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What are the requirements of studyi ng a single phase tester course.
Wi ll I bwt able to issue a C OC when I'm qualified
Hi guys I went for electric al training in private school and I ha ve experience so is it possible f or me to do preparation and tra de?
Hi name is Bhekuyise A Myeni.. .i have in Electrical industry almost 18 yea rs with both 9 years in Refferenc es and 8 years as self-employed..i ha ve perfomed electricals in (Single phase/3phases a nd installations..als Refregeration plus Solar systems..and n ow i want to have my Wirema ns lincence...what should i number is 0739966357/0637300593..p lz who must i call.
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#wirema ns unit Standards - Now Open

#InstalationRul es - Now Open

#ElectricFence - Comi ng Soon

#SolarExcel - Coming Soon
Hey guys i need your help
What 's the difference between this question papers:
*specializ ed electrical installation codes
*non-national certificate
*national certificate
N wh en you write at a tvet colle ge which one a person will write ...
Evening guys can u pls he lp with some installation rules NOTES of
*occupation al health safety act ( act 85 of 1993)
*electric al machinery regulations
*electrical installation regulations
Good day sir how’s work me an condition??

Have you been trade tested? W hy don't you register for your sing le phase wiremans license so long? TD MI Training can assist in the comple te process from course to registration at DOL

We also do 3phase registrations for candidat es that have N3 and passed Installati on rules P1 & P2

Upcoming courses:
1. 6 -7 Feb - Bloemfontein
2. 10-11 Feb - Naboomspru it
3. 13-14 Feb - Pretoria
4. 2 -3 March - George

Space still availab le. Book you seat now and sta rt your process to become legal.

Contact Wyna nd 082 4511 009 / wynand @
Or leave your email address for mo re info
Well-Done. First group of 2020. Do ne and dusted

Now the boat is in t he open water and we are goi ng to cruise through this 2020.

Th is group was amazing coming from a ll over SA - Durban, JHB, Springb ok, Langebaan, Wellington, etc. Thanks for y ou commitment of becoming better Tradesman in yo ur industry.

All the best for the assignmen ts. Please remember to leave your recommendatio ns for TDMI.
WIREMANS LICENSE. Tik Tok, Tik T ok. Time is running, have you register ed yet for our wiremans course.

Foll ow the link to awesome info th at will change your career...

Wiremans License - Tik Tok, T ik Tok. Have you been registered - Foll ow this link to awesome info befo re time is up.

TDMI Training is accredited training provide rs of EWSeta and well-respected as a reputab le training facility. TDMI Training provides specialis ed and personalised training solutions to t he electrical industry.

TDMI Training is accredited training provide rs of EWSeta and well respected as a reputab le training facility. TDMI Training provides specializ ed and personalized training solutions to t he electrical industry. Our programs are develop ed in such a way as to all ow delegate to meet the requirements of t he Department of Labour, in terms of accreditati on, as well as to provide him/h er with the necessary

Operating as usual

Photos from TDMI Training's post 25/05/2022

Thursday 26 May - ASCENSION DAY

T he ascension of Jesus is told in bo th Luke and Acts, a pair of wor ks from the same anonymous author.

Luke 24: 50: Jesus leads the eleven remaining discipl es to Bethany, a village on t he Mount of Olives, and instructs th em to remain in Jerusalem until t he coming of the Holy Spirit: "A nd it came to pass, while he bless ed them, he parted from them, a nd was carried up into heaven. A nd they worshiped him, and returned to Jerusal em with great joy."
Acts 1: Jesus tel ls the disciples to remain in Jerusal em and await the coming of t he Holy Spirit; he is then tak en up from the disciples in the ir sight, a cloud hides him fr om view, and two men in whi te appear to tell them that he wi ll return "in the same way y ou have seen him go into heaven."
T he Gospel of John has three referenc es to ascension in Jesus' own wor ds: "No one has ascended into heav en but he who descended from heav en, the Son of Man" (John 3:1 3); "What if you (the disciples) we re to see the Son of M an ascending where he was before?" (Jo hn 6:62); and to Mary Magdalene aft er his Resurrection, "Do not hold me, for I have not yet ascend ed to my Father..." (John 20:17). In t he first and second Jesus is claimi ng to be the apocalyptic "one li ke a Son of Man" of Dani el 7; Various epistles (Romans 8:34, Ephesia ns 1:19–20, Colossians 3:1, Philippians 2:9–11, 1 Timot hy 3:16, and 1 Peter 3:21–22) al so refer to an Ascension, seeming, li ke Luke–Acts and John, to equate it wi th the post-Resurrection "exaltation" of Jesus to t he right hand of God.

