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Thank you to all our loyal followers and welcome to all the newbies!

We enjoyed our giveaway journey with you and now it’s time to pamper and spoil with our pamper giveaway goodies, just in time for Mother’s day!

Within a few months we will show off the new @an.tonette1390 but first these beautiful ladies will get to work on the transformation...

Serendipity Beauty Studio
Elziree le Roux Dietitian
Inferno 2 Hairstudio/ Crown Hair Studio
Die Olie Susters
Wander Photography

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We collabed with some amazing female-run local small businesses to give one special person an opportunity to blossom. Mother’s day is coming up and we want to spoil Worldwide giveaway open to anyone.

🌸 Lipo cavitation/slimming treatments worth R2500 from

🌸 Classic Lashes worth R370 from @lalash_beautyy

🌸 50ml Vein away serum worth R300 from

🌸 Dietary consultation & meal plan worth R450 from

🌸 Hair makeover worth R2500 from

🌸 6 Cold-pressed juices worth R300 from

🌸 Makeover Photoshoot worth R500 from

🌸A6 Leather journal to dot down your journey worth R160 from

🌸Mother's day Bouquet & Proteas for makeover photoshoot from Fleur Proteas worth R720

For your opportunity to Blossom follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Follow all of the above-mentioned collaborators
2. Tag 3 friends in ONE COMMENT. 3 tags = 1 opportunity
3. We want to know where you are following from. Add your town/region before your tags in the comments

A. Share this post to your insta story & tag all the above-mentioned collaborators = Bonus opportunity

B. Purchase a mother's day spoil from Fleur Proteas Serendipity Beauty Studio and or @lalash_beautyy to earn up to 3 more opportunities (visit the individual business pages for more info)

C. Earn ONE more additional opportunity! Head over to Facebook and visit @fleurproteas find the giveaway post and like all our collaborators on Facebook

With many followers all over the world, you can either use this giveaway for yourself or give it away to a special person that resides in South Africa. The Blossom Pamper Giveaway can only be claimed in George, Garden Route before 1 November 2021.

All comments close on 30 April 2021. A live draw will take place on the morning of 3 May 2021. The recipient will be contacted with information regarding appointments and bookings after the draw.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed or affiliated by Facebook or Instagram

What a privilege to form new amazing relationships doing what you love.

. . .

Each person has such a unique offering and interest that allows different support, actions and a vision for each client.

. . .

Working with real people, doing real business with real results. BEAUTIFUL! !

Seeing my George clients
Serendipity Beauty Studio
Pure Skin Therapy
while on route.

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Serendipity is an upmarket beauty studio trading since 2008 that can offer you the chance to escape Welcome to one of the Garden Route's hidden gems.

Serendipity is an upmarket beauty studio that can offer you the chance to escape the fast pace of day-to-day life. Enjoy total peace and tranquility as our trained therapists and beauticians treat you.

Operating as usual


As we age, the slower our cell turnover. It is important to support your skin in this natural procces.

By introducing chemical peels and advanced skin treatmens, we are helping the skin to create new healthy strong skin cells, and shedding the old cells.

Exfoliating at home is so important to maintain a healthy cell turnover. Dead skin cells give our skin a dull complexion, it also prevents our serums to pe*****te the skin.


Cant believe we are almost 3 months away from 2023. Are you feeling overwhelmed...


-Identify the things making you feel anxious and create a list of what needs most priority.

-Accept feelings, by denying the fact that you feeling stressed is not going to help.

- Practice mindfullness. Find 3 things you are gratefull for everyday and focus on that.

- Focus on what you can control

- Find time for yourself and do something that you enjoy.


DMK's Enzyme Therapy - Animation

Inlove with this treatment... Results is phenomenal!


Say Hello to the DMK Enzyme Treatment

Inlove with this treatment ❤️


Glycolic acid is well known for its benefits in targeting pigmentation, sun damage and ageing, but so is Vitamin C. Imagine the results you’ll experience when treating yourself to a course of our 30|30 peels, giving you the phenomenal benefits of both ingredients, and more!


Have you ever heard of DMK Enzyme signature treatment. This treatment activates chemical reactions in the body to restore and rebuild what is needed. This treatment will leave your skin glowing with no downtime.

The enzyme mask is designed to send enzymes as mesengers to REMOVE dead cell material, FLUSH away toxins, DIALATES & STRENTHEN blood vesels, PROMOTES healthy blood and nutrients, TIGHTENS & EXCERCISE facial muscles

For bookings please use our business watsapp 084 506 0097.


Ingredients to add to your spring skincare routine:

Antioxidants- changes in temperature & allergens can lead to inflammation, use antioxidants to reduce inflammation. AHA's & BHA's- removes dead skin & unblocks pores for smooth & glowy spring skin. SPF- UV rays can damage your skin & cause premature ageing, always remember your SPF especially when using sensitising ingredients such as fruit acids.


