise moment, finding the right automatic program and function on your oven has never been easier.


Complete your Siemens kitchen with our matching Siemens kettle and toasters.

Photos from Design+'s post 23/03/2022

House R1's kitchen with high gloss spray finish completed in Oubaai Golf Estate.
Visit our showroom and let us help you design your dream space.

Photos from Design+'s post 08/03/2022

Introducing the Siemens ceramic gas hob collection: With intelligent technology, elegant design aesthetic, and practical yet impressive functionality, Siemens gas hobs
bring excitement and ease to your cooking. Our gas hobs are available in 30cm, 60cm and 90cm widths.

Visit our showroom.


Project MK completed in Mont Fleur Mountain Estate.

Photos from Design+'s post 25/01/2022

For most contemporary homes, open-plan design makes the best use of space. Speak to our Consultants about the optimal layout for your home. Contact [email protected] or visit our showroom in Tamsui Industria, George to start planning your designer space.

Photos from Design+'s post 19/01/2022

House TK2 kitchen design. This kitchen island has stone cladded fronts.

Photos from Design+'s post 17/01/2022

Floating entrance cladding recently completed for House TK 2 in Pinnacle Point by Design+.

Photos from Design+'s post 24/12/2021

Wishing everyone a lovely season and relaxing year-end. And if you're looking for a last minute dish swipe right for our clove scented lamb in red wine sauce recipe.


House C01

House C01 completed in Pinnacle Point. Modern minimalism design.

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House C01
Futuristic Lighting Design by AubinπŸ’‘
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Bosch 8 Series
Bosch 8 Series
Vario Drawer vs. Cutlery Basket?



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