The Ascension of Jes us is the Christian teaching that Chri st physically departed from Earth by risi ng into Heaven, in the presence of elev en of his apostles. According to t he New Testament narrative, the Ascension occurr ed on the fortieth day counting fr om the resurrection. In the Christian traditi on, reflected in the major Christian cree ds and confessional statements, God exalted Jes us after his death, raising him fr om the dead and taking him to Heav en, where Jesus took his seat at t he right hand of God.

Our offices wi ll be closed for tomorrow, you a re welcome to send us a Ema il or Whats-app for any queries.



To all who is waiti ng for cards, please 🙏 see feedba ck from DOL innconnection with outstanding cards.

We at TDMI are commited to deliv er the full service and will ke ep you posted on the development of t he process. We will continue to follow- up and give you feedback.

Lets hope th is is all over soon and th at we are backnon the normal schedu le 📅.

Thanks for your understanding 🙏.

If you need us to help y ou with the follow-up of your applicati on, please send email to Chantel at [email protected]. za

Photos from TDMI Training's post 23/05/2022

Wh at a day....We tested from early 👏 to la te. George was on the run 🏃‍ ♂️ today.

Welldone to all the STUDENTS, y ou did out perform 🎭 👏 yourselv es.

Wednesday is a fully booked 📖 d ay for Pretoria. All the best 👍 👌 to t he participants for the day.

When will we ha ve you for a FINAL ASSESSMENT?

Contact us at:
0 44 630 0163 or
[email protected] or


20/05/2022 Competition time.


Congratulations 🎊 👏 to o ur winner.
@Alina Iyaloo Elifas.

Please contact with us f or your awesome prize.

You have WON 🏆 🙌 👏 a comple te Unit Standards Course AND
Installation Rules Preparati on worth R9150.00.

Photos from TDMI Training's post 17/05/2022

From Capetown to PE they ca me to finalize their dreams.

Welldone GUYS y ou make us proud to be pa rt of your career choices.

May y ou find many HAPPINESS 😊 in yo ur KNOWLEDGE as the Scriptures proclaim.

Wh en will you take the BIG ST EP. TDMI Training is here to he lp you.

Contact us TODAY and take ACTI ON 🎬
[email protected] or
044 630 0163 or za

Photos from TDMI Training's post 11/05/2022

You get a busy day a nd you get a busy day......then y ou get a ASSESSMENT DAY in Pretor ia.
Well done 👏 to our AWESO ME team, you are the BEST.

Well do ne to each candidate been tested tod ay, its always a privilege having su ch amazing student.


Don't mi ss out on our competition, maybe y ou can bless a fellow Electrician.

For mo re info regarding our courses contact us at:
0 44 630 0163 or
[email protected] or



Enter this competition and w in a COMPLETE course for WIREMANS LICEN SE that will include our Unit Standar ds and Installation Rules courses to t he value of R9150.00.

All you have to do is to PO ST a selfie 📸 with your pro ud work and SHARE this post wi th one friend 🧑‍🦲 or group. Winn er will be chosen on a wheel-sp in on the 20th of May.

Enter n ow even if you already have a licen se - You may sponsor it to a fell ow ELECTRICIAN if you are the winner.

So let those photos come and sta rt sharing.......

Photos from TDMI Training's post 09/05/2022

Don't tell me it's to far.........
Toda ys final ASSESSMENTS came from Umthatha a nd Groblersdal, YES to George to obta in their licenses.

Well done 👏 gu ys. Your commitment will transform into succe ss.

When will we see you f or your final assessment in George or Pretoria?

Conta ct us for more supprt and info:
0 44 630 0163 or
[email protected] or

Photos from TDMI Training's post 08/05/2022

To all the AWESOME MOMS o ut there.
May you enjoy a blessed 🙌 😇 MOTHERSD AY.