We all shield our bodies from the harsh winter weather but what about our faces? Ceramides make up a large part of the lipids in the skins barrier, this is the skins first line of defence against the elements. Ceramides help keep the skins barrier intact, therefore stoping precious moisture from escaping as well as keeping the skin protected from environmental aggressors such as cold wind & dry air.


Have you ever experienced our Optiphi beta-hydroxy acid peel. This treatment will leave your skin glowing. It is great for thick, oily congested skin types.

Chat to me about your skin condition and concerns.


Have you ever experienced out Optiphi beta-hydroxy acid peel. This treatment will leave your skin glowing. It is great for thick, oily congested skin types.

Chat to me about your skin condition and concerns.

Photos from Serendipity Beauty Studio's post 15/08/2022

And this is why I love doing what I do. Have you ever heard of microneedling. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger.

The benefits of this treatment is amazing if preformed with the right pre and post care. I love working with Optiphi when we do this treatment.

Treats fine lines and wrinkles
Diminish scars and uneven skin tone
Reverses sundamage
Treats pigmentation
Shrinks pores
Tighten skin elasticity
Brightens complextion


Happy woman's day to all the beautiful woman.


What is a CIT? A Collagen Induction Treatment is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with a quick recovery time & is designed to stimulate the skin's natural collagen & elastin production. Book a CIT with your nearest Kalahari Clinic now!


This is my go to treatment in the salon. Results are phenomenal and clients are always happy.

The last month clients were sufering from dry skin due to the cold weather. This treatment gives the skin a hydration boost.

Glycolic Acid peeling treatments improve skin tone & texture, targets hyperpigmentation and premature aging and promotes true skin rejuvenation


Looking after your skin at home is the most essential part of skincare. Make sure that you have the correct products for your skin condition.

We offer a wide range of Profesional products that will leave your skin glowing.

Photos from Serendipity Beauty Studio's post 18/07/2022

One of my favourite products is Optiphi Complextion control. A skin brightening cream designed for the treatment of dark spots and uneven skin tone; brighten dull skin and fight free radical stress.

Retinol, a powerful brightening agent targets age spots and pigmentation, addresses UV damage and controls oil production, mattifying the skin.

The powerful blend of Vitamins C & B3 improves radiance, combats free radicals and rebuilds the skin structure.


Winter is here😶‍🌫️ This is a great time for deeper treatments.

We will be offering this Winter promo:
This includes a course of 6 treatments in a period of 2 months.
Each treatment will be customized according to your skin.


Great skin doesn't happen over night. Our skin is made up of several layers... as we get through one layer the next one appears. The most dammage is in the deeper layers of the dermis. The good news is that we are able to work in the deeper layers but results does not happen overnight.

Contact me for a personalised skin analises. It is important to know what is best possible treatment and homecare plan for your skin.

Optiphi improves Eye Signs with 15 actives - B2B Central 02/07/2022

Optiphi improves Eye Signs with 15 actives - B2B Central

And this is why I love this brand... always improving and taking it to the next level!

Optiphi improves Eye Signs with 15 actives - B2B Central Optiphi improves the Eye Signs formulation to target three primary concerns in the periorbital area


I can't say this enough to my clients... You need to be consistent in your homecare. We can't expect great results in the salon if we don't do the work at home. The better your skin condition, the better your results will be and the longer your results will last.


Glowing skin comes from the outside aswell as the inside...

This week i will be sharing my secrets to a glowing skin...

The most important step is to EXFOLIATE. This will remove dead skin cells on the stratum corneum that is essentialy clogging everything below. It is important to have a healthy cell turnover, it will help to stimulate collegen and elastin and new cells.


Fabulous Ferulic! Our Ferulic CEB+ Serum is a highly concentrated superoxide serum that eradicates free radicals within the skin & improves your skins texture & appearance.

Photos from Serendipity Beauty Studio's post 27/05/2022

Out with the old, in with the new - and no, this line isn't just for your wardrobe.
To reveal your best glowing skin, getting rid of dead skin cells should be in order.
The skin accumulates dead cells at a regular interval. In a perfect world, the skin can naturally shed off dead skin cells. However, as one matures, the natural way of skin renewal becomes more difficult.
Optiphi Skincare


Marula Oil, indigenous to South Africa, is known for boosting skin health & appearance. The Marula Face Oil is a light-textured botanical oil blend of Marula, Rosehip fruit Oil & Melon seed oil. This oil contains essential fatty acids that prevent premature ageing & will leave your skin nourished & moisturised.


Take a stand, fight back! It is never to late... Science is a beautiful thing, with the latest home care products and Profesional skin treatments, we are able to pe*****te and stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, were cell rejuvination and renewal takes place. Optiphi Skincare


Professional treatments for clearing acne.
Is it worth it? One of the biggest benefits of incorporating professional facials to clear skin concerns, is the fact that they’re so good for the skin. More specifically, facial treatments deep cleanse and help remove blemishes, while preventing further breakouts.
Book our latest professional Clarify & Clear treatment from optiphi®.

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