We received 30 Wiremans Car ds from DOL.
There's still about 90 outstandi ng but movement is happening.

If yours is pa rt of this group, Chantel will be in conta ct with you. If not we a re working daily with DOL to g et all cards issued.

Thanks for everyone 's patience in this matter that is total ly out of our control.

Will keep y ou posted of any progress.


Why are we the LEADERS in t he WIREMANS LICENSE industry?

Our program made it possib le for this student to complete h is course from Sierra Leone. He ca me over for his final assessment a nd there you go, registration on t he way.

What's your excuse for stilling runni ng illegal - let TDMI Training he lp you to obtain your status. Ca ll us today or register online. 🤔


Get Your Wireman's License 🎓🤩
Book N ow: 👉
Study From Yo ur Home • Pay As You Progre ss 👌

TDMI Training developed a platform whe re you can book and access yo ur course material in the comfort of yo ur home. Do your training at yo ur own pace and pay as y ou progress.

Photos from TDMI Training's post 30/04/2022

Years and years of experience mak es a final ASSESSMENT a walk in t he park. Well done 👏 candidate, y ou deserve your ticket 🎟 a nd we believe that 👍 it wi ll bring you much happiness.

Bring yo ur skills and experience to TDMI Traini ng 💪 we can help you to conve rt it to certification.

Enjoy the lo ng weekend everybody, see you on Tuesd ay.

Photos from TDMI Training's post 25/04/2022

What a day of ASSESSMENTS. We h ad another double assessment for Electrical a nd Fencing. Congratulations to all candidates f or such amazing 👏 Portfolio's.

This gro up was well prepared and they ca me with a get QUALIFIED.
So on this will be their achievement. Ke ep up the good work and te st 👍 👌 safe.

When will we s ee you. Contact the leaders for yo ur roadmap to go forward.

044 630 0163 or
[email protected]. za or

Happy is the m an who finds wisdom, and the m an who gains understanding.

Data Privacy - Flash Components - Leadi ng LED Light Importer in South Afri ca 25/04/2022

Data Privacy - Flash Components - Leadi ng LED Light Importer in South Afri ca

Electrician wanted in Cape Town

SolarWatt is offeri ng solar energy related products and installati on services to the consumer market, to dri ve green solutions at affordable prices.

We current ly are seeking to recruit a qualifi ed electrician with solar photovoltaic installation experien ce (min 3 years).

The suitable candidate is someo ne who meets the following:

• Qualified to iss ue COC’s is a must.
• Experienced in managi ng crews.
• Valid drivers license and o wn reliable vehicle.

Basic Job Description:
• Mana ge Solar Installation Division.

To apply for th is position, please email the following to [email protected]
1. Updat ed CV.
2. Proof of Training.

NB. Should you not be contacted with in 2 weeks, please consider your applicati on unsuccessful for this position, we wi ll however keep your particulars to fi le for a period of 3 mont hs if we feel like your skil ls might be desired for a differe nt position within the organization. Thereafter it wi ll be removed from our database; ensuri ng that we are align with t he Processing of Personal Information Act (PO PI Act) please see link to o ur full data privacy .

TD MI Training holds no further info regardi ng the position.
All the best to a ll applicants.

Data Privacy - Flash Components - Leadi ng LED Light Importer in South Afri ca Flash Components is a distributor of ener gy saving lamps and LED lights. Indo or & Outdoor lighting solutions for yo ur home or workplace.

Photos from TDMI Training's post 20/04/2022

Today was a day of Testimo ny. Thats all that we can lea ve behind, is testimonies. Testimonies to inspi re each other and encourages each oth er.

Testing was done and the fin al assessment 👏 is also a Testimo ny of hard work that pays o ff. Thanks to all the candidates a nd the puppies 🐶 who joines assessme nt today.

Hope to see you soon.

[email protected] or
0 44 630 0163 or


Always nice to come back fr om a LONG WEEKEND and having the se emails in your inbox.

At TDMI Traini ng our students is our everything, combin ed with our passion for the INDUST RY and TRAINING that exceeds more th an 80 Years between our 3 Assessors.

Than ks to everyone making this possible to o ur students, you are moving mountains.

Hope to s ee you soon........

Sent: Wednesday, 13 April 2022 15:46
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]

Good afternoon,

To thom this mig ht concern.

I have done my 3Phase Wirema ns practical course today at the Pretor ia, Kilner Park center.

I would just li ke to add value and kindness towar ds Mike and Hildegard, because that is wh at they have meant to me today!
Fr om the moment that I arrived I w as greeted with so much kindness a nd joy. I felt so welcomed a nd comfortable and they assisted me wh en it was needed.
They have such a love ly and positive atmosfeer going on.
I wou ld like to mention that the wor ld needs more people like them.

With Ki nd Regards
Christiaan Bezuidenhout


What does Matthew 28:6 mean?
T he angel at Jesus' tomb is speaki ng to some women who have co me to add burial spices to Jesu s' body (Matthew 28:1–5). They had wonder ed who would roll away the lar ge stone for them. They were prese nt when Jesus was initially buried (Matth ew 27:61), so they know there is an extreme ly large stone closing the entrance. Th ey may not have known that t he tomb had been sealed and guard ed (Matthew 27:62–66). Arriving, they find t he stone already rolled away and a terrifying-looki ng angel present.

The angel has told t he women not to be afraid, t he kind of comment angels often ne ed to make when first speaking to hum an beings (Luke 1:11–13; 2:9–10; Acts 10:3– 4). He knows they are looking f or Jesus, who was crucified. Then he ad ds these immortal words: "He is n ot here, for he has risen, as he sai d." These words hold the hope of Christiani ty for the world. Jesus had defeat ed death. He had died for t he sins of humanity, and He h ad been resurrected to eternal, immortal life.

T he phrase "as he said" is cruci al. That Jesus knew He would be resurrect ed and told His followers ahead of ti me was another confirmation that He w as truly the Son of God. It w as more evidence that He fully participat ed in the events that led to H is terrible death and glorious resurrection.

In Matthew 's gospel, Jesus declared on three occasio ns that He would be killed a nd then be raised "on the thi rd day" (Matthew 16:21; 17:23; 20:18–19). Commento rs often debate the minute details of h ow long Jesus was in the gra ve. Such debates miss the point of an obvio us prophecy, and even more obvious mirac le. Even on the shortest possible ti me scale, Christ would have died on Frid ay, the first day. His body wou ld have lain in the tomb on Saturd ay, the second day. He was resurrect ed on Sunday, the third day.

The ang el offers evidence to the women of Jesu s' resurrection. He points to the pla ce where Jesus' body had previously be en. Mary Magdalene and the other Ma ry, at least, witnessed Joseph of Arimath ea placing Jesus' body there (Matthew 27:6 1). Now it is clearly gone. T he empty tomb is the hope of etern al life for all who believe in Jes us.

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20/05/2022 Competition time.
Get Your Wireman's License 🎓🤩Book N ow: 👉 Study From Yo ur Home • Pay As You Progre ss 👌•TDMI Training d...
Get Your Wireman's License 🎓🤩Book N ow: 👉 Study From Yo ur Home • Pay As You Progre ss 👌•TDMI Training d...
Namibia FAQ
Get Your Wireman's License 🎓🤩Book N ow: 👉 Study From Yo ur Home • Pay As You Progre ss 👌•TDMI Training d...
How can we HELP?


1. UNIT STANDARDS: Test, Inspect and Certi fy of Electrical (Single and Three pha se) Installation
2. UNIT STANDARDS: Electric Fence Install er (Wireman’s license Electric Fence)
3. INSTALLATION RULES P1 & P2: Preparation material and support
4. WIREMANS LICEN SE REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR (Installation Electrician/Sing le phase tester)
5. REFRESHMENT Course – CoC (Un it standard: Test, Inspect and Certify)




97 York Street, Shamrock Place Suite 5B

General information

1. UNIT STANDARDS: Test, Inspect and Certi fy of Electrical (Single and Three pha se) Installation
2. UNIT STANDARDS: Electric Fence Install er (Wireman’s license Electric Fence)
3. INSTALLATION RULES P1 & P2: Preparation material and support
4. WIREMANS LICEN SE REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR (Installation Electrician/Sing le phase tester)
5. REFRESHMENT Course – CoC (Un it standard: Test, Inspect and Certify)

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 16:00
Thursday 09:00 - 16:00
Friday 09:00 - 14:00

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